Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Mislabeled drugs allegedly found at Prince estate?”)

I just recently read an article that said that there were mislabeled drugs found at Prince’s estate. The report also states that there were no prescriptions for any of those drugs and one of them even had someone else’s name on it. The late megastar singer passed away months ago and there was a lot of speculation over his death. From what I do know, Prince was an extreme health nut. He was always looking to take care of his body and eat right. Because of this I find it ” highly suspicious” that he would take such disregard when it came to drugs and the effects of them. Here is the article:

Now consider this: Both Prince and Michael Jackson died from alleged unintended drug usage. In other words, neither of them meant to overdose on the drugs they were taking. Also consider this: Both of them were just about to get huge monetary rewards from their perspective record labels. Jackson had won money from Sony while Prince had just won back the rights to his own music from Warner Brothers.  Both of these entertainers were considered health conscious during their careers. Of course, since the body of Prince has now been cremated there is nothing left to “re-examine.” You may want to keep this in mind as well: Whenever a popular singer dies the sale of their music “skyrockets.” People go out and buy their music as a form of memorabilia. The money can’t go to the deceased, so it goes to those who still own the rights to the songs. My good friend, actor Clifton Davis, actually wrote one of Michael Jackson’s hit songs “Never can say goodbye.” When Michael died, I asked him if he was happy becoming rich. He just smiled at me and said “The checks just keep on coming.” This can explain why popular artists who have drug issues are never helped out by their perspective labels. Everybody knows it when an entertainer has drug problems, but no one seems to want to intercede and help out. That’s because they can make more money once the artist dies. “Someone” has to get paid from the surge in sales. “Drug overdose” appears to be the new conventional method for making someone disappear. I cannot say this for sure (because I don’t have any proof) but it is amazing how Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Rick James, Phyllis Hyman,Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, Micheal Jackson and Prince all succumbed to the perils of drug abuse when they all knew what they were doing could kill them. It is also amazing the record companies didn’t even try to get them any help for their addictions. As suspicious as it feels, there isn’t much more that can be proven (or unproven) at this point. None of the drugs were prescription and yet they were found at the estates and allegedly used by the victims. Conveniently we can’t get any explanations from the deceased. All we can do now is  just close the chapters whether we believe these stories or not. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Actor/singer Clifton Davis singing “Never can say goodbye” with Brett Jolly in concert

Clifton Davis

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The Ebola virus… What DON’T we know?”)

I guess it must be time to talk about this now. I had been holding off on writing anything about the subject of the Ebola virus because “so” many others were already doing so, and I believed their knowledge of it was so much greater than mine.  I honestly think we need to start  taking this disease a lot more seriously at this point. People sometimes think that “if it isn’t happening in my part of the world then I can just ignore it.” With this particular disease I don’t think we can just “shoo it away.” A friend of mine was just recently in Africa, and even though he was not in the part of Africa where the disease was running rampant the security measures that he and everyone else had to go through were “extremely thorough.” Upon entering places like the hotel or the airport people had to be asked questions and get their hands sprayed consistantly. He said that authorities were not taking any chances on anyone there. Here in the United States we had one man who they “thought” they had isolated when he flew here from Africa and was discovered to have the disease. That man has since died, but “now” a 26-year-old nurse by the name of Nina Pham has contacted the disease. What this tells me is that the medical profession “really doesn’t know as much as they think they do” of this virus, and if one other person can contact the disease in this manner, then it is possible that “many” others may now be infected and not even realize it.  This is the most scary thing to come out since AIDS. Until they find a vaccine for this then “anxiety and fear” may soon be at an “all time high.” Today’s article is not designed to instill fear or even cause people to isolate themselves in the house. it is,  however, designed to make you more aware of what’s going on. The government doesn’t want you to panic when it comes to this epidemic, but the world has a “right to know.” Right  now, the only thing I can say is that “if” people in different parts of the world are tuning up “infected” then who is to say that “others who came in contact with these people” are not infected as well?  Considering how deadly this thing is, I think we should take “nothing for granted” and always be aware of your circumstances. We need to know the “REAL FACTS” about this disease and the “sooner the better.” For instance, can this be contracted by air? Can the disease live outside the body? Is it spread through touch or do bodily fluids have to be involved? You would be surprised at “what many people don’t know.” The best way to combat this issue is to be “educated and informed.” There are many things in this world that can kill you. Be knowledgeable as though your life may depend on it… because in the end, it just “might.” Have a great day and I wish the absolute best that life has to offer you today.


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Actor/singer Clifton Davis and Brett Jolly in concert

Clifton Davis

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Michael Jackson’s best vocal performances were NOT as an adult”)

June 25 was the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. I have been hearing a lot of stories about how Michael made so much money and yet died pretty close to bankruptcy (and then his estate made over 600 million since his death). People had a lot to say about him (even though not all of it was good). I have even heard some people say that he was  “not” that great a singer. Well, I am going to have to disagree wholeheartedly on this one. Michael was an incredulous singer, but I think most of his critics focused on how he was “after” he grew up. He could still sing great then, but if you really want to hear Michael at his best, then you need to listen to his recordings as a younger child. For the record, his greatest selling album was “Thriller,” which he did as an adult, but even though that was his best seller, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was his best “performance.” So what else could he have done that could possibly have been  better than that? I will gladly tell you. If you ever get the opportunity, take a listen to his “Got to be There” album. The music on this is nothing short of “incredible” and Michael’s singing was “amazing.” The title track “Got to be there” was a big hit for Michael, and even though his vocals were doubled on certain parts of the track, he still hit notes that would be tough for anyone to match.  Also, the song “I wanna be where you are” was “artfully done.” The guys who wrote this song were “extremely gifted” and Michael’s range of notes help to make  it even more fascinating. “Rockin’ Robin” was an old classic that was redone, but Michael sang the “fool” out of it and performed it “way better” than the original. However, if you really want to hear just how incredible his singing was, I invite you to listen to a “B side” track on this album entitled “Maria.” He sang the song with “incredible soul” just like a grownup would do, but with a kid’s voice. I think this song might have featured his “best” vocal performance. If this album doesn’t convince you, then check out his other recordings as a child as well. “Who’s loving you, I want you back, and ABC” were sung “masterfully” by him. “I’ll be there” features his brothers “actually singing background” (On most recordings, only Michael, Jermaine or occasionally Jackie would be the ones allowed to sing background).  One of the “I’ll be there” singing background parts is “horrendously off key and off pitch, but Michael’s performance in this song was “exemplary.” One of my biggest regrets is that I never got the chance to work with him. My brother Bill met up with him a long time ago over a song that his father Joe wanted Michael to perform. My good friend Clifton Davis wrote Michael’s song “Never Can Say Goodbye” and after Michael died I asked him how his money was going (because during that time the radio stations  were playing all of his hit songs). Clifton said that due to Michael’s death the “checks were coming in.” People can say whatever they like about his personal life. However, what he did as an adult has nothing to do with the magic he performed as a younger child. Michael deserves to be listed as one of the greatest singers in history, and I challenge anyone to dispute that. With each anniversary of his death I only hope that more of his positives can be showcased, because all that other stuff only detracts from his  greatness. If you get the chance, please take a listen to his material from his younger days. If you are not impressed with what he did, then that makes “one” of us. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and have a great day.


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Clifton Davis and Brett Jolly performing “Never can Say Goodbye”

Clifton Davis


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Songwriting)

Mr. Jolly, I want to do songwriting, but for some reason my songs just don’t turn out right. The parts just don’t seem to fit properly. I can read and write music, and I am an adequate keyboard player but yet whenever I try to put something together I often reach a thought block. Are there any tips you can give me to help me with writing songs?

I think I can. For one thing, you don’t  have to have a degree in music to be a songwriter. If fact, you don’t even have to play an instrument. Clifton Davis (an actor that I have performed with on several occasions) actually wrote Michael Jackson’s hit song “Never can say goodbye” and I already know  for a fact that he did not play the music to that track. The late singing and songwriting team McFadden and Whitehead created “Ain’t no Stopping us now” which was a big hit during the 70’s or 80’s (I  think) and they didn’t know how to play the music to their songs either. Great songs are never just “heard”…. They are “felt.” If your heart is into what you write, then you already have all the components you need to have a great song. I would tell you to stop “thinking” so much and just let it happen. Some of the greatest songs have really simple music parts backing them up. If you have to dive into a whole bunch of music theory and technical jargon to put a song together then you are putting way too much into your project. Always fit everything around your vocals and don’t “complicate” your song by putting too much music into it. The bottom line is that if it doesn’t seem to “feel” right then chances are it isn’t. Also, the tones of the instruments are also important. You might have a bass line for a song that might not seem to match, but if you change the tone of that instrument it just “might” fit. A LOT of what you put into your song will come from “trial and error.” Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find that perfect combination that works for you. Above all, feel good about yourself when you write… That way you won’t doubt everything that you do. Make it work, and I hope to  hear some great success stories about you in the future. Thanks for submitting your topic and have a great day.

Clifton Davis and Brett Jolly in concert




Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should marriages have an expiration date?)

Hey, Mr. Jolly. I heard a discussion where these people said that there should be an expiration date on marriages because after a few years couples get sick and tired of each other anyway and then end up divorcing. The argument went like this: There was a declaration that if marriages could end in 7 year intervals, then there wouldn’t be so many divorces. Couples could then either renew their marriage for another 7 years or just call it quits. It would save a lot of court time and not make couples feel obligated to stay together when they no longer want to. I think it would be great, but I would love to know what you think.

