Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Thoughts?)

40 million people unemployed…100 thousand people dead from Corona virus….Bad relationships with other countries… Guns that can still be easily bought by warped minds…..No sports… No concert entertainments… Unarmed people being killed by police….. protests all over…. Political parties that can’t get along. People waiting for stimulus checks that never seem to come….

Is ‘this’ what they meant when they said “Make America Great Again?”

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Where is this all headed?)

Looting, violent protests, fires, anger, and so much more happening now in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is reflective to other incidents happening in other parts of America as well. People are fed up, people are angry, and people are revolting. It is not right, but you can only push people so far. What happened a few days ago with George Floyd wasn’t just one incident. It was reflective of over 400 years of unnecessary abuse against Blacks. Instead of protesting peacefully we cause damage and destruction. We shouldn’t be doing this at all, but when protesting peacefully doesn’t get any desired results this is what’s left. Trey Martin, Brionna Taylor, Ahmed Arbery and George Floyd were all victims to killings. All of these people were unarmed at the time. These events add up and people are upset now. The authorities are asking for more video in the case of George Floyd (Who the police say was resisting arrest). I have seen 2 long videos, and this man was not resisting at all. What more could they possibly be looking for? For those who don’t know about the Brionna Taylor case, here is the article:

So far these events have the feeling of racial extermination. I am not saying this is the case but it certainly ‘feels’ that way. I sent a text to a friend of mine up here in Philadelphia and asked him what he thought should be done. His response was “Enough is enough. Time to go on the offensive.” I understand his anger even if his logic in words seems unsettling. We can’t hurt others with our anger. We can’t damage livelihoods with callous looting and pillaging. We have to find another way to get our point across. Yes, it would help if the officers who killed Floyd were at least arrested and charged, but for some reason that hasn’t happened yet. I can’t imagine why they are being allowed to walk free. Others have been apprehended much sooner with much less evidence. Obviously someone is looking for ways to vindicate the officers involved. If they find a way to do that, they are seeing much more than I saw in the video. This has to stop. We have more than enough to deal with already with this Corona virus going on. We all need to come together and pray. Unfortunately, I this seems like the one event that I don’t think is going to happen. Think, America. We are losing our edge….. Come together, or die separately… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The need for video is now more essential than ever)

This recent incident with George Floyd needs to change us all. How many of you have seen or heard of court cases where there was no evidence of anything wrong, but yet people were still found guilty? In the case of Mr. Floyd, without any video it would have been the word of bystanders against the word of the police offices making the arrest. If the officers involved would allow one of their colleagues to murder someone what makes you think they wouldn’t lie to a judge to help cover it up and save themselves? Just imagine how this case would go ‘without’ any video to back it up? Once you think about that, now try to imagine some of the many ‘other’ cases that had verdicts without any video. Are you getting the picture now? For those who know nothing about the case, here is an article:

There are a couple of things that would help greatly in determining fair justice that I would like to see implemented. First, in most cases trials are unbalanced. This is because they are not about equality, but rather about who has the best lawyer. A person who needs great representation may not have the funds needed to get a good lawyer, and that automatically puts them at a disadvantage at trial. It would be nice if all lawyers got paid the same for their services. Next, I would love to see independent councils oversee trials. I hate to see police officers and judges from the same authorization in court. In most cases, the judge already knows those officers and has already determined their character before the case starts. With an independent council overseeing everything it would feel like a much fairer atmosphere. Finally, the use of video is extremely important. People can say whatever they want, but video gives us the real story. Police need to use body cams, and people need to buy them as well. Everyone acts different once they know they are being filmed. I will look into getting one for me as well. As I said yesterday, what happened here should have no reflection on all police. There are great ones out there and we need to be aware of that. However, we do need protection from the ones that are not as good. Being a police person is a highly stressful job. Each day you don’t know if you will come home alive or not. I understand that perfectly. If an officer is highly stressed, then they need to be given a break, because their stress becomes our problem during a stop. We ‘all’ need video cams….Our very lives could depend on it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (This is ‘so sad’)

This is truly disturbing. No one should ever have to endure this. I just watched a video of police officers in Minneapolis arresting a man. They put him in handcuffs, placed him on the ground, and then one officer pressed his knee against the man’s neck and applied pressure until the man died. He kept pressing for up to 8 minutes while the man shouted out that he couldn’t breathe. Then after he went silent the officer did not relent. What happened was paramount to slowly torturing this poor man to death. Incidents like this have happened before, but this one impacted me in a much larger way. Once we are apprehended by police then they have to be responsible for our health and safety. They took an oath to protect lives, not end them. There are protests now being orchestrated in Minneapolis because of this situation. The 4 officers involved were all fired. As far as I am concerned, that is not enough. For those of you who missed it, here is an article:

