Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How I think we should all combat racism”)

Racism has increased it’s awareness significantly over the last decade. There has been a rise in White Nationalism and hate of others who are different, but can any of it be truly justified? People who ¬†claim to be of a “pure” race may be “anything but pure” without them even knowing. Think about it. Each person’s DNA is different because there is no way to verify the ancestry of everyone in your family line. Even twin brothers or sisters can have different DNA. If you are a White person with 1% Black within you, then technically you are “NOT purely White.” If you look at most Black folk you can “visibly see” that they are not of “perfect African heritage” because their skin color would be “significantly dark” as opposed to “relatively dark.” Some people will go with “how they look or who they relate to” but that is NOT a certified guarantee of what (or who) you are. In order to figure out your “true” ethnicity you would have to verify your mother and father, their parents, and the parents behind each of them (and so on). Depending on how far back generations go your clarifications could be “endless.” The chances of you finding a genetic line so pure that it only shows one specific race should be “extremely rare.” If this sounds confusing then maybe this article will help:

The truth of the matter is that if most White Supremacists took DNA of their family line into account there would probably be a LOT LESS White Supremacists active today. Naturally if they cannot verify their “entire” family history then their claim of being pure is only “opinion and speculation.” I would love to see EVERYONE get a DNA test, because there are so many different ethnicities out there that I just can’t imagine anyone being of only one race anymore. For those people who claim to be ONLY one ethnicity I would simply tell them “PROVE IT.” If they can’t, then they could be just as Black (or Asian, or Indian, etc) as anyone else. Racism is a perceived concept based on “what we THINK we know.” Hatred based on racism shows ignorance. Your race does not determine who you are…. Your content of character does. When someone comes up to you and declares that they are better than you based on race alone, just simply tell them to “prove it… in fact, prove ALL of it…” If they can’t do that, then ALL they are doing is talking loud… “but saying nothing…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Singers Wayne Brady (Host of Lets make a deal) and Kenny Lattimore in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Interview with Mo’Nique. Is her argument valid?”)

This woman has earned an Oscar as an actress and is an extremely funny comedienne. She has a tremendous story to tell about her career and the ups and downs she has gown through in the business. I was privileged enough to actually meet this woman. Her views may differ from others in the same position. I don’t need to say a lot about her situation, because it is stated in her interview. Do you think she is correct? I invite you to check this out for yourself and make your “own” conclusion. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Finally got to see the Black Panther movie”)

No, this is NOT a spoiler alert. I have no intentions of revealing anything juicy about the new Black Panther movie. However, I will say that it was “great” to see a movie with a mostly Black cast that didn’t have to rely on the customary Black stereotypes to be entertaining. It had a good plot to it, It was “somewhat” credible (especially when you compare it with other films out there). It featured some true facts about life in Africa. However, these were not the reasons why the movie was so good. The storyline was good and (even though the beginning was a little bit confusing) it all added up and made sense in the end. A lot of times editors will kill a movie by cutting out vital scenes that help to tie everything together. For this picture you will figure out just about everything once you get to the end. I checked to see the racial makeup of the audience and found that half of them were White, and that was very encouraging to see. The reasons I like this movie are NOT based on racial statistics. I like it because (to me) the movie was “just great.” The real story will be told when the awards come out for movies. Of course some will say that this movie didn’t get represented correctly when it comes to the Oscars. Others will say that this movie got represented “solely because of it’s racial makeup.” I say that if you have not seen it, then go check it out and make your “own” conclusions. My sincerest hope is that this movie will “open the doors” to others so they can see that Black people don’t ¬†always have to portray pimps, ho’s, and drug dealers in order to make a movie entertaining. I took my kids and they also enjoyed this. Hopefully you will too. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Gary US Bonds (I danced till a quarter to 3) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Would it make sense to arm teachers in school?”)

President Donald Trump has recently called for arming a small significant amount of teachers in the classrooms. In his view this would be a type of self defense for violence like the incident that just happened in Florida recently. Would that work as a deterrent or could that possibly cause even more problems? There are people who are strongly against this and you can read about it here:

Often there are “innocent victims” in crimes. There are people who have been killed by stray bullets and people who were in the wrong places at the wrong time. As much as guns were used to kill people do we honestly believe that the answer is simply to have “more guns?” Also, for some reason I keep envisioning some teacher waving a firearm in the air saying “I JUST KNOW you’re going to get an A out of THIS class.” I read the article yesterday from a prominent figure at the NRA who lambasted the media about his rights. He kept mentioning that people want to take away his guns. I honestly have never heard that mentioned. I DID hear where people wanted stronger background checks and tests so that it would not be so easy for a deranged person to obtain a gun. No offense to Trump, but I just don’t think that answer is to just “arm EVERYONE.” Once I see a little 6 year old girl start bringing guns to school that will be it for me. I can’t imagine why the answer seems so difficult to this. Stronger gun laws will make it much more difficult for people with mental illness or a deranged mind to kill. A LOT of these people make their intentions known on Facebook and other social media. You can ALREADY SEE the warning signs posted on their pages. If you interview them they will probably “TELL YOU” what they plan to do with the gun. WHY ARM them so easily with the weapons they seek to reek the carnage they want? I realize that there are some people out there who will strongly disagree with me, but that is only because they have not become victims yet to a crazy person with a gun. I would love to see a law where anyone who sells a gun to someone without a background check is deemed “just as responsible” as the perpetrator and is subjected to jail time as well. I bet THAT will alleviate a lot of this. Needless to say, if a politician accepts money from the NRA then his views are influenced and affected by the ones who supported him. That is another argument for another time. Guns don’t kill. The people who use the guns do. Take away their guns and avoid the loss of life… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Dee Dee Sharp (“the Mashed Potatoes”) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass

Dee Dee Sharp

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Gun control issues… When will this ever stop?”)

