Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Sensitive and shy step daughter)

Subject: Sensitive and shy step daughter
My stepdaughter is sweet, sensitive, shy & artistic. She’s not anti-social but has few friends because of the age difference. The friends she does have are only around when she has spending money, or to borrow her things, and not return them. She lives with her mom but when she visits on the weekends she is starved for attention. I tell her stand up for herself, but she said she’d lose her friends if she does. Her mom has low self-esteem and I think that was passed off on to her. Any ideals how I can bolster her self esteems?
Absolutely! Can you say “make-over”? Depending on how young (or how old) she is you should dress her up real nice and take her through a complete metamorphosis before setting her loose on the public. Get her a nice dress, send her to a hair stylist, and get some make-up. If necessary, get some of those things that lots of women get. You know what I’m talking about. Buy some of that “horse hair” from the “horse hair store” and “lay those tracks down”… Hey, why not? Everyone else does it!  If you are not well versed in how to doctor her up then just get someone who knows how. Depending on her “foundations” you can even get one of those push up bra thingies. Keep in mind that you are not trying to create the six million dollar woman here, but you need to let her see just how attractive she really can be. The point is to help instill confidence in her. If she is made over well enough I can guarantee she will get all the attention in the world, and probably make a whole bunch of “new” friends in the process. This will do amazing things to her confidence and it will let her know that she can be a very pretty woman when she wants to be. She just needs to see it for herself. If she allows her friends to continually take advantage of her, then her self-esteem will always be weak. A good makeover will help her to realize her “potential” and also help her to stand up for herself. Once you suggest this to her she will probably fight you a little bit over it. Some shy people hesitate when it comes to the makeover thing because they feel it might not work, and therefore make them even more depressed. You need to insist, and if you can, get her mother one too (You might be able to get two for the price of one)… Sometimes we all just need a little “push” to make a difference in our lives. It can come in the form of weight loss, a different hairstyle or just a different way of living. If you are not satisfied with the way you look then by all means “make changes”. You may be very surprised at the difference it can make in your life. Don’t be afraid to take a “chance”… Who knows? You may end up improving your own quality of life… Please check out this quality sermon from the Phantom Poet:
My stepdaughter is sweet, sensitive and shy
She lets her friends take advantage of her, and I don’t know why
She appears to be lacking in self-esteem
Every time they disrespect her I want to scream
She may lack esteem now, but as it now stands
I see a physical makeover in her future plans
Tomorrow I’m taking her shopping, and she’ll be surprised at what we get
Because the very first place I plan to take her is to Victoria Secret
I want all the men to look at her in awe
So the first thing she needs is an Amazon bra
And maybe I can find some shoes to buy in a pinch
High heels are preferred, about 5 or 6 inch
To walk elegantly in those things will display her talents
Because it surely won’t be easy for her to keep her balance
The next thing we get will help her all the way around
We’re going to buy some hair (preferably by the “pound”)
I want her to look sexy and so very fierce
So next we are going to get her an ear pierce
She’s looking great now, so we don’t want to push our luck
So I guess I will nix the idea of her getting a tummy tuck
Finally, we intend to give this concept a new whirl
We are going to go buy her some mousse (…AND “squirrel”)
“Girl, you are looking good, and by the time I am through
You will have ALL the guys in this joint vying for you”
Let them know what true beauty is all about
And in the process, make sure that none of the “tissue” falls out
NOW your confidence is great, and we know the reason why
Because you now have the BEST looks, that money can buy
“Weave will, weave will, rock you”… The Phantom Poet


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