My video promotion for Holiday “Melodygrams”

I have posted this video before, but during this festive time of year people are requesting that I post it again. I have a service/product where I will take any “personalized” message you have and record it to music (with video, if you like). You help to write the music. Each year around this time I get orders for “Melodygrams” and if you are invited to check out my promo advertisement video for yourself. It is a great gift for the person who already has “everything.” For more details just go to Thank you and please have a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

Jerry Butler and Brett Jolly in concert performing “Never going to give you up”

This is a video clip of a live performance I had the honor to do with the legendary Jerry Butler. I was performing with an orchestra and you will be able to see me playing the red bass guitar periodically in the background. I will be the only one in the orchestra on the right side standing up playing guitar. I hope you enjoy the clip and have a great weekend.

Teddy Pendergrass and Brett Jolly in concert in Los Angeles, California

People have asked me to post some more videos of music that I have been privileged to play during my career, so today I figured I would share this clip from the late crooner Teddy Pendergrass. This show was filmed in Los Angeles and you can see me in the very first stage scene (Sorry, there are no close ups in this one). I am wearing red suspenders and when facing the stage you will see me on the left side throughout the video. (That would be Teddy’s right side side when performing). This was filmed after Teddy’s accident and I hope you enjoy the clip just as much as I did performing it. Have a great day.

The Delfonics in concert with Brett Jolly

People have asked me for more video footage of concerts I have done with celebrities. Today I figured I would feature a show that I did with the Delfonics, doing their classic hit “La La means I love you.” In this video, you can see me as part of the orchestra around the 2 minute mark. I am the only one standing in that section and I am playing my red bass guitar with a microphone for singing. I hope you all enjoy this and have a great weekend.

The Soul Survivors and Brett Jolly in concert

Yesterday, I had the honor of performing at the Philadelphia Music Alliance, and my brother, Bill Jolly, was one of those being honored for outstanding service in Philadelphia music. While there I ran into my good friends, Charlie Ingui and Richie Ingui, and they are the hit group the “Soul Survivors.” Their mega hit song was “Expressway to your heart.” They informed me that a concert we did at the Sugarhouse Casino was videoed and could be found online, so today I wanted to share a small excerpt from that show with you. It also features Johnny Croom on drums, Robert Wawa Legrand on guitar and my brother, Bill Jolly on keyboards. Hope you enjoy and have a great day.

Explanation of my Melodygram song and video concept

Mr. Jolly, I just checked out your new song and video idea and I think
it is awesome. It’s a really new and unique idea. How did you get the idea to
come up with this? Have you been getting a lot of orders with it? How
have your customers liked it so far?

Thank you so much for checking out my Melodygram concept. Some years
back I had asked a female friend of mine what she wanted for her
birthday. She knew that I wrote songs and she loved the ones that she
already heard, so she asked me to make up a “special” song just for
her. When I finished the song and gave it to her, she cried over it.
THEN she played it for all of her friends, and they told her to tell me
that I should go into business writing and selling personalized songs
for people. After some thought, I decided to give it a test try, and
the results turned out really nice. After that a LOT of people told me
they loved my idea, so now each year around this time I promote it. My
drummer friend, Ray Williams, wanted me to write a special song using
his words for his wife, Shirley. While they were driving in the car, he
slipped the CD into the car radio system and just let the song play.
She was driving while the song bearing her name played , but she had to
pull over because her tears wouldn’t allow her to see anymore. When I
put these songs together, I always ask the customer what style of music
he or she likes. Usually I will ask for the name of a specific artist
and song and then write a song in that same style or genre. The
customer can change anything in the song and it can can sent in CD form
“or” it can be emailed to the desired recipient. Later on I decided to
expand this concept by offering to do specialized music videos. If you
truly like my Melodygram concept, then I invite you to please share it
with others. It takes a little time to write a personalized song, so it
is important that I get orders in early so that I can have them ready
and on time by your desired date. If you have any questions,
consultation is “free.” Contact me at and I will
gladly respond back to you and let you know how this can be done.
Thank you again for your interest in my Melodygram songs and video, and
have a great day.

My new concept for the holidays: “Personalized messages produced to music”

Each year I promote my special holiday concept around this time. I offer something rather unique and different and I hope you take a quick moment to check this out. I will take any “personal” message you have and incorporate it into music. In other words, I will have your words sung, (or done in spoken word if you prefer) written, produced and recorded to music that YOU help to write. This concept is called a Melodygram and you can have it done just as a song OR as a “personalized music video.” You don’t have to be a great singer or songwriter. All you need to do is just contact me at and discuss the details of what you would like to say (and do) and we can handle it from there. I get a lot of orders around this time of year so hopefully you will be mindful enough to get your orders in early. Please check out this sample for yourself, and if you are interested then by all means contact me and we can handle it from there. Thank you very much, and hope you have an awesome weekend.

“Je t’aime Je t’aime”- My new song and music video

This is a love song with a storyline about love that crosses an ocean and 2 distinct languages. In it’s simplest form, I wrote this song utilizing only my bass guitar (and a small percussion track) as my instrumentation. Written when I was in Bordeaux, France, I just finished this music video that will hopefully tell my story. Thank you very much for checking it out, and have a great day

Video: Actor Clifton Davis and Brett Jolly

Each Wednesday evening I host a Jam Session for musicians, singers, and performers of all kinds. Last Wednesday we got an unexpected visit from acclaimed actor/songwriter/singer Clifton Davis. His acting credits include the TV series “That’s my Momma” and “Amen.” He also wrote the hit song “Never can Say Goodbye” by Michael Jackson. He loved what we were doing so I invited him up onstage to sing his hit tune, and now I would like to share the end results with you. Hope you enjoy.