Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Iran-US relations)

I felt a bit “encouraged” when I heard about a possible negotiation between the United States and Iran over “nuclear relations.” For many years there has been an impasse when it came to our dealings with Iran and it is “enlightening” to see us reach this stage of talks. We have imposed sanctions against the country since 1979 and we were getting nowhere in talks with the previous regime, but now that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, is in charge there seems to be a glimmer of hope that we might be able to make a breakthrough. The fact that they are even talking about it is “significant,” because for many years this was also a huge barrier. Iran has claimed that it needed nuclear enrichment to bolster it’s economy but the United States has always believed that Iran had “evil intentions” of developing a nuclear bomb. In the current standing it appears as though Iran is “willing” to allow weapons inspectors to monitor the nuclear program so that the amount does NOT exceed “military” levels. If this can be done, then that might make for a “major” breakthrough for both nations. Our relationship with countries like Iran has not been great, and for years they referred to us as the ”Big Devil.” If Iran can possibly mend ties with us, then maybe the rest of the Arab Muslim world can find it in their hearts to eventually follow suit. Can you imagine a world where ALL nations are at peace and interacting with each other? No one can change the atrocities of the past, and therefore to continually focus on those atrocities only adds “fuel to the fire.” Mankind’s “biggest enemy” has ALWAYS been “us.” We are “supposed” to be so civilized and above other life forms, and yet in so many situations we have proven to be just as “barbaric.” I pray that this deal can be done and we can eventually lift sanctions against Iran.  I also pray that we can mend fences with other nations such as North Korea, Syria and Russia (among others). As huge as this world is, it is small when you consider how close we all are to each other. Peace should be at the forefront of everyone’s policy, and in order to accomplish that then “talks” are needed. I applaud John Kerry in his attempts to make this happen and even if this effort should somehow fail, it is encouraging to at least see the attempt made. I sincerely hope you feel the same way. Maybe there “is” a light “at the end of the tunnel after all.” Stay tuned, world… and have a great day.

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Jolly



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Living up to the expectations of others)

I just recently had a conversion about “living up to other people’s expectations.” Whether it is considered fair or not, often people will expect others to live up to what they “think” they should do. They put stipulations on you and expect you to follow them in accordance to how they see fit. The only problem with this is that “not everyone” is equipped to follow the rules that you may set in place. When these rules are “violated” then arguments, disagreements, drama and fighting can often result. No one should like to fight, but when there is inconsistency that cannot be resolved then that is usually when fights start. I am a firm believer that you should see people for “who and what they are” rather than “what you WANT them to be.” My brother once had a sign on his studio door that I loved. It read “Never try to teach a pig to sing: It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.” People who are set in their ways need to be recognized for the way they are, and when someone else tries to “control how you should behave” then in essence that is the same thing as trying to give a pig vocal lessons. People’s perceptions are often different. 10 different people can see an intricate design on a paper and have 10 different views as to what they feel it should represent. I believe that if you want to initiate change, then “start” with that “man or woman in the mirror.” If you have controlling ways, then maybe it is “you” who needs to alter your “way of thinking.” We all are human and we all have faults, but no one seems to want to have his or her faults explored continually. If you cannot get the results you want out of a person, then why don’t you just “let that person go.” “Possession” should only be meant for “property” and not “individuals.” People make promises and people break them. That doesn’t mean that they are bad or evil. That just means that they are only “human by nature.” I have no intentions of judging anyone just like I have no desires to be “judged.” I prefer to live life peacefully with no drama or confrontation. Since people are “the way they are,” I would be a fool to expect that change will happen just because I want it to. It would be at that point that I need to “leave the pig alone” to enjoy time in the pen. As quirky as we all can sometimes be, we all have our ways, and we all are “who we are.” If that sounds confusing, then this is a completely ACCURATE description of how life can be in general. Sometimes there is just no need to rationalize. Just accept it for what it is and move on. I hope that your day today is free of drama, confrontation and unfair expectations, and I hope that you can accept someone today for who and what he or she is. We all have to cohabit this Earth together. When we can begin to accept that which we don’t understand then it makes for a better existence for all of us. “THAT…” is what can bring about a “peaceful state of mind…” Thank you and have a great day.

Jill Scott and Brett Jolly in concert



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should I date a musician?)

I hope you can help me with this situation. There is this guy who is trying hard to hit on me. He tells me he really likes me and he seems to be very interested in taking me out on a date. The only problem with this is that he is a musician. My friends tell me that all musicians are whores. All they do is go to wild parties, get high and drunk and try to conquer all the women they can. I think it was once mentioned in some movie or something. I don’t want to by anyone’s game piece. He seems nice though, so I figured I would contact you to find out if I should listen to my heart or my friends. Should I just leave him alone?

“Stereotypes” can “sometimes” be so misleading. I don’t know this individual you are talking about, but I DO happen to know other musicians, and while that stereotype might fit a LOT of them it doesn’t necessarily mean that it applies to ALL of them. I know of several musicians, including myself, who do not drink or get high at all (and also do not like wild parties). I also know of a few musicians who are truly committed to the partners they already have (or at least that is what they have told me). One of the things that you need to understand is that “everyone” is different. You could start a relationship with an “accountant” who might end up being far worse than any musician you could ever encounter. I think that most times musicians get this stigma from the numbers of women who often come up to them. Even you have to admit that it can be a fairly glamorous profession. However, to judge all musicians by the actions of a few would not be totally fair. Your friends have a right to be concerned, but your friends don’t have the exclusive right to always be “correct.” For this particular musician you are going to need to do your homework (as you would have to do for “anyone” you would like to start a relationship with). There is nothing wrong with going out on a date. As long as you are in a public place there should be very little chance of being taken advantage of. It would be up to  you to get to know this man, and I think you can do so without having to compromise anything. ANYONE can have an “opinion.” Just note that not ALL opinions are “correct.” I know from experience that his profession is one where he can receive LOTS of attention from admirers, but it is not his profession that determines what he is, but rather how he “HANDLES” that profession. Don’t let the stereotype stop you from finding out if he is a good man or not. Give him the chance to at least “prove” your friends wrong first. To me, I believe that would be fair to him “and” you. Thank you for submitting this topic and please keep us updated if you can. Have a great day.

Brett Jolly and actress Gabrielle Union