Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Topless selfies… the new trend?”)

Recently Kim Kardashian released a nude selfie picture of herself. Not long after that Emily Ratajtkwoski did the same. Now the both of them have done a topless selfie “together.” Halle Berry also just released a topless selfie of herself to the public. Is this now becoming a “trend? For the story on Kardashian and Ratajklwosi just check out the link below:

We are a society of trends… Does anyone remember the “mood rings?” How about “streaking?” Let’s not forget “Disco music.” We tend to follow what becomes fashion (and we tend to follow those who are already popular in the public eye). I’m sure “most men” won’t complain about this “new” thing, but is this something that should “catch on?” I hate to say it, but you can just about find pictures of naked women anywhere. Whereby years ago it was considered taboo for a woman to show a picture of herself in the raw now it is so acceptable and commonplace that I don’t think people are fazed much by it anymore. Playboy magazine used to make “fortunes” selling publications that featured bare women. Now this magazine has stopped that feature and I heard that the mag is now even up for sale. The reason for the falter of the magazine was because “now with the internet we can find pictures of naked women everywhere. Who needs to buy our magazine anymore?” Women are sexual. They are “eye candy” to most straight men. Should we chastise a women for “showcasing her sexuality?” A good friend of mine used to play bass for Madonna. For those of you who know about her she was “constantly in the news for doing shocking things: most notably being naked in the public eye.” I asked my friend why she was always did that and he responded by saying that “Madonna was one of the smartest women in the business. She KNEW that whenever she did something controversial and shocking she could look forward to making more money down the road from it.” That made a lot of sense to me. However, I don’t think the controversial nude thing worked for everyone. During a halftime Superbowl, Janet Jackson did a song with Justin Timberlake whereby at the end he snatched her top off and revealed her naked breast to the entire world. Many shunned Janet after that incident and she did NOT benefit any good results from it. “Sexuality can be a woman’s greatest asset, and who are we to tell a woman she can’t flaunt her body simply because we don’t approve of it? I think most men are now waiting for the “next” celebrity topless selfie. Is it coming? Should the public be appalled by it or should we just accept it as the new trend? Time (and public opinion) should tell the story. Where does it go from here? “Stay tuned…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Janet Jackson with Brett Jolly in background


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“If I were to run for President”)

I realize that being a Presidential candidate would not be easy. People will blast you with questions that are designed to get on your nerves (and chances are excellent that you have already answered these questions a million times already). Like everyone else, I have been following the elections and listening to all the rhetoric. Someone asked me the other day how I would handle running for President (which I doubt I would ever do, because I love being happy in my life). However, I answered first by saying that I would have to let all offensive comments roll off of me, because no matter who you are someone out there will have something negative to say about you. I will also make sure to have my platform promoted and I would need to make sure I have the answers to the issues that plague the voters. I would not want to get into talks about issues that separate us. All this talk I hear about people’s wives is so ridiculous to me. I would not want to try to tarnish anyone’s reputation. Instead, I would  build up my own reputation by accenting the positives that I believe I would accomplish. I would remain loose but confident (because a lot of people love it when a candidate “looks Presidential.” I would be willing to talk to “all” groups pro or con to see if we can settle on a major objective together. My first focus would be to try to forget about the bad things that transpired in the past, for there is nothing that either of us can do to change those. I would cater to the needs of the people, and NOT just to the needs of my particular party. As far as the economy goes, I would work on the things that would make life affordable. Keeping gas prices down would be “extremely important” because most people “feel the crunch every time gas goes up in price. I would also invest in more programs, recreation centers and libraries  because most of the people in jail are there because they had nothing else positive to focus on and they gave up on hope. When a youngster growing up has no activity, that child will make his or her “own activity” and that could evolve into something negative or illegal. With programs like sports camps, computer training and social events people can devote their energies into things that are helpful as opposed to being a hindrance. As  powerful as the NRA is, I would still try to work with it so that we can have stronger background checks on troubled individuals. We shouldn’t have to worry about some crazed lunatic shooting off guns just because we want to make it easy to make a sale. I would reach out to the leaders of foreign countries to see what we can compromise on to make this world better. As for the terrorist groups, I would give them the opportunity to meet with us to end all the killings. I would listen to their side of the story while letting them know that we will NOT tolerate any more senseless killing. I would let them know that ALL acts of violence must cease and warn them of the consequences if they do not. A President has to make decisions that effect the lives of all families. While I would hate to go to war with anyone, I would do all I can to ensure the safety of the people. For the record, I am not trying to judge any of the candidates in today’s Daily Thought. Instead I am only hoping to shed light on the things that I would love to see happen in this race. Who we vote for will decide the fate of this country. If we are to be “great” then we need great people with great ideas. No, I will not be running for any office, but  hopefully the candidate I vote for will be able to address my views… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Chubby Checker (“The Twist”) and Brett Jolly

