Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is World War III imminent?”)

A hacktivist group called “Anonymous” released a video detailing world events that may have a huge impact on world relations. In the video is a masked and hooded figure with a digitized voice explaining tensions between countries emanating from the 2 most prominent, The US and North Korea. For those who have not yet seen the video just check out the link below:

The accuracy of the statements in the video is the most alarming thing. If Anonymous is to be believed then tensions are currently at an all time high. The video itself can raise tensions and heighten the possibility of conflict. When I look at the video, the first question that comes to mind  is “What is the reason for posting it?” Was it to help ease tensions or provoke them? Was it released to prepare the world or was it done to incite violence? Anyone can make a video. If what they say is true and already well known then why the need to hide behind a false identity? In war, all sides believe they are right. Of course, all sides “can’t be right” at the same time. If an attack of any kind happens the chances of war escalate. I just hope that the leaders of nations examine any events carefully before rushing into retaliatory responses. There are people in this world who would love to see super powers engage in conflict. If they can conduct any type of action that another nation deems suspicious then they could possibly succeed in igniting war. Remember the Iraq war? Years ago we invaded Iraq because we were positive that they had “weapons of mass destruction.” In the end those weapons were never found. Many lives were lost over something we were not even sure of. While war may be a show of strength it is not always guaranteed to be a show of wisdom. There are no winners in war… Let’s hope and pray that instead of setting off wars this video will instead bring about a calmer demeanor and a stronger desire for peace. There is nothing wrong with trying a little diplomacy to resolve issues first. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Soul Survivors (“Expressway to your heart”) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“My deepest condolences to the Soul Survivor”)

Sadly, this past weekend I lost a good friend. Richie Ingui, who was the other half of the group “The Soul Survivors” passed as this weekend. A lot of people may not know of this group (mainly because they only had one hit, but that hit was a great one). The song they are well known for is entitled “Expressway to your heart.” This song was released in 1967 and it became a number 1 hit. This year marks the 50th anniversary of this song. The two guys who made up the soul survivors are brothers, I last played for them two months ago in November at the Kimmel Center here in Philadelphia. These guys were always fun to perform for and they were great guys. Here is a segment we did with them years ago at an outside concert here at Sugarhouse Casinos. Of course, I am the one wearing black and playing the red bass guitar: Richie is the taller brother with less hair in the video.

For those of you who may not recognize their big hit “Expressway to your heart” just check out the link below. These guys were awesome together and my condolences go out to their families and their awesome band. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The Bruce Jenner Story”)

I keep seeing articles about this particular story, and to me it feels like they have played this thing out for what “seems” like an eternity. Bruce Jenner (who had a great amount of fame as a man) is now achieving even MORE fame as a “woman.” Bruce decided to make a change to live life comfortably in a body that feels more natural to him (or her). While he is “hardly the first” to change genders, his story seems to be getting a “lot” of attention lately. Each week when I am in the supermarket, just about every magazine tabloid has his picture and his story in it. To me, this is beginning to become “overkill.” While I fully support his desire to make the transformation I just hate to see how big a production the media is making this. I just recently saw an article where he has “fully transformed” and now wants to be known as Caitlyn Jenner. In fact, he is going to grace the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine. I commend the magazine for featuring him (uh, her…. uh, them?) but I really do hope that this story starts to “wind down” soon. If we are to be a society that can accept gays then we should also be able to accept transgender people as well. By the way, if you would like to check out the article, here is the link:

We only have one life. While we are not all born with the same circumstances we still have the right to make changes as we see fit. As a musician, I have had to play for many different occasions for different types of people and that even includes events like gay weddings (In fact, I have to play for one this weekend). I think it is about time that the “world catches up with itself” and realizes that one day we all will be “so different” that in actuality we will all be “the same.” I realize that may sound confusing at first, but it is quite possible that through race mixing there may no longer be any “whites or blacks or indians or whatever.” EVERYONE may be mixed with something. The same might be said for sexual preferences one day. We are who we are, and just maybe one day the whole world will be able to exist in harmony without making judgment on others. Oh what a beautiful world this will be when that happens. Until then, “hate reigns on.” Congrats to Caitlyn Jenner for having the courage to be who she wants to be. Now I only hope that we can all exhale and “let this one go.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Soul Survivors (“Expressway to your heart”) and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Should we be able to patent DNA?)

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case today that could have a major impact on the medical development of society. Today they are set to hear arguments on whether DNA can in fact be “patented.” For those who don’t quite understand (including me) just imagine this scenario: Someone has an autistic child (like I do) and yet you want to do research that might help “cure” autism. Well, if you need to examine a certain human gene to make a determination, that process might be “greatly” impeded because some company “owns” the patent rights on that gene (thus eliminating your chances of having access to it without their permission).  The companies that are doing the “patenting” are claiming that since these genes are “isolated” then they should be able to patent. Currently there are somewhere near 4,000 patents on certain genes. Without readily available access to these genes, a cure for things like cancer, autism, diseases and other ailments could be “greatly” hampered. The company Myriad Genetics Inc. is one of the main focal points of this particular debate, because they patented genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 (which have to do with certain cancers like “ovarian”). Researchers and scientists would love to be able to study these genes to hopefully find a cure, but if their research is being held up because this company “owns” these genes, then the chances for finding a cure become much more difficult. There are a lot of ailments in the world and we need “research” if we are to find remedies. I would hate to develop some disorder or disease and find I can’t be cured because research has been held up due to some “patent.” Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about the details of what constitutes DNA to formulate an opinion of what I think should happen. However, I do know that as long as we are not allowed full access to the findings we need to improve life we will never grow or make gains. My mother died from ovarian cancer and my son suffers from a slight degree of autism. Maybe if we litigated some of these patent holders in court for the loved ones we lost then they will feel a little more “freer” to grant access to these genes for research. Personally, I recognize that “profit” is important for the development and growth of industry. I just don’t feel as though “profit” should be gained at the “expense” of “life.” People need cures and the last thing they want to experience is “red tape.” We will just have to wait and stay tuned on this one. Please welcome the return of that oscar winning rabbit, the Phantom Poet:

When wanting to do cancer research DNA is needed, so hopefully we can loan it
Of course, this process is much more difficult if some company says they “own it”
Then they can withhold it, or make you pay them for it, and this is really not funny
Because if they choose to patent it, then they could actually charge you tons of money
We have become a patent dominated society because everyone wants to make a profit
However, if I need your information to save my mother, then I expect you to “get off it”
I don’t care who actually owns the gene, because my mother’s life should be exempt
And if you intend to withhold that info from me, DNA stands for “Do Not Attempt”
I can fully understand if you are a business and it’s money that you want to make
But I can’t understand your desire to make  money when lives are at stake
Then all parties have to go to court while your loved one’s life expires
Then after that the company needs to do research on how to fix “4 flat tires”
This could create a logjam of litigation and debates we need to sort
I guess that is why this issue is now being brought up in the Supreme Court
It is important to be considerate of others, so it is important to have a heart
I guess these people will probably try to patent that as well, just like any other body part
So if you have heart disease or any other life threatening condition
You won’t be allowed to even “have” a heart, without first obtaining this company’s “permission
This is an issue that shouldn’t even be, and hopefully this argument will no longer linger
Because I will gladly “volunteer” a body part to these people, and “that” will my my “middle” finger

“Copyright THIS“… The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Cheating wife)

