Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Enhancement through surgery)

The other day I had a talk with a friend of mine who divulged to me that his girlfriend got “breast enhancements.” He mentioned that even though he told his lady that he loved her just the way she was she decided to get the procedure done anyway.  So naturally I asked him if he was “pleased” with the “results.” He said that she doesn’t feel natural to him anymore and that she seems rather “hard” there now. He also said that he still loves her but he is trying his best to “get used to it.” I then thought to myself, “If a woman who gets a boob job doesn’t please her boyfriend with it, then what would be the purpose for getting it done?” A few years ago a male coworker of mine handed me a newspaper clipping and asked, “What do you think of this?” He was a nice guy, but he was only about 5’6 in height. Well, the newspaper clipping was actually an advertisement for “male enhancement.” I looked at it, got silent for a moment and asked, “Is there something I need to know?” He said, “Do you think this is real or a hoax?” I simply told him that if he was planning on any “alterations” he had better do his homework on it first and as far as anything else I just say, “No comment.” A lot of people are opting now to surgically enhance themselves, but is it all worth it? Years ago when I was in Vegas the cab driver told me that “most” of the women there had breast implants. He said he could spot them easily and instantly, and began pointing out the women that he could tell had the procedures done. He said that women with new breasts don’t seem to fit with the rest of the body, and often they are too solid and firm and appear fake. In other words, they lose their “bounce.” Please keep in mind that I don’t normally “conduct studies” on women’s breasts, but this man did bring up some interesting points. If a surgeon did a really good job of breast augmentation, then should anyone “be able” to tell the difference? If you manage to live long enough your body will go through changes. Some people can cope with these changes, while others try to combat it. Woman are more prone to go through extreme physical alterations when it comes to making a great impression. They will wear weaves, wigs, heels, wheels, eyeliner, lip gloss, lipstick, “slapstick,” mousse (and squirrel) and padded bras. A woman has the right to make any changes she feels is necessary to make her more “attractive.” With that being said, where does “surgery” fit in? Are women with surgically enhanced breasts more appealing? The answer depends on who you ask. I asked some of my guy friends who had been involved with women who had the surgery done. Some said they were cool with it, while others said that it just didn’t feel right. I will never try to tell a woman what to do with her own body. If she feels that surgery is the best option for her then who am I to argue with that (even though I once lost a friend who died from complications resulting from her weight reduction surgery)? “You are who you are (unless, of course, you have surgery to become who you will become).” The choice is yours, but I would love to know what a woman or man expects to get from being “surgically enhanced.” What is the motivation behind this? If you don’t mind, I would love to know your thoughts. All replies will be “anonymous” unless you specify otherwise. You can reply to me here or email me at Thank you and here is that “fake” lyricist who needs all “kinds” of surgical alterations, the Phantom Poet:

When a man loves a woman he often loves what he’ll feel
But can a man love a woman whose parts aren’t “real?”
For a woman to feel pretty sometimes she’ll do something drastic
That’s when a surgeon has to utilize his back orders of “plastic”
Even though a woman may not feel pretty, there’s no need to speculate
Just go to the surgeon with orders to “lift”… and “separate”
And this is not just women, because when some men want to romance
They ALSO might go to the surgeon and ask him to “male enhance”
When loving a woman it just might make the procedure “easy”
“Is that a new surgical penis in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?”
We ALL want to look great and we want to feel great in our clothes
So in order to fit into a size 6 shoe, I had the surgeon “cut off” my toes
And when it comes to weaves and wigs, a woman can be a pretty sight
And she will say that it IS her hair, because she bought it last night
So if she claims that these are her real breasts, it is not exactly “perjury”
It just means that she “really” had them enhanced through surgery
The hair might be fake, and the breasts might be fake, but no need to beg
If you dig deeper you might find she also has a wooden leg
And is she has problems sitting down, don’t be surprised if you find
That this woman has “butt pads” covering over her behind
So when this woman wears a lot cut blouse and short skirt by design
Is it right for her to ask you to love her for her mind?
We ALL want to be accepted so the decisions we make
Will determine whether we want to stay natural or we want to be fake
So when going out on a date, make sure that you first handle your biz
And let your date know that the warranty on your body is specified, “As is…”

“When it comes to loving, I’m a cut above the rest, baby”… The Phantom Poet

The late Gerald Levert and Brett Jolly in concert