chubby checker

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Examining Justin Bieber’s live version of Sorry”)

As most people know, I view concerts a little differently. I look for the things that happen onstage that most other people won’t detect. My kids love to hear Justin Beiber. In truth, I like his style of music also. However, I just had to check out one of his live clips to see how genuine and authentic he is when performing. In this particular piece he is singing live, especially during the beginning. However, judging from the tones and reflections of his voice I do sense some “auto tuning” going on. When the band comes in there is “no way” they aren’t being accompanied by the actual track. In fact, there is a good possibility that they are only “faking” like they are actually playing the song. I say this because the track sounds way too much like the original recording (and live versions are rarely that perfect), and if you can listen long enough you will hear Justin’s voice as part of the background singing. In order for the background to be sung in perfect timing with the song (when there are  no background singers) then the music itself has to be in perfect alignment. Hence, the “tape is rolling” and it is up to everyone to keep up with it. I do believe that Justin is singing live, but I also feel that certain parts of his vocals are being auto tuned while he is singing to the track. Sorry, Justin Beiber fans… I am not trying to discredit him, because he is only doing what many of “other new generation singers of today are doing.” I do believe he can actually sing the songs live without any enhancement, but auto tuning will save on a singers voice and as long as the audience can’t tell then there’s no harm, no foul. If you are a Justin Beiber fan, please continue to do so. I am only pointing out what I observe (because that is what I do). I thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How to improve your singing voice”)

Some people are meant to sing. Others wish they could sing. I often hear from people who will ask me about tips for improving their abilities to sing. Please keep in mind that I am only a bass guitar player  who happens to sing. I am not a singer who happens to play bass guitar. When I first started out I was not singing at all, and I only got into it once I started playing with some band that “asked” me to sing. I must admit that I enjoyed it, but I also knew that I was no where near those talented people who sing “professionally.” Or was I? After a while I started to study those people who “played and sang at the same time.”  I then changed the way I performed to accommodate that style and it has helped me tremendously. For those of you who wish to sing I would strongly suggest you follow the same procedure. Small mechanics could be getting in your way for improving your vocals. Here are some interesting tips below:

Also, please keep in mind that what you sing is no where near as important as what you “hear.” No matter how great a singer you are, if you can’t place your vocals within the key of the song you will have problems. I know of several singers who are gifted vocally but have difficulty finding their “ranges.” Many artists will change the key of the song so they can sing it. I am not a big fan of altering the keys (most musicians aren’t). Sometimes a song loses its impact when that happens. I often tell singers that if you don’t feel comfortable singing in that key then just “leave the song alone.” The most important thing I tell singers is to “learn your voice.” Once you are familiar with how you sound and your strengths and weaknesses then you will automatically become a better singer. It helps to view recordings or videos or yourself to see what you need to work on. I am “still” working on improving my singing voice, but I have made some great strides over the years. I soon hope to get an even better microphone (that helps as well, because if you have to strain to sing then it will reflect in how people perceive you). Just because you “think” you can’t sing doesn’t mean that you really can’t do it.  There are proper ways and techniques for doing anything. Just learn them and see what can happen. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Aretha Franklin with Brett Jolly


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Red Photo Bass guitar shoot with Krista”)

Krista is “by far” my most “adventurous” model. She will jump into water, hang off the dangerous edge of a bridge and get undressed on a publicly crowded street. She is absolutely fun (provided we don’t get arrested in the process). For some reason, most modeling agencies want “taller” models, but Krista is solid “proof” that a real model doesn’t have to be tall at all. We were hours late in shooting these pictures (and that is why some of them appear so dark). However, I hope you enjoy her pictures, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What is the purpose behind terrorism?”)

