Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Multiple Personality Disorder)

Subject: Multiple Disorders
I became my wife’s caregiver, peacemaker and sometimes a target. She suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Nothing was ever easy or went smoothly. At times my life and safety were seriously compromised. Finally, I became overwhelmed by her illness and after the years of turmoil and uncertainty I left. I felt I had no choice but to take care of myself for a change. How do I get rid of these guilty feelings that I have?
By going back to her… When you married her, you took an oath to love her in “sickness and in health” and while I realize this is a huge challenge for you she is STILL your wife AND your “responsibility.” If you were in poor health would you want the people you care about most giving up on you? Multiple Personality Disorder can happen to anyone (including you). The best way to combat it is to continue to consult with doctors, physicians (and other experts) to see what they recommend. Was it determined that she had this disorder when you married her, and did you know at that point? A lot of times Multiple Personality Disorders originate during childhood, which means she may have suffered from this illness long before she even met you. You say that you felt no choice but to take care of yourself for a change. In what way did this involve “leaving” her? I understand your issues of safety, because there can be a great deal of unpredictability in a person with multiple disorders, but leaving her to fend for herself will not help her at all and might make her MORE depressed. Should she ever discover a “suicidal” persona within her then you may end up “regretting” your decision to leave. If you are taking her to physicians for help, then I’m sure they are telling you how to “best” handle her situation. You may be all that she has right now, and if you give up on her it could equate to the same as stealing her last ray of hope… No one “chooses” to be sick, and if your wife could talk to you rationally from her “main” character I am sure you’d know what she would say to you. While trying to take care of her could be a very dangerous task, “someone” has to do it. I suggest you think back a couple of years to someone reciting a line that went something like “For better or worse and in sickness and in health”. Then I suggest you do whatever you feel might be the next “appropriate” thing to do… and please let “all” your wives know that I said “Hello”. Are we now ready for the Phantom Poet?
I feel it’s time now for me to run to the border
Because my wife was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder
One moment she’s happy, and the next minute she’s depressed
Then she brings out “other characters” that had been lying suppressed
She has many different identities and they all have a different name
Suzie cries and Carrie loves but Connie likes to “maim”
She puts on different wigs, dresses, and changes just about every way she can
Come to think of it, isn’t this the normal thing a woman will do for a  man?
Wouldn’t every man like to have many different wives just for fun?
Well hell, I have ALL of that, but they’re all rolled up into “one”
This is our life, and this is how we live
Each night, I have no idea WHO I’m sleeping with
Cathy is the sexy one, and she really knows how to move those hips
Doris I have to beware of, because she uses chains and whips
Fran is the one who really shows me lots of love
“Butch” is someone I’m “really” afraid of
What can I do with all these women, and where do they all come from?
I sleep in a different locked room each night, because I am by NO means dumb
Having different women can be freaky, and sometimes it can be a lot of fun
But not when ONE of those characters happens to possess a gun
So to protect my assets, I have to be prepared for any instance
That’s why I tell ALL my wives I will always love them… “from a distance”
So that in case ANY of them get angry or even mad
I will bolt out the back door and become a “fast” running lad
Because when I’m laid up in a hospital,at least I’ll still have humanity
Because if she is tried in court, she’ll get off for temporary insanity
Then no matter how much I cry or even sob
I’m going to be afraid, because she might just come back, to “finish” the job…

“We” are family… The Phantom Poet

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