Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Proper bedroom invitation)

Dear Brett,





Subject: Proper bedroom invitation





I have been a widow for 4 years recently I met a man that I have been dating for about 6 months. He lives quite a distance from me. He recently invited me over to his house. We went out to dinner and I met his friends. Then we took a walk in a very beautiful, serene park and we did a lot of talking. I was feeling really romantic and hoped things would go to another level when we went back to his house. However, he was the perfect gentleman. How do I get him in the bed without being sleezy?





By becoming downright sleezy… What else? No, I understand fully where you are coming from on this. There are times when a woman will WANT a man to act like a perfect gentleman, but there may be other times when you want him to become a man possessed. “Some” men (and even some women) think it’s un-lady-like for a woman to come out and ask for sex. Your man has obviously been taught well… He gives respect when he thinks he is supposed to, and that is a good thing. However, that won’t help to get you laid… uh, “lucky” (sorry). If you have trained your man to be that perfect gentleman around you, then he will probably settle in to being that way until you drop a mighty powerful hint on him. I have some suggestions that should really help, but at the end of this article, I will let you know that NOTHING works better than those “three little words”. Just wait… First off, one of the things you can do is invite him over to your house to watch something special on television. Without saying a word, you should excuse yourself from the room, and re-enter wearing the sexiest lingerie ever invented and just cuddle up to him to watch. In fact, you should act as though nothing is wrong. If THIS doesn’t give him a big enough hint then he is practically brain-dead. Also, when you cuddle up with him make sure to put your hand “inadvertently” over a certain area in his lap. It cannot appear to be direct, so make it look like an accident, and make sure to KEEP your hand there. Your hand should begin rising as the program wears on, which means he is really getting into you (Either that, or he really likes the program). Don’t forget those 3 little words as a last resort (but we haven’t gotten there yet). If you are over his house, then you might ask to wear one of his shirts. If he says “Yes” then go into his bathroom and try it on, but make sure to wear nothing underneath it. It is ALWAYS sexy for a woman to wear a man’s shirt, and if this doesn’t turn him on, then nothing will (except for those infamous 3 little words… Watch out now!).  Okay, NOW we are down to the one thing that we all KNOW will get a man to be aggressive, and if he IS a real man, then ten out of ten times these THREE little words will motivate AND inspire. When you have a man ALL alone and want to take your relationship to the very NEXT level, then all you have to do is turn to him and whisper these three little words… “NOW… OR NEVER…”








When it comes to love, I consider myself to be somewhat possessive


During a certain time I need for my man to get aggressive


For one night I need him to consider me as his little girl


And take me in his arms… then rock my world


I am trying my best to exhibit all of my sex appeals


I am standing in front of him naked wearing only 4-inch heels


I know what I want him to do, but I am too lady like to say


But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let him leave without giving me some today


Up until this time he has been the perfect gentleman, and I have been truly blessed


But today I aim to bring “beast” in him OUT, so he’d better act right and get undressed


Hey, a woman’s got needs, and mine are now calling out to me


At this point, I don’t care if he only has 4 inches (or even three)


He may be a gentleman, but tonight he’ll have to play MY game


I want him to howl at the moon, and then scream out my name


The way I’m feeling now, he has a lot of work to do


And he had better not be finished until I say he’s though


I am a lady through and through, I am sweet, gentle and soft


But I am also aggressive… Now go put on this loincloth


Then run around the block 3 times and get yourself all sweaty


B the time you get back to me, then I should be ready


You have no idea what you are about to get into, but baby, I do


When we finish up here, ain’t no one going to recognize you


Yes, I am a lady…. So sweet and so tender


But rest assured that ALL of your goodies tonight you will surely render


I am ready for action tonight, and I don’t feel like giving no hint


If you need help getting yourself “right” then go put it in a splint


Because tonight is MY night, and you are the featured guest


So take everything and lay down… I’ll handle the rest


Tonight is a night that you will remember FOREVER


Because my 3 words to you are “Now… or Never”


So don’t blow this chance, for you may never get here again


Our countdown has started…Let the love making begin…





           A true tender moment… from the Phantom Poet


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