I realize that this might sound like I am confused, but I actually did a search on why terrorists commit such violent acts like the ones that just happened in Brussels and Paris last year. While it is difficult for me to imagine someone doing this without a reason, it is also difficult for me to imagine that we don’t even “know” what this reason is. When you dedicate yourself to killing others it is even more baffling to tie it in with your religious beliefs. I don’t think I know of “any religion that advocates killing.” There is a lot of anger in the world and when someone feels that the world has mistreated him or her then frustration and resentment can set in.While I can understand being angry I just can’t understand the need to take out your frustrations on innocent people who are not responsible for your anger. I would love to hear from “anyone” who can explain to me the “need” for setting off bombs. After all, if you are trying to send a message, wouldn’t it at least help if we “knew” what that message was? I Googled this concept and found several different theories, but nothing really “concrete or conclusive.” The obvious thought that comes to mind is that we must have previously “done something” to set them off. Resentment usually comes from blaming others. I have heard that being a suicide bomber offers paradise to those seeking it, but if this is not stated in their religious writings, then where do they get this concept from? Also, dead men tell no tales. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to your cause to have your story told and known? There have been religious leaders who have led scores of people to disastrous consequences (Jim Jones in Guyana for example). In order to deal with these people we need to first “understand” them and their concepts. As I have said, I would love to hear from “anyone” who can explain to me “why” these people are so angry, and what they hope these violent acts will resolve. The first step in resolving anything is through communication, and as long as we lack it then the world will always suffer tragedies like this. There are people who “want” to hear your story. The least you could do is “tell it.” Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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A “very far away view” of Chaka Khan and Brett Jolly in concert (Brett is to far left)


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How long after separation should you date again?”)

Gospel superstar Israel Houghton has been vilified over his new relationship with TV host Adrienne Bailon. Houghton did admit to cheating on his wife and also featured Bailon in  his video “I’m in love with a church girl.” Many assumed that the singer cheated on his wife “WITH Ms. Bailon” while he was “still married.” However, in a recent interview the singer put out his own statement on that subject, dismissing all rumors. Here is the link to that story:

Today’s Daily Thought isn’t really about Houghton’s relationship. He already admitted to cheating, so should it really matter “who” he cheated with? The main issue is that Houghton is “no less human than the rest of us.” I have yet to meet the person who has led the “perfect life.” What I wanted to talk about today is  “How long should you wait to start a new relationship after your separation or divorce? There are many people who would be “appalled” over the fact that someone would start another relationship immediately after ending one. I can’t speak for everyone, but as far as I know, happiness and love has never had a time element placed on it. True, people should take time to get to know one another before making things official, but there are couples who have been married well over 25 years who “still” don’t know each other yet. I would never tell anyone to “rush” into a meaningful relationship, but I don’t know how much time you would need to wait either. I believe that the determining factors should be place more on the “qualitative aspects” as opposed to the “quantitative aspects.” In other words, it shouldn’t be based on a numerical value, but rather on the substance of what you do and how you do it. What you feel is just as important as why you feel. When you start dating “on the rebound” then you need to make sure you are doing so “out of love instead of doing so just to fill a need.” As long as no one is feeling used then your relationship stands a good chance of making it. As for the Israel Houghton story, he is correct when stating that there are a LOT more important things to deal with in life rather than his new relationship. Without knowing his full circumstances I will not be the one to hold judgment on him or anyone else. That will come from a much “higher authority.” In the meantime, we should note that “tomorrow is not promised to anyone.” If you have the chance to love today (and that love is truly authentic) then who cares what other people think? Just make sure to use your head as well as your heart… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burrell at sound check with Brett Jolly

Lalah Hathaway and Kim Burell

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“It’s time for Spring maintenance”)

