Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Follow up: What I’ve learned from one day with my new phone”)

As I said yesterday, I can work a lot of great equipment when it comes to music, video and photography. I am “in over my head” when it comes to operating the mechanics of a new cell phone. I had no choice but to buy one, because my old one was outdated, slow and just did things on its own. It wouldn’t even charge right. Well, people asked me what kind of phone I had. i honestly couldn’t tell them. Some wanted to know if i had a Smart phone. I told them that if I did then for some reason I didn’t feel very “smart at all” when trying to use it. However, I “did” manage to discover some interesting things with it. I went an purchased an auxhilary….uh, auxiliarry… uh… “music” cord that goes from my phone to the speakers in my car. Then I went to the internet on my phone to find certain some really cool radio stations that don’t normally come on regular radio. What I found out was “really neat.” Some of the stations I was able to play from off the phone sounded “great” in my car radio system. The quality sounded “even better” than my normal station listings. On top of that, I discovered a whole “lot” more radio stations playing different songs (other than Beyonce, Kanye and Jay-Z) and it was refreshing to hear. I love to hear “variety” in music, and not the same stuff played every hour. I heard some really nice songs that I would never have heard on regular radio, so now I think I am “hooked.” What does this mean? I don’t know what it means for others, but i am willing to wager that if this concept catches on to everyone, then regular “conventional radio” can soon welcome “extinction to the highest degree.” I am not saying that this is absolutely going to be the case, but in most instances people love to have “more options.” Even for those who like their regular radio stations they can now listen to them “much clearer” and even if they take a long trip they can still stay “tuned in” without having to worry about losing signal. My kids told me about downloading APPs. Well, “APP”-arently I have no idea of the significance of this yet.  However, I do know that I don’t want to start filling my phone up with  stuff that will make it run slow, so I will be careful as to what I decide to download… Okay, finally, the one thing that I have “absolutely discovered” about my new phone… is the fact that I must be “getting old…” Time will tell if I finally “get this.” In the meantime, I will just continue to press buttons at random to see what will happen. Thank you for allowing me to share my goofy-ness with you today. As always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make it a great one.


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The Delfonics and Brett Jolly in concert


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Reposting the video for the Sound of Philadelphia”)

I had been asked to repost this video. Years ago i did a PBS special in Atlantic City where I performed behind the Three Degrees, The Soul Survivors, Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes, Jerry Bulter, Jean Carne, the Delfonics and many more. Here is a segment of that show. I can be spotted at the .38 mark standing while playing my red bass guitar. There are other closeups at the 2:40 and 2:47 mark of me as well. For some strange reason, the band for the O’Jays is the very last feature on this segment. This song was performed at soundcheck and the O’Jays aren’t even in it (and neither am I). However, I hope you enjoy the rest of the clip.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Video interview I produced for lead singer of the Delfonics”)

This is a video interview I shot and produced for William “Poogie” Hart,  the lead singer for the Delfonics. i shot this at his home and the interviewer’s name is Salima Hakeem. This is only part 1. Hope you enjoy it and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly performing with the the 3 degrees, Delfonics, and Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes

In this video I am performing with the TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia orchestra) and we are doing some of the hits that they made famous. In the first song we are playing TSOP, a popular instrumental classic in which the Three Degrees come out later in the song and sing the hook. Then we are playing behind the Delfonics singing the classic hit “La La means I love you.” Right after that we are performing with Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes featuring Sharon Paige doing a classic hit “I hope that we can get together soon.” Right after that is something that I can’t quite understand, but it is the O’jays band (which I am not a part of) doing an instrumental rendition of “I love Music.” I am not a part of this last segment so  you can watch it if you prefer. I am the only one in the orchestra standing while playing my red bass guitar. You can see me clearer at the 38 second mark, the 2:38 mark and the 2:48 mark of the video. Hope you enjoy and i wish you the very best that life has to offer this weekend. Here is the link:

Another live performance video with Brett Jolly playing

This is another segment from the PBS special I did entitled “Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia.” This one is longer than the others and it features the Three Degrees, The Delfonics and Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes with Sharon Paige in it. I am playing in the orchestra with these artists. However, there is also a performance by the O’Jays band actually playing a warmup song “without” the O’Jays at the end. I am not with this unit but you are more than welcome to check it out if you like. I am the one standing up in the orchestra playing the big red bass guitar and you can see closeups at the 2:39 and 2:46 marks. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Dating his co-worker?)

I’ve been dating this guy for about five years. We both get along great and have a wonderful time together.  A few weeks ago I stopped by his job and he introduced me to his coworkers. Well one of the guys he introduced me to I had an instantaneous attraction to. We’ve spoken on the phone a few times and we really want to get together. Should I just forget about this new guy even though I don’t think my relationship is serious, after five years he hasn’t expressed any want to marry me, even though I have asked him before, where does he see our relationship going? Or should we get together on the down low?
A down low thing can be “very” dangerous… A down low thing between two co-workers can be outright “catastrophic…” You seem to be very adventurous, but that kind of adventure can come back to haunt you later on.  I think you already KNOW that if you try seeing the both of them at the same time that this is bound to explode in your face.  Don’t get me wrong, a LOT of couples are doing the down low thing with other partners, but it is even MORE risky when you try to play two men from the same job. I do think that if you are unhappy with your situation with your partner of five years then you should just put an end to it. I don’t think you should base it so much on the time element, but rather on the “quality” of the relationship you now have. If you don’t feel the same or BETTER than the way it used to be then the both of you need to talk. As for this new guy, you might want to consider refraining from anything with him (At least not while he is still working with your current lover). Things can get pretty ugly fast with this situation if you continue the way it is. Take care of your current situation first BEFORE moving on with anyone, and think heavily about the consequences that can happen before you take your new relationship much further. Here is the Phantom Poet to give his views on down low-ness:
When it comes to relationships, this seems to be the popular way to go
Why is it that so many people are seeking others on the down low?
When one relationship sours then you sneak off to start another one again
But when doing that down low thing, should you hook up with his friend?
Your relationship can be compared to one of those drama tearjerkers
So does that warrant you starting a side thing with one of his coworkers?
For now, you can date them both, even though they both work together
And spread your time (and legs) between them both…now ain’t that clever?
That way if the first guy doesn’t want to marry you, there’s no need to pout
Because his friend can be your second option (hope they don’t find out)
You realize this down low thing may not be right, but you really don’t care
Because now their occupations aren’t the ONLY “jobs” they both share
When playing 2 friends against each other, then your love life won’t not stable
And most men will give you a whole DIFFERENT type of label
When you sneak between friends, you’ll guess your label, I suppose
Here’s a hint: It begins with “H” and followed by PLENTY of “O’s”
So when you become that type of playa, remember this saying so true
When you play unto others, they just might be playing unto you…
What do you mean my naked pictures are posted on your job bulletin board?
The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Hostile boyfriend)

About six months ago my boyfriend started his attitude about me. We have a big sexual appetite. He was very romantic and showed lots of interest in me. Now, he’s very distant and I am the one who has to pursue sex. When I ask him about what’s wrong, he is very hostile. I’ve seen text messages and found them inappropriate for friends. I decided to get checked at a clinic and – surprise – I have an STD. I told him and his reaction was, “How did that happen?” He says he didn’t have sex with anyone other than me. I explained that only one of us had to get it to give it to the other. What is sad is it has been a week since I found out and he has said nothing. If he did not cheat, he would be angry, wouldn’t he? If he did cheat, wouldn’t he ‘fess up?
Not necessarily. As long as he thinks he has a chance of finding a good excuse for what happened then he will probably continue to cling to his story… The reason he is saying nothing now is because the truth is often offensive to those guilty of the infraction. The best way for him to hide his guilt is to just say nothing and hope that this issue just passes over. His actions already spoke for him, though. At first you two had a very healthy sexual appetite and then he stopped suddenly. For you to become the aggressor means that he was afraid to have sexual contact with you. He probably knew at that point that he had contracted an STD and didn’t want to risk giving it to you. He became hostile as a defensive measure in hopes that it would stop you from probing more in depth into what his problem was. If he doesn’t want to bring attention to this issue, then you need to be the one to do it. If you let this pass without any action or consequences then the next time he could bring you something much worse. At this point you owe it to yourself to protect yourself the “best” way you can, even if that means “abstaining” from sexual activity with him. Just because you choose to ignore a problem doesn’t mean that it is going to go away… You need to pay more attention to “warning signs’. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck and abstains from sex like a duck, then it’s a VD infected duck… From this point on I would advise him to find some other way to get his “duck sick” (Just think about this one…okay? It will come to you in a minute, I promise). Good luck to you, and here is that quack doctor, the Phantom Poet:
Why would my boyfriend stop having sex with me?
Do you think it is because he is hiding an STD?
I noticed that we have not had sex in quite a long while
And when I confront him about it, he gets real hostile
I’ve seen text messages and found them inappropriate for friends
I don’t think he’s as innocent as he pretends
I went to the clinic and wouldn’t you know?
They said that they believe my boyfriend’s a ho
I told him and his reaction was, “How did that happen?”
It’s obvious to me now that my boyfriend is crappin’
He says he didn’t have sex with anyone other than me
And the cow jumped over the moon… This fairy tale I also see
He should know that I believe him and everything he stands for
At LEAST until I can get his ass to leave out my door
Once he’s outside the door he can consider us to be estranged
Because he won’t be allowed back and my locks will be changed
I’ve been fed enough of his lies and now I am truly full
When he comes back he can explain more to my newly trained pit bull
This animal will be specially trained and on command he will bite
And he’ll take a chunk out of your butt whenever your “scent” ain’t right
So you see you can forget about coming back here today
As for all of your belongings, look to buy them back on Ebay
I don’t appreciate you or your social VD gift
So take your sorry ass back to the tramp you slept with
I will never deal with another male unless I check for detection
Because in order to get with me, he must line up for inspection…
“Now I’ve heard of fingerprints, but not THIS”… The Phantom Poet


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The Delfonics and Brett Jolly in concert