Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought

Dear Brett





Subject: Accidental brushes at the job





Here’s a strange problem I’ve never run across. About three months ago, I started work in a small office where we’re all crowded together and things are usually quite busy. One older guy always seems to be bumping into or brushing against me. At first I thought nothing of it, but after about the third time, I got suspicious. I get along with everyone and don’t want to mess up a good work environment. So I’m reluctant to tell him to stop it. But I don’t think all these brushes are accidental and I want it to stop. Do you have any suggestions?





Yes, show him what it is like to get “inadvertently” bumped in the head with a “baseball bat.” Make sure you “accidentally” do it every time he “accidentally” brushes against you. Then maybe he will be more cautious next time when he gets too close to you. Actually, what might be a good idea is for you to complain to your boss in his presence about the “size of the office”. You need to state out loud that due to the small amount of room, this man is always bumping into you (or brushing against you). That way you actually go on “record” as letting him know that you are aware of his inadvertent “bumps” without making it seem accusatory (in other words, blame it on the size of the room, but also let him know that you are “aware”). If he has been able to get away with bumping you constantly without YOU saying anything to him, then he is probably also thinking that you are not taking notice of it (or ignoring it). If you complain about the size of the office because of it, then he will have no other choice but to be more careful the next time he is within close vicinity of you. You are right in wanting to stop it without hurting the atmosphere of the office, and if you confront him directly it would be paramount to accusing him of assaulting you (which is probably what he is doing anyway). When you make that kind of accusation against someone, it automatically changes the mood of your work environment. While you should NEVER be victimized in that manner the effects of “putting him in his place” could make the atmosphere VERY uncomfortable for yourself and possibly others. As long as you can find a way to let him “know” that you are “aware” of his incidental “brushes” then that should be enough to curb his behavior. If it still persists after that then you need to alert your superior about it. Maybe it will even help to post this special Phantom Poet message on the bulletin board:








Our office is as small as it could possibly be


My co-worker uses it as an opportunity to “brush” against me


He never apologizes for being so rude


And after each bump he always starts to “protrude”


Well, I’m not that kind of woman, and I think he should know


Only my man can touch me in that way… You got that, bro?


If need be, I can bring him in to teach the lesson to you


With his personal two by four (or four by two)


He will administer a butt whipping that won’t be denied


Then when it comes to office space, you’ll vote to move it ALL outside


I know that sometimes men will be up to their little “tricks”


They try to get themselves a feel, and then their pants they try to fix


Well, ain’t none of that happening here, and I aim to lead by example


I am NOT some type of plate dish where you can try a sample


This is MY body and I aim to keep my assets to myself


So you’d best stay clear of me if you truly value your health


This type of behavior I just will never condone


So behave, and the bumps and bruises you save, just might be your own…





Working my way back to you, babe… The Phantom Poet




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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Star Athletes who lost their fortunes)

