Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Mislabeled drugs allegedly found at Prince estate?”)

I just recently read an article that said that there were mislabeled drugs found at Prince’s estate. The report also states that there were no prescriptions for any of those drugs and one of them even had someone else’s name on it. The late megastar singer passed away months ago and there was a lot of speculation over his death. From what I do know, Prince was an extreme health nut. He was always looking to take care of his body and eat right. Because of this I find it ” highly suspicious” that he would take such disregard when it came to drugs and the effects of them. Here is the article:

Now consider this: Both Prince and Michael Jackson died from alleged unintended drug usage. In other words, neither of them meant to overdose on the drugs they were taking. Also consider this: Both of them were just about to get huge monetary rewards from their perspective record labels. Jackson had won money from Sony while Prince had just won back the rights to his own music from Warner Brothers.  Both of these entertainers were considered health conscious during their careers. Of course, since the body of Prince has now been cremated there is nothing left to “re-examine.” You may want to keep this in mind as well: Whenever a popular singer dies the sale of their music “skyrockets.” People go out and buy their music as a form of memorabilia. The money can’t go to the deceased, so it goes to those who still own the rights to the songs. My good friend, actor Clifton Davis, actually wrote one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs “Never can say goodbye.” When Michael died, I asked him if he was happy becoming rich. He just smiled at me and said “The checks just keep on coming.” This can explain why popular artists who have drug issues are never helped out by their perspective labels. Everybody knows it when an entertainer has drug problems, but no one seems to want to intercede and help out. That’s because they can make more money once the artist dies. “Someone” has to get paid from the surge in sales. “Drug overdose” appears to be the new conventional method for making someone disappear. I cannot say this for sure (because I don’t have any proof) but it is amazing how Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Rick James, Phyllis Hyman,Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Micheal Jackson and Prince all succumbed to the perils of drug abuse when they all knew what they were doing could kill them. It is also amazing the record companies didn’t even try to get them any help for their addictions. As suspicious as it feels, there isn’t much more that can be proven (or unproven) at this point. None of the drugs were prescription and yet they were found at the estates and allegedly used by the victims. Conveniently we can’t get any explanations from the deceased. All we can do now is  just close the chapters whether we believe these stories or not. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Actor/singer Clifton Davis singing “Never can say goodbye” with Brett Jolly in concert

Clifton Davis


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