Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Proper bedroom invitation)

Dear Brett,





Subject: Proper bedroom invitation





I have been a widow for 4 years recently I met a man that I have been dating for about 6 months. He lives quite a distance from me. He recently invited me over to his house. We went out to dinner and I met his friends. Then we took a walk in a very beautiful, serene park and we did a lot of talking. I was feeling really romantic and hoped things would go to another level when we went back to his house. However, he was the perfect gentleman. How do I get him in the bed without being sleezy?





By becoming downright sleezy… What else? No, I understand fully where you are coming from on this. There are times when a woman will WANT a man to act like a perfect gentleman, but there may be other times when you want him to become a man possessed. “Some” men (and even some women) think it’s un-lady-like for a woman to come out and ask for sex. Your man has obviously been taught well… He gives respect when he thinks he is supposed to, and that is a good thing. However, that won’t help to get you laid… uh, “lucky” (sorry). If you have trained your man to be that perfect gentleman around you, then he will probably settle in to being that way until you drop a mighty powerful hint on him. I have some suggestions that should really help, but at the end of this article, I will let you know that NOTHING works better than those “three little words”. Just wait… First off, one of the things you can do is invite him over to your house to watch something special on television. Without saying a word, you should excuse yourself from the room, and re-enter wearing the sexiest lingerie ever invented and just cuddle up to him to watch. In fact, you should act as though nothing is wrong. If THIS doesn’t give him a big enough hint then he is practically brain-dead. Also, when you cuddle up with him make sure to put your hand “inadvertently” over a certain area in his lap. It cannot appear to be direct, so make it look like an accident, and make sure to KEEP your hand there. Your hand should begin rising as the program wears on, which means he is really getting into you (Either that, or he really likes the program). Don’t forget those 3 little words as a last resort (but we haven’t gotten there yet). If you are over his house, then you might ask to wear one of his shirts. If he says “Yes” then go into his bathroom and try it on, but make sure to wear nothing underneath it. It is ALWAYS sexy for a woman to wear a man’s shirt, and if this doesn’t turn him on, then nothing will (except for those infamous 3 little words… Watch out now!).  Okay, NOW we are down to the one thing that we all KNOW will get a man to be aggressive, and if he IS a real man, then ten out of ten times these THREE little words will motivate AND inspire. When you have a man ALL alone and want to take your relationship to the very NEXT level, then all you have to do is turn to him and whisper these three little words… “NOW… OR NEVER…”








When it comes to love, I consider myself to be somewhat possessive


During a certain time I need for my man to get aggressive


For one night I need him to consider me as his little girl


And take me in his arms… then rock my world


I am trying my best to exhibit all of my sex appeals


I am standing in front of him naked wearing only 4-inch heels


I know what I want him to do, but I am too lady like to say


But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him leave without giving me some today


Up until this time he has been the perfect gentleman, and I have been truly blessed


But today I aim to bring “beast” in him OUT, so he’d better act right and get undressed


Hey, a woman’s got needs, and mine are now calling out to me


At this point, I don’t care if he only has 4 inches (or even three)


He may be a gentleman, but tonight he’ll have to play MY game


I want him to howl at the moon, and then scream out my name


The way I’m feeling now, he has a lot of work to do


And he had better not be finished until I say he’s though


I am a lady through and through, I am sweet, gentle and soft


But I am also aggressive… Now go put on this loincloth


Then run around the block 3 times and get yourself all sweaty


B the time you get back to me, then I should be ready


You have no idea what you are about to get into, but baby, I do


When we finish up here, ain’t no one going to recognize you


Yes, I am a lady…. So sweet and so tender


But rest assured that ALL of your goodies tonight you will surely render


I am ready for action tonight, and I don’t feel like giving no hint


If you need help getting yourself “right” then go put it in a splint


Because tonight is MY night, and you are the featured guest


So take everything and lay down… I’ll handle the rest


Tonight is a night that you will remember FOREVER


Because my 3 words to you are “Now… or Never”


So don’t blow this chance, for you may never get here again


Our countdown has started…Let the love making begin…





           A true tender moment… from the Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Promotion)

Mr. Jolly

I really enjoy your blogs and articles. I am an aspiring songwriter and musician and I am in awe of all the famous people you have played for. I would like to get out there just like you and I want to know if there is any advice you can give me. I am young but I want to get myself known, and I would appreciate it if you could help me.

I have one saying that goes like this: “A performer who performs in the middle of the woods is useless.” The reason for this is straightforward: “No one knows that you are there.” “Promotion” is the key to just about “anything” you do in life. You could be the best doctor, lawyer, music producer or businessman, but if no one knows about you then your talents (as well as your efforts) are wasted. There are several promotional tools that that can help you get out there musically. There are music sites like that feature original music. There is also a site known as that is very helpful. Finally, there is one avenue that is free but is possibly the best promotional tool you can find, and that is It is important for EVERY performer to have a package. Normally a package will consist of your songs, your videos and your pictures (The music industry is a VERY visual industry). If you don’t have a package then you need to “get” one. I help new and aspiring artists by putting their packages together for them, and if you would like to know more feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 215-900-9022.  The “train of opportunity” is a train that has “no” set time for pulling into your station. Whenever that train arrives, you need to have your “bags” packed with everything you need to ride that train. If you don’t have it, then you will have to tell that train to move on and “hope” that it will come back into your station again. People know of me through my own promotional endeavors. Each gig I have done has brought me notoriety and people remember that. I still get people who recognize me from some of the television shows and big events that I have performed for, and it only helps to add to my marketability. While I am still striving for even bigger gains, I cannot be more thankful for the opportunities that have already been established for me. You can do the same. It is NOT just about talent, but how you handle yourself business-wise. Do your homework and promote yourself so that people will know who you are, and the rest will take care of itself. I would love to check out some of the things you are doing, so please feel free to send me a link. Thank you for reaching out to me and I wish you the very best of luck.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Stress Relief)

Dear Brett.





Subject: Stress relief





I was making myself sick and I even didn’t realize it. I was pumping myself full of poisons. Each night before going to bed, I was absorbing all the worst from the news. When my body was settling down for the night, my brain remained active, mulling over casualties in various parts of the world, flooding, unemployment, murders. Other nights I worried about bills, child care, family issues, and marital problems. My dreams were disjointed and violent. I was waking up miserable and still tired. 

So I changed. I began walking my dog at night and looking at the sky. While walking, I pondered some of the pleasant things that had happened to me during the day. I began to view things with an increasingly grateful heart: for example, I was grateful for a starry night, a cool, gentle breeze, my family, my dog, my job, the changing of the seasons, kids getting out of school. I just let my brain go. Then, as I turned into bed, my thoughts continued in the same vein. As I closed my eyes, I was grateful for the crisp sheets, for the roof over my head, for the chance to help someone during the day, for an unexpected phone call from a dear friend, for having a decent life. Needless to say, my dreams were much more soothing. I have been waking up in the morning in a positive frame of mind, feeling centered and recharged. I can be calm and even-tempered when I listen to others complain. I am not suggesting that everybody has to meditate or do yoga or that we should close our eyes to the events going on in our world. But since we know that stress is the basis of most of our diseases and ailments, when are we going to take better control of our lives by not stressing out?





This is a VERY important topic, because even though we all have responsibilities to deal with, it is how we handle those responsibilities that determine our healthy mental (and physical) state. My definition of stress is “That which we allow others to put upon us”. In other words, we can be inundated with many multiple tasks from others, but it is how we handle those tasks that determine our true stress levels. When I was in high school (oh, maybe about 2 years ago or so… Wow! That lightning bolt ALMOST hit me) I was so stressed out. I wanted so badly to play basketball but I tore my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in the pre-season and was out for the year (I was devastated). I had to wear a cast up the upper portion of my leg and the girl I really liked during that time found another date to take to the prom. I was heartbroken, depressed and downright miserable (and on crutches). During my senior year, I was a stressed out mess. Then came graduation time, and it wasn’t until then that I realized that my life wasn’t over, but only just beginning. Once the commencement was over I immediately erased everything about my senior year from my mind (including the girl) and decided that I was going to ease my way of thinking. My responsibilities didn’t lessen over the years, but the way I handled them helped me lessen the strain in my life. Today most people who know me will probably say that I am laid back in a lot of ways and easy (like Sunday morning… a Lionel Richie tune). Don’t get me wrong, there will always be times when the stress level rises extremely high and your reactions may not be helped, but if you can find a way to minimize the effects it can make your life much more pleasurable. I suggest that everyone take a look at their own existence and figure out ways to “de-stress” your life. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to do. First thing is to remember that those things we cannot control will more than likely happen anyway, so getting stressed over them won’t change the outcome. Second, the worst thing you can do is become stressed out over the POSSIBILITY that something is about to happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t make yourself sick worrying about the “possibility” of it. Third, remember that when the building is on fire and everyone is becoming hysterical, thinking rationally will give you an edge over everyone else and help you come up with a better plan for dealing with the circumstances at hand. Last, remember that there is always someone worse off than you (This makes sense, because as long as you are still alive, then you still have hope). Each day you wake up is a new start for you. Treat it as such… Here comes the Phantom Poet to shed some valuable “insight” on the subject:





We all need to find ways to deal with our stress


A lot of people have it, and some have excess


Please don’t feel bad, worried or crappy


I always say, “Don’t worry… Be Happy”


There are plenty of pleasant things to think about… That’s how life goes


Why don’t you try sitting down in a very dark room, and take off your clothes?


After awhile you soon may start to feel yourself become even less stressed


ESPECIALLY if there is member of the opposite sex there with you… undressed


Don’t laugh! Sex is a GREAT way to help you feel more relieved


That’s why Marvin sang “sexual Healing” (Yeah, that’s what we all believed)


So if you feel over stressed, then have sex…that is what you should do


If you REALLY feel stressed out, then have sex for a day or two


In fact, just keep on going until you run out of “rounds”


Or until your weight becomes oh, about 98 pounds


Sex here, sex there, in the suburbs and in the ghetto


But whatever you do, don’t mess with those sheep in the meadow


Just keep on having sex until the feeling goes “numb”


But unless you want NEW stress, better wear a condom


Find the right sexual partner, but don’t rush, and don’t hurry


Having the right partner will help relieve all your worry


So when you are over stressed, stop pulling out all of your hairs


Just have sex, look relaxed and say to yourself, “Who really cares?”





Just wait until you hear my solution for ending war tensions… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Getting a loved one to seek medical attention)

Brett, how can you get someone to do something they don’t want to do? Now, before you go on… keep in mind family and loved ones. How do you convince a loved one to get medical care? What do you say to someone who is fearful of doctors?

There are several people who are naturally apprehensive when it comes to doctors. In fact, I have my “own” quirks about going to them (and I know I need to change that). I think generally men are more fearful than women, but there is a need for everyone to go (even if only for a checkup). When dealing with someone who is stubborn, you may have to literally make the appointment FOR him or her. Otherwise, there may always be a tendency to avoid this necessity at all costs. This is a situation where it should be acceptable to “nag” just to get your point across. Most people already know that they need to go, but they often lack that little “push” to take them over the edge. You can supply that push, and you can make the difference. In this circumstance you shouldn’t be viewed as “nagging” because everyone knows they need to get a checkup.  Just continue to drive the point home and at some point it will “sink in.” Make sure to use the line “I’m only pushing this because I care and I love you.” No one should be able to argue with that. Above all, be kind, but be firm. You both know that you are only looking out for this person’s health. Good luck to you and here is some inspiration from the Phantom Poet to hold you through the weekend:


I make some good money and yet with all of my wealth

I buy lots of cigarettes which is bad for my health

I guzzle down wine as soon as I pop the cork

I endanger my health whenever I eat lots of pork

My eating habits are hazardous and I am always eating late

My diabetes has been acting up due to my fluctuations in weight

I work all the time and I am now sleeping less

My blood pressure is up from dealing with all of this stress

I don’t eat any vegetables and I am always gouging fast food

I see rolls of fat and flab when I see myself nude

I am always getting dizzy from past blows to my head

I know I should see my doctor, but I can’t… “He’s dead…”


Yet another undernourished presentation from the Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: When your time is due)

Dear Brett,





Subject: When your time is due





It is 10:30 P.M and I am returning home from a retirement party, which was fabulous. I was even moved to sing and roast the retiree.  I hope that when I retire there will be similar joy and enthusiasm. It struck me that unfortunately we sometimes wait until those we work with are retiring to let them know how important they are to us. It makes me sad to think that there are many I work with, struggle with, gnash teeth with daily but only I only let them know how I feel when they are about to leave. We don’t always acknowledge how important they are in our lives or how much they mean until they are sick or they leave us. 

