Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (” A well wish for you”)

Today in the United States we celebrate  the traditional holiday of “Thanksgiving.” This is a day where we give thanks for our blessings. I don’t know if this is celebrated around the world or not, but I will say that if you do participate in this tradition (or even if you don’t) I would like to wish you a true day of “peace, serenity and blessings.” There is so much turmoil going on in the world right now and any holiday that promotes tranquility I will gladly embrace. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “What this holiday means to me”)

This time of year has rolled around again. Thanksgiving holds a lot of different emotions and memories for me. While time “changes all” it doesn’t have to detract from the main emphasis of this Holiday, and that is to be “thankful.” When I reflect from this aspect, I have to realize that I have kids who have “never” had to be taken to jail for a crime they committed, never been on drugs and who love their daddy just as much as I love them. I also have to realize that while I “still” have grounds to make in my career, so far I have had some “incredibly awesome” experiences as a musician. How many people get to do what they like to do and can make a living from it? Third, I am thankful for the people in my life who believe in me. While I realize that I am not always “on top of my game” I still feel love from those who know me well enough to say “You are loved anyway.” Finally, I have a father who is 82 years old and has spent the last 2 weeks in the hospital due to some type of infection from diabetes. At this age, “every trip” to the hospital carries “major” concern, but thanks to a lot of love and prayers from those close to him (and me) there is an excellent chance that he will be coming home “today.” While this brings a smile to my face, I am also reflective of “holidays past” that can “never” happen again. My mother used to always be an integral part of our family, and even though we lost her in 2004 her memory still guides us. Since she passed around this time of year (December 14) it softens the joy of the holiday just a little bit for us, but nevertheless we continue to strive on. I realize that time “changes all” for everyone out there, and I am hopeful that this time of year can bring harmony and love to all who “need it.” I don’t care about political affiliations, tensions in other nations, or economic uncertainties. If for at least “one” day of the year we ALL could bestow love for each other instead of animosity towards each other then this day is “more than worth it” for me. The best way to experience it is to just exhibit it. If we can spread love to others, then just “maybe” someone can “give it right back.” I would like to take this moment to wish a truly happy time to ALL during this time of year, and “whatever” you celebrate (if you celebrate anything at all) I hope you can do so with love in your heart, and dedication in your soul. No matter how different cultures, races and religions there are on this planet, we need to be aware that we are ALL the “same color” on the inside… Be safe, be loved, and be happy… for no matter what, you “are” my brothers and sisters…

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Happy Thanksgiving)

Today is “one” day out of the year that we celebrate and give thanks to the blessings that we have. While everything may not be perfect (and while some people are going through major trials and tribulations right now), if you are able to “read” this Daily Thought then you are blessed, because not everyone woke up this morning. While the holidays are supposed to bring us cheer and positivity, we need to remember that life holds “no” guarantees. For those who are struggling I would like to tell you that life throws challenges our way. It is how we react to those challenges that determine the true value of our lives. In order to  fully “appreciate” the good, we “have” to experience the bad. For example, if you are the number one basketball team in the world, that is a great feeling. However, if you had to beat a bunch of elementary school girls to win the championship then there is not much value in your accomplishment. The “greater” the obstacle, the greater the satisfaction in overcoming it. Don’t give up, because your “best” blessings can come from “within” you. I hope you are able to see this for yoursef. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I hope your best blessings are yet to come.


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