Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Lady Gaga’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl”)

Even though I have never seen her perform before I have still been a fan of Lady Gaga. I love her uniqueness and her individuality. No matter what she is not like most other artists. I found it interesting that she was willing to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. She had kind of been out of the spotlight for awhile and it was great to see her come back. She recently blasted the music industry by saying “What I really want to say is that it is really hard sometimes for women in music. It’s like a f—ing boys club that we just can’t get into.” She was referring to sexism in the industry. If you saw her show you realized that it is probably more “visual” than anything. She had props galore, outfit changes and so many dancers that at times you couldn’t find her onstage. Believe it or not, somewhere within all that activity there was a band that probably wasn’t even plugged up. If you check out this clip you can see the entire halftime performance:

I can’t say that she lip synced the entire show because she really did sing… “along with the track.” Whether or not you heard more of her than her track remains to be seen (or in this case… “heard”). However, there is no way you are going to be suspended upside down in the air and expect to hit notes perfectly. Also at one point she is singing while one of her background people is picking her up sideways while jiggling her (and yet her voice didn’t waver at all). The kicker is when she “plays keyboards.” The first keyboard she has is the liberator (It is strapped around her like a guitar). Whatever notes she was “allegedly playing” didn’t seem to correspond to the song at all” which led me to believe that she was only “fake playing.” The real stint came when she was on the piano later. While she knew the correct chords to play (If it had been her actually playing the parts would have been right… I give her credit for that…) a couple of strange things happened. There were times when she lifted her hands up to point fingers (and yet the piano chords still played even after she lifted her hands up… amazing how that happens). Then after a pause she gets up and leaves the piano (only to find that the piano parts come back in again without her.. she must really be gifted in that regard). Believe it or not I think the audience heard more of her voice on the “Bad romance” song. The quality of it didn’t sound like the recording (of course, she might have just recorded her own lead vocals again just for this show). For the record, I do believe that Lady Gaga can sing. Considering the fact that she wanted to give a “total production” of her show it would have been extremely difficult to do all that moving and dancing and still hit her singing notes on the right pitch (without breathing heavy or passing out in the process). I liked her presentation and I thought it was a really nice performance. I always look out for the things that go on “behind the scenes” so don’t mind me (smile). I hope you enjoyed the entire game. I loved the commercial that brought back Spuds McKenzie. That was hilarious. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Conspiracy theories… How true are they?)

In lieu of yesterday’s Daily Thought about Ebola comes yet another revelation. It had been inferred that epidemics like Ebola and Aids were actually “created” to control “overpopulation.” As far fetched as that sounds, it is worth some ” investigation.” We live in a world there there are “not” enough available resources for everyone. As our population grows our demand overpowers our supply. For instance, our dependency on oil would probably have more favorable results if only one hundred people on this planet actually used it.  However, we all know that this is hardly the case. If the powers of this world realize that they can NOT increase their supply then is it quite possible they may do something to limit or decrease the population “vying” for that supply? I know it sounds crazy, but consider this: Years ago between 1932 and 1972 there was some kind of government program called the “Tuskegee Experiment.” Around 600 farmhands in Macon County, Alabama were led to believe that they were getting “free health care” from the government, when in reality the government was studying how the effects of “syphilis” on these people would result when untreated. Many “died” from this experiment. Here is an article on the study if you would like to check it out for yourself:

While we would love to believe that the government has our best interests at heart can we always be “so sure?” Over population is like a small raft at sea where hundreds of people are trying to board it for safety reasons. Just imagine this scenario: You and many others are in dangerous waters and everyone needs to fit in that small raft to live. Of course, that raft is not big enough to accommodate all the people who want to be in it, so eventually some people end up being sacrificed for the good of others. When it comes to things like diseases and wars, the end results usually account for a decrease in population. So would it be too farfetched to believe that some of these things are actually ‘”orchestrated” specifically for that purpose? It has been “alleged” that AIDS and Ebola were “manufactured” to bring down the world’s population. There is theory that both of these diseases originated in Africa where it is already known that supply does not equal demand there. When a country goes to war, it not only lessens the size of population, but it also spurts economic growth (because there is a lot of monetary investment in war gear and materials). While illegal drugs are supposed to be prohibited the activity of it brings a LOT of money to the economy and also has more than it’s fair share of fatalities. Would it make sense for the government to abolish it totally? Remember Agent Orange? Why is it that when someone has cancer that most times it ends up in death? Is it because we don’t have the means to successfully treat it or we don’t “want” to disclose the means to treat it? After all of these years of terminally ill patients I find it difficult to believe that absolutely “no” vaccine has yet been found for it. Maybe there is one out there but you have to be one of those “special” people to have it… I realize that a lot of this is mere “speculation” and that without any “verifiable proof” most of this is just “guess work.” However, I do know that the world’s resources are considered valuable, and I don’t think anyone wants those resources depleted. That being said, what “should” the government do to ensure that never happens? The government has a responsibility to protect the majority of the people it governs. I already know that the car that can get one thousand miles to the gallon was invented a long time ago. However, if the government brought this product out then it would result in the loss of thousands of jobs.  Regulation is used to run the country, even if lives are determined to be expendable in the process. I don’t want anyone calling me a rebel or claiming that I am spreading some kind of “radical conspiracy theory.” In truth, I am only asking questions that have been asked of me. If anyone knows the real answers I would “love” to hear from  you. I’m sure a lot of us would. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and I wish the very best that life has to offer you today.


