Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are DJ’s overrated?”)

One of my friends raised an interesting issue on Facebook the other day. He said that it takes “no talent whatsoever” to be a DJ. According to him, all they do is “play records.” He said that live musicians are the ones who actually created the music (and recorded it) but yet DJ’s often seem to get credit for songs that they had nothing to do with. My friend is one who is very emphatic when it comes to everything he feels strongly about, however, his debate was a good one. The question stands: Does it really take no talent to become a DJ and are they overrated? DJ’s are often worshipped as though they are stars, even though what they do is play the music of stars. As usual, I thought this thing through and came up with my own assessments. While it is true that DJ’s basically play the songs that others write and record, in a lot of cases there is a little more to it than that. Most of the DJ’s I know have to blend the right tunes to play at the right times to keep people dancing. While it is not anywhere near as creative as writing and producing it is not something that can be done without some good musical knowledge. For the record, when you go to most clubs the DJ’s are the ones who will usually have most patrons dancing. Live bands rarely match the energy of a DJ. Bands normally need to take breaks, while a DJ can spin records for much longer. Also, bands need to make sure their levels are mixed correctly. A recorded song played by a DJ comes “already mixed.” So can it be said that DJ’s “steal the thunder” from artists? My answer to this would be “yes… and no.” In most cases the DJ is not responsible for the making of the hit tune, but where would the artist be without the DJ to actually “play” his or her music? When you think about it, Michael Jackson made it big because DJ’s played his music. Prince did the same. Whitney Houston, Taylor Swift and just about any other star you can imagine had their songs promoted by DJ’s. Chances are great that if you have a song you really like some DJ probably played it first (either in a club or on the radio) for you to like it. In essence, DJ’s are responsible for some artists to get paid and achieve fame. That being said, DJ’s are necessary, no matter what your opinion may be of them. Whenever I play a 4 hour gig with a live band, DJ’s are also hired to play music during our breaks. People love music. Bands are usually more expensive than DJ’s and generally take up more space. Never once did I believe that DJ’s steal work from live bands (but then again, I work all the time so naturally I would not be affected). Live music has it’s place (and it’s audience). When people want DJ music then that has its own uniqueness as well. One man’s music can be another man’s misery. So my conclusion is that artists and DJ’s are both needed, because each one would probably not exist without the other. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Natural Disasasters”)

South Carolina is going through a major rough time right now. A big time hurricane is flooding the area, crushing roads and taking lives. It is one thing to hear about it through the media, but nothing can match the experience of actually being “caught in one.” Many of us take a lot of things in life for granted, but even if you live in the “best” of circumstances everything you own can be taken from you when it comes to a natural disaster. I remember many years ago traveling to South Carolina after hurricane Hugo swept through the area. I could not believe my eyes… The tall trees along the highway were “all curved to the left” from the devastating winds (and yes, I do mean “curved”). Traffic lights were laid down in the middle of the roads. Cars had been swept “off” the roads and the town of Sumter was left without water, electricity and food for days. In order to fully understand the significance of all this, just try going only “3” days without using any water, food, or electricity and maybe then you will get some idea of how awful the situation was. People were walking through the streets in a daze, and many could not function or think properly. This is what a natural weather disaster can do, and as bad as hurricanes are, there are disasters even “worse” than these. Here is an article to show you how it is currently in South Carolina:

Tsunamis and earthquakes can cause even more damage, and if you have ever been in one you are indeed lucky to escape with your life. Disasters happen all over the world and the best preparation is still no guarantee. Today we need to pray for the people in South Carolina as well as other areas in the world who are experiencing other severe damaging conditions. If you are experiencing sunny skies today then you should feel blessed for you never know when your turn may be next. Let’s hope that the people of South Carolina can recover from all this. Thank you for reading my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( “The concept of rape between spouses”)