I just recently read that Terrell Owens (former football star and future Hall of Fame candidate) is in danger of having his 2 Dallas properties foreclosed on. Considering the fact that he once signed a $34 Million 4 year deal with the Cowboys only as far back as 2007 (and made over $80 million during his career), it makes one wonder how it is even “possible” for him to have “any” money problems at all. Interestingly enough, Allen Iverson made over 150 million during his career as an all star basketball player, and yet recently a court decision “froze” his assets because he owed a “jeweler” hundreds of thousands of dollars that he obviously couldn’t pay. Mike Tyson made well over THREE HUNDRED million dollars and now seems to have lost most (if not all) of it. “How does a star athlete come to lose so much money so soon?” In Terrell Owens case he claimed that he made “bad” investments that didn’t pan out. Iverson was well known for gambling and carrying around a large “posse” of friends just about everywhere he went. A lot of times Philadelphians would see his $200,000 blue Bentley car parked in the “handicapped” spot at Fridays. Tyson was also said to have had a lot of friends “leech” off of him, (including Don King) and they in essence squandered his money for him. From the standpoint of the athlete, this has to be a major letdown, and in fact it could be considered quite “embarrassing.” One thing that all three of these people had in common was “cockiness” and at times “arrogance.” All three of them just knew that they were at the very top of the sport they played in, and probably never thought that one day age would deplete their abilities to perform. Scottie Pippin was another all star who blew everything he had earned. John Daly (golfer), Anoine Walker (basketball), Michael Vick (football) and others made huge fortunes playing the game only to eventually come up “dry.” “Anyone” can make a “bad investment” but is that the “only” reason for their falls from fortune? Did living an overly lavish lifestyle contribute in any way? Does anyone reading this article feel sorry for them? In Michael Vick’s case he lost a lot when he was convicted and sentenced for dog fighting, but he seems to have turned the page on his career is is making a lot of that money back. Evander Holyfield was the heavyweight champion and made just as much money, but he also had eleven (11) kids. I would imagine that paying child support on 11 kids would be enough to bankrupt “most” people regardless of income. Where should the blame go? Was it the responsibility of their management teams to help guide them in the right direction? Was it the responsibility of the league directors to inform these athletes to “save” for a rainy day? What should we learn from all this? Well, for me, should I “ever” come into a position to earn huge figures like that, my first inclination would be to save as though my career would “end tomorrow” because it just “might.” Once you have saved enough money to where you could live off the “interest” alone then I would give myself an “allowance” to spend (and make sure not to exceed my own allotments). The truth of the matter is that even with their financial problems some of these athletes can still make more money than most of us by selling the assets they own, but that still doesn’t excuse them from blowing their fortunes with bad decisions in the first place. A role model can influence kids through positive achievements but a role model can also influence through “negative” happenings as well. I hope that the young kids who idolized these superstars take note to what is happening during the “twilight” of their careers because that is important to securing stability. “Success is never guaranteed to last forever.” Fame and fortune can “make you” and it can surely “break you.” You don’t have to be a star athlete to squander money, so hopefully the rest of us can learn from their experiences. Whether it is a “hundred million” or a “hundred dollars” it would be wise to “think before you spend.” If you think that you could have handled the situation better than I sincerely hope that one day you get “your” opportunity. I guess it is better to have “earned and lost” than never to have “earned at all.” Good luck to you, and I hope you are blessed with enough fortunes to at least make you “smile” today. Take care and have a great one.



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Singer Anthony Hamilton and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic” Improper dress attire)

Dear Brett,




Subject: Improper dress attire at work




I manage a team of about 20 employees. One of the women who work for me is really talented and does a great job but consistently dresses too provocatively for the office. She’s in her 40s, yet she keeps wearing plunging necklines and short skirts. How do I tell her she needs to tone it down without being too harsh?





“THIS” sounds like something I’d like to “look into” (uh…sorry…). Okay, let’s ponder some possibilities… Uh, you can let her know that based on her position most of the men want to privately offer her a DIFFERENT type of “raise”… Or else you can casually mention that in regards to her short skirts the men request that she change her panties more often… You could also say that the office is taking bets on which one of her breasts pops out first when she leans over the filing cabinet… Okay, I guess we have to get “serious” now (smile). Actually, for a situation like this you have to be very careful. If you already have a mandatory dress code in effect then the best way to handle this situation is to just put out a memo that “enforces” it. Of course, if she is within compliance of that dress code then she has not violated any company policies, and at some point you may need to be careful if you are contemplating to “amend” that dress code. Unfortunately, if she feels that you are altering that code “specifically for her” then it can automatically turn into a harassment suit.  Check your regulations carefully before you do or say ANYTHING to her.  I would also suggest talking to the other female employees to get their opinions. It is important to have the backing of your staff when making these kinds of decisions (because if you don’t it could come back to haunt you later). In your efforts to promote a better work appearance you may ruffle some feathers if you don’t handle this with caution. Also before initiating ANYTHING make sure that this decision is “worth” the trouble. If necessary, consult a lawyer on the subject.  Here is some “legal cleavage” from the Phantom Poet to explain more:





I have a 20-member work team, and our atmosphere is truly fair


I have a problem with one member and the clothes she “doesn’t” wear


She dresses too provocatively, and sometimes it is a real distraction


Whenever the men stand up you can automatically “see” their reaction


But it seems disrespectful to the others remaining


And yet, for some reason none of the men are complaining


I want to tell her to tone down, but this I truly fear,


It seems all the men want to nominate her for “Employee of the Year”