Subject: Cheating wife
My wife of 20 years has been lying to me about an “office” affair with a man.  I know she is lying because I have taped conversations in my home, checked the GPS in her car and even saw her with my own eyes kissing this man in a local park near her office.  At one time, I downloaded her cell phone bill for two years and it showed over 500 calls to this individual.  I hacked her e-mail account and found a very sexually explicit e-mail to him from her.  I copied her cell phone’s stored voicemail messages from him to her. After confronting her with the facts, she said he is not a part of her life and it was no big deal.  I do not trust or believe her in the slightest way.  I am distraught by these events and need guidance.  My anger toward her is building daily.  She will not tell the truth.  I can handle the truth. Help me before I lose my temper and do the wrong thing.
The one thing that is most important at this stage is to make sure your anger doesn’t make you do something that you will later regret. People have tried before to plead temporary insanity in court for reckless bouts of hysteria but that rarely works. You need to think beyond the current moment. I am surprised that after all the evidence you collected against her that she still insists this guy is not a part of her life and that this is no big deal. I would consider that to be a real insult to your intelligence on her part. She may not want to tell you the truth but I have news for you; She doesn’t have to. You caught her with just about every piece of evidence needed to prove her infidelity. If you can handle the truth like you say you can, then the truth is that she is cheating on you. Whether she actually says it or not is of no consequence. She can treat it in a nonchalant manner if she likes, but it is you who needs to make the decision to move on. I personally think you need to contact a divorce lawyer ASAP. It sounds as though the longer you stay there, the angrier you are getting. Our prison populations are filled with people who wished they had shown a little more restraint when they were confronted with stressful situations like this. You don’t need to add yourself to that number. Forget about trying to get her to admit to anything. The best way to get back at her is through the divorce court system. Remember that once you take matters into your own hands then no one wins. Recognize this situation for what it is, and move on with your life. Here is a Phantom Poet moment to help you ease your tension:
My wife has been cheating on me for twenty years or more
I keep getting these images in my head of maim and gore
I wish she did not try to play my intelligence that way
I’m trying my best not to put a cap in both their butts today
She claims that what she is doing with this man is no big deal
But I got her on DVD, cassette, AND reel to reel
I even discovered their plans to vacation together in Mexico
To me she is nothing but a great big horrendous “person”
If I do like I feel, then I just may end up going to jail
I just want to unload a couple of buck shots to their tails
And let them know that when you decide to cheat on me
You had better be prepared to stand up for eternity
I’m really not violent. I don’t like to punch or hit
But I really wouldn’t mind choking the life out of her a little bit
Maybe it is best for me to leave. That way I won’t do anything rash
I already cut up her credit cards and threw them away in the trash
Maybe I had better leave the country, because I don’t want to pay the price
Especially if they survive the explosion from my little “detonating device”
Yes, I truly am peaceful, and have no intentions of starting any riot
I even made sure that when this bombs explodes, the noise will be quiet
So if you have a cheating spouse, make sure you handle it the right way
Make sure you have a great escape route, so you can easily get away
                       Is the Underground Railroad still running?


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The Soul Survivors and Brett Jolly performing the hit song “Expressway to your heart”


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Sharing obligations now)

I’ve been in love for nearly four years. And although I am no longer biologically fertile, I want to share my life with my man now. He keeps putting me off. He says he has other obligations. Well, I say rubbish…life will always be complicated with obligations. So, let’s just get on with it and share those obligations together…Isn’t that how Bob Marley would see it–One Love!


That was a great song. Life may always be complicated with obligations, but that doesn’t mean that you should get married “before” you both are “ready” for it Yes, four years is a good amount of time, and at this point the both of you should at least be “contemplating” the possibility of marriage together, but it is always important to make sure that as a couple you are absolutely “prepared” for it at the same time (not just when “you” are ready for it). In fact, it might be to your best interest to ensure that the conditions are at least suitable for you “and” him. As long as we all are human no conditions will be perfectly “ideal” but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore what he has to deal with either. A lot depends on the actual “excuses” he is giving you. If his obligations are ones that he just “cannot get around” then you need to pay attention, for his obligations will surely impact you (and your marriage) after your wedding. However, if his reasons are weak and shaky then it is possible that he is not being serious with you. A lot of people jump into marriages “before” they are fully ready and then suffer the consequences in the future. It is like jumping from one cliff to another. You want to make sure the “other” cliff is at least “there” and on firm ground “before” you make your leap. The same principle should apply to marriage. If you are going to contemplate a life of matrimony then don’t ignore the responsibilities that may make your marriage “difficult or impossible.” Continue to keep talking and working on it until you both feel more secure. I am not sure how Bob Marley would see it, but I do know that he’s dead now… Sharing obligations sounds great in principle, but that does not always “guarantee” an easy solution. Work it out between you both so that when those conditions get better you are more prepared to take that “next step”… “together”… Here is that lyrical reggae “mon” of poetry, the Phantom Poet:


I want to marry my man right now but it seems as though there is one hurdle

I want to share my life with him, although I am no longer biologically fertile

He keeps putting me off because of his other obligations

I want to get married now so we can share in those situations

We may not be fully prepared for it, but I want us to live as one

I am fully prepared to “jump the broom” as well as “jump the gun”

And if he doesn’t want to give in to my marriage whim

Then I am fully prepared to point that gun straight at “him”

