Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Getting a loved one to seek medical attention)

Brett, how can you get someone to do something they don’t want to do? Now, before you go on… keep in mind family and loved ones. How do you convince a loved one to get medical care? What do you say to someone who is fearful of doctors?

There are several people who are naturally apprehensive when it comes to doctors. In fact, I have my “own” quirks about going to them (and I know I need to change that). I think generally men are more fearful than women, but there is a need for everyone to go (even if only for a checkup). When dealing with someone who is stubborn, you may have to literally make the appointment FOR him or her. Otherwise, there may always be a tendency to avoid this necessity at all costs. This is a situation where it should be acceptable to “nag” just to get your point across. Most people already know that they need to go, but they often lack that little “push” to take them over the edge. You can supply that push, and you can make the difference. In this circumstance you shouldn’t be viewed as “nagging” because everyone knows they need to get a checkup.  Just continue to drive the point home and at some point it will “sink in.” Make sure to use the line “I’m only pushing this because I care and I love you.” No one should be able to argue with that. Above all, be kind, but be firm. You both know that you are only looking out for this person’s health. Good luck to you and here is some inspiration from the Phantom Poet to hold you through the weekend:


I make some good money and yet with all of my wealth

I buy lots of cigarettes which is bad for my health

I guzzle down wine as soon as I pop the cork

I endanger my health whenever I eat lots of pork

My eating habits are hazardous and I am always eating late

My diabetes has been acting up due to my fluctuations in weight

I work all the time and I am now sleeping less

My blood pressure is up from dealing with all of this stress

I don’t eat any vegetables and I am always gouging fast food

I see rolls of fat and flab when I see myself nude

I am always getting dizzy from past blows to my head

I know I should see my doctor, but I can’t… “He’s dead…”


Yet another undernourished presentation from the Phantom Poet


The Stylistics and Brett Jolly in concert