Marriages with a 7 year expiration date? I can envision big problems with that automatically. Marriage is the concept of living together as one, becoming a part of each other and existing as one unit. To separate due to a legality would not be fair to the person who invested so much into the marriage. What would you do about joint bank accounts? What would you do if only “ONE” member wanted to end the marriage and not the other? How would you handle dividing family assets? What would happen if one member is no longer working and can’t afford to live alone? While it may be true that a lot of marriages don’t seem to last 7 years anyway it should “never” be so simple as to just “quit and leave.” If anything, there might be MORE court cases based on “what people feel they are entitled to.” Putting a warranty on marriages would not simplify anything, and might even cause more turmoil. Getting married is a covenant under God to live as one “for life.” I have never heard of marriage being listed in the Bible with a 7 year warranty. In fact, if you put a 7 year contract expiration you might actually make matters worst, because then some couples might actually start “anticipating” the expiration date,  thus making their marriages fall apart in the process. No, if a couple is going to get married, the “last” thing they need to contemplate is an “expiration date.” If they can take their vows for life then they “should” at least “attempt” to see it through for that length of time. Of course, as you go through life together people change, but the concept of marriage should involve overcoming obstacles together to “make” it work. It sounds as though you were privy to a very interesting conversation, but I just don’t think that kind of change would benefit anyone. Thank you for submitting your topic and I wish the very best to you today. Have a great one.

Actor songwriter singer Clifton Davis (“Amen” tv show and “That’s my Momma”) and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Apprehension over past relationships)

Dear Mr. Jolly. There is this man who I believe likes me. He always goes out of his way to say hello to me, and recently he started to ask me out. I have not given him an answer yet because of his history. I have friends of mine who know of him, and they said that he has had several partners in his past relationships. They said he has had at least 5 relationships and I don’t think I want a man who has that much experience. My other friends keep trying to tell me that it doesn’t matter, but I think it does. Am I wrong?

There are several things wrong with this situation. First, if you want to know the truth about someone, it is “always” best to get it directly “from the source.” Those friends of yours who are reporting his past activities to you “may” or “may not” know the full story, and if you go according to “speculation” then you might be losing out on an opportunity to know a really nice guy. Also, just about EVERYONE has some sort of “past.” If you are looking for someone who hasn’t had “any” type of relationship OR “sexual encounter” then you just might be in for a “very long” search.  The one thing I “didn’t” see you mention was “how you feel about him.” If you had not heard all this negative information from your friends, do you even “think” that you might be interested in him? I realize that there may possibly be some other details that you didn’t mention, but on the surface it feels to me like you are “making excuses.” If you are afraid to commit to someone, or if you have apprehensions about dating then just “admit it.” When it comes to love and relationships there will always be some “anxieties and apprehensions,” but the final answer should not come from your friends, but rather from “you.” When dating someone, it usually involves the process of “getting to know your date.” Your friends are only telling you what they “think” they know. If you at least go out with this man, you can get to hear “his side of the story.”  Finally, just think of how you would like it if someone began to spread rumors about you that were “not” true.  Would you think that was fair? If you don’t, then why don’t you consider giving this man the same respect and courtesy that you would want others to give you? By the way, were you really serious about the “5” partners part? Do you really consider that to be “excessive” for a man? Maybe if he is 15 or 16. Well, I hope your make a “definitive” decision regarding this man, so that you don’t hinder him from finding happiness with “someone else” if you are not interested in him. Thank you for your topic and as usual, we cannot end this story without a compelling piece from the Phantom Poet:

This man has an incredible relationship history since he has been alive
My friends tell me that with women he has had at “least” (gasp) FIVE….!
To me that is way too much, and I would consider that to be uncanny
How could ANY woman want to date a man who has had that many?
As long as I listen to my friends then I won’t consider it as “opportunity missed”
They even told me that a couple of the women he dated he even “kissed”
How can a woman even want to deal with a man with that kind of history?
Better yet. Can a woman find a virgin man? That is the REAL mystery
I need a “pure and sanctified” man if you can understand what I mean
My friends told me that they found one for me, (but he is “only thirteen”)
At first I thought that might be too young, but if to my needs he can cater
Then at least I will have a found a clean man, and he can get a job later
I will probably have to wait until he gets out of school for our date to begin, so
I don’t think I will have any problem if on our first date we play Nintendo
I realize that he may be a bit young, but at least he is pure like “none other”
And for permission to date him I only had to go “ask his mother”
NOW my friends are telling me that I have been misled
They heard stories that he actually “hugged” another girl in Phys Ed
I have HAD IT with males and their cheating ways
I guess I will be alone the rest of my life the way it now plays
I will continue to listen to the advice of my friends, of course
Because when it comes to finding the truth, why even consider getting it from the source?

“Yeah”…. The Phantom Poet

Singer/songwriter/actor Clifton Davis and Brett Jolly performing onstage


Video: Actor Clifton Davis performs with Brett Jolly

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Each Wednesday evening I host a Jam Session for musicians, singers and performers of all kinds. Last Wednesday we got an unexpected visit from actor/singer/songwriter Clifton Davis. His credits include the TV series “That’s my Momma” and “Amen.” He also “wrote” the hit song for Michael Jackson entitled “Never Can say Goodbye.” a good friend of mine, I invited him up to sing his hit song and wanted to share the results with you. Thank you, and hope you enjoy.