In a bookstore, I noticed a book by Richard Carlson entitled An Hour to Live, An Hour to Love, which was dedicated to his wife. He asked these questions: If you had only an hour to live, whom would you call?  What would you say?  What are you waiting for? The   author, who also wrote Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, sadly did suddenly die three years after writing this manuscript.    It hit me that there are people in my life who should know how important they are to me. I would like to say to the gentleman I care so very dearly about, that he has been an immense blessing and positive influence in my life. I would encourage everybody to speak up, and say something, even if it is to only one person.  I would appreciate your opinion on why we behave this way.





There is an old saying that you never miss someone (or something) until it’s gone. Perfect examples would be last week’s paycheck, old gas prices, SUV’s (Well, maybe NOT that one), the Bill Clinton era, real hair, and your girl’s monthly cycle. This principle applies to people as well. We often take others for granted and never realize their true value until they have left from our lives. This is when reality hits us in the face with the concept that we never had it so good. Many men experience that when a good woman leaves their lives. That is why I think it is a good practice for couples to periodically spend moments away from each other, even if just for a small amount of time. Sometimes you have to MISS the person in your life so that you won’t end up taking that person for granted. It could make all the difference in your long-term relationship. Now let’s address your other question. If I had an hour to live, the first people I would call would be my children, starting with my daughter Jazzmin. I would tell her that even after death my love for her would always linger on. I would let her know that I am not afraid and to keep me in her heart whenever she needs to speak to me. I witnessed what my mother went through during her last days and I tried my best to relate to her situation. Of course, no matter how much you prepare yourself, no one is fully ready for death. It is because of this logic that I count each day as a new one whenever I awake in the morning. Every day is a second chance for me, and I want to bring in as many positive forces as I can to my existence. Life is truly special, and the people you associate yourself with are the ones that give your life extra meaning. You are right. We should give honor to those deserved people while they are still here. I hope that no one has to encounter this type of circumstance, but if it ever does happen, I hope you handle it properly. This was a good topic for today, and I hope that everyone reading this can relate to it. Thank you for sending it, and have a great weekend, courtesy of the Phantom Poet:





If I had an hour to live, just whom would I call?


I’d call the cable company and say “Forget about my bill, y’all”


It wouldn’t make much sense to extend my endurance


And I’d tell my family to call the people for my life insurance


I’d contact all my friends, and give them as much love as I can muster


There might be a problem with me returning overdue videos to Blockbuster


I’d review my life and fantasize as to how much I love it


I’d call the IRS and tell them to “Shove it”


I don’t think I’d try to go out and try to commit any type of crime


Even though I’ve always wanted to find my old English teacher and slap her behind


By the time the cops find me, I will have done what I long desired


And if they don’t beat me first, by then I will have expired


I would contact all funeral directors and all appropriate undertakers


And let them know that I will soon be gone (just like the Lakers)


I’d lay face down naked on a Xerox machine, and press the button to “enlarge it”


I would go to Target and purchase everything I can, and then I’d say, “Charge it”


I’d try my best to go through the store and buy everything I see


And if anyone had a problem with that, then I would just say, “Sue me”


If I had an hour to live, I am just not sure of what I would do


Except let you know that my final words are “I love you”





“My attendance was ALWAYS great in English class”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Hate crime)

