Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Promotion)

Mr. Jolly

I really enjoy your blogs and articles. I am an aspiring songwriter and musician and I am in awe of all the famous people you have played for. I would like to get out there just like you and I want to know if there is any advice you can give me. I am young but I want to get myself known, and I would appreciate it if you could help me.

I have one saying that goes like this: “A performer who performs in the middle of the woods is useless.” The reason for this is straightforward: “No one knows that you are there.” “Promotion” is the key to just about “anything” you do in life. You could be the best doctor, lawyer, music producer or businessman, but if no one knows about you then your talents (as well as your efforts) are wasted. There are several promotional tools that that can help you get out there musically. There are music sites like that feature original music. There is also a site known as that is very helpful. Finally, there is one avenue that is free but is possibly the best promotional tool you can find, and that is It is important for EVERY performer to have a package. Normally a package will consist of your songs, your videos and your pictures (The music industry is a VERY visual industry). If you don’t have a package then you need to “get” one. I help new and aspiring artists by putting their packages together for them, and if you would like to know more feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 215-900-9022.  The “train of opportunity” is a train that has “no” set time for pulling into your station. Whenever that train arrives, you need to have your “bags” packed with everything you need to ride that train. If you don’t have it, then you will have to tell that train to move on and “hope” that it will come back into your station again. People know of me through my own promotional endeavors. Each gig I have done has brought me notoriety and people remember that. I still get people who recognize me from some of the television shows and big events that I have performed for, and it only helps to add to my marketability. While I am still striving for even bigger gains, I cannot be more thankful for the opportunities that have already been established for me. You can do the same. It is NOT just about talent, but how you handle yourself business-wise. Do your homework and promote yourself so that people will know who you are, and the rest will take care of itself. I would love to check out some of the things you are doing, so please feel free to send me a link. Thank you for reaching out to me and I wish you the very best of luck.


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The Delfonics and Brett Jolly in concert



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Tonight: My concert tonight)

I apologize for the late topic today. When you are a songwriter, performer, music producer and musician there are so many aspects that you have to contend with. I am so used to doing other people’s material that I rarely get the opportunity to focus on doing my own. Well, tonight all that is going to change. Tonight (Thursday February 9) I will be the headlining act at a place in downtown Philly called “Connies Ric Rac.” The venue is located at 1132 South 9th Street in Philadelphia. For the first time EVER I will be performing my own original tunes in concert. While this is a momentous occasion for me I have had to overcome some small obstacles in my path. For one, I have been under the weather that past couple of days (heavily congested and coughing). The fortunate part is that I have made a great recovery and I am feeling really well this morning. I have no intentions of using that as an excuse because I have “every” intention of kicking this show out seriously tonight.  Also, during rehearsals, I realized that even though you wrote a song it doesn’t necessarily mean that you remember your “own words.” During some tunes I actually got a mental block and forget the next lines (I laughed when that happened). Then I had to remember that most people in the audience don’t know the words so I could put any other lyrics I want in there (as long as it fits). Finally, I had to come to grips with the fact that it is time for me to represent myself instead of representing others. Sure, I have played for many big name celebrities ranging from Dionne Warwick to Usher, but if I am to reach my full potential then it is time I put my own music out there. So far the responses to my music have been amazing and that is always encouraging for a songwriter to hear. Also on the program we will be performing the original music of my good friend Doug Lyons. For those people who are not familiar, Doug has also played for many notables in the music industry, and he is the music director for Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones”). People keep asking me if I am excited, and to that I can honestly say that anxiety has not hit me “yet.” The main thing about tonight is having fun, showcasing my music and hopefully selling CD’s. I have a lot to do today (including pick up my daughter from school because she just called me and said she is sick) so this will not be long. If anyone reading this is in the Philly area and wants to check out live entertainment tonight then I welcome and invite you to come on down. If you call 215-900-9022 tickets will only be $10 and it is guaranteed to be a really fun night. I appreciate any and all support and hope to see most of you tonight at Connies Ric Rac.

Brett Jolly and Chubby Checker