She seems to be getting all of the men’s votes, and that’s the way it now stands


However, when it comes to voting, the ONLY thing we want the men to raise is their “hands”


But the men show up for work every day, just so that they can get a glimpse of this gal


She may dress too provocatively, but at least it is GREAT for morale


So I guess if I want a better work environment, then I know now what must occur


I need to put out a new memo requiring ALL the women to dress like her


If ALL the women dressed like her, then this place just might be fun


I just don’t know if we would ever get any damn work done


Our disability insurance payments are on the rise, all because of sex


When our guys try to catch a revealing glimpse of her, they keep spraining their necks


It still doesn’t matter, for they keep showing up for work every day


If they cannot turn their heads, then they just position themselves in a better way


It is difficult for me to tell a woman appearance-wise how to represent


I just know that our men’s attendance rate is ALWAYS at one hundred percent


I just know that if another woman shows up for an interview wearing provocative attire


If she is qualified for the job, then you had best bet that I will hire


I realize that this is not standard, and it surely is not proper


But if the way she dresses improves my work force, then who am I to stop her?





      That’s exactly why they call it “HER-ass-meant” The Phantom Poet


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The Delfonics (La La means I love you) and Brett Jolly in concert in Atlantic City


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Enhancement through surgery)

The other day I had a talk with a friend of mine who divulged to me that his girlfriend got “breast enhancements.” He mentioned that even though he told his lady that he loved her just the way she was she decided to get the procedure done anyway.  So naturally I asked him if he was “pleased” with the “results.” He said that she doesn’t feel natural to him anymore and that she seems rather “hard” there now. He also said that he still loves her but he is trying his best to “get used to it.” I then thought to myself, “If a woman who gets a boob job doesn’t please her boyfriend with it, then what would be the purpose for getting it done?” A few years ago a male coworker of mine handed me a newspaper clipping and asked, “What do you think of this?” He was a nice guy, but he was only about 5’6 in height. Well, the newspaper clipping was actually an advertisement for “male enhancement.” I looked at it, got silent for a moment and asked, “Is there something I need to know?” He said, “Do you think this is real or a hoax?” I simply told him that if he was planning on any “alterations” he had better do his homework on it first and as far as anything else I just say, “No comment.” A lot of people are opting now to surgically enhance themselves, but is it all worth it? Years ago when I was in Vegas the cab driver told me that “most” of the women there had breast implants. He said he could spot them easily and instantly, and began pointing out the women that he could tell had the procedures done. He said that women with new breasts don’t seem to fit with the rest of the body, and often they are too solid and firm and appear fake. In other words, they lose their “bounce.” Please keep in mind that I don’t normally “conduct studies” on women’s breasts, but this man did bring up some interesting points. If a surgeon did a really good job of breast augmentation, then should anyone “be able” to tell the difference? If you manage to live long enough your body will go through changes. Some people can cope with these changes, while others try to combat it. Woman are more prone to go through extreme physical alterations when it comes to making a great impression. They will wear weaves, wigs, heels, wheels, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick, “slapstick,” mousse (and squirrel) and padded bras. A woman has the right to make any changes she feels is necessary to make her more “attractive.” With that being said, where does “surgery” fit in? Are women with surgically enhanced breasts more appealing? The answer depends on who you ask. I asked some of my guy friends who had been involved with women who had the surgery done. Some said they were cool with it, while others said that it just didn’t feel right. I will never try to tell a woman what to do with her own body. If she feels that surgery is the best option for her then who am I to argue with that (even though I once lost a friend who died from complications resulting from her weight reduction surgery)? “You are who you are (unless, of course, you have surgery to become who you will become).” The choice is yours, but I would love to know what a woman or man expects to get from being “surgically enhanced.” What is the motivation behind this? If you don’t mind, I would love to know your thoughts. All replies will be “anonymous” unless you specify otherwise. You can reply to me here or email me at Thank you and here is that “fake” lyricist who needs all “kinds” of surgical alterations, the Phantom Poet:

When a man loves a woman he often loves what he’ll feel
But can a man love a woman whose parts aren’t “real?”
For a woman to feel pretty sometimes she’ll do something drastic
That’s when a surgeon has to utilize his back orders of “plastic”
Even though a woman may not feel pretty, there’s no need to speculate
Just go to the surgeon with orders to “lift”… and “separate”
And this is not just women, because when some men want to romance
They ALSO might go to the surgeon and ask him to “male enhance”
When loving a woman it just might make the procedure “easy”
“Is that a new surgical penis in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”
We ALL want to look great and we want to feel great in our clothes
So in order to fit into a size 6 shoe, I had the surgeon “cut off” my toes
And when it comes to weaves and wigs, a woman can be a pretty sight
And she will say that it IS her hair, because she bought it last night
So if she claims that these are her real breasts, it is not exactly “perjury”
It just means that she “really” had them enhanced through surgery
The hair might be fake, and the breasts might be fake, but no need to beg
If you dig deeper you might find she also has a wooden leg
And is she has problems sitting down, don’t be surprised if you find
That this woman has “butt pads” covering over her behind
So when this woman wears a lot cut blouse and short skirt by design
Is it right for her to ask you to love her for her mind?
We ALL want to be accepted so the decisions we make
Will determine whether we want to stay natural or we want to be fake
So when going out on a date, make sure that you first handle your biz
And let your date know that the warranty on your body is specified, “As is…”

“When it comes to loving, I’m a cut above the rest, baby”… The Phantom Poet

The late Gerald Levert and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Sexless marriage)

Dear Brett,


Subject: No feelings for him anymore


“I’m a woman, 27, and married for five years. For the past two years, we have not had sex, and the years before that, we had sex only once a month. I’ve spoken to him on the importance of sex in a marriage and also mentioned that I do enjoy making love. We still sleep in the same bed, but we are more like roommates. I once asked him if he was interested in sex and he said, “If you asked me this question three or four months ago I’d say I’m not interested, but now I’ve mentally prepared myself.” I was shocked to hear that. He said he’s going to change, but I’ve been trying to work this out for the past five years. I have no feelings for him anymore. Please help me.”


You guys remind me of this drummer I recently performed with, He was so awful that for this one tune his beat kept getting slower and slower until at one point in the middle of a song he just “stopped”. I looked back to see if he died back there… Your story reminds me a lot of that gig. You both are still young. You shouldn’t have these types of issues so early in your marriage (Of course, there is the possibility that he could have other health issues going on). There are certain things you can do to get the “mood” back, but first it will take willingness on the part of both of you to “want “ to recapture it. When you say that you have no feelings for him anymore does that mean that you no longer WANT to have sex (uh, make love?) with him or does it mean that you just don’t love him anymore? Your answer to this question is important and will determine a lot… I must admit that there are more romantic lines he could have come up with besides “I’ve mentally prepared myself”. He makes loving you sound as though he is about to get a. “tetanus” shot… While his “romanticisms” obviously won’t be compared to that of Sir Walter Raleigh he is still your husband, and it is still possible to rekindle the flame if you both truly want to do so. Sometimes “little” things can help. Maybe if you try dressing up wearing different outfits it can ignite a spark (most times sexy lingerie attire will work on men). You could also go into a fitness thing if you believe you have put on a little weight. You could even change the color of your hair. You could even ADD hair (I promise not to tell anyone). Women are allowed to try out different things to make themselves appear more appealing and you have nothing to lose by trying some things out. If none of these things work, then maybe you should try a counselor or just visit a physician. A lot of things can affect your desire for intimacy and it may be best to get ALL possibilities checked out before “abandoning ship.” Your marriage is already young, so you don’t want to wait until you get older and things REALLY start to unravel. You may find that your husband still loves you but is just having difficulties making his body do the things he wants it to do. If you address the situation now it might help you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to take measures to find out. If done right, it could being happiness back to the both of you… Here is the Phantom Poet to just mess up just everything I just said:


My husband and I stopped having sex years ago

Now he is “mentally’ preparing himself for us to give it a “go”

We still sleep in the same bed, but it just isn’t the same

I’m under thirty, sexless and married. Now ain’t that a darn shame?