Michael Cohen, top aide for Donald Trump, leveled a comment that he has since apologized for. He had originally said that “You cannot rape your spouse.” This all stemmed from an article in which Trump’s former wife claimed that she once felt violated by Trump once while they were married many years ago. Now Ivana Trump says the article is “without merit” and even Trump distanced himself from Cohen’s comments. This should be the end of the story, but for some reason this topic still sticks with me. For those who would like to check the article out for yourselves, you can find the link up top. In the Biblical sense, the woman is supposed to be a man’s property once they are married and the man is supposed to look toward his wife for “all of his sexual needs.” In fact, I talked to one woman (who I know was not submissive in ANY regard) and even she said that a wife is the “property of her husband,” and no wife should be able to tell her spouse “No.” I also talked to another woman who “disagrees with that concept entirely,” because to her “rape is still rape no matter what the circumstances are.” This debate is also compelled by a pastor’s sermon that I once heard a couple of years back, where he claimed that under “NO” circumstances “should a husband and wife ever divorce.” I am a firm believer that a woman should “always” be respected, and NO man should be able to “take his own liberties” with any woman against her will. This case also opens up yet “another can of worms” of other proportions when you think about it in depth. If, in case, a wife doe say “No” to her husband (and he honors her wishes) does that give him the “go-ahead” to actively seek sexual gratification from another woman “outside” the marriage? Since Biblically his wife is supposed to be the “sole” responsibility to his sexual needs does that mean that once the wife breaks that vow that he is now free to venture elsewhere? In this particular case Trump said the right thing and disagreed with his aide’s comments, and the aide  himself has since apologized. Relationships between men and woman are vital for our own survival. While we admire our women for the beauty they posses we have to keep in mind that there is “much more than just good looks there.” Rape should be a crime under “ALL” circumstances against someone’s will. This story with Donald Trump should “technically’ be over and I end to treat it as such, but I am sure that the debate over “woman as property’ will stem on for years to come. I would love to know what “women” have to say about this. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought today and as always i wish you the very best that life has to offer. Please make the best of it today:)


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Gambling problems”)

Mr. Jolly, a friend of mine has a situation that I think she needs help with. She has a boyfriend that has been really nice to her and so far nothing bad has really happened. However, this boyfriend likes to go to the casinos and gamble.  At first he would go sporadically, but now he is constantly there, and I have heard that he has been known to blow about five hundred a day. He keeps asking my friend for money so he can gamble, and I am afraid that she is giving it to him to make him happy. I wish I could help her, but I really don’t know what to do. I don’t want to make it seem as though I am meddling in her business. Is there anything that can be done for them?

Gambling can be “every bit” as addictive as alcohol, drugs, sex or booze. If your friend is feeding him money to gamble then she is in fact “feeding his addiction.” I had a friend who was the same way. He had a wife and a child, but “every” time I played a gig in Atlantic City he was “always” there (and every time he saw me he would always ask for money). At one point I asked him how his family was and he said that his wife “left” him. I didn’t need any more information after that, because to me it seemed pretty obvious that his addiction was a prime factor. The biggest problem is that most people who are addicted to something rarely ever “admit” that they are addicted. They will usually say things like “I can stop anytime I want to” knowing full well that he or she will never “want” to stop. It is tough to try to make someone go to counseling or treatment against his or her will, but there are other options. There are “gambling” organizations out there that have experience with this type of situation, and I strongly suggest you contact them (You can probably Google them online to find the one nearest to you). The best people to reach your girlfriend’s man are those people who have gone through the “same experiences” and that is what makes these organizations so special. They can relate to everything he is going through and they can offer him assistance that will best help him. Your girlfriend needs to understand that giving her man money is “no guarantee to keep him or even help him.” If he is willing to choose gambling over her, then their relationship is bound to fall apart. Hopefully the gambling organizations you contact can help her as well. Good luck to you and I hope I have been of some assistance today. Have a great one.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Bad kids)

Hello Mr. Jolly. I have an issue with a couple on my street. They have 6 kids and those kids have absolutely no control. They run into people’s back yards, steal things, vandalize cars and anything else they can get their hands on. All the parents keep saying is “these kids are bad” but they do nothing to keep them in place. Every time a window is broken or something bad happens on the block all the neighbors automatically know that it is their kids fault. They are awful. What can we do to save ourselves from these rotten kids?

