Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A look at Beyonce’s new song/video entitled Sorry”)

I thought this latest project by Beyonce was important to check out on many fronts. First, she is arguably the biggest entertainer for this age (My apologies for those who are behind Taylor Swift). ┬áThe interesting thing about being “number one” is that “everyone” studies you and your methods to see if they can find a way to emulate your success. Beyonce took a much different route this time when it came to her music. She did “not” go after immediate radio play to promote her music (to be honest, if her songs are being played I have not heard them yet on conventional radio). Since so many artists have relied in the past on being featured in radio rotation I can’t help but wonder if she is somehow playing “Russian roulette” with her career. After all, the radio industry still controls a lot and they can still shut her down just as easily as they built her up. Next, I wonder how the sales of her new CD are going. Without radio play how do people know whether or not they like her songs? Since she is Beyonce, a LOT of people will just buy it without hearing a note, but can she expect that to last using this promotional formula? I FINALLY got to hear one of her songs ( The CD has been out for awhile now), and that is the song that I heard about before. The song is entitled “Sorry” and the much talked about lyric in this song mentions something about going to “Becky with the good hair.” I just got the chance to check out the song/video and wanted to feature it today. I realize that I am “old school” so I tried to be neutral and understanding when I listened to this track. I was trying to figure out the symbolism behind making this video black and white. I just couldn’t figure out the rationale behind that. Then I checked out her vocal performance. To me it didn’t feel like one of her best. When she did “Love on top” she absolutely “killed it” singing. For this particular track I didn’t feel any of the same energy. Musically, it felt very watered down to me. I assumed that she did this purposefully and that she wanted to be more creative with this project. That is all said and good, but normally for songs there is a hook that grabs the attention of the listener (For instance, “Ain’t no stopping us now”). I couldn’t get that with this latest release from her.I will not bash her with this project, because the one thing to remember is that “one man’s music can be another man’s misery.” I do realize that the most important part of this song was the “message” that she was trying to convey lyrically. Under those circumstances I can understand this a little more. I listened a couple of times, but it has still not grown on me “yet.” You can make your own decision. Here is the song/video by Beyonce entitled “Sorry.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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