We are a young married couple, so why can’t we handle our biz?

Right now I have no idea “if” or “where” he is getting “his”

The spark has left our marriage and I hope that you can relate

Right now I would love to be put in “some” form of “altered state”

So on a rainy day or in the middle of an intense storm

I have my Will Smith movies here to help keep me warm

We are barely just friends, and I wonder why we even wed

I found his s&m video tape of a 300 pound woman under the bed

I would have let him handcuff me if that’s what he wanted to do

Shucks, I’d have even wore some 4 inch high heels for him, too

Now since our love for each other seems truly out of season

I’d like to tie him up and beat him, bur for a completely “different” reason

I’d like to pull out a good whip, and tell him to prepare for deployment

Then I’d whip him down, but not for any “sexual” enjoyment

For me, it would be a GREAT way to just release frustration

When you can beat your husband like this, then who NEEDS masturbation?

His cries of pain are unlike any other

After each stroke he has to say, “Mistress, may I please have another?”

Now I am being satisfied sexually, and no longer will I have to “fake”

He wants to give in and make love now, but what difference does it make?

I am beginning to like it this way, and our love life is now fine

That’s because I’m getting GREAT gratification from just whipping his behind

For now the excitement is back in our marriage, or at least from my point of view

And I promise to untie him… maybe after about a month or two…


“Love hurts, baby” The Phantom Poet!


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The Intruders (“I’ll always love my momma”) and Brett Jolly performing for a PBS special


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Where are the good men?”

Mr. Jolly, I would like to know where all the good men are? I am tired of dealing with bums who can’t make  up their minds what they can or can’t do. It seems like each time I date a man he has some kind of issue going on. He is either married or living with someone, doesn’t own a car, doesn’t have his own place or doesn’t make enough money to allow him to incorporate a good woman in his life. A woman wants to feel secure and loved. I don’t need to support a man who has less than I do. What can I do to find Mr. Right for me?

The first thing you need to do is “define” what you consider to be a “good” man. A good man doesn’t “have” to  own a car or make enough money to allow him to incorporate a woman in his life. That won’t necessarily make him “good.” In fact, a man  with a lot of money is more likely to cheat on you because he has the resources to do so. “Do you believe a sanitation worker can be a good man?” They have jobs, and they work hard for a living. They may not have a high status of employment but that doesn’t mean that they are incapable of treating a woman right. Would you ever consider dating a  sanitation  worker if he was determined to be a good man? You see, “finding” a good man may not really be what’s at stake. “Recognizing” a good man when you encounter one might be the real issue. A “rich” man who only “tolerates” you will give you whatever he can “spare” to keep you satisfied. A man who truly loves you (but doesn’t necessarily have the  resources of a wealthy man) will only love you with “everything he has.” If you  determine that the definition of a “good” man should be based on money then you may “never” find true happiness in a relationship. However, if you judge a man according to his “heart” then you might have a better chance of “finding” that “good man.” This doesn’t mean that you should go looking for the poorest man you can find. If a man is between jobs or at least looking, then he has “potential.” It might be worth it to deal with him until he gets  it all together. He might appreciate you even more for sticking with him through the “tough” times. If he is married or living with someone then you shouldn’t be dating him at all, because by doing so you are only “contributing” to his infidelities. Of course, most married men won’t reveal their circumstances to you, but it shouldn’t be difficult to determine. If you have no means or information to contact a man at home, then that man is “married (or shacked up with someone). It is important to be able to look “beyond the surface” when it comes to dating men. Years ago I knew a female friend of mine whose name was “Irene.” Irene was a devout Christian woman who wanted a man in her life. She wanted her man to be “good looking, tall, light skinned and affluent.” She had joined Christian dating sites and never got any responses from men who fit the criteria she was looking for. She did, however, get a response from this man that she had no “appeal” for at all. He was  somewhat short, very dark skinned, not overly attractive and the exact opposite of what she desired. She was cordial to him, but for years she wouldn’t agree to meet him (because she didn’t want to give him any false hopes). Well, one day they actually “met up” and went out on a date. After getting to know him she found that he really wasn’t a bad guy at all. In fact, he treated her really well. Well, as time went on he wore her down and “grew” on her. She realized then that this man was the one for her and they both eventually got married and had a family. The moral of this story is that God knew what she wanted, but HE opted instead to give her what “she needed.” She has said that now she is happy with a great man who makes SURE that she has “everything she needs.” Her blessing came in a form that she didn’t readily “recognize” at first. If you desire a good man, then there ARE good men out there. As with “any” present, the “wrapping” only makes the gift seem “presentable.” No matter how good or bad the wrapping may be, it’s what’s “inside” that counts. I hope I have been of some help today, and thank you for your topic. Have a great day.