I want us to be eternally happy together in matrimonial pleasure

I strongly suggest you give this consideration if your life you treasure

I am tired of sitting around the house alone dealing with boredom

And if you sign the pre-nup then once I shoot you can still marry me post mortem

Marriage is the musical accompaniment of life and right now I am the tuner

Please agree or “Until Death do we part” might come a little sooner

I know we both love each other and for us wedded bliss beckons

So I will give you plenty of time to think about it… “one minute, 20 seconds”

When it comes to having love in your life no one should ever be bereft

By the way, dear, you now have about one minute and 5 seconds left

Bob Marley sang “One Luv” and although I never had the chance to meet him

In about 50 more seconds you should have the opportunity to greet him

You just made the wise choice to marry me so we can now get our wedding vows on track

Oh, and the pastor is already here, because I had him tied up in the back

He now is VERY elated to perform the wedding ceremony between you and me

And at the risk of his own life he even offered to donate his services for FREE

Oh joy, we’re getting married. I can feel the love, the spirit and the laughter

And as long as I still own this gun, I can guarantee that we’ll live happily ever after….


“He loves me (POW!)… He loves me not (POW!)… The Phantom Poet


From (Dedicated to the emotional needs of women)


The Soul Survivors (They sang the hit song “Expressway to your heart”) and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (from Monday through Friday)

Mr. Jolly. I know this is a very loaded question, but if you were in charge how would you fix the economy? There are varying opinions out there as to how it should be done. You seem like someone who is aware of a lot, do I figured I would throw this topic your way. Sorry to put you on the spot but I would love to know what you think. What do you say?

Well, I am NOT an expert on the economy (by any means), but if I had to tackle the issue, the very first thing I would do is focus on the price of gasoline. You see, as the price of gas goes higher, so does everything else. It is a known fact that people have to raise prices of just about everything when the cost of natural oil and gas increases. I would think that if we could find a way to keep the cost of natural oil and gas down (maybe through offshore drilling) then the economy would improve dramatically. Also, I would take government money to build and establish more libraries, police stations, recreation centers, museums and more institutions that would create the need for employment. I would also give bigger incentives (like maybe tax breaks) to the corporations who engage in procedures that create more job opportunities for people to be hired. I always felt that we don’t really need the intervention of government to help jump start the economy, but it couldn’t hurt to have it. To me, all it takes is for someone to come up with a great idea and then just follow through on it. There is still a lot of demand for many things that we don’t have and once someone capitalizes on these ideas then others will follow suit (thus improving the economy in the process). We also need to do like Ford did, (who improved their products and services greatly). They realized their own deficiencies and made a remarkable recovery. We need to study the success stories of companies like them and Walmart (along with other companies that are doing well through this recession). We also need to focus on the resources we already have to improve our economy.  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there is a wealth of information that we can learn from the inmates already incarcerated in our criminal institutions. We need to study the factors that made them turn to a life of crime so that we can correct them for future generations.  Also, it takes about $40,000 to 50,000 a year to house these inmates. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were working and MAKING money instead of us paying money to incarcerate them? Also, as great as technology is, it can also be our greatest detriment. For example, the internet was a great idea, but when it came into existence the post office suffered mightily from less business (Because people relied more on email than conventional mail). We need to be able to change as technology changes. Many years ago someone had already invented the car that could get a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. The biggest problem is that if most people had one it would put so many other people out of work (like gas station attendants). If doctors found cures that would guarantee that no one ever gets sick again, then there would no longer be a need for doctors. If government regulated cars so that they could go “no  higher” than 75 miles per hour in speed then it would greatly affect the revenue police and judges get when they pull you over for a ticket. We have to work within our own structure to improve ourselves without eliminating ourselves from a making a living. As I have said, I am NOT an expert on the economy, but I do often take note of the things I would like to see happen to help improve the quality of life for everyone. I do apologize if my answers seem ignorant or uneducated, but this is only “my” perception. I do believe that we can control our own destiny though entrepreneurial opportunities, education and investment. The government can only do so much, but I believe it is up to us to make our own way. I did the best I could on this subject but I am sure I have overlooked other ideas. I welcome anyone with any suggestions, comments, or questions. Thank you and have a truly “jolly” day.



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The Soul Survivors (They had the hit “Expressway to your heart”) and Brett Jolly in concert