Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: What if you hit the lottery?)

Today I went into a grocery store and noticed that the Mega Million Jackpot had reached $540 million dollars. My initial thought was “Wow, that’s a lot of money.” Then my mind started to wander (as it has been known to do from time to time). My next thought was “What would I do if I actually won that much money?” To some degree I think we all “ponder” these thoughts on occasion. I do know that there are people who at one point in their lives “had” millions of dollars only to squander it “all away.” Some entertainers, sports athletes, stock investors and more have lived up to “both extremes” when it came to money. How does one go from being a millionaire to being “broke?” After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that the very WORST thing you could do is brag to ALL your friends that you hit the lottery. The more people that know about it the more sob stories you should expect to hear from people wanting you to invest some of that money into them. Also, it would be very important to have a plan in place before you just “start spending.” If I ever hit the lottery I would make sure to pay off any and ALL bills before purchasing a thing (including money for the kid’s education). I would write all obligations down on paper with the dollar amounts to each one and then start “cutting checks.” After paying all the bills I would then turn my attention to “allowances.” I would probably give my closest friends “lump sums” that will help them. You see, you should never deprive your family (and closest friends) of money because that would just be downright selfish to do. For my family members, I would give each and everyone of them a certain “allowance” of money for each week (or each month). In fact, I would probably give “myself” an allowance as well. When people start dipping into bank accounts at will you would be surprised at how fast your money disappears (no matter how much money you have in there).  I would also like to engage in “smart investments” so that my money could generate more money. I have to mention the term “smart investments” because not all investments are “wise choices.” For instance, buying a vacation package in “Iran” right now is not a very smart investment. However, buying and renovating a property in a nice local area is. When it comes to buying things I would still need to shop carefully. There would be no use in purchasing a big mansion with so many rooms that you can’t frequent them all. I am normally a generous person, so once I had all my needs taken care of then I would probably help someone else out with the money. For instance, if I knew of a poor family who has an honor student in school, I would probably give them money to help them make it. I would also give to charities and invest in recreation centers for kids to have access to computers and special programs.  Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to show what I can do with lottery winnings. For the record, I actually did play $5 on it. The truth of the matter is whether the sum is $540 million or a couple hundred dollars it is money that I would gladly welcome. Most people won’t play until it reaches a really big amount (as if to say that one million isn’t enough for them… Yeah.. “right!”). I say your chances of hitting are probably better playing when the amounts are smaller. Either way, I just hope that whoever wins the money is someone who “really” needs it. Whether you win or not, I hope you have a truly blessed day, and here is the Phantom Poet to take us all through the weekend:

You sit down in front of your television and you wait anxiously up til the very last minute
You hold up your lottery tickets in hopes that tonight you might “win it.”
You hold your breath, you cross your fingers, you hold up your lucky rabbit’s foot
When it comes to hoping out for miracles, all your faith in it you put
You know that your numbers are going to hit. In fact, there is no doubt
And then you scream for joy when your numbers actually do come out
You’re rich, you’re rich. You are so happy that you jump up in the air
But you start to realize that something is wrong because suddenly you “levitate” there
You cry, you pout, you holler out, and then you start to wheeze and choke
You “wake up” from your dream to discover your ass is still “broke”
“Broke broke broke, broke broke broke.” That’s all you seem to know
In the meantime the lottery was hit by some country bumpkin in Idaho
You lost out yet again, you’re poor, and now some comfort you set out to seek
But no matter how you feel, you are destined to still play your numbers again next week
You continue to play every day, because when it comes to luck you are believin’
And by the time you “finally” hit, with all the money you spent you are now “even”
Because even though you won a great deal of money, you tend to ignore this simple fact
You didn’t really make any profit… In fact, you only won your money… “back”…

“I won 20 grand, but I spent 21 grand to do it”… The Phantom Poet


Brett and Bill Jolly performing an outside concert by the river in Philadelphia