Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The 7 year itch”)

Subject: The 7 year itch
Why is it that men who get married only tend to last about 7 years, and then they lose focus and want younger women, or just flat out cheat? Is it something biological that just happens or is it triggered by something? Just about every marriage that I know of fell apart after seven years with the husband either cheating on the wife or just outright leaving her. Why is this so?
I really don’t believe this applies to “every” marriage, but there are definitely enough cases to warrant review. First off, everyone is different, so you can’t say that each person’s circumstances stem from the same reasons. I can’t possibly speak for every man, but I do have a theory as to why a lot of this happens. I honestly believe that a lot of this may be a result of “egos”. When a man initially gets married, he is absolutely fine with the world, his woman and himself. However, after awhile something sets in where a man wants to know if he still has any “value” left, and a lot of times this is when he may start to stray (uh…cheat!). At first, he may cheat only with the intention of testing the waters without fully jumping in, hoping that he can satisfy his feeling of self worth and then return to his wife feeling better about himself. However, once he goes “over the edge” and gets a taste of how great his temporary affair is then at that point he might just become “hooked”. When he is hooked, that means he is addicted, and as with any addiction it will be difficult to get him to stop once he is on a roll. I believe the seven-year itch is a “very” real thing that makes “a lot” of men wonder if they still “have it” (especially if they get married young). This is probably going to sound weird, but I think the best way to solve the seven year itch is for the wife to let her husband know that anytime he wants to cheat he can just go do so (but make sure to also let him know that whenever he does he “cannot” come back to you). What this does is put him in a sort of “open gate” theory that often works in a psychological way. Just imagine a child in your back yard. If you try to lock the gate to keep him from going outside of it, most times the child will become curious and try to climb over that gate anyway. However, if you leave the door to the gate open and tell him that he can leave outside it anytime he wants, but once he is outside the gate he will be locked out forever and he will never be able to come back home to you, then it has a better psychological effect. When you try to control someone, it hardly ever works, but when you provide him with the opportunity to control his “own” actions, it usually produces a better result. Learn where your man’s “weak” spots are, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of them whenever you need to. You may be able to avoid the seven year itch before and make your marriage last forever. Here is a Phantom Poet moment to help guide you:
After seven years, my husband decided to cheat
He wanted to find a pretty young thing to meet
He told her he was single and a very nice guy
When she asked if he was married, he told her a lie
“No, but maybe one day you can bring my heart some peace”
This fool didn’t even realize that he was talking to my niece
She listened to all the bull crap this man decided to bring
And later on that evening she told my family everything
So we set up a “sting” with a remote place for them to meet
In a quaint little restaurant where he pulled up a seat
My niece enjoyed her food, but she wanted to remind him
Of her family tree, and that was when I snuck up behind him
I put my hands over his eyes, and he blurted out “Who’s there?”
I said in my deepest voice, “Your worst nightmare”
He was enjoying himself so much in this nice little bar
He asked “Am I in trouble?” I said, “Yes you certainly are”
He tensed up for a moment, and tried to bolt for the door
But not before I managed to take his drink and pour
His lap and his new pants were soaked and he started to sob
I took everyone else’s drinks in the place and finished the job
I guess he thought that if he cheated, he would be difficult to catch
So with all of those drinks on him, I decided to light a match
This would teach him that with my heart you never play games
But I’ll be damned; I have NEVER seen a man before outrun flames
He ran so hard that the wind actually blew out the fire
But once he got back home I’d give him a new reason to perspire
He knows that he upset me, and he knows how I felt
So to make things better, I make him wear a chastity belt
And I am the only one who even has the key
So yes, now my husband has to ask permission to pee
So if YOU have a husband experiencing the seven year itch
You’d better invest in your own chastity belt before he pulls a switch
It may not be comfortable for him, but at least you’ll have peace of mind
And it will save you the trouble of having to whip his behind
Men will always be men, and we all know what they are
So if you need to keep track of your man, then best try “radar”
“That white dot must be him”… The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The statement by Todd Akin)

What are your feelings about the statement that Todd Akin made when he basically said that “victims of legitimate rape rarely become pregnant because women can shut their body system down?” Do you support what he said or do you think he should have stepped down for those comments?

Truthfully, I found it interesting that he even felt compelled to “make” those comments. Since “allegedly” he is a male how can he possibly even know how a woman’s body will react under those circumstances? While a lot of people “want his head” I tend to take a look “beneath the surface” when it comes to the things that people often do or say. First, I think candidates who are running for office have to be held accountable to a certain standard. If you are going to be in a position of high elected office, then you need to represent yourself accordingly. When it comes to any statements, you need to choose your words carefully and precisely, for one small word could alter your entire outlook in the media. For instance, take a look at Mitt Romney’s popularity after the video came out with him using the term to define 47% of voters as “victims.” With that being said, President Obama has now surged ahead of him in what once was a “tightly contested” race. When it comes to Mr. Akin, he said something that infuriated a lot of people to the point where even some of his own colleagues wanted him to step down. I think political candidates should step down when they do or say something “illegal or immoral (most of them wait until AFTER they are elected to office).” When examining Mr. Akin’s words the most definitive term I could come up with was “stupid.” If there was any malicious thought or intent involved with what he said then I too would have voted for his ouster from office. If we were to expect “every” politician to “step down” after they say something stupid then there would hardly be anyone left to run for office. Mr. Akin might be a very good man who just made a very bad mistake. While I can’t possibly agree with what he said I can’t be the first one to pass judgment on him either. If he has continually apologized for it, then I see no need to keep holding him accountable for it. Since I am not a resident of Missouri I have no need to know his platform or his experience. However, I will say to him and just about every other politician out there in this field that you need to choose your words carefully, because what you say is what determines your success. If you cannot relate to a certain groups experience then you should not act like an expert on it. The citizens of Missouri will make the determination as to whether Mr. Akin should be elected to office, and for right now they are the ones who need to judge him. Hopefully for his sake they are willing to at least listen to and “focus” on his platform at this point. Here is the Phantom Poet to properly expand on this situation:

Come let me tell you a little story about a man named Todd Akin
He is being chastised by the community for something mistaken
His statement was neither smart nor intellectually sound
He said women can’t get pregnant during rape because they shut their bodies down
I have no idea why he even felt the desire to even mention all this
because women also have the power to shut down his run for office
I don’t think he is trying to fool the people or even rob them
But with the statements he made he is now the Republicans problem
In Missouri this man is the best chance they’ve got to stay in it
Because they need to pick up at least 4 seats to take control of the senate
Other Republicans have to distance themselves from his statements from north to south
He needs a kick in the butt, but unfortunately right now his foot is stuck in his mouth
If you are a male referencing woman’s physical experiences, you should know not to make the call
Because it is best to choose your words carefully, or else just say nothing… at all…
Just to make a statement like that was downright crazy, stupid and almost insane
Let’s hope that the next time he feels the urge to say this, he can “shut down” his brain….

“Shut it down, shut it down”… from the Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Jealous friends)