Children should be a blessing, but only to those who are able to provide the proper care for them. Kids don’t come into the world knowing proper behavior. They have to be taught it. If the parents (or caretakers) cannot provide the proper guidance then you can easily have a situation like the one your block is having. It is obvious that the parents are not properly prepared to handle raising children. The first clue is what they said to you. They told that their “kids are bad.” Well, if you keep SAYING that the kids are bad, then the kids will start to “live up” to the label you give them. Children usually become a product of their environment. If they grow up amid violence, then that is usually what they learn. If they grow up around drugs, then that becomes their world. If they are surrounded by deviant behavior then that is how they’ll think. However, if a child grows up to “encouragement” then that child will believe. If a child grows up with materials and utensils, then that child will learn how to make use of those utensils. If a child has a parent who guides the child, then that child has “direction.” When I was a little boy, my mother and father went through “TONS” of baseball equipment, pool tables, art paper, ping pong tables, musical instruments and basketballs. Whenever my brother and I showed an interest in anything positive our parents gave us “opportunity” to enact on those interests.  We were artists, sport players, musicians, and anything else we could get into. I actually built up my ability to read through the art of comic books. To me, they were fun to read, and from reading them I learned how to draw superheroes (which helped to make me an artist) and I developed a great vocabulary at a relatively young age. A lot of parents frown on the usage of comic books, but if it motivates your child to read and learn then what do you have to lose? When my parents bought me a basketball, I would wake up at 5 in the morning to go play across the street on the basketball court. My mother was a teacher who would often bring paper and pencils home, so I practiced artwork a lot with the materials she brought. I am telling you this to let you know that kids “need” activity. If a child doesn’t have any then you can rest assured they will create “their own.” I will close out by telling you my own personal story. When I was a manager of a housing complex, I inherited a boatload of problems. I had drug dealers as tenants, I had people on the FBI’s “wanted” list and I had kids that randomly “vandalized” the property. I knew that no matter how much I talked to the parents it would not change the behavior of the kids. The parents had already “lost control” of them. Instead, I appealed to the nature of the kids. I had a basketball court built “on the property.” As “soon” as the word “got out,” my office was “stormed” by these same kids who were doing all the vandalizing. All of them came into my office and “asked” me if they could help to “clean” the area where the court was going to be constructed. Please keep in mind that under normal circumstances these kids would normally destroy things instead of help to create them. I gave them permission to clean the area and that is “exactly” what they did (and they were thorough). They kept coming into my office and asking to help until the very day that the court was “finished.” Once everything was done, the vandalism on the property “amazingly” stopped. I even helped to “christen” the court by going out to play with the young boys and “take them to school” with my “amazing” basketball ability (smile). I am telling you all this because even “bad” kids need an outlet. While it is not your “responsibility” to cater to those kids you may find that a “small” random act of kindness with them could make the ‘biggest” difference in their world. You could do something as small as “buy” them ice cream cones. Whatever you do, the kids “will” appreciate it, and probably view you with “more respect” than they do their own parents. There is nothing wrong with offering “encouragement” to a child of someone else, especially if that child is in need of it. I already know what random acts of kindness can do for a youngster. Stop referring to them as “bad” kids and once you start to notice a change in their behavior, make sure that you tell the parents “how” you got their kids to change. Sometimes parents need help too. Good luck to you and I sincerely hope that through your efforts you can make a difference. Have a great day.

