Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: My husband tried to surprise me)

Subject: My husband tried to surprise me

My husband and a girlfriend of mine bartend together at a neighborhood bar. One night I was really tired so I left the bar and went home to sleep. We live around the corner from the bar, however, my girlfriend does not live near the bar. Later this night I was woken up by him touching me but kissing her. I don’t want to divorce him, since I think this is really extreme, and he didn’t really cheat on me behind my back. My family says I’m crazy and should have kicked both of them out that night. What do you think?

I think that as bartenders they both need to stop “sampling” the product… I am not laughing at you (but even you have to admit this is some pretty funny stuff). I have no idea how long you’ve been married, but unless your husband was PROFOUNDLY intoxicated, it “sounds” as though he was trying to incorporate you into a “threesome” nightcap with him, you and your girlfriend.  A LOT of people have particular fantasy desires (even though your husband had a bizarre way of trying to introduce you to this one). There are several holes in this story, though (PLEASE excuse the pun). First, was your girlfriend a “willing” participant when this kissing exchange took place or did it seem as though she was inebriated and caught unaware? Did she ever admit to having an affair with him, or was this a first time isolated incident? Were all three of you in bed together and if so, why? Did your husband ever consult with you before about his desire to want a threesome with someone else? It sounds as though your husband felt that if he could initiate this while you were asleep (or groggy) then you would have just participated without thinking clearly. There is nothing wrong with people having fantasies. People have them all the time… but he should have talked to you about his desires first before trying to involve you in it. I ain’t mad at him, though…If it would have succeeded, then I’m sure a LOT of husbands would soon start awakening their wives in this same manner. I don’t think you should have thrown them both out, but some heavy explaining would surely have been in order. No, he did not cheat on you behind your “back” (but he might have done so by your “side” or maybe your “front,” depending on how you sleep”). A lot depends on the extent of your “adventurous” side (and his as well). If you feel you would like to offer your husband something to help satisfy his now “diverse” sexual appetite, then that is something you can discuss between the two of you. However, if this is too steep for you to deal with, then let him know. As “strange” as this sounds, I do give him props for at least trying to “include” you in his fantasy desires. A lot of other men would have just gone elsewhere to have them fulfilled without involving the wife at all. Talk to your husband…In fact, talk to your girlfriend, and lastly, call “Dial-a-prayer”. Between the three of them, you might be able to make sense of something… Good luck… Here is the Phantom Poet to lay the groundwork for you:

My husband and my girlfriend work together in a bar

We live around the corner, but her home is very far

One night I wanted some attention, and got more than I had hoped

My husband was kissing her, while I was getting groped

I awoke to weird feelings from strange to perverse

Was THIS what Reverend meant when he said “For better…or worse?”

I know I was sleepy, and just as groggy as I could be

But I still know that one plus one should NOT equal three

How could they do this to me, and what did they possibly think?

Did they just expect me to be satisfied with their new form of “kink?”

My relatives said that I should have thrown the both of them out

And showed them what a committed marriage is supposed to be about

At least my husband wanted me to be a part of it, so he wasn’t totally a bad guy

If he had talked to me first then I might have been willing to give this a try

If he wants another partner, then we can, but instead

of another woman, let’s bring another MAN to our bed

That way I can fulfill my fantasies too, but make sure you are sober

Because you may need to be cautious…in other words, DON’T bend over

Because if you’re not careful then something could go into the very wrong place

And I’d hate to see you with that “wide eyed” look on your face

Because if that should happen to you, you see

Then you’ll no longer be the man that you used to be

I appreciate you doing this for me, but you still had better beware

Or else you may want to try putting some “duct tape” back there

Well, since you wanted another partner, I hope this will do

I think I am now satisfied… So tell me….”Are you?”

I think for our love to reach the next level, we BOTH have to climb

So I’ll tell you what, we can try another female… NEXT time

So the next time we have another male partner, I think you had better believe

That it is TRULY in your best interest…to give…rather than receive….


For better…. or “curse”…The Phantom Poet

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Sheldon Reynolds (formerly of Earth, Wind and Fire), James Ingram (“One hundred ways”), Johnny (“longstroke”) Croom and Brett Jolly before the concert



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: What else can I do to win her love?)

Subject: What else can I do?

There is this REALLY special woman in my life. We are not involved romantically, but I am trying my best to get there. This woman KNOWS I would do anything for her. I would even give my life for her, yet she often acts as though I am only a good friend. I am sure she has to know how much I love her. I think she likes me too but I just can’t be sure. I want her badly and don’t know what to do. Why can’t she see that I love her so much?


Try this answer out: “Because sometimes love is NOT that obvious”. While I am sure she knows about the good things you do for her, sometimes it might be necessary to take that little “extra” step and just profess your love to her in another way. Some women need for a man to do something “beyond the ordinary” to show just how much they care. Your ways may be subtle, but perhaps TOO subtle… You might only need to display just a little more “aggressiveness” to find out. If you want to know the answer as to whether she loves you back, then maybe you should confront the source. If you have not asked her out already, then you should do so. Go someplace special where the two of you can actually get to know each other more on a personal basis. If you do manage to go out, then you can take that opportunity to ask her important things about her life. It sounds as though you both have been friends long enough to at least warrant “trust” with each other. It is important to make sure that you are not coming on too strong (sometimes men do that). While you may be willing to do everything for her, you don’t want to put yourself in the position where you are overcrowding her or appearing desperate. Give her a chance (and some room) to think about you from time to time, and you may find that she will realize just how much you mean to her and “possibly” give in. If she is a woman who is approached CONSTANTLY by other guys vying for her attention then you “should” want to make sure that you don’t handle things the same way THEY do (because then in her eyes, you will be no different from them). A man who stands out from everyone else is a man who will get “noticed”. While you want to let her know that you “dig her”, make sure that you don’t lose your composure in the process. ALWAYS have confidence in yourself, and let it be known to her that you are indeed a “good man”. If you handle this properly, the pieces may just “fall” into place for you (even though that is NOT always a guarantee).  A LOT of women think that a “good man” is hard to find… Show her the error in that statement, and take the necessary steps to win her over…. And now it is time for a good poem. Phantom? Are you ready?

I know this special woman, and I love her to death

For her, I would gladly give my very last breath

I just don’t think my love for her she can truly comprehend

Because she still acts as though I am just her best friend

What can I do to get myself more noticed?

And WHAT can I do to make sure I don’t blow this?

I can show her that I am a true gentleman, and I know how to behave

Or I can slap on an old bottle of this here “High Karate” after-shave

I can try to impress her with my etiquette, and sophisticated taste

I can even wear those “fly” jeans that sag well below the waist

I can showcase my sophistication in a very classy way

By inviting her out to sophisticated rap concert (featuring NWA)(?)

Maybe the best way to gain her attention (without jeopardizing all my wealth)

Is to just be real, and only be myself

And just do all the good things that I know I can

And in the process let her know that I’m a really good man

I will love her until we both are over the hill

And if she doesn’t want me…then hopefully somebody else will…


“Baby, don’t the members of NWA curse so eloquently”? The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Brought a gun into our house)

Subject: Snuck a gun in my house

My husband and I have been married 33 years. All my life I have been vehemently opposed to having a gun in our house. Our three boys didn’t even have toy guns.
I just found out that my husband recently bought a handgun and hid it from me! His reason? “I wanted one.” Needless to say, I am furious. Your thoughts, please

Part of the joy in being a family is to make decisions together as “one” unit. When it comes to family matters, there should always be communication between all of you and everyone should at least have some input (even if you all should disagree). Your husband’s reason for buying this gun will only promote disharmony in the household. What he did was blatantly disrespectful to you and the values of your family. The first concern is whether or not he purchased the gun legally. If he didn’t, then it could REALLY haunt him (and you) at a later time. Next thing is whether he keeps the gun loaded or not. If one of the kids finds it and it goes off inadvertently then your husband could regret it for the rest of his prison filled years. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, where the day may come when that gun might save you and your kids lives. I am not a supporter of guns, but I do know that today it is important to make sure your house is well protected from unwanted activity. I have heard that one of the best things for house protection is a dog. Dogs can’t be shut down due to a power outage and dogs are territorial and loyal (plus some of them are more than willing to bite the crap out of an unwanted guest). I have a dog and if anyone even comes close to the house the dog will bark like an instant alarm, thus giving us time to prepare in case anyone is trying to gain unwanted access. I don’t think your husband had bad intentions when he obtained this gun, but I most certainly don’t approve of the way he handled this matter. He should have talked to you and discussed the matter first. However, if the objective is to protect your house, then I suggest you talk to your local police authorities to get the “best” suggestions. They can guide you through the proper steps to make your home more safe  and protected. Your family has a right to feel secure, and if having a gun in the house brings more tension then it will be extremely difficult for your family to relax “knowing” it is there. Communicate with your husband and tell him exactly why you feel the way you do. After you “smack” him upside the head a few times then you can go about the business of finding the PROPER way to protect your home. Here are some helpful hints from the Phantom Poet to inspire you:

T’was the night before Christmas, and all through the house

My husband was not stirring (he was just shot by his spouse)

He disobeyed my orders, and bought a gun behind my back

So now when I count family members, minus one I will subtract

Before he passed out, he asked, “Why shoot me? What did I do?”

I said, “You brought this gun into my house, and I just wanted to”

When it comes to this issue, I would never accept a gun

So you KNOW I was furious when he said, “Because I wanted one”

Then there must be OTHER things he also wants with this circumstance

Because when you disobey MY orders, you’d better call the ambulance

He said, “I only bought it for our protection, I wanted us all to be secure”

Then he asked if I would actually shoot him, and my response was “sure”

When I shot him it was only an action of love

And of course, the insurance payout that I was thinking of

With his death, hopefully he will have learned a valuable lesson

And with the insurance money, I can buy me a “new” Smith and Wesson

So when I tell my NEXT husband not to bring a gun in here

He had best listen intently, or get buckshot in his rear

So when it comes to MY rules, men need to know that this sister don’t play

So before the rest of y’all men get shot, please have yourselves a happy holiday


“Deck the halls with calls of buckshot”… La, la, la, la la…. The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: I detest my friend’s boyfriend)

Subject: I detest my best friend’s boyfriend

I detest my best friend’s boyfriend.” He is racist, homophobic and sexist. He is also blatant about his opinions, whether or not people want to hear them. All of her other friends agree he’s a complete jerk, and not only that, he takes up all her time. She is smart. She realizes he has those traits. Somehow she doesn’t care about his defects and looks past them. I’m not really scared for her safety. He seems to be nice to her. I can’t stand to be around the guy, but that means I don’t get to talk to my best friend most of the time. I am trying to be nice to him, and I have talked to her about this, but nothing works! Please help. I’m at the end of my rope.


The only thing as bad as a racist, homophobic, sexist man is another person who “condones” that type of behavior. If your best friend is smart enough to recognize how bad her boyfriend is and yet still does NOTHING to help change him then she is in fact “encouraging” his negative ways. Have you ever heard the concept that people often judge you by the company you keep?  If all of your other friends feel the same way about her boyfriend then maybe ALL of you need to stay away from him AND her. Your best friend cannot be that smart if she continues to socialize with him while he has sexist views, because then his views are also putting her down as well (imagine that…).  There are too many ignorant people just like him in the world and we can’t change them all. However, if your friend wants to be with him as opposed to being with you, then as a friend you should support her wishes and leave them both to be alone with each other. As her relationship goes along, she “should” start to notice that her close friends are in fact distancing themselves from her, and then hopefully her eyes will awaken to the fact that she has neglected you all for some “jerk” boyfriend. Sometimes in order to show someone that you care about him or her you have to “let go” of them. Your friend may have to “lose” your friendship for a minute in order to see your true “value.” I have a gut feeling that if this guy is as bad off as you say, then you will probably hear from her in the VERY near future. Stay tuned… and let’s welcome to the stage that Oscar winning rabbit, the Phantom Poet:


My best friend’s boyfriend is evil and truly a beast

He is racist, homophobic and sexist, to say the least

I tried to talk to her about it, but it just doesn’t seem to work

She is about to lose all of her friends just to be with this jerk

He is highly opinionated and loves to debate

He is the perfect candidate for everyone to hate

My best friend is smart, but for some reason she cannot see

That her choice is putting a barrier between her and me

I’d like to trick him and lock him in a small closet for a day

With a Black man, a woman and an out of closet gay

And see just how long his opinionated views last

After all THREE of them have “kicked his ass”

I can picture one of them saying, “He’s changed and we showed him how”

“He has a totally different and NEW perspective of us now”

“He is no longer the man that everyone of us hated”

“We beat him down, and EVERYONE participated”

He no longer has any stereotypical dislikes

He NOW worships Obama, Hillary Clinton AND Wanda Sykes

On the surface he was very direct, but now he is sorry underneath

It is difficult to be so boisterous when you’ve lost most of your teeth

So when someone has prejudice views, then show him a different way, Dadgummit!

Just lock him in a closet with what he hates, and let them have a small “summit”

We should ALL have love for each other, and we should all have respect

And if you disagree, then just raise your “soon to be broken” neck

If you’re smart, then your views on us should be widely changed

Or else you may find your facial features… rearranged…


“Wow! What are your views on plastic surgery?” The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Trying to lose weight from medication)



It is an absolutely a great idea, and I commend you for taking the initiative to indulge in training with a personal trainer. A lot of people are going through the same tribulations that you are currently experiencing, but I am glad to hear that you have no desire to stand idle and let your circumstances “dictate you.” The first thing that needs adjustment is NOT the body, but rather the “mind.” You see, a LOT of people start diets and exercise programs only to give up later on before they even reach their “desired” goals. It is VERY important to have your mind set and “keep” it set when it comes to work or exercise programs. The mind can accomplish a lot when you utilize your brain functions properly. For instance, if you start a diet but after a few days you look in the mirror and you “don’t” see the results of any weight loss, then for some people the mind “automatically” kicks in and makes you think that this is a waste of time, therefore enabling the mind to make the body “think” that it is “still’ fat. When that happens, your body will “behave” in an “overweight” manner, thus clearing the way for “more” weight gain to set in. The opposite can happen if your mind can “trick” the body into believing that you actually “are” losing weight through “positive thinking.” It is “extremely” important to be “mentally strong” to take on this task, otherwise you will do like so many others and “lose weight” only to “gain it all back again.” As for your situation, your accident has probably hampered you from doing a lot physically. However, if your accident was “that” bad, then chances are you may still be feeling some pain from it anyway. While exercising may hurt at the weight you are you can’t “gain” without experiencing some “pain.” Exercise is “supposed” to hurt (otherwise it is not working). When you get with a personal trainer, he or she can tell you what exercises you can do to still reach the desired objective without causing more damage to your body’s system. As for the medicine that makes you gain weight, talk to you doctor to see if there is a “viable alternative” that will have less potency  while giving your more “freedom” to exercise. The more weight you carry, the more your body has to “support.” Losing weight can take a “load” off the body area that your back (and other areas) have to support. I am sure your doctor would “love” to see you lose weight, so he should have no problem coming up with a medicine that is a “viable alternative.” When you lose weight, your whole world changes. You sleep better, you are happier and you are more energetic. As little as “5” pounds can make a big difference in your day. Don’t let excuses stop you from making a difference in your own life. “Make the change” that will “significantly” alter your life and “believe” in yourself so that you will “know” it is working. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of “hot dogs” (Don’t ask me to explain this). Set your mind clock to “victory” and then just let the timer “go.” Once you have accomplished your mission then your life will be much better for it. “Believe and conquer.” Here is the Phantom Poet with a well balanced lyrical crusade:

I’m a 52 year old female who has gained 80 pounds in the last year
I want to take most of the weight off, but NOTHING from my “rear”
I want to lose the weight, but I will not be a complainer
Maybe I should enlist the services of a personal trainer
I need to lose all this weight and for this there is no dispute
If I am to work hard exercising, then I need a trainer who’s “cute”
I need him rugged but stern and a “take charge” type of guy
After all, I can’t just have “any man” try to reposition my “thigh”
My body feels like I have been hit with many sticks and stones
My trainer doesn’t realize, but when I lose this weight I plan to jump his bones
I want to lose this weight fast, and while I am not planning to “rush” him
I like to be “on top” so at this juncture I just might “crush” him
He is working me hard and it feels like our relationship is starting to “click”
Now he has just informed me that he “loves” women that are “big and thick”
He loves the way I am “right now” and while he playfully refers to me as his big mound of “playdough”
As soon as I lose all of this weight, I think he will drop me just like a “hot potato.”
Well, now who “cares” about losing weight when I can stay just the way I am?
In fact, I’m leaving the gym to order me two “extra” plates  of grits and ham
I feel like a “little” big girl again, and my life has just gotten a reprieve
Even though I am ignoring the short “grunts” of my man who keeps saying he “can’t breathe”
I’m on top and he is getting quieter and quieter, until he draws his very “last” breath
I am heart broken, because I think I just crushed this man “to death”
So if you need to lose weight, get a trainer and don’t try to “fake it”
Because if you are overweight and “on top” his ribs just might not be able to “take it”

“Snap, crackle and pop”… and this is NOT the cereal… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Should I give in to proposal?”)

Subject: Should I give in to him?
I am 37; never married, and have never even dated much. I am quiet, shy, overweight and plain. I have been seeing a man who is 42 years old, and who has also never been married. He has proposed, but I haven’t given him an answer because I don’t think I really love him. He is very good to me and treats me like a queen, but there is absolutely no spark. My question is: Do I marry him and “settle,” just to be married, or do I live the rest of my life alone? Is it better to take this chance and marry my best friend, or should I wait for a Prince Charming who might never arrive?

I’ve got news for you: If you don’t “think” you really love him, then chances are GREAT that you “don’t “ love him. When it comes to getting married, there should be no such thing as “settle” for second best (especially when a “first best” doesn’t even exist). You should never marry someone just for the “sake” of getting married… You marry someone because you LOVE him or her and you expect to be loved back. Would you want someone to marry you if they really didn’t love you? The most positive thing you have said is that this man is your best friend. While that may be a true blessing to have, it doesn’t mean that you should marry him just to keep his friendship. You certainly don’t give yourself very high ratings when describing yourself. It sounds more to me like you are setting yourself up for failure because you don’t believe that you are a “good catch”. If he loves you, then to HIM you ARE a good catch (and to him that is ALL that matters, so stop putting yourself down). You are currently with this man, and you obviously have known from the beginning that he is interested in you, and yet you say that there is absolutely no “spark”. If there is no spark, then what is it about him that propelled you to enter into a relationship with him in the first place? Was it just curiosity or did you actually have some feelings for him? If you are still in a relationship with him, then there must be SOME kind of feelings there. You described yourself as “Shy, overweight and plain”, and yet to this man you are probably the most beautiful thing he has ever come across. Many couples have married based on factors other than “love”. Many marriages have failed, too… A new husband is like buying a new car…. You don’t need to buy it in order to envision what it is like to ride in it. If you don’t love this man and don’t want to be with this man, then don’t waste his time. However, if he makes you feel good and treats you like a queen, and you LOVE that kind of treatment, then take the steps necessary to enrich your life with him. The one thing I do suggest for you is to tell him that you need a little more “time”. Time will do well for him, and for you, too, to see if you guys are really compatible for each other. Plus time CAN make you “fall in love” with someone special. Don’t rush your life into a stage that you are not ready for. You are more than entitled to ‘”wait” for happiness. When you go into a marriage with “doubts” then you are only setting yourself up for an insecure relationship. Take your time, and know for sure BEFORE you consider getting married… Now it is time for a sure revelation from the Phantom Poet:

I’m quiet, shy overweight and somewhat plain

At least one man wants to marry me, so I won’t complain

We enjoy each others company, and go for walks in the park

But when it comes to me loving him, there really is no spark

He asked me to marry him, but this news is not alarming

Should I accept his offer or wait for my Prince Charming?

I believe that he is the best man I will ever find

And it ain’t as though I got anyone else in mind

Let’s face it, I’m plain, and I am woman enough to admit it

He is the only one who finds me attractive enough to even want to “hit it”

With this one man it could very well be “now or never”

I could buy a dog and batteries, but that is a whole other endeavor

He could be the ONLY man I’ll ever be able to consider as a mate

And without him, my best option might be to “master-buy things”

Okay, when it comes to love, I may not be as smitten as I should be

But at least I know that I’ve got a man who truly loves me

I can wait for a better man, but I have no one else prepared

When the truth of the matter is that I am really just “scared”

I think I’m just plain and ordinary, and just a little shy

But God said “You’re beautiful” and I am sending you a really great guy

He said, “Think about this one well, because for you this is MY gift”

“You can turn it down now, but you may not get another… Get my drift?”

I shouldn’t turn down a blessing, and I should grasp the opportunity instead

So before he changes his mind, I have him locked in my basement with a gun to his head

Today I’m getting married, and these words I speak so true

If he expects to leave this basement alive, then today he’d better say, “I do”


“Till death do you part? Sir?”…. The Phantom Poet


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The Miracles (From Smokey Robinson fame and “I’m just a Love Machine”) and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Happy Thanksgiving)

Today is “one” day out of the year that we celebrate and give thanks to the blessings that we have. While everything may not be perfect (and while some people are going through major trials and tribulations right now), if you are able to “read” this Daily Thought then you are blessed, because not everyone woke up this morning. While the holidays are supposed to bring us cheer and positivity, we need to remember that life holds “no” guarantees. For those who are struggling I would like to tell you that life throws challenges our way. It is how we react to those challenges that determine the true value of our lives. In order to  fully “appreciate” the good, we “have” to experience the bad. For example, if you are the number one basketball team in the world, that is a great feeling. However, if you had to beat a bunch of elementary school girls to win the championship then there is not much value in your accomplishment. The “greater” the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction in overcoming it. Don’t give up, because your “best” blessings can come from “within” you. I hope you are able to see this for yoursef. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I hope your best blessings are yet to come.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: severed friendships over elections)

The Presidential election is over,  and so I have decided to sever a few of my relationships. Some of the people I worked with in the past remained friends until I learned they do not and did not support President Obama.  Am I crazy, or what?

Considering the final results of the election, there were quite a “few” people who did not support President Obama. The victory was not a landslide but it was at least sizable enough to determine Obama as  the winner. I have heard of people “deleting” friends off of Facebook who didn’t support Mitt Romney. Some people took the election so seriously that they totally lost composure after it was over. It doesn’t have to be “this” extreme… If you think you might be crazy, then I can assure you that you have a “lot” of company. The main objective should be for “all of us” to work together. President Obama needs the help of Republicans and Republicans in turn need to interact with President Obama. Those people who did not (and still will not) support President Obama have no choice but to “accept” him as our president. While they may not share your same political views it is no reason to sever friendships or relationships. There was enough of this animosity “before” the election, and now it is time to accept the results and “move on.” The United States is a country rampant with “diversity.” We have different religions, different customs and different political views. Many of us are quick to judge things that we don’t quite understand. Those people who now don’t support Obama may be the same ones to benefit from his new tenure in office. Only time will tell if he was the right choice for this term. However, in the meantime we need to depend on each other more than ever, and that includes in the workplace as well. Friendships are valuable assets to have, and while we should be allowed to have different opinions we should not let our diversity “impede” us from interacting. The ability to “stand united” is what makes us such a strong nation. The Presidential election is over, but you “still” have a choice… You can alienate yourself from those whose views differ from yours, or you can accept them for what they believe in and still try to work for some form of “common ground.” We all need each other, so now is the perfect time to “act like it.” Here is that candidate that got %100 of the “non-existent vote,”… The Phantom Poet:

My friends act as though they want to shoot, stab and “bomb” me
That’s because they threw their support behind candidate  Mitt Romney
This only fueled fires that resulted in backlash and political trauma
Because I was steadfast in my support for President Barack Obama
Now the elections are over and some of these friendships I decided to sever
And NOW I am starting to wonder if that idea was even clever
You see, MY candidate won while their candidate lost
The election was so intense that our friendships it cost
And just because these people didn’t agree with what I had to say
It doesn’t mean that our friendships have to end in this way
This is the land of diversity and while everyone may not like my choice
We should now focus on more important matters, like who is best on “The Voice”
Can you imagine what our lives would be like if we all threw in the towel?
Just because on “American Idol” no one really likes Simon Cowell?
The show must go on and we need to last through the weather
Just because I think you’re an “idiot” doesn’t mean we can’t still work together
We can still accomplish objectives if we all get together and “pull”
Because if “ignorance is bliss”, then you are surely “bliss-FULL”
So you don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you
But as long as we both agree to work together, then this concept will surely do
If we can be willing to give it a try, then hopefully others will want to “consider it”
Even though once it’s over and we get back home, I think you’re a “functional illiterate”
We CAN work together, and this proves that strength can increase in “number”
No matter if I still think that your views make you dumb, dumb… and “dumber”….

“I wish you could vote for some common sense”… The Phantom Poet

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The Miracles (formerly of Smokey Robinson fame) and Brett Jolly in concert

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Lost wedding ring)

Subject: Lost my wedding ring


After nine years of marriage, I lost my wedding band last week. I swear I didn’t take if off in a bar or hide it because I was having an affair. It just slipped down the drain at the gym. But I’m afraid my wife won’t believe me. Should I tell her what happened, or just go buy a replacement ring without her knowing?
Oh yeah, we all know THAT one…. The old “ My ring slipped off at the gym” excuse… That rates right up there with the “Some mad dog chased me down the street and ate my ring” theory…  Or how about “ I celebrated the Obama victory by throwing my hands in the air and the ring slipped off into the crowd” theory…  Oh, THIS is a highly used one… “These guys mugged me in an alley and took my ring” excuse… uh huh… Well, if it DID slip off of your finger and fall down the drain, then it must have been REALLY over-sized for your finger.  Well, no matter what you decide, your wife is going to notice at SOME point that you are NOT wearing a ring, so you’d best act fast. I don’t know your wife, but I’ll wager she would appreciate honestly from you before anything else. When you lie or try to hide things they have a tendency to haunt you later on. As long as you come to her honestly and tell the truth then she shouldn’t have any reason to doubt you (well, maybe just a “little”). You need to give your wife credit for knowing you well enough to determine if you are lying. Women may not always say it, but I believe that most of them know. When you start pausing to think of what you should do next then it only leads me to think that you might be trying to hide something from her. The best way to avoid having to lie to your mate is to first make sure you are never in a position where you’d have to even CONSIDER lying to him or her. The next best way is to just practice honesty… and don’t lie. When you do tell her the truth, let her go WITH you to purchase a new replacement ring if she wants to. Mistakes happen to us all. It is when we try to find an easier way to mention these mistakes that we often compound the issue by not being truthful from the jump. Don’t make this any worse than what it is. Tell her, and then go GET a new ring that fits better. In the long run, it should make you BOTH happier. Come on in and blow now, Phantom Poet:
I just lost me wedding ring, because it was fitting too loose
And on top of it, I don’t have a very good excuse
If I don’t come up with something good to tell my wife
Then I’m afraid I may have to fear for my life
Do you think I could get away with lying to her face?
I got it! I’ll say aliens kidnapped me from outer space
The experimented on me, then put everything intact
But they FORGOT to put my wedding ring back
If THAT doesn’t work, then I’ll say something else, I guess
Maybe I can say it was confiscated by the IRS
Or I could say some thugs stole it…yes, that I can say
And that we can probably find it for sale up on Ebay
But if I say all of these excuses, I just won’t have any proof
Maybe the only thing I can really do is tell her the truth
For me to lose my wedding ring is truly inconceivable
And my story to her is downright unbelievable
So I went to tell my wife, and a valuable lesson I surely learned
She said she knew, and the gym plumber found the ring and had it returned
She said she was just waiting in the wings to see what excuse I would use
And then said, “When you tell the truth, then you have nothing to lose”
Then she said, “I love you for being honest with me”
“Let’s go upstairs and be as naughty as we can be”
NOW I feel glad that I didn’t lie
And my wife thinks that I am upstanding guy
So when it comes to being truthful, it works, so don’t knock it
Dang! I forgot to take some girl’s phone number out of my pocket
If my wife finds out, I am not sure of what I can say
Maybe I’ll just tell her that some girl lost it along the way…
Can’t make a leopard change its spots… unless you spray paint it…

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The Delfonics and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: She wants a married man)

Subject: She wants a married man
I’m a single man, in my mid-forties who has never been married. I fell in love with a divorced mother of two who told me while we were dating that for the last 10 years she’d been having an affair with a married man. She left her husband because he promised he’d leave his wife and marry her, but he reneged — so they met twice a week for sex. He worked nearby and would stop over during his lunch break. She told me all this while I was seeing her. She finally broke it off about six months ago, saying she knew he was no good for her. Subsequently, I gave her a job in my business, and she has turned out to be an excellent employee. Well, she recently confided to me that he came over during the holidays and they’d had sex. She said that she didn’t “fight it off” when he made his advances. We no longer date, but I still have strong feelings for her.  How can I break the spell he has cast over her?


By continuing to be the good man that you are. Even though she had a relapse (and had a fling with him) the hurt and pain is still there for her. She still knows that this man and this situation are no good for her, but she has needs just like the rest of us. You should tell her everything that you feel about her, but you also need to let her know that even though you love her tremendously you cannot allow yourself to be put through the same drama that she is going through with him. Let her know that you only need one woman in your life, and will not deal with the extra baggage of another man in your relationship. Tell her that if she wants to continue seeing this married man then she needs to get adjusted to a life of misery and pain. However, if she wants a truly monogamous relationship with a man who cares for her then she needs to make a re-assessment and open her eyes. I am curious to know WHY the both of you no longer date. Was it because she revealed to you the details of this married man relationship? Was it because one of you lost interest? Hopefully you realize that once you made her an employee you automatically put her in a position where she SHOULDN’T be involved with you romantically (Everyone knows the morals of dating people where you work). The best you can do is let her know that you want to be there for her, but that you are only human, too. Let her know that you want to make some woman extremely happy, and you “wish” it could be her. At some point she “should” get tired of experiencing the hurt and hopefully that is when her attention will turn towards you. You, on the other hand, should not want to be with her until she is completely over this guy anyway. She was dating you “on the rebound” and that should never be fun for anyone. Don’t let your heart get in the way of your brain.  Let her know that you are an “all or nothing” man, and that when she is ready to “step up to the plate” and be happy for the rest of her life to give you a call. In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with dating other people. After all, you ARE human too… Here is a tantalizing verse from the Phantom Poet to help elaborate:

When it comes to this woman, for her I will do all I can  

But I don’t understand why she continues an affair with a married man

She can have all the happiness in the world by staying with me

Maybe both of us are misguided in thinking this could be

I have helped her out and even given her an employment position

I want her in my life, but under a monogamous condition

I am in my mid forties, and I have never had a wife

I am in danger of being single for the rest of my life

I just want to make someone happy, and happy to be with me

At some point I need to realize that there are other fish in the sea

There’s this big woman named Wanda with a big derriere

She seems kind of huge, but it ain’t bad looking back there

I can tell she likes my personality, and sincerely likes my charm

And she’s so big that during the winter she’ll keep me warm

I’d like a smaller woman, but Big Wanda just might do

She weighs about 275 with a size 13 shoe

I surely can’t lift her, but she’s got it going on, though

She drinks a lot of coffee and she “burps” real low

I think she’s kind of sexy, and now without a doubt

I’m going to ask to take big old Wanda out

She may not be the one I want, but she might be what I need

When trying to lift her I might have to concede

Bubbles appear out of her nose whenever she has laughter

But she is available, so hopefully we can live… happily ever after…


“Love on top? I don’t think so”… The Phantom Poet


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