Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Sharing obligations now)

I’ve been in love for nearly four years. And although I am no longer biologically fertile, I want to share my life with my man now. He keeps putting me off. He says he has other obligations. Well, I say rubbish…life will always be complicated with obligations. So, let’s just get on with it and share those obligations together…Isn’t that how Bob Marley would see it–One Love!


That was a great song. Life may always be complicated with obligations, but that doesn’t mean that you should get married “before” you both are “ready” for it Yes, four years is a good amount of time, and at this point the both of you should at least be “contemplating” the possibility of marriage together, but it is always important to make sure that as a couple you are absolutely “prepared” for it at the same time (not just when “you” are ready for it). In fact, it might be to your best interest to ensure that the conditions are at least suitable for you “and” him. As long as we all are human no conditions will be perfectly “ideal” but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore what he has to deal with either. A lot depends on the actual “excuses” he is giving you. If his obligations are ones that he just “cannot get around” then you need to pay attention, for his obligations will surely impact you (and your marriage) after your wedding. However, if his reasons are weak and shaky then it is possible that he is not being serious with you. A lot of people jump into marriages “before” they are fully ready and then suffer the consequences in the future. It is like jumping from one cliff to another. You want to make sure the “other” cliff is at least “there” and on firm ground “before” you make your leap. The same principle should apply to marriage. If you are going to contemplate a life of matrimony then don’t ignore the responsibilities that may make your marriage “difficult or impossible.” Continue to keep talking and working on it until you both feel more secure. I am not sure how Bob Marley would see it, but I do know that he’s dead now… Sharing obligations sounds great in principle, but that does not always “guarantee” an easy solution. Work it out between you both so that when those conditions get better you are more prepared to take that “next step”… “together”… Here is that lyrical reggae “mon” of poetry, the Phantom Poet:


I want to marry my man right now but it seems as though there is one hurdle

I want to share my life with him, although I am no longer biologically fertile

He keeps putting me off because of his other obligations

I want to get married now so we can share in those situations

We may not be fully prepared for it, but I want us to live as one

I am fully prepared to “jump the broom” as well as “jump the gun”

And if he doesn’t want to give in to my marriage whim

Then I am fully prepared to point that gun straight at “him”

I want us to be eternally happy together in matrimonial pleasure

I strongly suggest you give this consideration if your life you treasure

I am tired of sitting around the house alone dealing with boredom

And if you sign the pre-nup then once I shoot you can still marry me post mortem

Marriage is the musical accompaniment of life and right now I am the tuner

Please agree or “Until Death do we part” might come a little sooner

I know we both love each other and for us wedded bliss beckons

So I will give you plenty of time to think about it… “one minute, 20 seconds”

When it comes to having love in your life no one should ever be bereft

By the way, dear, you now have about one minute and 5 seconds left

Bob Marley sang “One Luv” and although I never had the chance to meet him

In about 50 more seconds you should have the opportunity to greet him

You just made the wise choice to marry me so we can now get our wedding vows on track

Oh, and the pastor is already here, because I had him tied up in the back

He now is VERY elated to perform the wedding ceremony between you and me

And at the risk of his own life he even offered to donate his services for FREE

Oh joy, we’re getting married. I can feel the love, the spirit and the laughter

And as long as I still own this gun, I can guarantee that we’ll live happily ever after….


“He loves me (POW!)… He loves me not (POW!)… The Phantom Poet


From (Dedicated to the emotional needs of women)


The Soul Survivors (They sang the hit song “Expressway to your heart”) and Brett Jolly in concert