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Perspectives”)

“Perspective…” Sometimes it is how you “look” at things that determines your attitude towards life. Yesterday I went to pay my cell phone bill and when I went back out to my car I noticed my back tire was “VERY” low with a nail in it. I had to find a place to get the tire fixed immediately and there just happened to be a Firestone right next door to it. When they looked at the tire, they told me that they couldn’t fix it because both back tires were already badly “bald.” Since I am a musician, I travel by car a lot, and my tires get worn out with regularity. I remembered that when I got these tires I paid for the warranty (which was supposed to cover me in case I ever need new ones). Well, the nice people at Firestone told me that the warranty doesn’t cover “normal wear and tear.” They did, however, manage to let me know that new tires along with an alignment were going to cost me $350.00. They said they couldn’t even take the nail out of the tire because it was bald, so I couldn’t even leave the place for fear that I wouldn’t make it to any other repair shop. I then informed them that I had a meeting at my church that I needed to be at by 5:30 and they informed me that I should make it on time. Of course, after they finished, I DIDN’T make it in time and got there late. Upon arriving to the church, the pastor tells us that the church is not making enough money and there is a very good chance that the musicians will be let go by Mid February.  There is nothing more encouraging than to spend money you don’t want to spend and then hear that you may no longer be employed (Yes, I am being sarcastic). After leaving, I went home, only to get a call from some woman who needed to speak to me. You see, Sunday (The day before), I did a television show where I had to play and sing one of my originals to the actual “track.” Since I didn’t have a band, this seemed like the wise thing to do at that time. Well, when performing the track volume got “lower and lower” until I could barely hear it, which threw off my timing incredibly and ruined my performance while making me look highly embarrassed. So yesterday, when this lady (who was from that program) called me she actually wanted to know why I gave my business cards out to the people at the station. I asked her if there was a problem with this, and she said that anyone who wants to be on the program needs to go through her, so there was no need for me to give my card to anyone. I was already having a bad day, so I tried to tell her in mild manner that I honestly didn’t know and I honestly didn’t care. I came on the show as a favor and if there was a problem then I really don’t need to come back. I explained that I have done MANY television and radio programs and that I never look to disrespect anyone. I tried my best not to get upset with her and say things that “felt” appropriate to say. Needless to say, all of this just amounted to having a “bad day.” However, now that I have had time to think about it, I realize that I was actually “fortunate” that I caught the nail in my tire “before” it went “completely” flat. I also was very fortunate that the Firestone place was right “next door” to the establishment I was in.  Since the tires were “already badly bald” I was fortunate that I didn’t have a bad accident on the highway or something. I was also fortunate that I even HAD the money to purchase new tires. As for my meeting with the pastor at church, I was fortunate that he said no changes will take place until mid-February (He could have just fired us on the spot, but now I have time to check for other alternatives just in case). Finally, when it came to the lady, I was very fortunate that I only had to deal with her for this one particular program. So, after giving ALL of this some serious consideration, I came to the conclusion that I really had a very LUCKY day after all. This helped me to recognize that our life experiences are “relative.” Things could go terrible wrong for us, but if you compare your life to a a permanently paralyzed individual then our problems may not seem as bad. There are homeless people that just “wish” they could trade their lifestyles and problems with yours but many of us never look at it that way. Yes, I did have a bad day, but in a sense I had a very “blessed” day because it could have been a whole LOT worse. Sometimes when we ask for blessings we need to be able to “recognize” them when they come (and how they arrive). Our whole outlook can change just from looking at things from a different perspective. Yesterday I was only seeing “frustration.” Today I see “the light.” I hope that today “your” perspectives are “positive” ones and that you realize the blessings you have. Here is the Phantom Poet to test this theory heavily:

I needed to go cross country, but I forgot my money to pay the toll
Police sirens are behind me, but I still consider myself a very lucky soul
I then got sick from eating at a restaurant that served me an old moldy roll
Even though I got food poisoning, I am still a very lucky soul
I bet my friends my life savings on my team that lost in the Super Bowl
Even though I am flat broke, I still consider myself to be a very lucky soul
You see, our lives depend on our perspectives and we need to see the picture “whole”
My flat screen TV is busted, but yet I am still a very lucky soul
I drove my car up the street and it fell into a king sized sink hole
My insurance won’t cover it, but I am still a very lucky soul
I have an important meeting with my supervisors but my bladder I can’t control
This will be a very embarrassing moment, but I am still a very lucky soul
I can’t even pay my bills, because my money someone stole
Everything is shut off, but I am still a lucky soul…
How we view things is important, because it has an effect on us
Because if you only look at your own circumstances, it will make you want to cuss
But life is about challenges and in order for you and me to survive
We need to first count our blessings and just be glad that we’re alive
Because no matter how much you vent, scream, holler or even curse
I can guarantee you that out there is someone who has it much worse
So if your life is feeling frustrated by some individual who acts like a butt hole
Don’t let him or her drag you down, because you are indeed a very lucky soul

“Was the lucky rabbit’s foot really that lucky for the rabbit?” The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: rude family behavior)

My husband reads the newspaper at the dinner table in front of the children. He says it’s the only time he has to read. I say it’s rude since there are other people sitting there?
The only thing I can tell you is that I also read at dinnertime (but I do so in front of my television set, which is probably rude to the actual program itself). I don’t think I have ever heard of any etiquette that says no one should read a newspaper at the dinner table.   However, I do think it would be rude to cut your toenails at the dinner table… It would be rude to sit at the table shirtless (unless, of course, you got something “really” kinky going on). I honestly don’t think you should ever wear a bad wig to the dinner table (If it looks real embarrassing, people might giggle real hard and choke to death). I SINCERELY think that NO ONE should ever come to the dinner table without TEETH (All of you older aunts and uncles, please take heed). I REALLY don’t like when people blow their noses at restaurants. I also hate it when people complain loudly at restaurants. Come to think of it, I hate when people “fight” at restaurants (I guess you are now thinking “Where does HE go to eat?)”  It is rude to “break wind” at the table… It is rude to “break” the table. It is rude to crack your knuckles at the table. It is rude to crack someone’s fool head at the table. It is rude to grope someone at the table (UNLESS, of course, you are into something REALLY kinky). I think it would be EXTREMELY impolite to play Jay-Z’s song “99 problems” as dinner music. Okay, now that we have emptied our bag of senseless concepts, maybe we can now address the issue at hand. It is difficult for me to imagine families even sitting at a dinner table anymore. From what I have heard, most family members take their grub into other parts of the house to kick it out. However, if you are one of those old fashioned households that adhere to the principle of families eating together at the dinner table, then I think it would be rude to bring a newspaper to read during that time.  A newspaper can appear to be some sort of barrier between family communication, and part of the reason for even having family dinners together at the table is to “tighten” the concept of family…  If you intend on being a “traditionalist” family when it comes to eating together, then you may as well take it to the fullest extent of the family definition. Tell your husband to either put the paper down or don’t eat at the table with everyone else. Now, if he leaves the table, he had better not try to come over my place to eat. My dog will bite him… Okay, while we are on that subject, please take a good “bite” out of this plump morsel from the Phantom Poet:
My husband likes to read the newspaper at the dinner table
His reason for doing so is because he is “able”
I tell him all the time that to do so is impolite
He looks at me, puts the paper back up to his face and says “Yeah… All right…”
The dinner table is the place for family to eat together
It is not a place where you brush up on sports, news and weather
He should treat us better as a family, and he should act like he does care
He said, “I’m taking my newspaper to the bathroom… Y’all won’t follow me there”
I told him to be polite, and be a husband with some “class”
He said, “Today’s front page story reads that my wife is a pain in the ass”
I said, “You ain’t no VIP, and you certainly ain’t no dignitary”
“If you don’t put that paper down, you might read your OWN name in the obituary
He lowered the paper, and with an expression that seemed grim
He noticed a big old steak knife pointing directly back at him
He said, “I guess I’ll put this down now, and maybe take up another quest
Because it is obvious that my wife is trying to be a cut above the rest”
“From now on I’ll read it in the bathroom, and that is a definite fact
Because I really DO want to keep ALL my organs intact…”
I truly do love you, baby…. My love for our family is so true
I have also grown a newfound appreciation for your steak knife too
Please pass the turkey, the stuffing, and the dressing
Since I’m still alive at this dinner table, I guess I ‘LL say the blessing
“Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to eat at the table as a family again”
“And while you’re at it, thank you for calming down my wife… Amen…”
                Yet ANOTHER special family moment from the Phantom Poet

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