Musiq Soulchild and Brett Jolly at PIR Studios


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (topic: The Twilight years)

The “Twilight Years”… and how they affect us…

My father is a Gospel singer and he performed for 60 something years with his long time group called “The Pearly Gates.” When I was younger, I used to love to watch this group perform onstage and my father had such great stage charisma. Pop really knew how to work the audience. Pop had one of those voices that whenever he sang at a funeral you would start crying (whether you knew the deceased or not). When you see artists and performers during their prime years, it is often difficult to think about how they will fare during the “Twilight years” of their lives. My father, who is 80 years old now, often needed a chair to sit down during his last performance. Another member of the group struggled to sing notes that he used to hit effortlessly 10 to 15 years ago. The bass player for the group was having problems playing, so I took over for him after the second song. If we all are blessed to live long enough, then we all will experience some depreciation of our performance abilities. No one can go strong forever, and sometimes it is tough to watch someone’s skills decline over time. I remember a couple of years ago when I was part of a concert that featured the “Funk Brothers.” For those of you who don’t know, the Funk Brothers were the musical catalysts behind the big hit recordings for Motown records. They recorded the music tracks for hit tunes like “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (just to name a few).” Back in the day these guys were phenomenal musicians and they actually wrote a lot of the riffs that made those Motown songs famous (even though they never got credit for it). When I watched them play the Stevie Wonder classic, “Signed Sealed Delivered” I was in awe and yet I felt some degree of sadness as well. You see, I was watching history when these guys played. However, these guys are a LOT older now and it was so tough to see them try to move their hands with enough speed and dexterity to play the songs like they used to. I then realized that these guys don’t owe anyone any excuses. They were a part of music history and what they accomplished as a unit will never be matched again. They didn’t deserve my pity… they deserved my “respect.” When I watched part of the last Grammy Awards I took notice when they introduced the Beach Boys. I had not seen this group is so many years but when they came onstage they looked “soooooooo ancient.” The first thing I noticed was that they could not sing the song “Good Vibrations” and for a moment they looked so old that they couldn’t properly “lip sync” it either (and definitely the song was lip synced). From my observations, the “years” had finally caught up with them and they were mere shadows of their former selves.  I remember Frank Sinatra during his last years. He still sang live but his notes were “dangerously off.” He sang loud and he sang wrong (out of key), but the people still loved him because to them he was still “Frank.” As old as Glen Campbell is it was great to see him perform at the Grammys and he still had it going on (just not like it was many years ago). It is inevitable that father time will take away the things that God originally blessed us with. We need to realize that the true measure of one’s career may not be in how they are right now, but rather in what they accomplished during the journey of their “prime” years. No one wants to get old, but no one seems to want the “alternative” either. As tough as the “twilight years” can be for artists, we still need to support them, because their “greatness” deserves our continued support. Your favorite artist will one day “get old” and will lose the ability to perform at the high levels of standard that he or she is accustomed to. If she lives long enough, Beyonce will one day “become” Etta James during the twilight years. I just hope that people will still support and patronize their concerts, because they are still giving it “their all.” A little “respect” can go a long, long way…. Please have a great day today, and if you happen to see a senior citizen today, please make sure that you say hello to him or her with a smile. You might just make their day and what goes around might “come around” when it comes to “your” twilight years. Feel blessed today… You’ve “earned” it…

Vintage shot of Billy Paul (He sang “Me and Mrs. Jones”) and Brett Jolly in concert in Tunisia, Africa





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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: AFTER Whitney’s funeral”)