Subject: Jealous friends
I am currently in a relationship with the most wonderful man. He lives in an incredible apartment, has a high salary job, and drives a Benz. His entire family is rich and he says he wants to marry me one day, but my friends are against the idea. Who wouldn’t want to marry a man like him? Do you think my friends are jealous of me?
I think your friends may see a little more than you do at this point. It’s amazing when you state how “wonderful” this man is and yet the only things you mention about him are the prize possessions he owns. Living in a great apartment doesn’t make him a wonderful man. Driving a Benz doesn’t make him a wonderful man. What makes him wonderful are the things that he “does” for you, and not necessarily the things he “buys” for you. If your friends are having issues with this guy, it could possibly be for valid reasons. I think you at least owe it to yourself to check out what they are saying (and why they are saying it). If you are a materialistic woman (and he realizes this) then he could just be buying your affection (and buying your time) until the next beautiful woman comes into the picture (and then you are out the door). Remember, there is a difference between a rich man who will give you some things from time to time and a poor man who will give you everything he has every time. Being rich does not always equate to being happy. If you don’t believe me, then just ask the Kennedy’s. I do have a question for you. Would you still think he is so wonderful if he were to become “broke” tomorrow? I do think you need to check your definition of what constitutes a “wonderful” man. A good man is not defined by what he “has”, but rather what he “is”… I just hope that you don’t learn that lesson the “hard” way… Here is a revelation from the Phantom Poet to help put things in a better perspective:
I love this man who is as wonderful as he can be
That’s because he has all kinds of money that he can spend on me
When it comes to being rich, no one else really compares
If you ask me his favorite color, who really cares?
He is a truly wonderful man as long as he has money to his game
He says he wants to marry me one day, but he keeps forgetting my name
I know this is just an oversight; he really loves me with all his might
I go to see him for sex, and then he sends me home for the night
So we may not get to talk much, but I am still happy as I can be
That’s because every once in awhile he gives me money for a shopping spree
My friends disagree; they don’t like the good things I get
They keep telling me that this man has not bought an engagement ring yet
I wear the latest fashions with beautiful attire made of silk
My friends say “Why buy the cow when you can just pay for the milk?”
I just hope that one day in my bank account he will make a huge deposit
But then, I did notice he had a lot of women’s clothes and shoes in his closet
We had just had sex, but this was way after the fact
He mumbled “You need to get out of here before she comes back”
I know he loves to hear my voice on his cell phone so soft
But lately it seems that he has been shutting his cell phone off
A truly heavy burden in my heart is now being carried
I just read in the newspapers that he is about to get married
How could he do this to me? I began to scream and shout
But I still have his credit cards…Oh well, time to max them all OUT!
“On Dancer, on Prancer, on Donner and Blitzen”
Let’s buy up all we can, because his butt I will be fixin’
There can STILL be a very happy ending in all of this for me
“Why buy the bull, when you can get him to “charge” for free?
Yet ANOTHER incredible masterpiece from the Phantom Poet:


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Jealous Fighting Boyfriend)

Subject: Jealous fighting boyfriend
I have a really nice boyfriend. He treats me well, and thinks the world of me. My biggest problem with him is that he is extremely jealous, and wants to fight any man that he thinks is staring at me. At times it is really embarrassing. What can I do to get him to stop?
I think one of the best things you can do is let him go out and get beat down (You know it is going to happen). He needs to get one of those good old fashioned “Thrown across the yard, bottle upside the head, swollen eye shut” type of beat downs  (you know…like the kind they show in the movies).  He is obviously headstrong and intent on protecting your honor, even if it is being done in a somewhat disrespectful way. He is only acting this way to impress you, and he will continue to act this way until you either put him in his place or he actually does get beat down. Some men can be territorial (okay, well, maybe all men), and the real issue here is his “insecurity”. He feels that he has to prove himself to you in some form or fashion, so the best way he knows how is to show you that he is willing to fight for you. It really isn’t necessary, but you are the one who needs to tell him. Let him know that it is embarrassing you and that he doesn’t need to fight everyone to prove his love for you. I have a friend of mine who lifts weights. EVERY time he talks to a woman he ALWAYS talks about some fight he got into with someone he beat up. I came to realize that the reason he does this is because he feels the best thing he has going for him is his strength. He feels that if he mentions his physical confrontations that the women will somehow be impressed by how “strong” he is. He is really not much different than other men, though. Some men like to impress women with how much money they have. Some men like to impress women with the kind of car they drive, or the job status they have. I am sure that a lot of women reading this can identify with at least one of these male characters. Men have always felt that they need to have something “going on” for women to “like” them, instead of letting the women like them for who they are. This is just the competitive nature. Unless you like for him to constantly defend your honor, then let him know that he doesn’t have to take on the rest of the world to have you. Let him know that you think he is sweet and that he doesn’t have to worry about anyone stealing you from him. Let him know that you are perfectly capable of handling any unwanted advances. After that, if he still acts up, then I suggest that YOU whip his behind… You need to give him one of those “take off your heels, roll up your sleeves and un-clip the weave,” memorable beat downs (I never saw women remove their weaves in the movies, but if they ever do I want to see it). Make him feel more secure in your relationship, and hopefully we will get the message. However, if he doesn’t, then just read him this motivational piece from the Phantom  Poet:
I love my man, but he is always jealous
He keeps getting in fights with all the other fellows
He gets highly upset when another man looks at me
And then he gets as volatile as he can be
He confronts the man, and then with all his might
He goes into battle, and then he loses the fight
It might not be so bad if at least every now and then
He could go fight somebody, and actually “win”
I wish on his face I could put some protective foam
But the best I can do is ice packs when we get home
I know he loves me… that I can plainly see
But what can I do? He can’t even beat ME
His face comes back battered, black and blue, but it’s okay
I was never really attracted to his face anyway
There’s always a happy ending to these fights, though
Because after my man is unconscious, I use my Tae Kwon Do
I then go over to the man and beat him within a fraction of his life
And let him know that he ought to be glad I don’t carry a knife
Then after my man comes to I congratulate him for what he’s done
Then I show him the comatose man and let my man know that he “won”
That way he can get his confidence up for the “next” go round
When AGAIN I will probably have to pick him up… from off the ground…
                                “Muhammed Jol-ly”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Accidental” brushes at the job)

Subject: Accidental brushes at the job
Here’s a strange problem I’ve never run across. About three months ago, I started work in a small office where we’re all crowded together and things are usually quite busy. One older guy always seems to be bumping into or brushing against me. At first I thought nothing of it, but after about the third time, I got suspicious. I get along with everyone and don’t want to mess up a good work environment. So I’m reluctant to tell him to stop it. But I don’t think all these brushes are accidental and I want it to stop. Do you have any suggestions?
Yes, show him what it is like to get “inadvertently” bumped in the head with a “baseball bat.” Make sure you “accidentally” do it every time he “accidentally” brushes against you. Then “maybe” he will be more cautious next time when he gets too close to you. Actually, what might be a good idea is for you to complain to your boss while in his presence about the “size of the office”. You need to state out loud that due to the small amount of room, people are always bumping into you (or brushing against you). That way you actually go on “record” as letting him know that you are aware of his inadvertent “bumps” without making it seem accusatory (in other words, blame it on the size of the room, but also let him know that you are “aware”). If he has been able to get away with bumping you constantly without YOU saying anything to him, then he is probably also thinking that you are not taking notice of it (or ignoring it). If you complain about the size of the office because of it, then he will have no other choice but to be more mindful and careful the next time he is within close vicinity of you. You are right in wanting to stop it without hurting the atmosphere of the office, and if you confront him directly it would be paramount to accusing him of assaulting you (which is probably what he is doing anyway). When you make that kind of accusation against someone, it automatically changes the mood of your work environment. While you should NEVER be victimized in that manner the effects of “putting him in his place” could make the atmosphere VERY uncomfortable for yourself and possibly others. As long as you can find a way to let him “know” that you are at least  “aware” of his “accidental brushes” then that “should” be enough to curb his behavior. If his behavior still persists after that then you need to alert your superior about it. Maybe it will even help to post this special Phantom Poet message on the bulletin board:
Our office is as small as it could possibly be
My co-worker uses it as an opportunity to “brush” against me
He never apologizes for being so rude
And after each bump he always starts to “protrude”
Well, I’m not that kind of woman, and I think he should know
Only my man can touch me in that way… You got that, bro?
If need be, I can bring him in to teach the lesson to you
With his personal two by four (or four by two)
He will administer a butt whipping that won’t be denied
Then hopefully afterwards first care will then be applied
I know that sometimes men will be up to their little “tricks”
They try to get themselves a feel, and then their pants they try to fix
Well, ain’t none of that happening here, and I aim to lead by example
I am NOT some type of plate dish where you can try a sample
This is MY body and I aim to keep my assets to myself
So you’d best stay clear of me if you truly value your health
This type of behavior I just will never condone
So behave, and the bumps and bruises you save, just might be your own…
Yet another brilliant masterpiece from… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Stress)

Subject: Stress relief

I was making myself sick and I even didn’t realize it. I was pumping myself full of poisons. Each night before going to bed, I was absorbing all the worst from the news. When my body was settling down for the night, my brain remained active, mulling over casualties in various parts of the world, flooding, unemployment, murders. Other nights I worried about bills, child care, family issues, marital problems. My dreams were disjointed and violent. I was waking up miserable and still tired.