I do realize that different parts of the country experience different seasons and different climates. For me here in Philadelphia, we are just entering our Spring season, which “hopefully” means our winter era will soon give way to warmer temperatures (with new flowers blooming, bugs flying and sunnier days). During this time of year I try to take more walks. Taking walks during the cold is tough to do because the Philadelphia winds will make you cringe and want to do a “quick turn-around.” Keeping the blood circulating in your body makes for a better health situation. For me, walking also helps the mind, because I think about a lot when I take walks. However, it doesn’t stop there for me in the Spring time. I also make my own assessment of “everything” during this time of year. You see, I am firm believer in something I call the 100 % improvement goal. In other words, I will take “any one particular field or activity that I would like to improve on,” and then I will dedicate an entire day (or a couple of days) to “improving myself in that particular field.” The point in this is that chances are excellent that I will never be able to be “perfect” in what I am attempting. The goal or objective is to “reach for perfection” so that you can actually “come as close as possible.” I recommend it for everyone and it could be about anything. You can work to become a “nicer person” to people. You can try to become less sensitive to what others may say about you. You can try to improve your bowling game or your singing skills. It doesn’t matter what you try to improve in as long as you make the attempt to improve. Each year I ask my daughter if I can still wear something like a muscle shirt. I value her opinion because as we get older we won’t necessarily wear our clothes the same way. The moment she tells me that it’s time to put the muscle shirts away then I will move on to the “next chapter.” According to her so far I am “still good.” As for you, I hope you designate your own time to do your own physical and mental maintenance. You don’t have to to neglect your body or stop growing or improving. Your life is what you make it, and the quality of your life depends on what you devote to it.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so I aim to get my nickel’s worth today. Hopefully you feel the same way… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Whispers and Brett Jolly in concert

The Whispers and Brett

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Paying dues in the world of music”)

The  music industry is by no means angelic. People sometimes think that when you are a part of this industry that everything is all fun. The truth is that there are some very mean spirited people who will take advantage of you just because “they can.” Case in point: Years ago there was this star duo who had a number one hit song on the R&B charts. It achieved international fame for these guys who wrote and sang it. The song was entitled “Ain’t no Stopping Us Now” and the artists were “McFadden and Whitehead.” Both of these artists are now deceased. Years ago my group was scheduled to perform for these guys in New York City. However, something felt very strange when at the rehearsals only “one” of them showed  up. That was Gene McFadden (He is the one in the video who is NOT the lead singer). We rehearsed consistently and Gene kept telling us that the lead singer John Whitehead would definitely be there for the gig. Well, on the day of the event we all traveled together to New York and waited for John to get there. The problem was that “he never showed up.” We were getting ready to perform onstage and only one of them was there. After the introduction Gene came out and sang the entire show by himself. I could tell from the looks of the faces in the audiences that they were shocked. The promoters of the event were not pleased at all. To make a long story “much shorter” by the end of the gig Gene paid us “some” of the money he owed us and then told us to wait a day or two for the rest of it, because the promoters “docked him money.” Well, we trusted him to deliver, but he never did. We got a valuable lesson when it comes to making sure we are paid for our services. I remember a few months afterwards I ran into Gene on the street and he started “sweating bullets.” He knew I was angry and the first thing he said was, “Listen man, I will have your money for you soon. I am trying to get it all hooked up for you.” I simply told him that if I was a truly vengeful person, then “Ain’t no stopping me from beating your behind to a pulp right  now.” Needless to say, I let  him go and I forgave him. In fact, there were several times after that event where I even played for them both (but I also made sure that I had my money up front before doing so). He later explained that “he was under the influence of drugs and did a lot of bad things in his life.” He also said that he was really trying to make amends with everyone that he victimized. Unfortunately, he never got around to paying us what he owed, but we learned a valuable lesson from it all. As bad as that moment was, it was an important chapter of my musical life that I needed to experience. I was young, and I had been taken advantage of. Now I  handle my business properly and  make sure that all is in place “before I hit the stage.” Yes, sometimes we all have to pay dues, and this was my story. Thank you for listening and thank you for checking out my Daily Thought. As always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.