In New Brunswick, New Jersey, a trial just ended that seemed to touch off a wave of controversy. A college student by the name of Dharun Ravi spied on his gay male roommate, Tyler Clementi via webcam while he was having a sexual encounter with his male lover. Once the word got out about it, Tyler became so distraught that he committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington bridge. For his actions, Ravi could have been sentenced to 10 years (“bias intimidation” being the most serious charge), but instead only got a mere 30 days. The varying factor was whether this case could have fallen under the jurisdictions of a “hate” crime. Many gay rights activists feel this sentence was much too lenient and there has been talk of an appeal. A couple of people asked my opinion on this subject, so I figured I would offer it on my Daily Thought page today. It is true that Ravi’s conduct was cold and inhumane. He sought to embarrass his roommate because of his sexual orientation. However, under this definition by law, that doesn’t necessarily qualify as a “hate” crime. Hate crimes usually involve some form of intimidation and that is the one element of this case that seemed to be lacking.  Most people agree that this kid should not have gotten the 10 year maximum, but that doesn’t mean that he should have gotten off so lightly with a 30 day sentence either. Now keep in mind that he has to also do probation, community work and pay $10,000 to a gay rights organization. I am a firm believer that jail should be the option for only those people who have “no hope” of being rehabilitated. This young boy was a college student with a bright future who committed his very first offense. As reprehensible as his actions were, he did NOT kill his roommate. Emotionally a lot of people want to see him pay for the death of Clementi, but there is no concrete law established for “embarrassing someone to death.” Some say that the wrong message is being sent when someone can do something like that and get off with such an easy sentence. I agree, but I don’t think 30 days will be easy for him to do by “any” means, especially if he is put in with the general population. While there are probably many calls for “his head on a platter” he already has to live the rest of his life knowing the influence his insensitivity had on another person’s life. That is not something easy to deal with. Yes, this man should be punished, but sometimes mental punishment can be much more devastating than any physical punishment. No matter what, the life of Tyler Clementi cannot be brought back and it would be a travesty to destroy two lives in the process. Until we can significantly clarify the legal definitions of “hate” then we all need to accept the meagerness of this punishment handed down. It may not feel right, but hopefully this will give us incentive to change the law. Either way, there are “no winners” in this case, and that is the biggest tragedy of all….


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Fantasizing about “Dick”)

Dear Mr. Jolly,



Subject: Fantasizing about Dick


I am a man who found himself in love with another man. He has stirred feelings in me that I have not felt in years. I would like to tell this man (I’ll call him Dick) how I feel but Dick is old fashion and I am not sure he would accept a man loving him. Should I tell him how I feel and let the chips fall where they may? Or should I remain silent and just fantasize about what might have been?







So now I’m supposed to write an article about some man who wants “Dick?” Yeah… okay… I realize this HAS to be some sort of setup, but I am not afraid to run with this today. Listen, you can call him ANY name you like, but for my article you REALLY could have come up with a “less provocative” name for him. For today, we will go with your lead and talk about trying to get “Dick” (I can’t believe I’m even doing this). I don’t think that in ANY relationship you should lead off by telling someone “up front” (sorry… bad choice of words there) that you love him or her, because a lot of people feel that you can’t really love someone without first getting to “know” them…  Dick may have a “hard” time accepting your love (Aw, man, there I go again) but the best way to deal with him might be to just initiate a conversation and see where it leads. Most men will let you know right away if they are “straight up” uncomfortable (Argh!) with your approach, and Dick might be the same way, but at least this way you can formulate some idea of Dick’s orientation (in other words, determine whether he is straight or gay). You can start out by asking him out someplace (just like any OTHER potential date) and check out his answer. If Dick has ANY degree of intelligence (Ladies, PLEASE DON’T respond to THIS statement) then he will probably figure out at some point that you are a gay man who is “attracted” to Dick (Man, I need to finish this article fast). At that point, it will be “up” to Dick to determine if he wants to initiate a relationship with you or not. If Dick has the “balls” to accept you as his lover then everything could work out all great for you (What, like you didn’t know this statement was coming?). Just be careful how you approach him, because most men who are straight will take issue when being approached by gay men, and you don’t want Dick to get aroused when messing with him (On second thought, maybe you do) (Sorry, you can blame the weather here in Philadelphia)… I think I need to end this now (hopefully with minimal damage). Here is the Phantom Poet to help bail me out of this mess:





I want everyone to know that I am surely love sick


That’s because I want to be with a man named “Dick”


I am afraid to confront him because I think he may be old fashion


But I really wish I could show him how I love Dick with passion


Once I tell him, he’ll know I’m gay, and my cover will be blown


Dick might just curse me out and tell me to go hold my own


I want to confess love to him, but do so through respectable means


I wish you could see how great Dick looks in a neat pair of jeans


So I talked to Dick to see if I can relate


But my heart was broken, because Dick said, “Man, I’m straight”


He said that being gay is stupid… It’s dumb… and it’s crazy


And then he introduced me to his new girlfriend named “Daisy”


I looked, and then I laughed, and realized that he must be love starvin’


Because Dick doesn’t know that his girl used to be my old buddy “Marvin”


So for all of those bad things he said about me being gay


It ALL now applies to him, because “Daisy” just “made” him that way


Well, I may have lost out on Dick, but I will survive, and then


I will realize that there are plenty of fish in the sea… and also plenty “fishermen”…





“Man, I’m SO GLAD this is finally over” The Phantom Poet


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