For the record, I did not like it when a woman was pulled over for not using a turn signal, placed in jail and then died while in prison. I didn’t like it when a man ran from a police officer and was shot in the back, killing him. I didn’t like it when people chased down a man in Georgia with guns and shot him dead. I didn’t like it when a choke hold was placed on a man by police, killing him in the process. Of course, I do not like the fact that the officers who killed these people were White and the victims were Black. One thing I have figured out: Videos are essential for us all. They make the difference between what the police say and the truth. Authorities tend to believe police accounts most times, because they are supposed to represent law enforcement. Police will (rightfully so) look out for each other. Some may even lie. Please don’t get me wrong on this. I am a supporter of police. We need them. What these officers did should not reflect on the entire police force at all. However, we can’t allow incidents like this to keep happening. The ‘only’ way to protect ourselves is through the use of video. Whenever you see anyone being apprehended by police, I think it is imperative to shoot video on your camera. This is not just for the sake of those being apprehended but to help validity the actions of the police. Some police may object to you videoing what they are doing, but this benefits them as well. Race should not be an issue here, but because of the disparity between the races this whole thing will be blown out of proportion. The man in this video said several times he could not breathe. The people at the scene shouted to the officer that he was killing the man. The man was handcuffed and already subdued so there was no longer a need to continue applying force to his neck. Instead of helping the man, the one officer directed the people to stay away so that the officer could kill him. This was awful in every way. Protests in Minneapolis? Yeah, I am not surprised. I am not advocating this, but enough is enough. You can’t keep killing innocent people just because you are law enforcement. Let’s see if these officers are arrested. Let’s see if these officers are found innocent at trial. Let’s see who supports what these officers did. Let’s see if any ‘real’ justice prevails. I understand that people make mistakes. I do not believe that the 4 policemen actually intended to kill the man. I do believe that they should have been properly trained better. Now I am just waiting for the next situation to pop up. You and I both know it is going to happen. For God’s sake, please let’s use more video to help everyone. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Life reflected through a picture)

Sometimes life is reflected through images. The value of that life depends on the image or perception of what we visualize. It may not reflect all the values that are pertinent, but it can give you a broader oversight of what is, and what once was. Death is final, no matter how you reflect back on it. It is the last piece of all that you encountered. Saying goodbye might not make a difference, but the dream is real while you are still in it…. A picture is just a picture, but the life that it represents is forever… We all have our dates with destiny. Our lives are shaped on what and who we encounter. Words can only shape up what you know, but there are times when mere words are never enough. Stare straight ahead, grasp your blank gaze and just bask in the moment that was, and will never be again. No logic, or justification, will ever rationalize the reason why. It was time, and if a picture can help you to reflect on how valuable a life was, then by all means treasure it to make your life have more value. We can’t bring back what no longer belongs to us, but the memories can fortify us for the rest of our lives. No more words, except for this:

“Love you, Gina….RIP”

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Should a news media favor a candidate?)

The President is disgruntled with FOX news. He stated that they aren’t doing enough to get him and other Republicans elected. Is that what a news broadcast media is supposed to do? Maybe it’s me, but I always thought a news show was supposed to be fair and neutral in it’s views. In other words, I thought they were supposed to tell the truth, no matter what. Now, if anyone has ever watched FOX, the reporting on there has appeared to be extremely conservative. I don’t watch it, but I have seen several clips of newscasters on there. I was amazed at their lack of objectivity. They seemed so one sided that they just ignored other real important issues. Here is the article on Trump:

‘IF’ the purpose of the news agency is to help him get re-elected, then how can it possibly be viewed as fair in it’s reporting? When you are reporting one sided news, then people might view that as the whole truth. That is when you get people trying vaccines like hydroxychloroquine, ultra violet rays, disinfectants and stuff. I understand fully that this is a Republican versus Democrat world here in the United States. I honestly don’t know if they will ever agree on ‘anything.’ I do know that the people who are being neglected now are the voters. We need someone who will think about us. There is an entire world full of opinion out there. Everyone can’t be right. You need to be a strong advocate for what you believe in. You also owe it to yourself to be well informed. That doesn’t mean you only know what other people say. That means you can go beneath the surface to formulate your own opinions. A ‘well educated voter’ is a great asset for the country. Show the power of what you know, and make a difference… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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