A 19 year old kid can go buy a gun “legally” without a background check. He has social rants on Facebook, joins social hate groups and vibes with them about the people he wants to kill and yet the people in charge want to fight for his “right to obtain a gun.” The “powers that be” say that they don’t believe the gun laws alone will stop or halt this activity, so they continue to fight for the rights of those who advocate violence. You have to go through a test to drive a car. You have to go through a background check to receive credit. You don’t have to go though a test to obtain a gun. What’s wrong with this picture? Just check out what the parents of the slain children are saying in this article:

The lack of gun control makes us all victims. We have the power to engage in extensive background checks that are needed. Since this 19 year old shot up an entire school and told many others of his intentions, can you imagine what he probably would have said if they had just done a background interview on him? This could “more than likely” have been averted before anyone was killed. A gun doesn’t go off by itself. People have to shoot it for it to work, and if we have tests and background checks for everything else then we need to have them for gun ownership. When politicians accept money from the NRA it makes things way more difficult for them to legislate for background checks. As far as I am concerned, those people need to be “terminated immediately.” When the “powers that be” want to put up a wall and bar “suspected terrorists” from entering the country, you would like to think that they are looking out for your best interest. However, if you get shot and killed by a terrorist who got guns legally in your country will that make a difference to you? We need to “know” who the people are that are accepting money from the NRA and we need to make sure these people “never get elected again.” We need to realize that as a collective people we are “stronger” than the NRA and if necessary we will make sure the background checks and laws are implemented to protect ourselves. This has gone on long enough. Our kids are not safe in school anymore, and that is because certain powers want to protect the rights of shooters rather than the life of our kids. You can ignore this if you like, but once it happens to you (or someone in your family) then you will see the “full significance” of this. A 19 year old kid with a history like this kid should NOT have been able to secure a weapon of any kind “legally.” Until we recognize that we can look for “more of the same.” God help us if we can’t make this right… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Johnny gil and Bobby Brown with Brett Jolly


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Musical impersonators… Does this work for you?”)

“Tribute bands.” When you pay your money to see them, do you think you are truly getting your money’s worth? Right now some of these Tribute bands are doing rather well. They “impersonate” the actual artists and some people will pay to see them. In a lot of cases some of the actual artists are dead or no longer able to perform, so these people will “pretend” to be them onstage for money. For many groups that were well established 15 to 20 years ago you wouldn’t even know who was original or not. There are a couple of Stylistics out there. There are a couple of Delfonics performing. At one point there were a couple of Temptations out there. There are many Platters out there. There are tribute bands for the Beatles and Tina Turner (I actually played for one, and she had a very big production going on). I have even heard of a Billy Joel tribute band out there. Does it matter to you whether or not you are seeing the original artists perform? I have heard the debate that some people don’t believe that an artist should make money off of the fame of another. However, if the originals are dead then does that mean that the music cannot be carried on? I played once for Jackie Wilson’s son, who not only looks but in many instances “sounds and dances” just like his father. He is NOT his father, but he is still entertaining to see. He admitted that he didn’t even realize that Jackie was his father until later on in his life, and now he is enjoying the benefits of his heritage. Also, I once played for a group who actually “stole” the name of the group they tried to impersonate. This group called themselves “The Futures” and they didn’t realize that one of the original members lived on my block. I informed the original member and he “made sure” to be in attendance for this show. No one lives forever. At some point we all have our dates with destiny. Do you believe that their music has to die with them, or should others be allowed to carry their music on? As with just about everything, money can make the difference. The question here is whether or not people “even know” what they are paying for. What works for you? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Michael Jackson

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is Fergie’s version of the National Anthem the worst ever?)

Okay, the other day we had that NBA All Star game, and Fergie started it off by singing the National Anthem. I didn’t get to see it but I heard people say that it was the worst version of the National Anthem ever, so naturally I “had to see this for myself.” First of all, I always considered Fergie to be a decent singer, so I thought to myself, “It can’t be THAT bad…” For those of you who missed it, you can catch it during this link:

So after reviewing the video I noticed that her singing may not have been that great, but I would not list it as the worst of all time. I have definitely heard worse. The first person I would blame for this horrid rendition was the person who put together that music for her to sing to. I listened to the music chords and to me they just didn’t fit. I doubt anyone could have sung to it correctly. I heard notes and chords that didn’t sound anything like the National Anthem and I would love to know whose deaf ear was used to put this tragedy together. I have sung the National Anthem before and to be honest I don’t think I could have followed that musical catastrophe. For the record, it should be difficult for any singer to sing the right notes when the music is not correct, and the sample she had was awful to me. I am not trying to let her off the hook or give Fergie any excuses for this at all though. She should have gone over the song to make sure it was right first, and if it didn’t sound right then she should have sung the song acapella (without music). She may not think it was that bad, but if the musical foundation for the song is wrong, then the singing will be judged along with it. This rendition may be popular for all the wrong reasons, and it is sad that this version was owned and done by Fergie. Hopefully she can do another popular gig so that people can hear how she really sounds. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
Wayne Brady (Host of “Let’s Make a Deal”) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass