Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Another memorable moment at my live Wednesday night event”)

My Wednesday nights at the Crab Tavern in Darby, Pennsylvania, are so magical. The audiences are “always packed” and the talent that has come through has been “phenomenal.” I host the event and it is arguably the “number one open mic event in the city.” We have a live band that will take everyone’s requests and “actually play them.” Most times we never know what song the artist wants to do until they come up to the microphone and actually tell us. If it is a song that we have never heard before we will take a small moment to listen online and then “play it.” If you are ever in the Philadelphia area on a Wednesday night and are looking for a great night of entertainment you need to come out and join us. It is so much fun with great food and an awesome live band. This particular feature is a gentleman by the name of Dwight K. Smith. He is electricity onstage, and in this particular performance he rocked the place. I am the one in the orange shirt playing the red bass guitar to the left of your screen. I hope you enjoy this number. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A very poor choice of words”)

When it comes to the violence that just happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, much of the nation seems to be coming together to combat racial hatred from bigots. Those White Nationalists who demonstrated and managed to kill and injure others came there with intentions of stirring up anger and engaging confrontation. How in the world could any hate group “not expect” backlash? It is because of the nature of these people that I find it “very disappointing” to hear the words recently uttered by President Donald Trump when he said,  “I think there is blame on both sides.” The comment was ill timed and obviously not thought out very well. Even if there had been “any semblance of truth to what he said” the remark was not appropriate under any circumstances to make. I realize that Trump has to appease this group to some degree because they represent a major part of the contingency that helped him get elected. However, the more he speaks on it the more it appears his popularity gets deeply mired in quicksand. There is “no defense” the President can give to the hate mob that gathered, and if he cannot accept that then his 4 years will be a much steeper climb for him than he realizes. In defense of Trump I will say that he has a very “difficult job” to do. His failed agendas have not won him any new fans and his team seems to be in constant disarray. As much hatred as President Obama endured during his Presidency I think Trump’s ordeal right now might be even worse. He can’t even expect to win support from his own party. I really don’t want him to fall. In fact, I don’t think anyone should want a President to fall, but it seems to be clearer now more than ever that this man does not have what it takes to be the leader of the United States of America. I don’t know if he can rebound successfully from these last comments he made but I do know that now might be the time for him to drum up some form of “diversion.” Don’t be surprised if something new comes up regarding North Korea (or anything else along that scale) to help take our minds off of this issue. It still won’t make anyone forget. Hatred and bigotry should never be supported and you definitely cannot “let them off the hook by sharing the blame.” Trump’s team is now trying to figure out ways to make his comments “go away.” I wish them luck. Thank you for checking out my Daily thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Jerry Butler in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Diversity and your God given gifts”)

What is truly awesome about the human race are our many”differences.” Everyone is “unique.” People are born into different circumstances, different cultures, different desires with abilities.  I recently talked to someone about a man in a relationship who was a musician. It had been reported that the man was making ” only a moderate amount of money” doing what he loved to do, and that was making music. His wife asked him to get serious about life and get a regular job that could possibly pay him more money. His response was that he had a “God given ability” to play and entertain others and that made him happy. For the sake of his woman (or family) should he have given up his desire to play? I can relate to this situation because I myself play music for a living and on several occasions I actually had a 9 to 5 job that I tried to sustain. I was not happy at all, and  while the overall pay was a little better I had to work longer hours just to make that amount. I was an apartment manager and I had to deal with many different issues from people. Others were getting laid off due to the economic state of the company and their duties were being assigned to me. At one point I actually “wished” that I would get fired. The job was having an effect on my health and mental state and each day I regretted entering the building. Finally, the day came when I was “officially terminated” from the job. The company was struggling and I knew it was just a matter of time. However, when they alerted me I was probably the “happiest fired man ever.” Of course, I could have looked for another job in the same line of work, but I didn’t want to go through that same struggles and adversity. I realized that playing music made me happy, and while there are a LOT of struggling musicians out there wishing they made more money, I just came to the realization that I needed to “hustle a LOT more” to be financially comfortable. I now play just about every day each week but I am doing what I love to do and in most situations I can sleep later than most folks working a regular job. Money is “not” the cure for a better living. If you are stressed out and not happy then what good is your money? Do what you love to do, but make sure you do it with the dedication of “making it work.” You will spend a lot less time on doctor visits (smile) and maybe even live longer. I actually look forward to working (even though I find myself getting tired more). Someone asked me when I will stop playing. My response was “When they close the lid.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Patti Labelle (in white) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

Patti Labelle and Brett


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Watching out for predators”)

This is a true story that a lot of young women need to hear. This young woman was lured into false promises of doing a modeling photo shoot and it turned out to be her worst nightmare. For those of you who have not heard this story before here is the link:

The most important thing to know is that just because something “sounds great” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. For every “opportunity” out there people need to do “investigative homework.” You can find reviews on “just about everything” when you Google search it online. If that doesn’t bring results then you need to ask to see samples of the agency’s work. If necessary, you may even need to speak to former models who have worked with this agency. Also, if you are going to visit someone for the very first time you need to leave that person’s name, address and any other pertinent details with someone you trust “just in case” something doesn’t go right. The sad part about this incident is that this will make it more difficult for honest photographers to be trusted by models. I do photo shoots all the time and I “invite everyone” to check out my credentials. I provide samples and I take a lot of pictures. The reason I do a lot of model photography is that my name is “very well known and trusted.” Whenever my daughter models for other photographers I ask her to leave me the details of the person (or people) that she is going to work with. I ask her if she has worked with these people before or if they are new. There are some really bad people out here who will prey on others if given the chance. Whether it is modeling, dancing, or anything else that “sounds like a great opportunity” you need use your investigative skills before going anywhere. This particular story had a good ending but there are many other cases that didn’t. Use your head and make sure you don’t become the next statistic. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Miracles (“I’m just a love machine” and “Ooh, baby, baby”) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Would this be right or wrong?”)

I know of a female who has plans to go out on a date with some new guy for the very first time (This is a true story). This lady has already said that she will suggest they go to the most best 5 star restaurant she can find so that she can order the most expensive items on the menu. The question that comes to mind is “Why?” Is this an attempt to “test” the man’s money or his resolve to do the best for her? Is she wrong or right to do so? I guess a lot would depend on what her agenda is. If she feels that she is “worth” the most expensive places to eat, then she may just be “right.” However, if this is the case then why suggest anything at all to him? She can simply wait and see if the man decides on his own to take her to a 5 star place. Men like to please women (especially on the first date) and it “could” be possible that he had plans to take her to this restaurant anyway. When a woman makes this kind of suggestion from the start she could win the battle but in the end she could “lose the war.” A man will take note that a woman has expensive tastes, and I can guarantee that if the relationship builds up then down the line that can come back to haunt her. You only get one “first impression” and if you appear to be a gold digger from the very onset then that could set a bad precedent. Down the road he may feel that he can get anything he wants from her as long as he pays for it first. Is it better for a woman to be with a rich man who barely respects her or is it better to be with a man who is barely living up to his needs but yet will give “everything he has?” Does a relationship that hinges on money have any chance to be genuine and happy? Also, if she suggests that they go to the expensive place should he feel privileged to “expect anything in return that evening?” Sometimes that first impression could ignite the wrong response. Please keep in mind that there are no laws or anything stating that a woman has to accept anything less than what she feels she deserves (and there are also no laws that state that she should owe a man anything for taking her out). If she plans to sleep with him after their very expensive date he will probably “appreciate that a LOT.” However, the novelty on this may wear off as they try to build a long good life together. Everyone is different, and what may work for one is not always guaranteed to work for everyone. Respect goes both ways, and hopefully both can show respect for each other when going out on dates. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones”) in concert with Brett Jolly on red bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Red Bass Guitar Photo shoot with Ciara”)

Ciara is a young lady who obviously has a bright future. This photo shoot was actually done with 3 people, her, her mother and her sister. Her mother explained that she was not overly excited about modeling but on this particular day she “showed out.” It was a real pleasure to work with her and I hope to have more sessions in the near future with her and her family. I hope you enjoy her pictures. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Should we really care about what other people think?”)

I realize that there are people who are genuine in their desires to help. I also realize there are people out there with ulterior motives when it comes to events in “your” life. When certain people make it a point to involve themselves and take over in your business then it may be time to make a proper assessment. There are some questions you may need to ask yourself. First, what is their real purpose for putting themselves so heavily into your life? Are they doing so because they sincerely care or are they simply trying to control and manipulate you? Some people are unhappy and only want others to be unhappy with them. You need to know if your “friend” is truly your “friend.” Next, are they really that knowledgeable about your situation that they are considered “experts” on all you do? These kinds of people are usually listed as “know-it-alls” and it is often amazing how accurate they are when it comes to them being “inaccurate.” Next, since they consider themselves to be such great experts, are their own lives so great that you would consider them the perfect role models to emulate? I often find that the people who try to govern your life the most are the ones who usually have “terrible circumstances of their own.” I do understand that most people love to engage in human judgment. They will quickly judge your situation without even knowing one third of your story. They will fill you with doubt and confusion whenever they can, simply because they can. The trick comes in “recognizing” these people for who and what they are. When you ask yourself these questions you may come up with a better assessment as to what they are really about. Don’t get me wrong… there are people who are genuine in their concerns for the welfare of others. Those people we all may need to listen to. However, for the ones who interject themselves into your business simply for the sake of “pushing your buttons” you may need to separate yourself from them. When you start to worry so much about what other people think you are only adding more to your stress levels. When certain people “leave your life” it can be  more of a blessing than a curse. Rid yourself of a lot of negativity and “don’t look back.” No matter what you do people are going to talk about you. Stop worrying about the things you cannot control and start smiling again. You deserve better, but only if you believe it for yourself… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Jean Carn in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar

Jean Carne