So I changed. I began walking my dog at night and looking at the sky. While walking, I pondered some of the pleasant things that had happened to me during the day. I began to view things with an increasingly grateful heart: for example, I was grateful for a starry night, a cool, gentle breeze, my family, my dog, my job, the changing of the seasons, kids getting out of school. I just let my brain go. Then, as I turned into bed, my thoughts continued in the same vein. As I closed my eyes, I was grateful for the crisp sheets, for the roof over my head, for the chance to help someone during the day, for an unexpected phone call from a dear friend, for having a decent life. Needless to say, my dreams were much more soothing. I have been waking up in the morning in a positive frame of mind, feeling centered and recharged. I can be calm and even-tempered when I listen to others complain. I am not suggesting that everybody has to meditate or do yoga or that we should close our eyes to the events going on in our world. But since we know that stress is the basis of most of our diseases and ailments, when are we going to take better control of our lives by not stressing out?
This is a VERY important topic, because even though we all have responsibilities to deal with, it is how we handle those responsibilities that determine a healthy mental (and physical) state. My definition of stress is “That which we allow others to put upon us”. In other words, we can be inundated with many multiple tasks from others, but it is how we handle those tasks that determine our true stress levels. When I was in high school (oh, maybe about 2 years ago or so… Wow! That lightning bolt ALMOST hit me) I was so stressed out. I wanted so badly to play basketball but I tore my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in the pre-season and was out for the year (I was devastated). I had to wear a cast up the upper portion of my leg and the girl I really liked during that time found another date to take to the prom. I was heartbroken, depressed and downright miserable (and on crutches). This happened during my senior year and I was a stressed out mess. Then came graduation time, and it wasn’t until then that I realized that my life wasn’t over, but only just beginning. Once the commencement was over I immediately erased everything about my senior year from my mind and decided that I was going to ease my way of thinking. My responsibilities didn’t lessen over the years, but the way I handled them helped me lessen the strain in my life. Today most people who know me will probably say that I am laid back in a lot of ways and easy (like Sunday morning… a Lionel Richie tune). Don’t get me wrong, there will always be times when the stress level rises extremely high and your reactions may not be helped, but if you can find a way to minimize the effects it can make your life much more pleasurable. I suggest that everyone take a look at their own existence and figure out ways to “de-stress” your life. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to do. First thing is to remember that those things we cannot control may happen anyway, so getting stressed over them won’t change the outcome. Second, the worst thing you can do is become stressed out over the POSSIBILITY that something is about to happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t make yourself sick worrying about the possibility (or probability) of it. Third, remember that when the building is on fire and everyone is becoming hysterical, thinking rationally will give you an edge over everyone else and help you come up with a better plan for dealing with the circumstances at hand. Last, remember that there is always someone worse off than you (This makes sense, because as long as you are still alive, then you still have hope). Each day you wake up is a new start for you. Treat it as such… Here comes the Phantom Poet to shed some valuable “insight” on the subject:
We all need to find ways to deal with our stress
A lot of people have it, and some have excess
Please don’t feel bad, worried or crappy
I always say, “Don’t worry… Be Happy”
There are plenty of pleasant things to think about… That’s how life goes
Why don’t you try sitting down in a very dark room, and take off your clothes?
After awhile you soon may start to feel yourself become even less stressed
ESPECIALLY if there is member of the opposite sex there with you…  undressed
Don’t laugh! Sex is a GREAT way to help you feel more relieved
That’s why Marvin sang “sexual Healing” (at least that’s what we believed)
So if you feel over stressed, then have sex…that is what you should do
If you REALLY feel stressed out, then have sex for a day or two
In fact, just keep on going until you run out of “rounds”
Or until your weight becomes about oh, 98 pounds
Sex here, sex there, in the suburbs and in the ghetto
But whatever you do, don’t mess with those sheep in the meadow
Just keep on having sex until the feeling goes “numb”
But unless you want NEW worries, then better wear a condom
Find the right sexual partner, but don’t rush, and don’t hurry
Having the right partner will help relieve all your worry
So when you are over stressed, stop pulling out all of your hairs
Just have sex, then relax and say to yourself, “Who cares?”
Just wait until you hear my solution for ending war tensions… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Choice for President)

With all the things that are happening with the Presidential election, what is your take on it? Who do you think is the best person to run the country and why do you think so?

