Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Spotlight: “Brittney in pictures”)

Today i decided to post more of my red bass guitar photos. Often I take pictures of females  modeling my red bass guitar (of course, not all of the pictures will feature the bass). This past week I did a photo  shoot on Brittney during a rather brisk but sunny day. I love to do all of my photo shoots outside in “remote but scenic” atmospheres and it has been great for promoting my Wednesday night open mic event as well as my photography. I hope you like today’s feature. Brittney is a singer  and actress aspiring to do theatre and recording (as well as modeling). I hope you enjoy these pics and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A new day… and yet another chance at life”)

As we approach this time of year when a new  season should bring about a  more festive atmosphere, I am reminded that there is a “lot” still wrong with this world. I believe  that since no one person is perfect that we will never fully achieve that concept  of a “perfect world,” but should that stop us from at least trying to reach that euphoria of perfection? Yesterday I sounded off on an incident where a police officer shot an unarmed man in Ferguson, Mo. As much as I felt disheartened by the end results I needed to grapple with the thought that “today is still a new day,” and every day we wake up it is “yet another chance at life” for us. The past can be “downright ugly” every time we continue to stare over  our shoulders at it, and no matter how many times we stare at it that scene “never changes.” I am a “huge” proponent for “peace” and as this holiday season approaches my greatest wish to all is that we keep “peace” at the forefront of all we do (along with God for those who believe). I do realize that there is a big difference between “peace” and “ignorance.” While physical retaliation  should not always be considered our “only resolve” we need to realize that to “ignore” those demons of the world who  wish us harm may not always keep us safe either. A strong foe doesn’t need to always be just “physically” able. Through logic and rationalism we might be able to accomplish things that war could never fix. There are many out there that would wish us harm even though they may never have met us or even taken the time to “get to know us.” These people champion their own causes and utilize what they believe in to inflict harm upon others. If possible, it might be beneficial to “reach out to them” and at least “hear them” on what they feel and why they feel it. Stress, frustration, ignorance, depression and anger are all human traits that we all experience at points in our lives. If we could take more time to “understand each other” as opposed to “fight each other” we  might be surprised at what we can accomplish. A very famous classic song by a now deceased artist exhibited the lyrics “War is not the answer, for only love can conquer hate.” Do you know the song? If you don’t, then you need to, because as old as that song is, the message in it is still “extremely applicable” today. Let it be known that I consider myself “blessed” to be “alive” today, and if there is going to be peace on this Earth, I am more than willing to “let it begin with me…” That’s all  I have for this morning, and I sincerely hope that it is more than enough for anyone reading this. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer, and please enjoy your day to the fullest.
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Brett Jolly in concert
Brett 7165

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“From a Black Perspective…”)

It is “extremely rare” for me to sound like any kind of “radical.” Usually I like to examine things from “all” perspectives before chiming in on a specific subject. Today is about the “‘closest” I will ever come to sounding like  an “irate black man” and I will apologize now for what I am about to say… The Grand Jury in Ferguson. MO returned a verdict absolving police officer Darren Wilson of “ALL” charges in the shooting death of “unarmed” teenager Michael Brown. Even though we all “knew” what the verdict was going to be, it still leaves a bad taste whenever something like this happens. If you would like to check out the story then click (or copy and paste into your browser) the link below:

After reading the words of testimony I feel even “more” uneasy about the results of this case.  People may wonder why this is so alarming to me, and I will tell you why. Of course Michael Brown was a big hulking Black teenager. He  had a threatening presence about him and the officer was scared (according to his own testimony) and feared for his life. However, as big as Michael Brown was, “no man” should ever be expected to be a match for a “loaded gun, especially when that man is unarmed.” The officer said that he was “unable” to reach for his night stick or his pepper spray, but yet according to him he was able to reach for his gun and then after Michael Brown ran away (after the initial shot) he was able to radio for backup.  How convenient… According to the testimony, police never received the calls for backup. To me, that is “extremely troubling” because here in Philadelphia if an officer is “down or needs assistance” then ALL able squad cars drop EVERYTHING they are doing to come to the rescue. I just can’t imagine police ignoring his calls when an officer needs assistance and I cant imagine that his phone didn’t work when that is always “necessary” for officers in their line of duty. Wilson claimed to be scared of getting hit again by this man, but obviously the thought of “rolling up his window until help arrived” never dawned on  him. Also, why is it that he was never able to reach his night stick or pepper spray again? The spray “by itself” would have “disoriented and rendered Brown completely helpless” and immobile without a single shot having to be fired. How can an officer “not” be able to reach his nightstick or pepper spray? Was it chained to the floor of his squad car? Evidently, a tussle ensued between Brown and the officer and there were marks on the officer to prove it. Well, if someone shoots  me then damn it, I am going to fight for my life as well. Okay, enough of examining details. There are enough here for you to make your “own” conclusions. “From a Black Perspective” I am going to tell you why this is so alarming. Years ago George Zimmerman managed to hunt down an “unarmed Black teenager,” totally “disobey” the orders of police who directly told him to “NOT” follow the suspect, and then confront him and shoot him dead. George Zimmerman was exonerated of ALL charges in court. Now this officer, Darren Wilson, does the same thing. The officer never waited for back up, never used pepper spray and claims he was scared even though he was “brave enough” to continue to confront Brown “alone” in efforts to apprehend him. This time the officer was “also” exonerated of all charges and set free. This sets a “very bad precedent.” If people now start to feel as though they can stalk, hunt down and shoot any unarmed people they meet on the street without any backup assistance then that means that any one of us could easily be “next.” The fact that the victims were Black while the perpetrators were White only “adds” to the history of “civil rights violations” that Blacks have  had to endure over generations. I am sure there are some who will say that this teenager robbed a store for cigarillos and that he was confrontational to police. Even if that is true, that should “NOT” justify him being shot “multiple” times when he was unarmed and left for hours on the ground to die. The anger expressed by the Black community is about the same as it was for the White community when OJ Simpson was found innocent of killing his White wife. It is also the same for when Tiger Woods had affairs with all those White women outside of his marriage (It was amazing how big that story was but when it came to Shaquille O’neal and his affairs with other BLACK women it was not such a big deal). When Kobe Bryant was charged but not brought to trial for the rape of that White woman, the anger that resulted was about the same as well.  This shooting incident should never  have happened the way it did. The issues of race in this story only make it worse, but we “can’t” continue to support hunting down and killing unarmed people on the street. If a Black man had done the same exact thing to a White individual (with the same set of circumstances) what do you think would happen to him at trial? Please give  me an “intelligent” answer. What’s “done is done”but we have to find a way to protect ourselves, otherwise anyone will be soon be able to kill any of us in cold blood and “justify it” later. Again, I apologize if I sound radical in what I am saying, but I just cannot see the killing of “anyone” who is unarmed and I DEFINITELY can’t see him being “shot multiple times in the process.” I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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Linda Carter (who used to play Wonder Woman) and Brett Jolly before a concert
Linda Carter and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly”s Daily Thought (“An ever changing world”)

This past weekend I  had to play for a wedding. This is normally nothing unusual because I have played for many weddings throughout my musical career. The main difference in this particular wedding was that the two parties united in matrimony were “both” men. Same sex marriages have never bothered me whenever I played for them, but one of the other musicians in the band said that he “just couldn’t understand this.” He was glad to perform and get paid for his musical services (and he was respectful during the service) but he still couldn’t feel comfortable with two guys marrying and sealing it with a kiss. I just told him that the world is changing and we either need to “change with it” or stay “lost in the past.” At the ceremony there were families with little kids there to also witness the men kissing. As for the musician who stated his concerns to me, I simply responded by saying there were “LOTS” of things in this world that I could not understand. I told him that I just couldn’t understand why we all need each other to survive and yet we are the ones who are killing each other off. I told him that I could not understand why people exhibit so much racial hatred when the truth of the matter is that we “all” are the “same” color on the inside. I told him I could not understand why the great singers of yesterday sang live while the great singers of today lip sync through their performances. I also told  him that I could not understand why two political parties (Democrats and Republicans) “say” that they are devoted to serving the people but yet spend so much energy “fighting” each other instead of trying to actually “work together to make good things happen.” I also couldn’t understand why the speed limit is 75 and yet the car manufacturers keep making these cars that do “120.” I informed this musician that years ago some “Whites” couldn’t understand why Blacks should have “equality” in anything. In fact, it took a lot to finally get them to see that we belonged just like everyone else. I guess that should be the “same message” for those gay people who only want to live  life happily in matrimony.  Some people may never be able to feel comfortable with that. It is “not” about your “comfort.” I am hoping that one day if we all can come to accept gays, then maybe we can accept different minorities, different cultures and customs, and above all, different “views  on life.” “People make the world go round.” The definition of  normal is changing, and I only hope that we can continue to grow with it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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Stevie Wonder and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What SHOULD we believe about Bill Cosby?”)

