Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: New Year reflections)

Today is officially “New Years Eve” and as I think about past events I am often reminded of things that I would love to see “changed.” A lot of people consider “New Year resolutions” to alter themselves and their circumstances. When I look at my past I feel proud about the things I have accomplished, but I also realize that those people who rely solely on the past never plan for a better future. I still have changes that I know I need to make in regards to myself, but there are changes I would love to see in others. For instance, I would LOVE to see our political parties think more about the welfare of the people as opposed to the welfare of their respective parties. Republicans and Democrats are now battling over this so called “Fiscal Cliff” and it appears that more of the same political rhetoric is still dominating the talks. They need to understand that the faces of Americans have changed drastically over the years. There are now more gays in the population. There are now more Hispanics to consider. There are now more prosperous women in the business field. The poor and middle class “outnumber” the rich and wealthy.  The old moral values that we once adhered to need to be addressed and in some cases “revised.” The last Presidential election exposed this story. Also, I would love to see stricter  gun laws come into effect. Right now we are practically “giving away” guns to mentally challenged people in need of help and we are suffering the consequences of those actions. It is about time for “someone” to stand up to the NRA and let them know that if they cannot “regulate” their own gun sales then we need to regulate “for” them. The Aurora situation and the Newtown school shootings could have been averted with stricter gun laws. I would also like to see a better “foreign policy” put into place. The world needs better “interaction” in order to make this work.  We need to unite against forces like North Korea and Iran to thwart their strives for nuclear development and deployment. As for me, I always look to expand myself. I only have one life, and I hope to reach my full potential one day and keep on setting goals (and conquering them) until I finally “end all world hunger.” Once we stop setting goals for ourselves then in essence we stop “growing.” I hope that you have your own way of “improving” for 2013. Remember, it is not where we come from, but rather where we are “headed” that determines our true value. Here’s to wishing you all the best that this New Year has to offer…


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Is there a right time for a woman to invite a man in?)

The other day an old male friend of mine contacted me. We had never been involved romantically. He said that he was in town and he wanted to see me. We found each other on Facebook and he has a wife while I have a boyfriend. I figured that there was no harm with that so we met up for lunch. He escorted me back to my place and I invited him in. Thinking that he was respectful, what happened next startled me. He actually tried to kiss me. I had no idea that this was coming and I told him to stop because I remained true to my boyfriend. My question to you is, “Is there ever a right time for a woman to invite a man in?”

Yes, when you “both” are single, know each other well and have interest in each other. In this incidence you had no intentions of doing anything wrong, but you need to realize that just because a man is either married or “in a relationship” doesn’t mean that he is any less of a man or any less human. Your problem was in “not” being able to recognize his intentions. Most men who are “happily” married would never put themselves in a position where they would spend time with another woman “unescorted” or allow themselves to be invited into another woman’s home without his wife or “significant” other knowing about it. If you are uncertain about his “intentions” there “are” ways to tell. The first thing you need to do is “ask” him questions about his wife. His answers will pretty much dictate what you need to know. If he seems “quick” to dismiss her or make her appear “meaningless” then that means his focus is “not” on her but rather on “you.” If you spend a significant amount of time together and it feels like he doesn’t even want to talk about his wife at all, then chances are she probably doesn’t even know about your meeting with him. When it comes to married men, you should ONLY invite them into your home with the “blessing” of his wife (and you need to hear this from HER own lips first… NOT “his”). Out of respect to her you should never give her husband any reason to get his “hopes” up. Some men don’t know how to handle “friendly” gestures. Just imagine if you were married. Would you want your husband to go “visit” other women and go into their homes without your knowledge? This particular man was only “testing the waters” to see what he could get away with when it came to you. It is important for you to recognize “warning signs.” His ways will catch up to him later, because at some point he WILL get caught. Hopefully you dismissed him and you will never allow those circumstances to transpire again. I’m sure his wife will thank you for that. Here is the Phantom Poet to take us into the holiday weekend.

When it comes to spending time with a male friend, when is the proper time to invite him in?
“When icicles ornament Satan’s fiery realm, and when all gold changes to tin”
Even though we are both in solid relationships I was startled as I could possibly be
I don’t know if that was a marriage certificate in his pocket or if he was just happy to see me
When I invited this married man upstairs I didn’t think any thing would be amiss
But I was surely startled when this joker tried to blind side me with a kiss
I said, “I don’t know if your wife knows that you are making these kind of trips
but you had better be respectful to me and her if you value those lips”
I told you that I had a boyfriend and this much you would surely have found
Because he would have pulled out his can of “Whupass” on you if he had been around
I had a hunch about you and while you were trying to get your “love recipe” cooking
I secretly made a videotape of your actions while you were not looking
You tried to take advantage of me while we were here just sitting
And now you have the nerve to tell me that you were only “kidding?”
Well, I can take a good joke or two. Hey sometimes I can even take a “half”
Let’s send this video to your wife and see how well SHE will laugh
Because while you are traveling the road for old friends with contemplation
You need to respect your family, your wife and your whole matrimonial situation
We were old friends for a long while and I can even tell you when
Because I didn’t have any attraction for you even back then
Now I have a man and you said you have a beautiful wife
So don’t come here expecting any “sideshow”… if you “value” your life

From the sentimental callings of the Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Using sex to barter)

Subject: Trading housework for sex
I always tell my husband if he helps out more with the housework, then “I will give you more sex.” So yesterday he told me I couldn’t spend any money on clothes shopping or getting my nails done, until I give him sex?  Well my husband decided to have an affair because he didn’t get his way, I stopped shopping not only for clothes and my nails but also for food and other household items we need.
Now you KNOW better than to do that. Even though your husband should do a lot more around the house, it is a “no-no” to use the “sex” card against him. Plus, when you did that you just GAVE him the opportunity to turn your own decision against you, and that is exactly why you both are in the crappy situation you’re in. I have news for you, though. Your husband had an affair because he just wanted to, but now he can use your actions to help JUSTIFY what he did (In other words, he can now say “I did it because YOU wouldn’t have sex with me). I hope you don’t go for that. Even though he probably needed some, if he wanted to get it from you that badly then all he had to do was just PERFORM the housework. Most times, if a woman tells a man she will “hook him up” he will gladly redo your whole house for you. He will clean gutters, do dishes, walk the damn dog and renovate your living room just on the “speculation” that you might give him “some”… Now once you get MARRIED this whole argument “crumbles to dust.” When you say, “I do” it means that “you do” whenever the moment calls for it. THAT is what marriage is all about. So using the sex card AFTER marriage is NOT the way to handle your business, but BEFORE you get married you have all the impetus to get ALL you can… “WHILE” you can… That sex card can be a pretty powerful thing but be careful when taking it for granted. Here is the Phantom Poet to take this burden off of my shoulders:
When you get married you need to handle your intimate moments smarter
So when it comes to sex, the worse thing you could possibly do is barter
Making love should be your privilege, not just because you want to get paid
Because there are others out there with money who are also willing to trade
For your husband to do housework, there are other things you can do
You can be like most wives and just “complain and argue”
Or if you really want to make your husband a great outstanding guy
Then gladly trade him some housework for a big ole black eye
And if that’s not enough, then surely more will do
You can threaten to punch him and shoot him too
Now you both are in a situation where no lovemaking will begin
Until at least one of you has the “balls” to give in
Now you withheld love from your husband and you shouldn’t have gone there
Because when most men can’t get busy with you, they will find love elsewhere
So your husband decided to have an affair because he couldn’t get his way
And on top of that, no housework was even done by him today
Let’s hope these are not the implications of how your married life will be
Because you’ll have no groceries, no husband, and your house will be filthy
This “trade-off” situation should not be happening with your spouse
And now that he has cheated, you might want to COMPLETELY “clean house”
This kind of behavior is silly, and you both should be hung by your necks
Because when you’re married you are not supposed to trade for sex
So the next time you get married, you might want to consider a few facts
If you want to be particular, then add these clauses in your wedding contracts
And if you want your husband to be happy, then just play to his desire
And NEVER try to engage in having sex… for hire…
”Okay, honey, I’m finished…Can I get my RAISE now?” The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Where has my life gone?)

The other day I drove my daughter someplace and we came across a department building that had changed names several times over the years. I remembered it as being a Borders book store once, then a furniture outlet, then a Halloween store and now it had become a book store again. I asked my daughter how long she figured this book store would last and she said “Not very long.” When I asked her why she said “Because people don’t read books anymore. They download the stories online and read them that way.” A stark revelation just came over me at that point. If that is the case, then no wonder the other book stores went out of business. I didn’t even know that you could read entire books online now. I guess it makes some sense, because as a musician I knew that you could download music online and I have also heard that you can download movies as well. To me, this meant one of two things: Either technology is growing much faster than I can keep up with or I am “getting old.” When cell phones first came out I remember seeing people walking around with these big heavy gadgets strapped to their waist belts with some kind of dial up phone in his or her hands. As fashionable as it was back then it seems just about ridiculous now. How many of you remember an ancient artifact called “pay phones?” They used to be on every other corner, and a lot of them didn’t work because some fool broke it trying to get money out of it and the area would often smell like urination. Where are these pay phones now? When music albums and CD’s with 10 to 12 songs on them became extinct, music sellers like Sam Goody’s and Tower Records went out of business. They also became victims to the internet, because now people can download one song and save money as opposed to buying a CD with 12 songs (with only one song that you like). Then I started to wonder how the record labels make money, only to find out that most of them went out of business too. The ones that are left still control the radio stations (They pay the stations to play ONLY their artists) while the quality of the music on these stations has suffered significantly. So I asked some people in the radio industry how that is working out and they are saying that the stations themselves are “also” suffering financially. It is obvious that “technology” has arrived, but with it has come much confusion. If an artist makes a record, or an author writes a book, or a director makes a movie, how can they hope to get paid if there are no longer any record stores, book outlets or movie theaters? Unemployment is often a result of  no opportunities, and when technology steps in we either have to change with it or suffer because of it. Just how much business does the Post Office do now that email is so prominent? Unless you are sending a big package, there is hardly a use for the mailman now. Also, I got caught up in the “text” era. I just can’t understand why someone would want to take the time to type out a message that can be stated “much quicker” through the use of your own voice. My kids had to actually show me how to text even though it felt so awkward and time consuming.  I have come to the realization that life changes as “we” change, and we should look for ways to stay ahead of the technology that improves our living yet destroys our living standards. I’ve got it now… In this new  and upcoming year I hope to make the most of opportunities that have not gotten here yet, and I hope that you can do so as well.  I hope you all are enjoying the holidays, and have a great day. Here is that holiday misfit, the Santa Poet:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through  our home
The kids went looking for their presents and through the house they did roam
Certain things they wanted but the stores for them were hard to find
That’s when we came to the realization that everything is now bought “online”
I asked them if they wanted to go to the movies, because I bought some tix
They told me that we can order them online through something called Netflix
I wanted to hear some good music that I have not bought in many moons
Instead of going to the store my kids said “Order it from I-tunes”
I needed time to reflect so I wanted to purchase a good book, I proposed
“If you can find one, then go do so, but now all the book stores are closed”
It feels as though I have lost my entire life to my computer and this is where everything is at
So if I want to spend some intimate time with my woman, do I need to go online for THAT?
My kids said that they don’t mean to be disrespectful or even rude
But you can make a sex video and actually post it on Youtube
So even though nothing is stirring, not even a “mouse”
Thanks to the internet, there is no longer a need to leave the house
I guess I have to get used to this, and I guess I will need to conform
And come to grips with the fact that everything must change, and accept the “new norm”

“Ho, ho, ho… Your “old” now”… Santa Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (just a reflection)

