Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The good and the bad in people)

As we all know, no one is perfect. People make mistakes, and some mistakes are worse than others. However, does that make necessarily them bad people? Recently I saw a post that said “What about all the great things that Bill Cosby did for people? Considering what he was just convicted of, should we forget about all those other good deeds he has done?” Mr. Cosby has helped to put many people through schools. He has donated money to charitable events. He portrayed a very positive imagine up until these last few years. I realize that all the good things he has done doesn’t excuse “any” of the bad deeds he has recently been accused of, but does that mean we just totally ignore them? How many of us who strive to be good can honestly say that our lives have been so perfect that we never did anything bad? I am by no means defending him. Sexual assault is a very bad crime and if any one I know had been victimized I would be very upset. The one thing I do realize about people in general is that most people have different sides to them. The same person who is nice could very easily have a “demonic” side about him or her that no one may be aware of. How do you view people? Do you judge them by the surface or do you try to dig down into their lives to understand them? For instance, if a man is physically abusive to his wife then on the outside that is considered a crime. However, if you find out that this man was himself abused by his family growing up then maybe it is possible that this man just needs help. There could be many different reasons for why people react the way they do. I try to be fair in my assessment of everyone. A huge drug dealer in a neighborhood would probably be considered by authorities as a criminal, but what if he was taking all the money he made and helping out families that needed it? What would your views be on this person? Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. What classification would you put him in? People are who they are, and in order to truly know someone you need to go beyond the surface. Maybe if more people did that, then our initial judgments of people wouldn’t be so bad… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

The Emotions (You got the best of my love and Boogie wonderland) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Bill Cosby found guilty in trial)

In my hometown (not far from where I live) comedian Bill Cosby was retried for assault. Once considered “America’s favorite dad” Cosby was one of a “very few” favorite Black role models left at that time. Just about everyone respected him (and loved him). Cosby was accused of sexually violating a woman and many people (including me) never thought he would ever be found guilty. For me, it didn’t necessarily mean that I thought he never did it. I just felt that with his money, fame and his popularity that he could ever be “proven” guilty. The real issue here is what they can do with him. At his age, putting him in jail would be paramount to killing him. He can’t see and he is way too feeble to properly survive in a prison cell. They can make him pay money for restitution. That he has plenty of, but I just can’t imagine any judge putting this guy in jail. His career is ruined now, but at his age there wasn’t much more he could do anyway. I believe the lawyers for Cosby were pinning all their hopes on one witness who claimed that his accuser was lying. A lady by the name of Marguerite was called to testify and she told her story. This lady was one of my models I once featured with the red bass guitar. Her picture is below. Reaction to Cosby’s verdict drew a split response from just about everyone I talked to. Cosby is Black and his accusers were White (the good thing is that race wasn’t mentioned as a focal point of this court case. I have no idea if it was a point when it came to reaching a verdict.) The one thing I do know is that now there are a ton of other men who are being taken to court over sexual inappropriate behavior. If they can get Cosby, do you think they will get the rest of these guys too? At this point what are the chances that they will get to the President? Stay tuned, for I have a feeling this show is only “just beginning.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Marguerite, who testified in the Bill Cosby trial


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (A song taken from last night at my musical event)

Last night we celebrated the birthday of Benny Barksdale. He is the sax player in my group. As usual, when we celebrate birthdays we try to do songs that feature the birthday person. We did quite a few yesterday, but this particular song I wanted to feature today. I have always loved this song. I had to sing it yesterday (I might have messed up a line or two) but I think otherwise it went rather well. We had a “packed audience” yesterday and it turned out to be a really awesome night. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What you need to know about being arrested)

You may think that only the bad people go to jail. However, that is not always true. Sometimes it only take the “accusation” of someone doing a crime to send that person to prison. In a lot of cases, if you can prove that you didn’t do it then they won’t take you away, but if you are in a position where you can’t prove it then your chances of being retained are much greater. I have a friend who was in jail for the past few months. The accusations leveled against him were serious in nature but couldn’t be proven. In truth, he spent time in jail mostly for priors he had (small in nature) but he would never have gone if these big charges were not levied against him. If they could have made the serious charges stick then he would probably still be in jail now (but he is home). His story is an interesting one and I hope to tell it one day. When I first read the charges against him I said “No, this is not right.” My friend was crazy at times, but he was never that bad. Well, he stayed in jail for a while until they finally realized there was not enough evidence to keep him there. What happened to him could easily have happened to you or me, and that is why I am posting this today. The biggest difference between an accused offender and someone who is innocent is “proof.” The people doing the arresting don’t know the circumstances so they only go according to what they can verify. If your story can’t exonerate you then their only option is to cart you off to jail. You should never put yourself in position where you can even be “associated” with a crime. That includes “hanging with people who you know are violating the law as well.” Once they go to jail, you will go along with them simply because you decided to tag along. People who are innocent should never have to go to jail, but innocent people have been put there before (and some for long periods of time). Plan your events wisely, and try your best to stay away from anything that could be deemed “trouble.” In the end you may be glad you did. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly and Robin Roberts from the tv show “Good morning America”

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Vanilla Ice)

“”Many” years ago this guy came on the music scene with a song (that was sampled or stolen from another hit song) that ultimately became a big hit. He was in a genre that mostly featured African Americans and still managed to top out at number one on the charts. If I remember correctly the song made about 9 million dollars. The song was entitled “Ice, ice baby” and the rapper’s name was Vanilla Ice. For those of you “young enough” to remember, here is the actual song:

Of course, once this song became a big hit, his image was slandered by “many.” I remember he was once accused of stealing lyrics, and many people didn’t like the fact that he made it so big so quickly (and unfortunately, the fact that he was White probably had a lot to do with this as well). Well, after this song, his music career eventually “sank” in quicksand. Most rappers rarely still hang around after their music career is done, but this guy is now into “home remodeling” and from what I hear he has done significantly well with it. He has a show entitled the “Vanilla Ice Project” and on this program he fixes up homes. I have never seen the show, but if he made 14 million from it then evidently he is doing something right. He had fallen on bad times and even did drugs in attempts to kill himself. Here is his story about how bad things had gotten:

The true quality of someone’s life should be determined not from where they came from but rather from where they are heading. Today this man has a family and has money. How many ex rappers can even say that? Congrats to Vanilla Ice and his journey to stay afloat. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What is fake news?)

If you think about it carefully, everything we have learned is from news that we have encountered. Most times we assumed that it was true, but what if it wasn’t? What if “most” of what you have heard (and learned) wasn’t true at all? How would you know? What would you do? Most of your life you were taught that milk is good for you. Then all of a sudden you hear that it is not. Cholesterol was supposed to be bad for you, but now they are saying that not “all” cholesterol is bad. Cars need to have their oil changed every 3,000 miles, but is that really true? Fake news is usually what other folk “want” you to hear. They want to influence you to act and to think a certain way. Remember the ebola virus? There was talk about there being “no” cure for it at that time. It killed about 6,000 people in Africa and everyone was afraid that it would reach here in the United States. Well, it finally “did” reach here, and right after the carrier died we “amazingly” found a cure for it. If we had the cure all along, then why couldn’t it have been used to help save the 6,000 who died in Africa?  Now there is talk about how fake news has been used to influence elections, dictate legislation and control behavior. Do you think you might have been a victim to fake news? We will never know until we “go beyond” the surface of what we hear and do “our own extensive research.” You can’t really control what you see and what you hear. If you don’t have the time to verify what you have heard then do you just automatically assume that it is true? We rely “heavily” on media such as television, radio, Facebook and others for our information, but can we guarantee everything that is being put out on these social medias? I have heard and seen so many different things on the President, his revolving door cabinet, his infidelities and his involvement with Russia. However, until it is “confirmed” how do I know if any of it is true? Could it all be fake news? “Sure it can.” Of course, that doesn’t necessarily meant that it is. If you should never judge a book by it’s cover then you should never judge a story by it’s cover article. Be willing to go to “several sources” if necessary to make your story complete, not just one. Be skeptical whenever something just doesn’t feel right. Others may be fooled, but you don’t  have to be. Fake news is out there, and what you hear may not be what is reliable. Be wise, and be skeptical. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Michael Jackson

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Red Bass guitar shoot with Patricia)

Patricia is a very good singer who loves to continually do new material. She has a firm love of life and is so pleasant to speak to. When I talked to her about doing pictures with the red bass guitar she was more than receptive to the idea. We picked a good day and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy her pictures. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Philadelphia Starbucks incident)

At first when I read about this story I wasn’t sure of how to react. On the surface it had all the look of a racial bias incident. For those who don’t know the story, 2 Black men were waiting in a Starbucks in Philadelphia for another man to come in and have a meeting. While they were there someone had asked them if they wanted anything and they declined the offer. One of the men understood when he was told that he couldn’t use the bathroom because he wasn’t a paying customer. If you would like to read the full story here is the link:

Let’s examine the facts of this case. First, a lot of places will tell you that if you are not a paying customer then you cannot use the bathroom. That makes sense to me. Normally places like this want you to purchase something from them because they are a business designed to make money. If you are occupying their space it detracts from others who might want to buy their products or services. I understand all of that. Now let’s look at the other side. For many, Starbucks has been a place where a LOT of people meet up for meetings. In fact, I can’t think of any other place where more private business meetings have been held. I, myself, have had meetings there (and no, I don’t like coffee). Since these men weren’t buying anything, should they have been arrested and escorted out by policemen? On the surface, this looks very bad because the men arrested were Black. One of those men had been a long time patron of this establishment. Just because both men were Black I don’t necessarily like to call it a racial issue, but then you have to ask yourself, “Would this have happened if the men had not been Black?” Because of the heightened awareness of racial issues in our society it is difficult to ignore the impact of this case. There may be other parts of this story that have not yet been divulged as well. I do know that if Starbucks is going to be one of those places for meetings then it may need to revise the policy of having people pay for services in order to congregate there. I am not calling for any type of boycott against Starbucks… at least not yet… I would like to see what results they can come up with to help rectify this situation and go from there. Every place needs to check it’s policies to make sure you don’t violate the rights of your customers. Hopefully this situation can find a solution that is amicable to all. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Comedian Kris Tucker, brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly

Chris Tucker

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Watch out for the scammers)

Scammers are still heavy on the prowl, and they collect a lot of money from people who are unaware. They will call you and tell you that your account is overdrawn or that you can take advantage of a lower interest rate. They called me and told me that my Visa was in bad standing and that I needed to pay them to catch up. I immediately smelled a rat and I asked them which Visa they were referring to (In other words, I wanted to see if they knew my number). They told me that I already knew which account was in bad standing and they demanded that I pay immediately. I told them, “If you don’t know my number, then how can you possibly know if I am delinquent in payment or not?” They then told me to give them my account number (because they don’t like to mention it over the phone) and then they will tell me just how much money I owe. For the record, I already knew that ALL of my accounts were in good standing, so I just wanted to see how far these guys were willing to go before I busted them. I then asked them what bank they represented and they said “The one for your Visa.” That was the wrong answer. I then told them that I was going to report this number to the authorities for fraud, and as soon as I said that they hung up. When I tried to call them back the number was amazingly “not in service.” Scammers will now call your cell phone. Scammers will do and say anything to get your information. If they call you and you are not sure, then tell them  you will call them right back after you “check your information.” Then call the number on the back of your card. Right after I talked to these people I called all of my cards to check and found I was not delinquent on “any” of them. When people call you for money make sure they have all the information needed. They need to know your name, your bank  name and they need to know your account number already (at least the last 4 numbers). Even if they do have this information, make sure to call them right back after you “check” your account. Scammers collect a lot of money from unsuspecting people all the time. Don’t be one of them. Put them on the defensive and see how they react. Know your accounts well enough to be able to question them (without giving them any personal information). Don’t become a victim. Hopefully this message will help someone. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly

Brett new

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What if?)

Today’s Daily Thought may anger some people and it might confuse others, but I would like to bring out some hypothetical possibilities that many would not consider. How would you feel if most of what you have been taught was not exactly accurate or true? What if we had NEVER landed on the moon? What if JFK had been killed by someone else other than Lee Harvey Oswald? What if Michael Jackson and Tupac were still alive? What if Jesus Christ didn’t look anything like the pictures we have seen? It is tough relying on the facts and observations of others because their depictions may not have been precise at all. If we had not been there then “the only thing we have is what others tell us.” Does that make them right? Our history is often augmented to make certain things look good (even if they weren’t that good to start with). I would strongly suggest you Google the “real” story of Christopher Columbus to see if he “really did discover America” or if it was discovered by a person (or people) other then him. The real story might well surprise you. There have been several different philosophies on whether or not we landed on the moon. If you go to and search you might be
“shocked” at what you find. There are videos that show proof that we “never” landed on the moon as they say we did. There is even video footage of a flag that seems to “blow in the wind” (of course, that can’t happen because there is NO wind on the moon). There are now newer theories about who killed JFK and while someone knows the real truth it has still not been revealed it yet. Speculation about Michael Jackson and Tupac have been rampant for a long time about both of them actually still being alive. I find interesting the fact that history doesn’t make a lot of mention about what Jesus Christ actually looked like. He was from the Egypt area where most people had darker color skin (however this would not necessarily make him Black or African American). The current pictures we all see of him tend to give him certain physical features that may not be accurate at all. In fact, here is an article I found in regards to his appearance:

Based of the image portrayed by others, if Christ did come back probably no one would recognize him. We have history to rely upon, but we all need to remember what history is: “His-story.” It is what others have said, based on the truth that they “think” they know. I am not telling anyone that what they have learned is a lie, but there is nothing wrong with digging deeper into knowledge to learn more. Sometimes having that extra knowledge can make the biggest difference in your life. You can spend your life depending on others, or you can find out for yourself. There is nothing wrong with being self taught. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Bonnie Raitt in concert with Brett Jolly on bass