Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Why write a blog?)

I had been asked about “why” I write a blog. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure of what a blog actually was until this morning, so I “just looked up” the definition. The dictionary said that a blog was a website that a producer user uses to feature a narrative (or something like that).  As for me, I post my blogs as a means of my communication with the rest of the world. Granted, the entire world will “not” be reading my blog, but as  long as the option is “out there” then I am more than satisfied with that. In this life, “expression” is key. We can”t make life (or the “quality” of life) better without expression. Our interaction with each other uplifts us, motivates us, and guides us to a higher existence. To a great extent, the Bible or any other holy book could “technically” be considered blogs, because they supply narratives as well. We need to hear from others in order to improve ourselves. For instance, when you are young, you need teachers to inform you of  important facts of life so you can have a decent education. Ministers deliver the Word for a better salvation. Politicians express what they “feel” you need to hear so that corrections can be widely accepted. We ALL need  communication, and a blog is simply a means to “reach out.” Of course, since there is so much diversity in this world, I would never expect everyone to agree with what I say or how I say it. I welcome those kind of responses. I am the kind of person where if you can actually “prove” me wrong then I will be the “first” to admit it (Please notice the emphasis on the word “prove”). When everyone else seems to be in unanimous decision about a topic, I don’t mind at all being that one “dissenting” vote. I love to look beyond the surface of everything and I love to start out with at least a “neutral outlook.” “My blog is my world, and my world is my blog.” I welcome you and thank you for your interest in anything I may have to say. My music is my “other” means of expression. When I am performing it feels as though I have a connection with my audience. We all have something in life that moves us. Let “what you love” dictate” what you do…” Let  your own “form of expression” shine for the world to see, and maybe then we can reach a higher existence… “together…”


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Comedian Chris Tucker, Motown founder Berry Gorday, Kool and the Gang and Brett Jolly

Berry Gorday, Kool and Brett

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Songs I like that give me goosebumps)

I was asked if there is any song  out there that actually gives me “goosebumps” whenever I hear it. In other words, “Is there a song out there that actually touches me emotionally?” I can honestly say that there are “quite a few” songs like that. One is a song by James Ingram that has extremely powerful lyrics to it. The song is entitled “There’s just no easy way to break somebody’s heart.” To me the message is powerful and meaningful. Before anyone goes off thinking that this song relates to my real life situation I would like to say that the answer to that is undeniably “No.” I just happen to feel this particular song.   Musically I love a song by Eddie Kendricks entitled “Tell her love has felt the need.” The arrangement of the song is a perfect fit for his high pitched voice and I just “love” this piece. Also, I get affected whenever I hear Stevie Wonder’s “If its magic,” which is a beautiful but basic piece that only features Stevie’s voice and  his keyboard using the “harp” patch. This composition was masterfully written by Stevie, a musical genius. I also love his other song “My Cherie Amour.” Also, there is an  old song by the Dramatics simply entitled “I want to go outside in the rain.” The presentation of this song is awesome, and the way it is sung combined with the lyrical message behind it  makes it one that I’m sure a lot of people might relate to at some point in their lives. A song that touches me just by the harmonies and the tone of the voices is an old song by “Seals and Croft”  entitled “Diamond Girl.” This song is a classic and I never get tired of hearing it. As for my “former boss,” Teddy Pendergrass, I always loved it whenever we performed a song of his entitled “It don’t hurt now.” I played it at his funeral and it had a special attachment to me even more. As you can see, there are a “lot” of great tunes that actually give me “goosebumps.” However, there is one song in particular that is “way too short” in length but has a “really special” message for me. In fact, I hope to sing  this song next week at one of my Wednesday night events for the very first time. This tune is from Marvin Gaye, and I can feel  his love whenever I hear him sing it on this track. The song is simply entitled “God is my friend.” I invite you to Google it and listen for yourself while making your own assessment. I love this song, hands down, and the message is unique and personal in nature. People have different things that they get out of music whenever they hear it. One person’s treasure can be another person’s trash. The joy of music is with how it can effect your own personal life. I invite  you to think of a song today that has always touched your heart. If you do, it might make the difference in just how good your day actually is… Music does “have that power…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and I hope you find inspiration today from any source that is worthy. Take care and have a great one.



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James Ingram and Brett Jolly (with Sheldon Reynolds, formerly of Earth Wind and Fire and John Croom, formerly of Boyz II Men, Allyah and Genuine)

James Ingram

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Acupuncture for hot flashes?)

Okay, “now” it is quite possible that I have “heard it all.” In  this particular article, it has been stated that “acupuncture” can actually help ease the discomfort of “hot flashes” in women. According to this link the actual procedure of acupuncture has helped women with bad flashes feel a lot better. How this discovery will effect most women who are menopausal I have no idea. However, I am “reasonably” sure that all men dealing with menopausal women will “empty out” their life savings just to treat their loved ones to complimentary sessions for a little “peace of mind.” One guy told me that he will check for specialists in  his area and will “drag” his woman out there if necessary. Most men cannot relate to what women feel when it comes to menopause or PMS. While that  may be true, I do believe that most men can relate to  how it feels being on the “receiving end” of a woman suffering from either of these conditions. I remember years ago going into a drug store late at night to find medicine that could help with PMS. As “soon” as I walked through the front door the lady at the counter automatically “knew” from my facial expression what I came in for. Without asking me “anything” she stated that they were all “sold out.” Then she started laughing and said that they were “all” bought “by MEN…” However true this “may” be, I honestly believe that women suffering from this should NOT let their husbands or boyfriends apply acupuncture to them as a remedy. First off, if you happen to be suffering from it and getting on your man’s nerves then the “LAST” thing you would want is for him to have any control over “how far the needles go into your body.” I can just picture in my mind some man saying “She loves me, she loves me  not” while jabbing his woman in the process. Under “these” circumstances there might be a “very” thin line between “acupuncture” and “first degree murder.” I implore all women to by “all means” go to a specialist who “doesn’t’ know you if you are going to try acupuncture. PMS and hot flashes are a part of life, and while women can suffer from varying degrees of it, still it would be nice to know that there is some kind of remedy out there. I’m sure the women would love it, and I’m sure the men who “love” these women will “sell their souls” for it. It is always  advisable to do reviews and inquiries on “anything” before assuming it to be true. After all, if a women is suffering from PMS or hot flashes and poking her with needles “doesn’t” work, then I would not want to be the one to feel her wrath afterwards. Just a little note of advice for all the men out there (smile). Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today, and I hope that all is well with you in your world.


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Brett Jolly and singer Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s DailyThought (Topic: Sample Photo)

gs thai 1j

This is another sample of my “Bass guitar” shots. The lady is a Latina lady by the name of Thaimi. she sings and  volunteered to do this photo shoot. When I posted this picture on Facebook it garnished the most “like” of any other picture I posted. I have seen some “great” photography on this site and I just wanted to  share this with you today. I hope you have a truly blessed day and I wish the very best to you  and yours:)

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: A World Outlook and perspective)

First off, it is a blessing to be able to wake up this morning and address the world in any way.  Life is not promised to anyone and the value of life should be treasured always, and yet when taking a look at world events we have bombings and killings going on in the Gaza strip, unrest still happening in the Ukraine, people being beheaded and bombings to Islamic extremists in Iraq. Over in the Unites States (my country) we have young unarmed kids getting shot down and murdered for just “walking the streets.”  As much as it pains to me even see this picture, it pains me even  more to just ignore it and pretend like it doesn’t exist.  In my eyes, the world knows better… We can accomplish so much more working together “with” each other than working against each other.  When we look to kill others we often do so thinking that fighting “fire with fire” is the remedy. There is a lot of anger and resentment and everyone feels the need to retaliate against something that someone has done.  If we keep this up, soon our planet may not be big enough to hide from the devastation that can occur. If I could address the entire world from a mountaintop and tell it anything I wanted to say, I think my first words would be “Get your sh%^ together, because God is watching.” Many times we look to conquer instead of mediate. The true strength of a leader is in how he “thinks,” and not in how he “fights.” I know that my one Daily Thought message will not change the outlook of a world bent on destruction, but I do know that if Peace is to work, we have to find a way to “give it a chance.” We “need” each other, so why are we trying to kill each other? Once a life is ended should that be considered a victory? If a 3 year old gets killed by a stray bullet or a bomb meant for someone else what does that accomplish? Often when trying to fight our enemies innocents get killed in the process. Saying “Oops, I’m sorry,” is “not” going to cut it. The road to peace starts with  “me… AND you”… We have a voice… I just exercised mine… If you agree, then it’s “your” turn… Feel blessed that you woke up today without a bomb reigning down over your head. I can promise you that there are others out there today who are “not” as lucky…


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Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should baseball reinstate Pete Rose?)

