Impromptu video skit between Brett Jolly and daughter Jazzmin

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” title=”Impromptu video skit between Brett Jolly and daughter Jazzmin”>Impromptu video skit between Brett Jolly and daughter Jazzmin

This is a light exchange between Brett Jolly and his daughter Jazzmin. This is not rehearsed at all and absolutely impromptu. There was no intention to insult anyone so if anyone gets offended I sincerely apologize. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The minimum wage)

Recently I had a discussion with someone over one component of  President Obama’s State of the Union speech. When the President mentioned “raising minimum wage to $10.10 dollars an hour, I heard one of the Republicans on television say that this action will only stop companies from hiring more people. Someone who recently agreed with that tried to debate me on  this issue. I quickly alerted him to the fact that “these companies have not been hiring more anyway, so why should we keep it the way it is?” I also know that if I were to get more money for the same job I am doing I personally would “want” to raise my production because then as an employee I would feel like I am “worth” more. Right now a lot of people have to work hard with at least “two” or more jobs just to make ends meet. If you raise the minimum wage, then in some of those instances it would no longer be necessary to have two jobs.  Also a raise should help workers keep up with inflation. You see, whenever necessary things like the price of “gas” goes up, then just about everything else that is tied in with it ends up increasing in cost as well. The problem is that when everything else goes up in price, the compensation for our jobs doesn’t necessarily raise in order to reflect or meet that level, which is now why most people feel the need to find new additional jobs. Since we cannot “significantly” lower the cost of natural gas, then the “least” we should do is give ourselves a raise in income to help offset the increase in the cost of living. Also, a LOT of people who know how much money they need to make will not even entertain the notion of going for a certain job because it has already been determined that is “does not pay enough.” That is why an increase in minimum wage is so necessary. To tell American workers they can’t get a raise because that raise won’t help others get hired is ludicrous. EVERYONE wants to make more money. The more money we make, the more money we spend, which also helps the economy. Also, if the productivity goes up, then companies will need to hire more just to keep up with demand. If you have noticed, most of the members of Congress who are against this measure represent the more affluent (in other words, the “rich”). These people already “have” money. These politicians will tell you that they are looking out for your best interests, and yet they are the same ones who will vote “against” you making more money and are willing to shut down government so that you won’t have a job (all for the sake of “your” best interest). Does that make sense? What is the purpose of working if it cannot help us sustain a living? When you offer incentives to work then you increase the desire to work. EVERYONE wins in the end. Isn’t that the way it should be? As always, I welcome any and ALL opposing points of view. Thank you and I hope you have a great day today.

The Elgins (“Heaven must have sent you”) and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Mother Nature)

Here in The United States, we have had a very rough winter so far. The temperatures in most parts of the country today have fallen to “dangerous” levels and their are big risks for those who dare to venture outside today. Here in Philadelphia, I believe the high “expected” for today is only 23 degrees. In other parts, the temperatures are expected to be “much” lower (especially with wind chills). When I experience temps like this I keep thinking back to all of those people who kept warning us about “global warming.” There ain’t “nothing” warm about what we are going through right now. Snow falls a LOT. The rivers here are frozen solid. I don’t even want to walk my damn dog. As tough as this winter has been so far, we are still lucky, because it “still” could have gotten even worse. I have heard that some places are experiencing wind chills of up to 30 degrees below zero. It is so bad that I cannot wait for the temps to reach “freezing” levels of 32. To me, that would be a “heatwave.” As much as we would love to be able to predict nature and weather, the ultimate decision comes from a “much” higher source than you or me. Tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and heat waves are part of our existence, no matter how deadly they are, and we have to deal with them just like we have to deal with bone chilling temperature drops. For today, if you happen to live someplace where the weather conditions are bad, please be wise and dress appropriately. Today my father wants me to take him food shopping. He wants this EVERY week. At his age I need to be careful, so I will make sure to drive him to the entrance and let him out. We all need to exercise caution under these conditions. For us here in Philadelphia, Spring is less than 2 months away. That still isn’t soon enough for me, but I will still wait patiently (as though I really have a choice in the matter). In the meantime, I will dress right and I aim to be careful. For the sake of survival under these circumstances, I hope you do too. Take care today, and by all means, be careful.

Melba Moore and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The realization of getting older”)

Yesterday I came across some guys that I played basketball with growing up. I had not seen them in many years and they looked as though they matured a “great” deal. When I saw them, they informed me that they had just left the funeral of one “other” guy that I played ball with back in the day. Then I remembered that recently (within the past 5 months) 2 MORE basketball buddies of mine had passed away (both from diabetes). One was the same age as me and the other one was even younger. This particular incident helped me to realize that I am actually getting “older.” My buddies who died previously were in “great” basketball shape during our day (just like I was) and it was difficult for me to imagine them no longer being that way. The friends I saw yesterday had a lot of gray in their hair and it made me think that I am actually “getting” old. Life is a cycle we go through, and some have shorter cycles than others. I miss my friends, but I also realize that life has to go on. There is no telling how many more of my basketball buddies will have much longer on this earth. There is no guarantee for me as well. The deep part about all of this is that as I enter this phase I begin to realize the vulnerability of life. No matter how much you take care of yourself, no one escapes the final outcome. Doctors will tell you how to exercise, eat, drink and sleep, but even they cannot live forever. During life we often take things for granted and hardly ever face the fact that one day our bodies will break down. I began to think about all the things I still want to accomplish in life. I am thankful that I woke up this morning, so for me that means I have yet “another chance.” Your quality of life is what you make it, and what you make “of” it. If I want my life to have meaning, then I have to “give it” meaning. God is not finished with me yet, and if you are able to read this, then God is not finished with you either. You can either let the day slip away, or you can live life like there’s “no tomorrow.” Now if you’ll excuse me, I have “work” to do… Have a great day….

Brett Jolly, DJ Patty Jackson, and Norman Connors (“You are my Starship”)


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The Grammys”)

Last night the annual music celebration the Grammy’s was televised. As a true music lover, I used to always watch it back when they had real performers and performances. Last night I had a choice between watching this show or a basketball game, and for a lot of time I chose the latter. However, curiosity finally caught up with me, and I did take some time to check out the music. A lot of it was still the same with performances that just seemed more “staged” than real, but I must admit there were a few things that actually captured my interest. First, let me say that I found it truly “interesting” that Pink can start off her song high above the crowd in the air on a trapeze, singing flawlessly while hanging upside down and swinging around, blood rushing to her head while not missing a note (and not breathing heavy at all) nor having any microphone problems (which under normal circumstances would be making all types of interference noises and possible feedback). It was either the most “amazing” vocal presentation under those conditions “or” the singer was “lip syncing.” Guess which one “my” money is on? One of the scenes that actually impressed me was the group Daft Punk, which currently has a hit song (I believe it is entitled “This is our night to get lucky”). I noticed Pharrell was singing (and not really hitting the notes square on) and two guys in a booth dressed like characters from “Lost in Space.” I guess this must be the new form of musical technology that  will either start a new fad or die out quickly. Amazingly, this group also featured Stevie Wonder singing and playing along with them, and after jamming this tune out they morphed in “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder. The transition was awesome, and I give the entire group “high fives” for the presentation. Finally, I would like to comment on Paul McCartney being joined onstage by Ringo Starr. It was great to see then reunited again after all these years. It was even great to see Yoko Ono there as well, even though she never had the musical talent to be associated with the band. Ringo played drums on one of Paul’s tunes, but I noticed they did “not” do any Beatle’s numbers at all. When you couple this with the fact that Paul’s “regular” drummer “also” played drums onstage along with Ringo then it made me realize that Ringo was only following along (and probably just used as a gimmick to sell the concept of a Beatle’s reunion). Ringo can often be seen looking lost and checking out the other drummer to the right of him to make sure he wasn’t messing him up.  On television they made sure to conceal the other drummer in dark light while putting the spotlight on Ringo. For the record, most times you do NOT need to have 2 drummers on the same song playing together. I am not sure if Ringo was even heard onstage playing (I do know the other drummer was definitely heard). I missed Beyonce’s performance at the beginning, but didn’t regret it. I have seen her perform live before and I am starting to feel as though she is being “over saturated.” While she is a phenomenal talent, she is everywhere, and there is not much more she can do to top what she has already done. All in all, the parts of the Grammys that I saw were not bad. Unfortunately, when I see performances I like to look at things behind the scenes like whether they messed up or lip synced. Sorry, it is part of my nature. Anyway. if you got the chance to see the program,  I hope you liked it, and I hope that the “newer” generation of stars will rely more on their own “natural” talent rather than technology to sell performances. Anyone can lip sync and dance while pretending to get down. Bring me someone who can do it “naturally.” Thank you and have a great day.

Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly