Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are we really as smart as we think we are?”)

After thinking about it for a minute, I actually pondered this question, “Just how smart are we… really?” When you think about it, our society has systematically been geared for people to go to school, get good grades, graduate and make a decent living. Yet how many “big named entertainment artists” have actually “followed” this formula to success? Did Jay-Z or Beyonce ever graduate from college? I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, but I do know that they are multi-millionaires whether they attended school or not. What about some of the others like Kanye or Rihanna? Brittney Spears? Will Smith? How many pro athletes only did “one year” of college only to leave early and become instant millionaires (and then never even go back to get their degrees)? LeBron James became a millionaire straight out of high school. We are charged astronomical fees to attend college just so that we can “start off broke” after we graduate and then try to find some way to pay off the “huge” student loan we took (just so we could graduate to make more money in the first place). How much sense does that really make? When it comes to capital punishment, we sentence murderers to “death” just to show them that killing is “wrong.” Yeah, THAT surely shows a high level of intelligence. On the other side, many of us are “Pro Life” when it comes to the sensitive subject of “abortion and killing unborn babies”, and yet those same people “rarely” intervene when it comes to those who are on death row (and about to be executed). I guess that must mean that we are only pro life when it comes to “certain lives.” And what about the babies that “do” actually make it into this world born to parents that are not properly equipped to raise them? Many of these kids grow up in a violent world only to comment violence against someone else whose parents raised him or her properly. The money that we could invest into better training and education seems to be spent more on “prisons.” The disease Ebola kills thousands of people in Africa but we wait until it strikes here in the United States before we actually find a way to “cure it.” On the social side, women will wear makeup, false hair, short tight skirts, push up bras with low cleavage, form fitting dresses, heels and sexy attire and then say later on they want a man to love them “for their minds.” Most men will take a woman out on a date, pay the bill and make sure that he “lets her know frequently how much the bill was” so that he can impress her with his money instead of his “great gentlemanly personality.” When a man frequents a lot of women he is often known as a “stud.” When a woman frequents a lot of men she if often known as a “ho.” Many of us get “married for life” just so we can divorce after 5 years or so. We claim to be more “civilized” than other animals on the planet and yet we kill off more of each other than they do. We go to war to kill people we don’t even know and never met before just because our government doesn’t like their government. In the United States, Republicans and Democrats claim they want the same things for the American Public, but yet none of them can ever agree “on anything.” How smart is that? Many of us actually hate the police… at least until we need them in an emergency. We don’t want people to speed in cars and yet we keep making them capable of doing speeds up to 120 miles per hour. Don’t get me wrong, we managed to receive radio waves and video signals over the air, construct automobiles and planes and even invented the internet. Those are great accomplishments, but in the process we are “killing” our climate with global warming (among other environmental disaster issues). We declare ourselves to be the superior form on life on this planet. Then why are we killing ourselves in this way? Yes, I would love to believe that our “intellect” places us above all other species on this planet. I I just can’t help but ponder that we might not be as intelligent as we think we are sometimes. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “The 7 year itch”)

Subject: The 7 year itch
Why is it that men who get married only tend to last about 7 years, and then they lose focus and want younger women, or just flat out cheat? Is it something biological that just happens or is it triggered by something? Just about every marriage that I know of fell apart after seven years with the husband either cheating on the wife or just outright leaving her. Why is this so?
I really don’t believe this applies to “every” marriage, but there are definitely enough cases to warrant review. First off, everyone is different, so you can’t say that each person’s circumstances stem from the same reasons. I can’t possibly speak for every man, but I do have a theory as to why a lot of this happens. I honestly believe that a lot of this may be a result of “egos”. When a man initially gets married, he is absolutely fine with the world, his woman and himself. However, after awhile something sets in where a man wants to know if he still has any “value” left, and a lot of times this is when he may start to stray (uh…cheat!). At first, he may cheat only with the intention of testing the waters without fully jumping in, hoping that he can satisfy his feeling of self worth and then return to his wife feeling better about himself. However, once he goes “over the edge” and gets a taste of how great his temporary affair is then at that point he might just become “hooked”. When he is hooked, that means he is addicted, and as with any addiction it will be difficult to get him to stop once he is on a roll. I believe the seven-year itch is a “very” real thing that makes “a lot” of men wonder if they still “have it” (especially if they get married young). This is probably going to sound weird, but I think the best way to solve the seven year itch is for the wife to let her husband know that anytime he wants to cheat he can just go do so (but make sure to also let him know that whenever he does he “cannot” come back to you). What this does is put him in a sort of “open gate” theory that often works in a psychological way. Just imagine a child in your back yard. If you try to lock the gate to keep him from going outside of it, most times the child will become curious and try to climb over that gate anyway. However, if you leave the door to the gate open and tell him that he can leave outside it anytime he wants, but once he is outside the gate he will be locked out forever and he will never be able to come back home to you, then it has a better psychological effect. When you try to control someone, it hardly ever works, but when you provide him with the opportunity to control his “own” actions, it usually produces a better result. Learn where your man’s “weak” spots are, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of them whenever you need to. You may be able to avoid the seven year itch before and make your marriage last forever. Here is a Phantom Poet moment to help guide you:
After seven years, my husband decided to cheat
He wanted to find a pretty young thing to meet
He told her he was single and a very nice guy
When she asked if he was married, he told her a lie
“No, but maybe one day you can bring my heart some peace”
This fool didn’t even realize that he was talking to my niece
She listened to all the bull crap this man decided to bring
And later on that evening she told my family everything
So we set up a “sting” with a remote place for them to meet
In a quaint little restaurant where he pulled up a seat
My niece enjoyed her food, but she wanted to remind him
Of her family tree, and that was when I snuck up behind him
I put my hands over his eyes, and he blurted out “Who’s there?”
I said in my deepest voice, “Your worst nightmare”
He was enjoying himself so much in this nice little bar
He asked “Am I in trouble?” I said, “Yes you certainly are”
He tensed up for a moment, and tried to bolt for the door
But not before I managed to take his drink and pour
His lap and his new pants were soaked and he started to sob
I took everyone else’s drinks in the place and finished the job
I guess he thought that if he cheated, he would be difficult to catch
So with all of those drinks on him, I decided to light a match
This would teach him that with my heart you never play games
But I’ll be damned; I have NEVER seen a man before outrun flames
He ran so hard that the wind actually blew out the fire
But once he got back home I’d give him a new reason to perspire
He knows that he upset me, and he knows how I felt
So to make things better, I make him wear a chastity belt
And I am the only one who even has the key
So yes, now my husband has to ask permission to pee
So if YOU have a husband experiencing the seven year itch
You’d better invest in your own chastity belt before he pulls a switch
It may not be comfortable for him, but at least you’ll have peace of mind
And it will save you the trouble of having to whip his behind
Men will always be men, and we all know what they are
So if you need to keep track of your man, then best try “radar”
“That white dot must be him”… The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Happily married but yearning for the past)

Almost 10 years ago during a very “messed” up time in my life, I met a man who lives approximately 907 miles away.  Besides the distance in miles, there were other obstacles and issues – families, jobs, commitment (mainly on his part).  We had an incredible connection and I did everything I could to try and make it work. I visited frequently but the trips were not always what I had hoped they would be.  Although he said how much he cared – the effort on his part to be together was minimal at best.  The relationship ended but we kept in contact and have remained friends.  Shortly after the relationship ended, I met an incredible man and have now been married to him for 6 years.   Everything is great in my marriage – the typical ups and downs but overall its more than I could have ever hoped for.

My problem is that I cannot let go of my long distance friend.  All of the problems that were there 9 years ago would still be there and I’m STILL not sure how much he really cares.  I saw him recently for the first time in 4 years and the time we were able to spend together was minimal and limited due to his “schedule”.  It brought back a lot of unhappy memories but also seeing him reminded me of how much I still care for him.  My connection with him is crazy – emotionally and physically!  I’m an intelligent woman, successful business owner, happily married to a great guy but an emotional mess!  And by the way – from what he says, nothing seems to have changed much in his life as far as a relationship.  

Please give me your honest and insightful opinion!

Believe it or not, a “lot” of people develop a strong love for individuals who may not be the best “suited”for  relationships. Even when we are young, a lot of the pretty girls would often gravitate to the “bad boys” instead of opting for the good ones who were smart in class. There is nothing wrong with coming to grips with the fact that you have an attraction for someone else. We are all human and have human needs. However, since you are now married (or as you say, “happily married”) then it is highly probable that you made the “best move” to be in the situation you are in now. Let’s take a look at this… From what you are saying, you have doubts about this long distance lover even though your connection to him is still strong. This is important, because in relationships it would help to be “sure.” The one thing about the “past” is that no matter how much you look over your shoulder at it the view “never” changes. 10 years ago during the “messed up” time of your life you fell in love with this man. During that time the two of you were not “suited” for each other and that is why you went your separate ways. Now your life has gone into a different direction. When people love each other it is “not” something that you can just “shut off.” The attraction will most likely always be there even if your circumstances change. You cannot help how you feel, but you can help how you “handle” what you feel. A lot can happen to “change” people in 10 years, and while it is quite possible that the “both” of you may have matured for the better, it doesn’t excuse the fact that you are already “happily” married to someone else. If your husband has been good to you (and you have been good to him) then you “already know” the answer. If you still “love” your husband then it would make sense to stay with him.  He doesn’t deserve to be hurt any more than “you” do. Just imagine jumping from one cliff to another with a 10 thousand foot drop waiting below. The “‘first” thing you want to do is “make sure” that the cliff is actually “there” before you jump and then you want to make sure it is at least “solid.” Before you even consider this you need to have a “valid” reason for even “wanting” to take this leap. If everything is “fine” with the cliff you are on now then why take the chance? Soul mates are people who are destined to be a part of each others lives. It doesn’t mean that they are perfectly suited for each other. It doesn’t mean that they are the “perfect fit.” It just means that they are “meant” to be together. Chances are this old lover will remain a part of your life in some capacity. Only you can make the determination as to whether you want to “risk” all you have for something you feel “uncertain” of. If you are a gambler then there would be a “lot” at stake here. You need to consider that before taking your “leap of faith.” Here is the Phantom Poet with his starter’s pistol:

I have a yearning for an old long distance lover and this much I must confess
When it comes to him I guess I am considered an emotional mess
We were together about 10 years ago during a messed up time in my life
And since that time I have moved on and become a good wife
However, for some reason I just can’t seem to get this man out of my mind
I have even contemplated going back to him and leaving my current husband behind
I am not sure of how to handle this and that is why I feel the need to confide
But I also need to realize that the grass is not always “greener on the other side”
I am intelligent, successful, and I am by no means “broke”
And no, none of that grass on the other side did I attempt to “smoke”
I am, however, high off of “love” for a long distance romance
But as much as I yearn for it, should I even take that chance?
A lot could happen in 19 years and conditions might even be for the better
Or else he could be old and incontinent as well as a bed wetter
He could be a drug dealer now or even a womanizer
Or he might have a drab career as a door to door salesmen for hand sanitizer
He might be a no good lazy bum who does nothing but lay around on the couch
Wait a minute. All these descriptions fit my “current” husband… “Ouch!”
Well, I guess I had better figure out which one of these men I plan to choose
Since they both seem about the same, then what do I really have to lose?

“From out of the frying pan onto the floor”… The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (from Monday through Friday)

Mr. Jolly. I know this is a very loaded question, but if you were in charge how would you fix the economy? There are varying opinions out there as to how it should be done. You seem like someone who is aware of a lot, do I figured I would throw this topic your way. Sorry to put you on the spot but I would love to know what you think. What do you say?

Well, I am NOT an expert on the economy (by any means), but if I had to tackle the issue, the very first thing I would do is focus on the price of gasoline. You see, as the price of gas goes higher, so does everything else. It is a known fact that people have to raise prices of just about everything when the cost of natural oil and gas increases. I would think that if we could find a way to keep the cost of natural oil and gas down (maybe through offshore drilling) then the economy would improve dramatically. Also, I would take government money to build and establish more libraries, police stations, recreation centers, museums and more institutions that would create the need for employment. I would also give bigger incentives (like maybe tax breaks) to the corporations who engage in procedures that create more job opportunities for people to be hired. I always felt that we don’t really need the intervention of government to help jump start the economy, but it couldn’t hurt to have it. To me, all it takes is for someone to come up with a great idea and then just follow through on it. There is still a lot of demand for many things that we don’t have and once someone capitalizes on these ideas then others will follow suit (thus improving the economy in the process). We also need to do like Ford did, (who improved their products and services greatly). They realized their own deficiencies and made a remarkable recovery. We need to study the success stories of companies like them and Walmart (along with other companies that are doing well through this recession). We also need to focus on the resources we already have to improve our economy.  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, there is a wealth of information that we can learn from the inmates already incarcerated in our criminal institutions. We need to study the factors that made them turn to a life of crime so that we can correct them for future generations.  Also, it takes about $40,000 to 50,000 a year to house these inmates. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were working and MAKING money instead of us paying money to incarcerate them? Also, as great as technology is, it can also be our greatest detriment. For example, the internet was a great idea, but when it came into existence the post office suffered mightily from less business (Because people relied more on email than conventional mail). We need to be able to change as technology changes. Many years ago someone had already invented the car that could get a thousand miles to a gallon of gas. The biggest problem is that if most people had one it would put so many other people out of work (like gas station attendants). If doctors found cures that would guarantee that no one ever gets sick again, then there would no longer be a need for doctors. If government regulated cars so that they could go “no  higher” than 75 miles per hour in speed then it would greatly affect the revenue police and judges get when they pull you over for a ticket. We have to work within our own structure to improve ourselves without eliminating ourselves from a making a living. As I have said, I am NOT an expert on the economy, but I do often take note of the things I would like to see happen to help improve the quality of life for everyone. I do apologize if my answers seem ignorant or uneducated, but this is only “my” perception. I do believe that we can control our own destiny though entrepreneurial opportunities, education and investment. The government can only do so much, but I believe it is up to us to make our own way. I did the best I could on this subject but I am sure I have overlooked other ideas. I welcome anyone with any suggestions, comments, or questions. Thank you and have a truly “jolly” day.