I don’t really follow the sport of baseball much. My hometown team, the Philadelphia Phillies, are in last place in their division and there is no hope for them this season. The sport of baseball is a good one, even though recently it has been “severely damaged” through many misdoings. For instance, the “all time leader” in hits, plate appearances, and games played has been rejected from the very game itself. Pete Rose, whose nickname was “Charlie Hustle,” was the exemplary role model for kids wishing to play the game of baseball. He showed up ready to play each and every game and his talent was immense. However, Pete came under scrutiny when he “gambled” on baseball. Gambling is a cardinal sin, because it can greatly jeopardize the “integrity” of the sport as well as the outcome of games. Pete didn’t need to gamble because he was well paid for just playing, but he made a mistake. Baseball commissioner A Bartlett Giamatti “banned” Pete “for life” from baseball in 1989. Now Mr. Giamatti is leaving baseball and a new commissioner, Rob Manfred, is coming in. Rose plans on asking Mr. Manfred for a “second  chance.” The question is, “Does he deserve one?” Well, considering the fact that  the all time leading home run hitter in baseball was under investigation for using steroids to enhance his play, I think that the authenticity of the game is  now “gone.” Barry Bonds and a whole bunch of great major league players were under investigation for drug enhancement. To me, that in and  of itself spoils the integrity of the sport. I don’t know if I can compare steroid use with gambling, but if Rose can get a lifetime ban for gambling, then those convicted of steroid use  should have penalties that are “not that far behind.” “God” forgives us for our sins. Why can’t baseball forgive Rose? Pete has in essence “done his time” and he has been ostracized from the sport he loved for well over 20 years. I don’t think he  should ever be excused for what  he did, but he can still be a role model for others who wish to  challenge the integrity of the game. He is baseballs leading hitter of all time. Based on his accomplishments alone, he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I sincerely hope the new commissioner grants him a pardon so that Rose can return to baseball. It is not where you come from that determines your value, but rather where you are headed. I hope that Pete Rose gets his “second chance” to be reinstated back into baseball.


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The Three Degrees and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The disaster of Atlantic City, New Jersey)

Atlantic City…. Just what went  wrong? For years Atlantic City was a virtual “hot spot” on the east coast. They had some of the best live entertainment, an ocean, and their biggest money maker, “gambling.” They had hotels galore and many times some of the biggest names could be found performing there. Well, now the economy of Atlantic City is about to take a “huge hit.” Three of their casinos are scheduled to close soon. A couple of them already have, and thousands of employees are about to be out of work. “What happened?” Well, several things. AC featured an ocean, but that ocean wasn’t very appealing to folks during the winter seasons. Beaches usually have summer time appeal, so during the winter months Atlantic City struggled to attract people. On top of that, gambling provided the biggest revenue for the casinos. New Jersey made gambling legal when surrounding areas like Philadelphia and Delaware did not. All of that has changed now. With online gambling you don’t have to leave the comforts of your own home in order to bet, so  why travel all the way down to Atlantic City to do what you can easily do at home? Then the tolls for Atlantic City increased dramatically. At one point it was costing 2 or 3 dollars  just to cross the bridge from Philadelphia to Jersey. Now it costs $5.00 to venture over, with another $3.75 (both ways) to pay just before you reach the beach.  I used to play a lot in Atlantic City but with the economic struggles also came the decrease in the need to  hire musical entertainment. By the new year things might get dramatically worse, and the city that was once bustling with energy may soon become a virtual “ghost town.” What can be done to save it? Depends on who you ask. Personally I think they ought to abandon the gaming industry altogether.  If it is not paying off now then there’s no reason to suspect that it will pay off in the future. Atlantic City “still”  has the benefit of an ocean view,  and places like Pennsylvania don’t have one. Atlantic City could promote boat cruises which I’m sure people would love. They  can also feature summer (and winter) music series scheduled each week so that people will want to visit and spend money to stay overnight in the hotels. If they built an outside concert venue for the summer (independent of the individual casino theaters) then each remaining casino could just contribute money to the concerts series without having to spend large amounts of money on individual acts that cost big money but never make a profit. During the winter months they could just use their convention center to feature live entertainment. With a new focus on entertainment and lodging I think AC could “re-invent” the wheel of economic fortune. Revel was the newest casino to be built there and I have performed there several times, but it was easy to see that this wasn’t going to last long. Revel will be closing the beginning of September along with 2 more popular casinos. Hopefully someone will come up with the “light bulb” over the head and find a way to rescue this place that is in serious  need of it. For right now, AC nightlife is  an “endangered species.” For the sake of all employed there, let’s hope that it can be “revived.”