Now that the Whitney Houston funeral service is over, it should be time for us to pick up the remaining pieces and move on. A lot of people watched the event over the weekend and many were emotionally touched by the services (and understandably so). I could go over it all, but what would that really accomplish? While Whitney’s life touched a lot of us we need to realize that at “some” point we “have” to “get on with our own lives.” Just like Ms. Houston, our own quality of life depends on how we plan to live it. I have heard a lot of commentary about what a beautiful church raised woman she was, and that is by far an admirable trait. However, there was another side to her that exhibited a totally “different” picture of Whitney Houston (and we should never lose track of this). If you compared your life with hers, what do you think you would have done differently? Would you have been able to deal with the pressures of fame and success better than she did it? Would you be able to resist the temptations of the devil’s gold (drugs) to live a “clean” career in such a “tainted” industry? While we all wanted the best for Whitney, we need to keep in mind that she “had choices.” SHE was the one who chose to marry Bobby Brown. SHE was the one to jump into the abyss of drug use. SHE was the one who threw it ALL away for a habit that she couldn’t conquer. Now that she is gone, what choices do YOU have? Can you improve your quality of life by striving for higher levels? Can you get along better with people who may not agree with you? Can you improve your education? Can you forgive? Can you take the risk on investing in something that means a lot to you? Can you find love with the “right person” and not just settle for the “one you will make yourself love later on?” Amy Winehouse, Don Cornelius, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston’s troubles are all over on “this” realm. They lived their lives of fame and fortune and then life changed for them. They left us with sorrow and sadness, but if we cannot learn anything else from their departures then what good is it to focus on their lives? Death is absolute! Until “our time” comes we still have the opportunity to make the changes that can alter our lives “significantly.” If you knew you were going to die next week, would you still continue to live life the same way you are living it now? Would you try to make your last days fulfilling or would you just “go peacefully?” Should you wake up tomorrow it will always be your “next chance” at life. Your goals, your thoughts and your progress determine the value of your life day. You can no longer help Whitney, but you can surely help yourself… In life we often encounter many obstacles and deterrents in our endeavors to improve. It is how we deal with these barriers that determine our life’s destiny. If you want to have a greater existence to your own life then forget about playing the lottery and pursue your dreams through your own hard work and dedication. That way when you finally obtain “success” it will be so much more fulfilling… Whitney no longer has any second chances, but “you” do… “Take control… and rise…” “Today is the very FIRST day of the rest of your life.” For your future visions, I hope you will be able to “dream it, pursue it, and then hopefully one day achieve it.” This is Brett Jolly, and I endorse this message…


Remember “Wonder Woman?” This is Linda Carter and Brett Jolly before a performance (she sings country music now)Image

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Anger”)

Mr. Jolly, 

I have a friend of mine who always seems to be angry. He explodes over just about anything and he is always talking about fighting someone at the mere hint of a confrontation. I try to tell him that being mad at the world will not solve anything but he doesn’t listen. I am afraid that one day he will get himself into something that he will regret. I am starting to become scared of him myself. What can be done for someone like him, or should I just leave him alone?

