Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The rights to grandchildren)

Subject: The rights to grandchildren
My daughter and her fiancé went on a safari. I watched the grandbabies while they were gone. Right before they left I asked her if something was to happen who has the rights to the babies. She told me none of your business, that’s a personal matter.  I was floored by her response. Was I wrong in asking this question?
No, not at all. In fact, that was a TERRIBLE response your daughter to gave to you. In case of any emergency it would be important for you to know these things, and if she couldn’t comprehend that then she is no better than the wild animals she is spending time with. I guess the one thing that should be obvious at this point is that YOU don’t have the rights to your grandchildren (otherwise she would have validated that point with you). In that regard, I think you have already gotten your answer.  Now it “is” possible that your daughter was just having a bad day and said something out of emotion (which happens to people sometimes). She still owes you an apology for what she said (and how she said it) and when she gets back you need to talk to her about it. It is important to have plans for your children (and grandchildren) in case of any tragic situations. My father’s parents died at a very young age, but then my father was raised for most of his life by his uncle and aunt. Even though they were not my biological grandparents, I still referred to them as “Grandmother” and “Grandfather”. I feel they were instrumental in my life because of the way they raised my father, who in turn had a certain way he raised me… Life can be very uncertain, and if you don’t make plans for your future (and your children’s future) then it could be paramount to abandoning them at a time when they may really need you. Your question was not wrong at all… but her answer surely was… As a grandparent, you need to know just in case you have to make any plans, so it IS your business to know… Tell your daughter to show some respect, and let her check out this moment of inspiration from the Phantom Poet:
My daughter and her fiancé just went on a safari
I was expecting to sit home and watch episodes of “Maury”
They left me their kids and told me that they would soon be back
They brought in all the kids suitcases and then told them to unpack
But in case of an emergency, I have not a clue
If you want someone to care for the kids, then at least tell me who
My lifestyle is good for them, at least at a glimpse
Even though in my secret life I am one of the more “successful” pimps
I bring a lot of women into the house, but it really isn’t that deep
I’ll make sure most of them enter while the kids are still asleep
I’ll do my best to take care of these kids, and you know I will
Even though I just saw one of the boys offering the lady a five-dollar bill
I regret that action, and I feel very sad
The little boy is now referring to himself as the “Mack dad”
So if you’d like, you can always leave the kids here with me
I’ll help them grow to be the best ho’s and pimps they could possibly be
Okay, we need to close this poem now, and this I must say
There is still no excuse for a daughter to respond that way
So while I go take care of my duties, please keep this thought in mind
If you were younger and said that, I would have taken a switch to your behind
                                A tender family moment from the Phantom Poet

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