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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (From Monday through Friday)

Brett Jolly, I am not an unattractive woman yet I have not had a date in what seems like forever. One of two things happens, I get compliments, stares and smiles (I feel like a doll on display everybody looks at but nobody buys) or I am not believed when I say I don’t have anyone. Why is it men are so afraid to take a chance?




There are men out there who love the challenge of conquering difficult women. There are also other men who get “intimidated” easily. If you are getting compliments, stares and smiles then it is obvious that these men are interested in you. If most men think you are pretty enough to warrant “initiating” a conversation then most of them will do so with the “intentions” of “following through.” Since I cannot see how you handle yourself when a man confronts you, I can only “speculate” as to what might be wrong. Most men don’t change direction like that unless something purposely alters their perceptions. It could be your facial expressions, your mannerisms or it could be something in the “way” that you are responding back to them, but I would think that there might possibly be something you are “unknowingly” doing to give them a false impression. It is even quite possible that you are making yourself “too easy” a target for men. The real trick in introductions is in showing “value.” The man has to feel as though you are a great treasure. If you try too hard, then men will detect that and it might turn them off. However, if you make yourself “too difficult” it could have the same effect. For women, I always think the best way to get a man is to smile and let him initiate and dominate most of the conversation (All he is going to do is talk about himself anyway). While he is doing his thing, you can make mental assessments of what kind of man he is. Instead of telling a man that you don’t have anyone it might be better to respond by asking, “Why, are you applying for the position?” Sometimes when you tell a man that you don’t have anyone they tend to think that you are not good enough to get a man. The truth of the matter is that whether you have a man or not, most men will try to come after you anyway. Lastly, you need to exhibit a care-free attitude. If a man doesn’t have the balls to try to get to know you then he is not worth your time anyway. When meeting someone new, let the man do most of the talking and make it seem like you are judging him, rather then him judging you. He may be the initiator, but you have the last word. Finally, when he asks for your number (and he WILL ask for your number) take your time before giving it to him. An easy “conquest” may satisfy the man’s ego, but it won’t guarantee that he will call you later. The right man is out there for you, but first you will have to go through a bunch of “milk duds” before you find him (or he finds you). Continue to handle yourself appropriately and be patient. Remember, the object of the game is NOT to find a man, but rather to find the “RIGHT” man… When he comes along, you will know. Good luck to you and here is the Phantom Poet to take us through the day.




When it comes to getting a date I try to use my wits and be clever


But for some reason it seems as though I have not had a date like forever


Just like anyone else, I’d like to engage in a little bit of romance


But I can’t figure out why men are afraid to take the chance


I get stares, compliments and smiles from plenty of guys


But I feel like the department store doll that no one buys


I’m not unattractive, I’m classy and my great personality exudes


So just what the hell is it that’s wrong with all these dudes?


I dress great, I bathe, but this I need to mention


I won’t mind clubbing you with a bat to get your attention


In your daze of unconsciousness we can even have a great discussion


And you can tell me all the things you can still remember through your concussion


And we can live together in harmony where each morning you wake to my voice


After I chain you up in my basement where you won’t really have a choice


Where you can confess your love for me, and I know it will be the truth


Because no one will hear your screams down here, because my basement’s “soundproof”


I’ll feed you, but I won’t unchain you so you will never have to wonder


And you and I can enjoy the rest of our lives living “happily ever under”





“Thank you for your thunderous applause”… the Phantom Poet


Brett Jolly in “heavy” meditation