Today is Christmas eve, so the Daily Thought today will be a very brief one (plus I doubt very few people will even have time to read it today anyway). I would just like to give thanks for the fact that the world truly did NOT end (according to the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus). That would have really dampened my spirit for today. I would also like to give thanks for my family and friends being intact and still around. When you lose loved ones (especially during this time of year) it can have a tremendous impact on your spirit. I would also like to give thanks to those people who have the loving spirit to care about the victims of Newtown Connecticut. The support that is still coming in shows that there may be hope for us all yet. I would also love to give thanks for those people who appear to NOT have much of a spirit these days. These individuals contribute to our society in one form or another. If we don’t have the bad, then how can we possibly “appreciate” the good? Finally, for today I am thankful for you. Your support has given me the inspiration to do this. I love to be able to touch the world without having to be there physically, and through my Daily Thought I feel I am accomplishing that. I sincerely hope that your spirit today is on an all time high and even though you and I are separated by this computer screen we will always be “connected” in the eyes of the Almighty. Enjoy your day and most of all, enjoy “your” blessings…


The late jazz great Grover Washington, Jr., brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly




Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Today’s “projected” end of the world)

Robin Roberts and Brett JollyFor those of you who are impulsive enough to believe in such stuff, it has been said that today is supposed to be the very “end” of the world. “Whew! I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned over these overdue library books.” According to the Mayhan Calendar, this earth is supposed to actually be destroyed by either a collision with another planet or we are supposed to be sucked into some vast big hole in the universe. In the process, all humanity is supposed to end and all life here will cease to exist. This incident is supposed to result in a slew of natural disasters that lead up to our total destruction. Never mind the fat that the date of Armageddon was originally set for December 24, 2011. Oddly enough, Nostradamus (who predicted a lot of events from his time) also predicted that the world will end on this date through the process of the great comet Nibiru. Seriously, you can’t discredit all of this because there has been a lot of truth to previous predictions made. However, I am a firm believer that this is all in God’s hands and I trust HIS judgment. It is quite possible that this world could destruct based on some natural disaster (or it could end through our own process, because we have things like nuclear bombs designed to kill vast numbers of people). Forgive me if I still go Christmas shopping today. One thing I do know is that “if” the end of the world is impending, then there is not much we can do about it. My formula is simple: If I knew the world was going to be annihilated by some big tsunami then I could either spend my time “worrying” about it or I could just enjoy the few moments that I have left. I will sincerely choose “the latter.” We ALL  have to go at some point, so to me the “quality” of life is very important. Truth be told, I think we ALL need to live life as though today is the end of the world. There would probably be a lot more concern for other people, a lot more sympathy and a LOT more prayer. If this is truly it for today, then I guess this will be my last Daily Thought posted. If so, then I thank all of you who have patronized and supported me over the years. However, if some some strange reason today is NOT the end of the world then I hope you all make the most of your “second” chance.  I try to live by that concept “every” morning I wake up. Hope your day is vibrant and “full” of life and I hope that the future has “great” things in store for us all. Have a great one and let’s hope that our last act is NOT to read this passage from the Phantom Poet:

Today is supposed to be to the day when this world will end
Do you think I could borrow a few dollars if you can lend?
I don’t mind asking you for a few dollars that I can borrow
Just as long as you don’t mind me paying you back… “tomorrow”
Because the end of the world is supposed to be coming here today
So hopefully I can be excused from any and all debts I have to pay
The total figure of what I owe is just about anyone’s guess
but now may be the time when I can give the finger to the IRS
How we intend to live our last moments will be up to us to choose
I will go find the prettiest woman and ask to marry her (what do I have to lose?)
I will take all my money and go for a long ride in a cab
and order MANY drinks in a bar and tell them to put it on my tab
There are many things in my life I wanted to do and hopefully I will find
my sexy third grade teacher, so I can “slap” her on the behind
I ALWAYS wanted to do that when I was a little child
Since the world is ending now is my opportunity to go buck wild
But that is not the way to act, especially if all are going to be dead
We need to find ways to repent and live the good life instead
But since my salvation is important, I guess the main thing I need to do,
Is say that I have enjoyed life and to everyone, “I love you”….

“STILL looking for my old third grade teacher, though”… The Phantom Poet

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