Singer Freddie Jackson and Brett Jolly in concert

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Artist Spotlight: “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel)

Today’s artist spotlight is on one of my favorite songs of all time (and it is also my favorite video as well). The band Genesis had a great career and they accomplished a lot musically. However, a couple of members from that group also had individual success as well. One member, Phil Collins, had a string of hits on  his own. For today’s Daily Thought I would like to feature the “other” former member, Peter Gabriel. His career wasn’t nearly as strong as Collins, but he had one “monster” of a hit entitled “Sledgehammer.” I actually performed this song a few days ago at a casino and the reaction to it was awesome. The lyrics to the song can at times seems confusing, but upon careful examination it is clearly in reference to “sex.” A whole lot of songs have been written about sex, but this particular tune tackles it from the “hidden innuendo” angle. The beat is “powerful.” It is not a fast drum track at all, but derives its flavor from the intensity of “how” the drums are played. The horns in this song hit you hard. There is no way for anyone to ignore them. The bass in the song actually “sounds” like it is being played on a “fret less” bass guitar, when I believe it is being done through a bass synthesizer with a fret less patch. Peter Gabriel is “not” an overwhelming singer. His singing may not have much of an impression when it comes to singing other songs. However, his voice is the “perfect fit” for this particular track. He doesn’t try to finesse “anything” in his vocals and that was the best way to attack this song. As for the video to this song, this was even more amazing. There are “so many” different artifacts and elements in this video that you are bound to miss something whenever  you view it. From dancing chickens to a choir to some weird guy with a mohawk haircut there is entertainment all throughout this video. I believe it won a “record 9 Video Music Awards” and deservedly so. Good music should never disappear from our memory banks. Time will always introduce new material but some songs should always remain classics. “Sledgehammer, by Peter Gabriel, is one of them. I invite you to check the song out for yourself (You can Google it or just go to Youtube.) Thank you for checking out today’s artist spotlight and I wish you the very best that life has to offer today.


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Brett Jolly and Verdine White, from Earth Wind and Fire


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Friendship.” does it mean the same to both men and women?))

Just imagine this scenario: A guy professes to a woman that he would like to get to know her. She tells her female friends about him and tells them that she will accept him, but “only” as a “friend.” She then tells the guy that they can be friends, and he accepts that as well. “NOW”….. when they both say they are friends, are they necessarily thinking the same thing? I ask this question only because when most men want to get to know a woman, a lot of them don’t mind “starting out” as friends but rarely do they “ever” have the intentions of “finishing” as “just friends.” If a woman “only” wants a guy “as a friend” does she do so with the intentions of becoming much more once she gets to know (and like him) better? There are women out there who will have guys take them to dinner, spend good money to bring them to shows and will even give them expensive gifts. Would it be right for a woman to accept all this from a man who she “knows” will never ever amount to being more than just a “friend” to her? Some women I have talked to feel it is appropriate to do this, and their rationale behind this is quite “intriguing.” They say that “men” use women to get what they want, so why can’t women use men to get what they want as well?  I guess the formula goes like this: Yes, men will take women out and spend money on them. This process is usually called “dating” and I always thought the primary purpose of dating was to get to know someone better (and possibly evolve into something more serious if a connection is discovered). Should that behavior be construed as “using” women? Even though men love sex it doesn’t mean that a woman “HAS” to relinquish it to him (and it doesn’t mean that the man should always expect the right to it whenever he does something nice for the woman either). Last I checked a woman had “options.” Most men  who are interested in getting to know a woman are also interested in having intimate moments with her (at “some” point in  the relationship if all goes well enough). If a man does a whole bunch of great things for a woman he cares for, should he “still” only have a “friend” status? A friend of mine was working with this guy who did music. He worked on her project (she was a singer) and  he devoted a lot of time and effort into it and into her. After the project was finished she verbally  “thanked him” but then he felt that she used him to get her project done. She did not offer to pay  him any money, and according to him  she “knew” that he really liked her a lot. In fact, this man even told me once that he actually wanted to “marry” her. She said that she did like him, but “only as a friend” and that their friendship couldn’t possibly evolve into “anything more.” Well, he had a fit and things got ugly after that because he honestly thought she was into him like that. Was anyone wrong here, and if so, who? Expectations are important, but “recognizing expectations” is even more important. Rarely does anyone go overboard to do nice things for someone without expecting “something” in return. It may not have to be the actual act of sex itself, but it can be something that shows a little “appreciation.” The concept of “friends” is an interesting one, and until men and women can arrive at the “same” definition of it then chances are that there will be even “more” confusion when it comes to how men and women “define” it. I just thought that this would make for an interesting topic for today. As always, I welcome any opinions or points of views. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and I wish you the very best today.


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Jill Scott and Brett Jolly in concert