I am somewhat puzzled about all this negative news regarding Bill Cosby. Once labeled “America’s Dad” he now faces “public scrutiny over alleged incidents of rape and assault.” It has been reported that about 15 women have  now come forward to make charges against him, some stemming from 30 years ago. I believe most of them are stating the same circumstances. They say that Cosby lured them to his home in hopes of mentoring them but would instead drug them and then grope or assault them while they were unconscious. The question here is who “should” we believe? Through his spokesman Cosby has said that he has  no intentions of dignifying these charges, and even though that sounds shaky, he has “every legal right” to say that. When as many as 15 “different” women come out to make these charges that is a “significant” number and very difficult to ignore. I can’t refute their claims no more than I can substantiate them. I can, however, say that if in fact these charges were true then “why” did it take “so many years” for them to “resurface?” If Cosby had indeed raped these women then it should “already” have been proven in court and he should have been in jail by “now.” The issue here is that Cosby as well as “anyone else” brought up on charges should be assumed “innocent until PROVEN guilty” in the eyes of the court. “Anyone” can make an accusation, but not everyone can prove it. If these women were so sure of what happened then why didn’t they go to the hospital immediately afterwards for a test to determine if any drugs were indeed in their systems? Please keep in mind that I am “NOT” defending Cosby at all, but rather raising what I believe to be interesting questions. The longer it takes to bring out a charge of rape the lighter the weight of the charges  you make. To wait until someone else brings up charges and “THEN” jump on the bandwagon only makes it appear to some extent as though these women “might” be “opportunists.” Cosby is “very” famous with a LOT of money. That could be “considered significant incentive” for joining in with everyone else years later after hearing about everyone else coming out. While the women I heard “sounded credible” it is “still” about what can be proven, and if there is “not enough” evidence then I just don’t think that anyone should be convicted on just “accusation alone.” That being said, I can’t support scrutinizing Cosby “yet” until something more substantial comes out to prove these the accusations of these women. The ones I heard “definitely sound believable” but unfortunately it will take a “LOT” more than how they sound to win a conviction. I have met Mr. Cosby personally and to me he “appeared” to be a funny man who seemed every bit as wholesome and righteous as his image portrayed him to be. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have some “evil demon” spirit inside him somewhere. “NO ONE” is perfect, but if you (or anyone) is going to make a charge against someone of “any” kind, it is at least advisable to not “wait too long before making it” and also make sure that  you have enough evidence to support “making it.” My only wish here is that the “truth come out.” Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brother Bill Jolly on the left, Brett Jolly on the Right and Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi, Bill and Brett

in the middle

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The “live” performance of Estelle with Brett Jolly)

I hope this works. This is the “actual live” performance of Estelle with Brett Jolly playing bass guitar for her (I am the one with the big red guitar on “her” left…viewer right), This was found by my son so there may be some shakes and some crowd blockage from people standing up. I apologize but hope you can get the most of this video. Thank you and my picture with Bon Jovi should be coming tomorrow. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Just click on the blue part of this code that says “”>

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“An evening with Bon Jovi… the Follow Up”)

“An evening with Bon Jovi… the Follow Up…” Last night was a great night for music in Philadelphia, and it was my honor to be a part of it. The Kimmel Center is one of the best performance venues for acoustics around, so the sound came through great. We were there ahead of time for sound check, and going over the songs for Grammy award winning artist Estelle. When she came in, she had on shades, a hat and very warm attire (because it was awfully cold in Philly last night). She didn’t smile at first. She came onstage and almost acted as though we weren’t there. Then after we played her song “American Boy” and she sang to it, a great big “smile” came over her face. She warmed up immediately after that, and told us how much she loved the band. We would not see Bon Jovi until later on that night, but the great atmosphere had already been established. The main event was when we had to play “Living on a Prayer,” one of the top songs that Bon Jovi had recorded. The song was received really well that night (even though  Bon  Jovi didn’t sing it, Estelle did). After the show was over, Jovi was backstage with a boatload of photographers  and people looking to interview him. As I walked up to the crowd he “immediately” pointed to me, stopped talking to them and came over with his hand raised for a high handshake and a huge smile on his face. He said “I just had to tell   you that you were  amazing tonight. I loved what you did. I thanked  him while all the photographers took pictures. Then my brother Bill Jolly and I took pictures with him, and as soon as I can find the people who took those pictures I hope to post them. Bon Jovi then confided to me that his vocal range was not what it used to be. He said that he could hit those high notes in his song years back but it is not the same now. I told him that time does that to all singers but his legacy will always remain untainted. He smiled and let out a silent “Thank you” and then we took even “more” pictures together. It was an awesome atmosphere for music, and even though I have experienced “many” gigs just like this it still warmed my heart to be a part of this magical event. Stay tuned for the pictures (If I can ever find the people who took them). I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always, I wish the very best that life has to offer you today.


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Grammy Award winning Artist Estelle (in background with hat and shades) and Brett Jolly at soundcheck

estelle 9j