Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: coming out of the closet)

Subject: Coming out of the closet


I am a gay man. I’m not out of the closet to my family & friends. My family is very religious and believes all gays will burn in hell. I am a cool gay guy and loved by many and I know my parents will soon find out. I want to move in with this guy I have strong feelings for. Should we move out of town so my parents won’t be embarrassed by my lifestyle?


Well, Don’t we ALL want to be happy? Oh… You mean the OTHER kind of gay? Oops, my bad… While it may be true that your parents will be devastated when they find out, leaving the city won’t make the situation any better for them (or you). Your lifestyle may not be accepted by a lot of other people besides just your family, but if you plan on coming out of the closet then you need to be prepared to face the music (no matter where you go). If you want to move in with a guy then you should first let your family know that you are gay. When that happens they will probably make their own decisions as to whether they want to continue to accept you or not. Should they choose to no longer accept you as part of the family then you could continue to live in town and get the exact same results: total isolation and alienation from your family. For some reason I do find it difficult to believe that your parents don’t have any clue that you are gay. They may have expressed their religious beliefs to you just to help deter you from pursuing the gay lifestyle, but if you are a close family then I think they might already have some idea.  If they don’t, then please understand that considering your parent’s views it will probably take some time before they are able to accept this. You should not expect them to understand immediately.  You are going to have to educate them to the fact that being gay was NOT a choice for you. It is what you are… Slowly but surely the gay community is gaining acceptance, but they still have a ways to go. There are plenty of prejudices in the world, and it would be impossible to go through life without at least encountering one. Don’t expect everyone to understand your circumstances. Some people are just not equipped with the proper tools to make a “fair” assessment. There is a difference between viewing something with an “open mind” and viewing it with a “hole in your head”. Let’s hope for the sake of equality that most of the people you come across will opt for a little more of the “former” and a lot less of the “latter”… The Phantom Poet just searched through “his” closet and came up with this masterpiece:


I’m a cool gay guy and I plan to soon come out of the closet

I’m going to move in with my male friend, and we are putting down a deposit

My family is very religious and believes that all gays will burn in hell

I am really dreading the day when I have to go to them and tell

I just want for people to let me live my life and hopefully be accepted

But I know there are plenty of people out there who think gays should be disrespected

I am who I am and we are who we are

At least I ain’t no crack addict or drunk in a bar

I have feelings and I’m sorry if I can’t live up to your expectations

A psychiatrist “won’t” be able to “cure” me, for YOUR information

My new boyfriend and I will be living together by the crack of dawn

Oh, who is my new boyfriend? Why, he’s Elton John!

So NOW you are ready to accept me just because I’m with someone famous?

Well I have three words for your hypocritical self: “Kiss… my anus”

I am readily gay and I plan to let the entire world know

And of course, I also plan on attending Elton’s show

So I may not have turned out the way you wanted, but this is what I am

For your information, your pastor is secretly gay too, but who gives a damn?

So keep following your views when it comes to your religion

I already KNOW about your pastor’s decision

Continue to believe in what you want, and continue to discriminate

For me, I’m gay, I am now free, and I aim to celebrate…


   At least he ain’t dating the Village People… The Phantom Poet

Brett Jolly and actress Gabrielle Union