For the sake of fairness I will try to examine this election from a “neutral” standpoint, even though I don’t quite see how that can be possible (for most people, including me, have already made up their minds). At this point, the people who are going to vote for Romney are likely to continue to do so and the same goes for those who already support Obama. For me, this election seems to be more about “criticizing opponents” rather than offering plans. Obama said that his opponent “shoots first and aims later” while just about everything I have heard from Romney has been overly “critical” of Obama. From Obama I would like to see how he can unite the country should he win, because the economy has still not prospered yet the way he wanted it to while he has been in office. However, Mitt Romney says he has a plan that will create 12 million jobs, but he still has yet to divulge the “details” of that plan. Romney represents the wealthy (95% of the country’s wealth is actually controlled by 5% of the population, and most of the wealthy “are” Republicans). It seems that most of these people have the positions and money available to hire, but it seems as though they are holding back on hiring (at least until after the elections are decided). For right now, that doesn’t favor Obama, because the lack of jobs currently reflects on his track record. Republicans are quick to point out that the economy has not yet prospered and they tend to stigmatize Obama with that responsibility. The actual fact is that Obama “inherited” this economy from George Bush, the former Republican President. While Obama has not brought the economy to the “promised land” yet he has at least managed to halt the “avalanche.” Make no mistake about it, we were “definitely” headed towards a “depression” just before Obama took office. Romney is a self made millionaire, and his formula for success should “not” be taken for granted or ignored. The question that I have is “If he can do this for himself, what guarantee do we have that he can (or will) do it for everyone else?” The wealthy are the ones who support Romney, so if he wins how can he possibly turn his back on those who are responsible? I don’t think he can, and I don’t think he will… Trust is an important factor for me when it comes to voting for President. The one thing that I can say in favor of Obama is that he has already proven that he will “give his all” for the greater benefit of Americans. That goes a long way with me, for I would rather have someone try and fail than not try at all… The past few weeks have been disastrous for Romney, and much of it has been his own doing. He has shown a propensity to “say the wrong things at the right time” and right now he is fast becoming his own worst enemy. The leaked video about his view of 47% of Americans as “victims” can’t possibly win him any brownie points with people who have “considered” switching from supporting Obama. His comments during the crisis in Libya have also made him appear less favorable (In my opinion, he should have waited and gotten advice from his people before making that kind of statement). Even when he was in London for the Olympics he managed to “disrespect” the London government by questioning the security of the games. To me, he has shown a propensity to “self-destruct” and that is NOT someone I want as President. I am not going to be one who tells you that Obama is flawless, because even he has admitted to his own failures (and I’m sure others will admit to his failings as well), but I also know that most Presidents need a “full” 8 years to make an impact and a real difference. George Bush most certainly got it. If Romney became President, I think it would be unfair to expect him to accomplish all his promises in only a 4 year term as well. To me, Obama needs the extra 4 years to see if he can finish what he started. He has “earned”‘ that right. Since he took office, Republicans have fought him “tooth and nail” over just about any policy he tried to implement. During the term of George Bush I “NEVER” heard them sound off so vehemently. Mitt Romney may get his opportunity to run the country as President one day, but I honestly just don’t feel that his time should be “now.” I’d like to see him “think before he speaks” more often and I’d like to hear what his plan is for the economy “without” hearing him blast the President for a change. If I can hear substance in what he “has to offer” then I will “gladly” give him consideration. Until that situation arises, for this election I have to put my faith and trust in President Barack Obama. I do, however, welcome any and all opposing points of view (and I sincerely mean that). Here is an election poem from the Phantom Poet”

Through the promises, the lies and the “sugarcoat”
On election day we all need to get out to vote
With videos, criticisms and election drama
We need to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama
For this election, there is something new that we never before saw
It will be interesting to see the impact of this new Voter ID law
We need to consider the track record for considering the next 4 years
And we need to disregard the fact that both Obama and Ryan have “big ears”
We need to look beyond the who, the where and the what
And pay no attention to Biden’s hair or Romney’s gut
You need to get out to vote and the reason for this is because
You need to vote like your life depends on it (because in essence, it does)
So it is up to you to decide, so you need to exercise your choice
Because without voting, you in essence have “no voice”

And no, you cannot write in the Phantom Poet


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Holly Robinson Peete and Brett Jolly performing at a special wedding