Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Too busy, too tired and loveless)

Subject: Tired friend
I have a friend that is always so tired or busy, never having time for themselves, because their time is spent doing things for someone else. That’s not the problem because they are passionate about their profession, and it keeps them busy. I only wish that my friend take some time off, and concentrate on themselves and their health, and I have expressed this to them. I’m also concerned about their love life, and if they can find time for a relationship. I just don’t see it happening. Maybe that’s why they stay so busy. I Love My Friend more than they can realize, and in more ways than One! How can I express to them how I feel without them thinking I’m being too much in their business?
(Yawn…) I just woke up… What were you saying again? “Oh, sorry!” To me it sounds as though “you” might be the one interested in a love relationship with your friend… and if that is the case, then the best way to express it is from your heart. There are people out there who really don’t have anyone special in their lives, and they actually compensate for it by “making” themselves busy. Being busy can help make up for not a having someone special in your life, but it can also hinder him or her from starting a meaningful relationship. If you talk from the heart to this person, you may be able to help them slow down their busy schedule to spend more time relaxing. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra incentive.  If you care about someone, then it makes sense to be concerned for his or her health and welfare. The best way to tell what you feel is to actually “TELL” what you feel, and don’t hold back. If this person cares about you then they won’t look at it as if you are meddling in their business. In fact, you might make the biggest difference in his or her life.  As a matter of fact, we can talk about this more after I wake up later (Yawn…)… In the meantime, you can chat with the Phantom Poet:
I worry about my friend… He is running all the time
Always involved in business matters while trying to make a dime
I’d like to have a real talk with him. I have never been one to fake it
Maybe he’ll listen to me if I just confront him… naked
I will pour my heart out to him, and lift his spirit to another dimension
I’m fairly sure that if I talk to him nude then I’ll HAVE his “attention”
I think it may be working…He has not taken his eyes off me yet
But when I ask him what I just said, he replies, “I forget”
Maybe confronting him nude was not the way to go
But I think I have found a way to slow him down, though
He had another engagement, but all he can do right now is stare
When I asked him where he was supposed to go, he said, “I can’t remember where”
I asked him if  he had the time and date written down around here
He said “Time and date? Right now I can’t even remember the year”
So I think I have found a good way to slow this man down
However, he can’t remember a thing whenever I’m around
He may seem confused, but at least he is a little more relaxed
Even though I think I can see where his “tension” is packed
So if YOU have someone who is always on the go
Just take off your clothes, and go let that person know
There will surely be no room for argument or debate
Especially if you see they are in a … “heightened state”…
Things are obviously looking  “up”… The Phantom Poet

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