Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: What to get for birthday)

Subject: What to get
I’m dating a guy I really like and want to give him a birthday present. I don’t know what to get. We’ve been dating six months. I don’t want to embarrass him, and I’d like it to be something he can use and really enjoy. Could you give me a few ideas?
Absolutely! A lot of men like sports. Giving him tickets to a game would a GREAT idea. If he is like most men, he rarely has time to buy tickets on his own, plus it would be something that the both of you could enjoy together… It might be so much fun to him that the two of you can even have a little sex afterwards (sorry, wrong thought process there). Men also love FOOD. If you know his favorite meal, cook him a great dinner that will REALLY leave a lasting impression on him (or take him out to eat). The great thing about this is that it shouldn’t strain your budget too much, plus the two of you can enjoy some time together, and maybe even have sex afterwards (Aw, man…I said it again… sorry!). If he likes music, you can get concert tickets to see one of his favorite performers. The good thing about this is that you can also share in his world with him by accompanying him to the show (and if he really likes the show, you “KNOW” what he’s going to want afterwards… Argh, I did it again!). If you want to offer him something truly unique, you could send him a personalized song on CD or music video on DVD. For that, just hit me up for the details at my web site Men also LOVE for their women to dress them up. Women KNOW that we are a “hot mess” when it comes to picking out the right clothes to wear, and NO ONE knows what looks best on us but our women. Depending on what he does for a living, you could purchase a nice sweater, shirt, shoes or anything that he can wear with pride. I’ve known of some women who bought outfits for their men and made them take it off after the evening was over, because they didn’t want their man to meet another woman wearing that same outfit they bought. That might be a bit extreme, but try your best not to think that way, okay? By the way, if your man likes different kinds of music, you may want to look into buying him a satellite radio system for his car (Two kinds: Sirius or XM radio). Satellite radio has a cheap monthly fee (which HE can pay for) but it makes for great listening for those people who are tired of conventional radio playing those same 5 songs. If that doesn’t work then you could get him personalized jewelry, like a really decent watch (So that he will be able to tell when it’s time for you both to have sex). When it comes to most men, they really are not difficult to please. The best way to get something nice for your man is to just know his likes and interests (besides sex, that is). There are some really nice things you can do without having to go way over budget. Cards are okay, but most men don’t appreciate cards the way women do, and we don’t view flowers the same way either. As long as you top off the evening with sex you CAN’T go wrong (Man, I KNOW this is going to get me in a lot of trouble). Okay, scratch that thought, and just go for what you feel will work best, and good luck! Now here is a very “sexy” dissertation from the Phantom Poet:
I want to get my man something really special for his birthday
I don’t have lots of money, and I’m not sure of how much to pay
I wanted to show him just how much his love really meant
So far the only thing I could come up with was fungus solvent
He is truly a man I love like no other
So I might even throw in a real nice toenail cutter
I thought about buying him some nice candlewicks
But then I found this great sale on boxes of toothpicks
I’m not great on picking out gifts, and I’m not sure of what to do
The guy at Home Depot told me to buy him a great tube of Super Glue
I wanted to get him something he could use that wouldn’t be a big issue
So I think I’ll just get him a nice package of super toilet tissue
Or maybe some pest strips to line up against his wall
It seems I’m just not capable of getting men good gifts at all
But there is ONE thing I can give, and he’ll love this, I guess
I told him to go upstairs, wait for me, and get undressed
I’ll rock his world, and so shall it forevermore be written
When I finished with his behind, he’ll start purring like a kitten
I know I should have gotten him a regular gift, but it wasn’t so bad
But he now tells me that this was the best birthday gift he EVER had
So forget about jewelry, tickets and all that other crap
When I want to appease my man, I dress up, and let him unwrap
I cannot pick out gifts, but I surely know how to dress
I can satisfy my man, and save money… in the process
So don’t stress out when it comes to buying presents, and alleviate the quirks
When in doubt, go for the one thing that “ALWAYS” works
When getting him something nice, just go for what you know
And afterwards say, “Happy birthday, honey… You are now good to go”
                                          “Sleep well”… The Phantom Poet


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