Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Wedding Generation Gap)

Subject: Wedding Generation Gap


I just found out that my mother has become engaged. I don’t have a problem with it except for the fact that her fiancé is younger than my brothers and me. My father passed away and I don’t intend to call this kid anything other than his first name. I don’t even intend on introducing him as my stepfather. I love my mom but how can I deal with the fact that she is marrying someone younger than her own children?


It sounds more like your mother has just become engaged in “babysitting” services. If I were in your situation I would probably have an issue with that as well, but I always like to check things out thoroughly before passing any judgment. After all, she could have been engaged to some abusive serial killer who might be closer to her age but still not treat her right. While on the surface this relationship doesn’t look good a lot depends on the maturity of both. When it comes to relationships, most people tend to think that couples have to have a whole lot in common before planning marriage. That is not necessarily true. Opposites do attract, and while this case may be somewhat extreme it doesn’t mean that it can’t possibly work… For instance, Woody Allen, Diana Ross, Hugh Hefner, Pet Rose all had relationships with “much” younger mates. If I am not mistaken, Demi Moore was involved with a man close to 30 years younger then her. The issue that should be questioned here is whether or not the love is truly “authentic”. I would seriously look into her fiancé’s past and find out everything you can about him, including information about any old girlfriends (with special emphasis on the word “OLD”). It would be wise to meet his family and learn their opinions on this situation as well. Also you need to check and make sure that’s this guy is NOT handling your mother’s financial affairs. Talk to your mother to make sure you understand HER frame of mind as well.  Sometimes when you are in love you tend to see the things you WANT to see as opposed to what’s REALLY there. If your mother appears to still be of sound mind then she has every right to be happy with whomever she wants. Find out if this guy is just trying to “take advantage” of her, because if he is then your mother will end up extremely hurt.   Here is a Phantom Poet verse to help you along our merry way:


My mother just informed me that she is engaged

Her fiancé is younger than me, and this has me enraged

Her actions have me scratching my head and looking out the window

On their honeymoon he plans to bring his Nintendo

This is surely a situation that I really don’t like

They met while he was riding his training wheel bike

When she graduated college, he had just been born

And his job is to deliver her newspapers every morn

Something just isn’t right here…the numbers don’t add up

But won’t NO wedding happen here without first signing a “pre-nup”

They are saving for the wedding with the reception and pastor’s fees

The only problem is that her fiancé wants to have it at Chucky Cheese

And he wants her to pay for it using her MAC or Visa

So that in between your vows he can order more pizza

This will be a really great wedding where you’ll be in one accord

Except the bridal party all left to go to the sliding board

Why she loves a man so young I surely can’t decipher

Ugh! It smells like its time to change your husband’s “poopy” diaper

At the bridal party she received all kinds of great gifts to pack

As for the groom, he got a whole large carton of “Similac”.

As they go off for their honeymoon, we could still hear the giggles and laughter

As they retire to Dave and Busters, to live “happily ever after”


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From the childhood fantasies of the Phantom Poet