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Arguments and keeping your composure”)

I hate arguments, but on occasion my lover loves to come at me with some kind of heated exchange. I don’t want to make her more upset, but every time she screams and hollers it really upsets me. There have been times when I was close to losing it with her. She always tells me that if I don’t talk back with her then she will become even more upset. How should you handle emotional people who want to argue with you?

This is a good question, because if you don’t watch out, this person can make you “just as emotional” as he/she is (and the worst thing that can happen is that you have TWO emotional wrecks going at it). The one thing that “needs” to happen is you need to make a very quick “assessment.” It is NOT what is being said that should alert you, but rather HOW it is being said to you. If you both are within close enough proximity to hear each other clearly and yet she is still raising her voice, then that means she is about to become “emotional.” The one thing you DON’T want to do is “match” an emotional person on his or her same level. When responding back it is “important” to “remain calm.” Most times this is easier “said than done.” However, if your “peaceful demeanor” is resulting in making her even MORE angry (which can sometimes happen) then you should refrain from responding back totally. Allow her to vent for a minute (or two… “HUNDRED”) and “try” to “not” say anything to incite her even more. If you do choose to speak, a good thing to say would be, “I love you so much, and I refuse to get angry with you tonight. I recognize how you feel and why you feel that way, but I love you too much tonight to argue or be mad with you. When BOTH our heads are calmer tomorrow I will GLADLY revisit this conversation.” When you say something like this, it will usually help to “deflate SOME” of the pent up emotion (but it may take some time before you actually SEE any results). If she responds by saying something “mean spirited” (like “Malarkey”… which when interpreted correctly means “BULLS*(&”) you need to recognize that she is ONLY doing so to get an emotional response out of you. Some people push arguments just to see how far they can “push your buttons.” She can only succeed if you allow her to. The rule of thumb should be “If I can’t make you happy tonight then there is no need to make the BOTH of us miserable.” It is important for a man to know “when” to walk away. She may tell you that she is going to get more angry if you do, but I’m sure you already recognized that she can’t POSSIBLY get more angrier than what she “already is.” From a man’s perspective, you HAVE to keep your composure. One wrong emotional response can change your world in an instant. The “one” advantage you “should” have is that she should NOT be able to “out run” you. If you decide to turn away and she follows you, then “run…. RUN Forrest, RUN…” As crazy as this sounds, running will allow you to exert “energy” so that you don’t end up doing “something stupid.” If she chases after you, it will also help her to release some of her energy as well. She probably “needs” to release that energy, but that doesn’t mean that you should stick around and allow her to abuse you verbally. If necessary, go away someplace and “email” her your concerns. She will still get angry, but at least she “shouldn’t” scream and holler at her computer (please keep in mind that there ARE exceptions to this rule) and if she does holler at least you won’t “hear it.” Above all, be honest and let he know WHY you don’t like scream with her. It may take a while, but she WILL understand eventually. The most important thing is that if she is ALREADY at  her “anger limit” then there is no longer a need to debate someone who is incapable of listening to you right now. Make your own assessment and do whatever is necessary to keep it from escalating further. Good luck to you and please welcome this special presentation from the Phantom Poet:

I have discovered that my woman has a 6 octave voice range
Because I hear each note with her heated voice exchange
She really goes at it whenever she lets an argument occur
And she says that if I don’t listen she will get “angrier”
She begins to scream and shout and I wish she would cease
Because it isn’t necessary and all I want is just a little peace
Sometimes I realize that she is trying her best to make me very mad
But as a man I have to keep my composure so I won’t do something bad
She refuses to listen to reason, and this I can surely tell
Because I can’t seem to get a word in and she is yelling like Hell
I think I need to make a decision and I am now prepared to make it
Let’s go upstairs where we can continue to argue… “naked”
The words may get heated at times, but nothing much compares
Because if you are turning me on, then who the Hell cares?
Maybe we can engage in sex as well, and that would be real pleasin’
And when it comes to the argument, I will probably forget the reason
Because if two people love each other, then we really shouldn’t complain
And for a good intimate moment, I’ll admit that you are “right as rain”
Every couple can have an argument, but there is no need to break up
The true art of love is knowing the correct way to make up
So if your mate wants to argue, then you can do it, I suppose
But if you want a happy ending, then make sure to do so…WITHOUT “clothes”

“What were you talking about again, baby?” The Phantom Poet

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Findings on Whitney Houston death)

The results are finally “in.” The L.A. coroner has “officially” confirmed that Whitney Houston’s cause of death was “accidental drowning.” On the “surface” this sounds like a terrible misfortune that could possible happen to “anyone.” However, when reading on the report notes that Ms. Houston had indeed used cocaine immediately before her death, leading to a “cardiac event.” If you are having a cardiac event while in the bathtub, accidental drowning is likely to occur. I do believe that most people wanted drugs to have “no part” in her untimely death. We all wanted her to be drug free and hoped that somehow she passed on “naturally.” We now need to come to the conclusion that she lived an addict… she died an addict… All the positive praise that was showered upon her after her passing was truly genuine and warranted, but a lot of it was based on the “belief” that she had finally “gotten her act together.” Now we have to accept the fact that she contributed to her own demise, much like Curt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Janis Jopln, Jimi Hendrix, Rick James and Michael Jackson. All of these legends might still be around today if they had been able to conquer their own drug demons. It is important to note that there are still questions around Whitney’s circumstances. If there was cocaine in her room, then someone must have removed it. Does this now mean that there should be “criminal charges” on the horizon for “removing evidence?’ Does the “coroner’s findings” now “close the book” on Whitney? It depends on your own interpretation. There were 2 sides of Whitney that the public got to see. There was the young, beautiful singer with a voice of gold that “lit” up the charts with her music and then there was the other woman who was a drug ridden, often inebriated, fraction of the woman she once was. As sad as this is to say, “both” of these women were “Whitney.” While it is admirable to focus on the “former” we should by “no means” forget the “latter.”  No matter what the coroner’s findings, I hope that her life is used as a “measuring stick” for the “next” upcoming musical sensation brought up in Whitney’s shadow. If we cannot learn from her life then to focus on it now would be “meaningless.” People need to know “both extremes” of Whitney Houston. There is another upcoming voice superstar out there somewhere who will need guidance to help make it. I only hope that those who take “him or her” under their wings develop her “musically” AND “responsibly.” A tragedy will always be a tragedy, but if we can somehow come up with a “positive” resulting from that tragedy then all doesn’t have to be in vane… “Life is what we make it.” “Thank you, Ms Whitney, for sharing your vocal talents with the world, and may you now “rest comfortably in God’s hands…


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought

Brett Jolly, We all want to love and be loved, I think. But sometimes people fall out of love. Why?

“Because in some instances they feel they HAVE to.” When the love that you feel for someone turns into “the pain you feel for someone” then it can cause you to literally “fall out of love” with that person. It doesn’t mean that they stop loving that person, but it could be that they no longer love what that person has “become.” Remember that as we all go through life we are continually changing. In most long relationships that person you started out with won’t necessarily be the same person you “end up” with, and when that change becomes unbearable is normally when most people fall “out” of love. Change is not always “physical.” It can be spiritual or mental. For instance, a woman could dress up fashionably to attract a man during the early “dating” stages. Once she finally has her husband then she could develop a tendency to let herself go completely by putting on many extra pounds or by no longer continuing to dress fashionably. On the other side, a man could court his woman with flowers and candy during the early dating stages and yet after marriage he could cease all that activity and talk disrespectfully to her, which could cause that woman to fall out of love with him. Love is not something you “see” but rather something you “feel.” When your feelings for someone change then in essence you could be “falling out of love.” The question then is “what do you do when someone falls out of love with you?” There are two distinct choices: You could fight to regain the love of that person or you can just “let them go.” Fighting for the love of someone only works when he or she “wants” you to fight. Unfortunately, a lot of people fail to realize that you just cannot “make” someone fall in love with you. You may succeed in getting him or her to love you, but that is NOT a guarantee of being “IN” love… When it comes to letting someone go, many of us are selfish by nature and we have problems admitting to ourselves that we are no longer “wanted.” Sometimes loving someone means that you “have” to let him or her go. It might be for his or her own sake, or it might be for yours… but when the love becomes the pain then it develops into a different feel and look. Yes, we all want to love and be loved, but for love there is never a “warranty.” It will always be “as is.” If you have a relationship of “honesty” then that is important, because with honesty you can work around your differences. When you continue to live a lie in the “name of love” then that is normally when the relationship falters. Love can be great, and love can be devastating… but it is rarely “guaranteed.” I hope your day is awesome, and I hope you all feel “jolly” today. Here comes the Phantom Poet to just “ruin” the mood:

When it comes to all the topics today that I could be thinking of
I’d like to know why it is that we sometimes fall out of love?
We’d like for love to last forever, but sometimes things get strange
We never think about the fact that lovers can sometimes change
The man loves his woman’s cute butt or at least that is how it sounds
But that love could turn to pain if she puts on (Oh, about 30 extra pounds)
Or if a woman desired a night of passion, she probably reckoned
That her night of raw passion would have lasted more than just  “one” second
We all go into relationships with the expectation of it being great
But it still couldn’t hurt if we could be offered a guarantee on our mate
“To promise to each day use love terms like baby and honey”
“And promise not to scream and yell over issues like money”
“To live up to all the promises that in the beginning were said”
“And to only kick, bite, and hurt… during passionate sex in bed”
“To deal with the bad times, the hurt and the sorrow”
“But still continue to love each other as though there is no tomorrow”
Yes, we all want to be loved and it is no fun to be alone
So when you love, do so from the heart, because the love you save just might be your own….

“Taking a bow now to thunderous applause”… The Phantom Poet


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