Anger is often the result of feelings that are pent up inside. When you feel frustration, desperation, or confrontation and you don’t exercise a means to let it out of your system, then anger can result. Everyone gets angry, but not everyone has the means to control his or her anger. We ALL are byproducts of our environment and our upbringings. In other words, if a child is brought up in a world of violence and chaos, then chances are this child will emulate what he knows as an adult. If your friend is constantly exhibiting anger, then that means he has lost the ability to “control” his frustration. That can also make him “dangerous.” Our criminal institutions are “filled” with inmates who “couldn’t” control their anger at some point, and if your friend doesn’t find a way to limit his then he may find himself in a similar predicament. I rarely get angry, but when I do feel anger I just take the steps needed to help me get over it. First, I have no problem with taking a “long walk.” When walking, all the energy that I would contribute to anger gets released through my workout. For me, walking not only improves my health, but it is “great” for bringing peace of mind. It allows me to reflect on the circumstances at hand and it gives me a chance to “step back from the screen so that I can see the overall picture.” I am also a strong proponent for “re-channeled energy.” When feeling pent up, I think it is great to channel that energy into something positive that works for you instead of against you. For instance, if you like to line dance, then when you get angry go to the line dance place and “dance your frustrations away.” Even if you can’t dance (and we all know MANY people in this category) you will have fun just engaging in the activity. During my  younger years I would always go out and play basketball whenever I felt “stressed.” The more stressed I was, the better I played (because I was letting my stress out on the people who were trying to guard me). EVERYONE should have an “out.” An “out” can be a hobby, habit or desire that helps you when you are feeling out of sorts. It sounds as though your friend doesn’t have one, and that could be a problem in the very near future. You should NEVER endanger yourself when confronting someone who seems to have lost his or her ability to remain calm. If this man appears “unreasonable” then you need to stay away from him. However, if you can manage to talk rationally to him, then maybe you can suggest that he join a gym as a “boxer.” Since he feels that he needs to fight everyone then he can contribute to his own future by showing what he can do “in the ring.” This would be a great opportunity for him to have something else to focus on and hopefully channel his energy into a more positive direction. There are people out there who need help. If we cannot control our anger then at some point our anger will “control us.” There is nothing wrong with suggesting to your friend that he join a boxing gym. If he takes you up on your suggestion, then you just might have saved him from doing something that he could regret later on. That might also save someone else in the process. Good luck to you, and have a great weekend.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Jeremy Lin, basketball star)

Sports stories often come and go. Some are worthy of promotion and some are just over exaggerated hype. The New York Knicks (professional basketball team) has a new “star” player. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise because every once in a while a new star will emerge during the course of play. Well, this “new star” is named Jeremy Lin and while his game has been awesome there are 2 other traits of this man that seem to make his story even more remarkable. First, he is an Asian American, which is a rarity in the NBA. Second, he is a “Harvard graduate.” He has been tearing up the league and even managed to “outplay” Kobe Bryant, who many consider to be the best player in the game. Lin is NOT real tall for NBA standards (He is only 6’3 in height which is tall for most Asian Americans) but his basketball game has been “off the charts.” The last Asian star in the NBA was Yao Ming, who was a big seven footer for the Houston Rockets. Ming retired early in his career due to injury complications. The Knicks have won 6 straight games with Lin being the star and the mania surrounding him has been escalating “daily.” Also, belonging to a team that represents such a mega metropolis like New York only adds to his newly found marketability. Already the hysteria has barraged the airwaves with one boxer (Floyd Mayweather) claiming that the only reason he is so popular now is because he is Asian American. While I respect his opinion, I would have to strongly disagree. There have been other other Asian Americans in the NBA who have not gotten anywhere near the press that this man is currently getting (and not having the great games as well). Also, how many Harvard graduates have been known to dominate the NBA? This is an “extremely short” list. Yes, the fact that he is of Asian decent adds to his popularity but no more so than Jackie Robinson’s race added to his during his era. Granted Lin  may not have been subjected to as much discrimination as Robinson, but that doesn’t make his journey to the NBA any less difficult. MANY teams passed over Lin for players who are not as good right now. As unfair as this may sound, Lin’s new emergence will help the “popularity” of NBA basketball as well. Asians who have never supported the NBA will now become new patrons just because of their support for Lin. I am hoping that his graduation from Harvard will enable other future stars to realize that it IS permissable to be “intelligent” and play in the NBA. The world is changing, and it is great when one of the most historic golfers can be a minority (Tiger Woods) and one of the most historic rappers can be white (Emenem). It may be too early to determine how great a player Lin will be, but indications are he is making waves already. There are a LOT of egos in the NBA and it will be interesting to see how well he can coexist on his own team. There is only one basketball to go around and he has at least 2 other stars on his team who love to have it (Carmelo Anthony and A’mare Stoudemire). Let’s hope that no one gets “stupid” when discussing the good fortune of the Knicks and the great play of Jeremy Lin. I wish him the very best and I hope to continue to hear great things about his game… no matter WHAT his nationality or degree…

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Brett Jolly performing with the Emotions (They sang “You got the best of my love” and “Boogie Wonderland”) at Aretha Franklin’s Christmas party in Detroit