Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How the story of David and Goliath relates to us”)

Yesterday evening I had two gigs to play and the very first one was at my church. I have been playing at church for years now and during that time I have heard a LOT of different preaching sermons. I usually take a lot of them in stride because while the messages make sense it still takes a “lot” to actually “inspire or motivate me.” We had a guest preacher and he managed to speak about a relatively well known story entitled “David and Goliath.” For those of you who don’t know the story, David was someone quite normal with not much strength and Goliath was a towering giant of a man who seemed invincible. David was slated to combat Goliath with “very little” chance of winning against his much bigger foe. As the story went, David managed to create a “slingshot” that actually “felled” the massive giant, thus making David the “victor.” The guest pastor said that in life we “all” will encounter “Goliaths.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that we all will have to fight extremely huge people but it does mean that we will encounter some type of foe that will seem “invincible.” That foe could be “Traffic Court, The IRS, The Government, your cable company” or ANY big institution that is known for dominating “normal” people. The true measure of our lives is whether we “allow” these giants to “intimidate” us or whether we have the courage to face and fight them head on like David versus Goliath. The pastor made a lot of sense in saying that just because the opponent seems “invincible” doesn’t necessarily mean that “he, she, it, or they” can’t be beaten. For instance, if you don’t like the shows that are being shown on your television then you don’t have to wait for them to “offer” better programming. You can formulate your “own” channel and if people love what you are offering then you can actually “compete” against those big conglomerates who “run” the industry. Yes, they are “huge” but if you take the chance to offer a “viable alternative” then you can “make a difference.” The same can be said for your radio station, the company you work for, or anything in life where your choices are “few or none.” Often we take for granted that no one can beat the IRS, when there “are” people who have taken this institution “on” and actually “won.” I am not trying to say that now you should go out and fight every big company out there, but if you feel you can do things better then “why not take them on?” You may not be able to guarantee victory but that doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed defeat either. For a while now I have been realizing that I am trying to make great things happen in an industry (music) where it has been a monopoly for so long. While I have had many “small” successes I have still not been able to claim a “major victory” yet. After hearing the pastor’s sermon yesterday I am now motivated to “take on Goliath.” It may take some time but I promise to keep you appraised of my “progress.” In the meantime, I sincerely hope that “you” can conquer your “own” Goliath” in life. In this life we have the right to “accept” the few choices we have or we have the power to “make changes.” We don’t have to be a punching bag for anyone, and with a creative plan we most certainly can “hit back.” I hope today’s Daily Thought reaches or inspires you to reconsider and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer…
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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Do men like for women to talk dirty to them?)

Hello Mr. Jolly. I would love to discuss my situation with you. I am seeing this guy and our relationship is relatively new. I am ready to take the next step with him, but he doesn’t know yet how freaky I can be. He has only seen the angelic side of me, but I plan on doing things to him that have never been done before. I am also very direct and expressive, and won’t hesitate to be as “graphic” as I want. My friends who know me say that I shouldn’t be that way with him. I told them that I think most men “love it” when women talk trashy to them, but they do not agree with me. So today I am asking you do men like it when women talk dirty and nasty to them?

“Doing things to me that have never been done before?” If I heard that from a woman, I’d probably “run.” However, I cannot say that all men would feel the same way. Some are more adventurous than others, so with your situation it really all depends on the guy. When you start a new relationship (and start it gradually) it is tough to determine in the beginning if you are going to be “sexually” compatible or not. I always believe that it is a good thing to discuss your sexual turn on’s before you actually engage. Everyone has different limitation levels (of course, some have “none at all”) but the only way you can find out what those limitations are is either through engaging in the actual activity itself or by talking about it beforehand. As important as the relationship is I would think that sex should only be the “icing on the cake.” It should not “take the place of the entire cake” but only add that “extra flavoring” that makes everything so sweet. There is nothing wrong with building up a relationship until the both of you are ready to graduate to a sexual level, and building it up just might add more spice to the relationship. Some people love to hear others talk dirty, but that doesn’t mean that ALL people love it. If you wait until you are actually engaged in sex to “spring it on him” it could be a quick “turn-off.” Of course, it might be a major turn on as well. Why even take the chance, when you can just talk about it beforehand? Also, you need to ask yourself this question: “Do you want to talk graphically and dirty to him for HIS sake or for YOURS?” If you want to do so for his sake then it might behoove you to find out if that is even a turn on for him. If you are doing it because it is stimulating to you then it might behoove you to let him know that this gets you “riled up.” As for “doing things to him that have never been done before” you might want to check with him before doing that as well. I have no idea what the scope of your imagination might be but I do know that I am a man who highly “values” his “comfort zones.” This man of yours just “might” be the same way, so good communication shouldn’t hurt. Above all, the best part of new relationships is in “learning” your partner, so if this “buck wild” woman is in fact you then he needs to find out. You also need to know his sexual side as well. If you can make it all blend together, then you just might have the makings for a great relationship. Good luck to you, and I wish you the very best…

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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Iran-US relations)

I felt a bit “encouraged” when I heard about a possible negotiation between the United States and Iran over “nuclear relations.” For many years there has been an impasse when it came to our dealings with Iran and it is “enlightening” to see us reach this stage of talks. We have imposed sanctions against the country since 1979 and we were getting nowhere in talks with the previous regime, but now that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, is in charge there seems to be a glimmer of hope that we might be able to make a breakthrough. The fact that they are even talking about it is “significant,” because for many years this was also a huge barrier. Iran has claimed that it needed nuclear enrichment to bolster it’s economy but the United States has always believed that Iran had “evil intentions” of developing a nuclear bomb. In the current standing it appears as though Iran is “willing” to allow weapons inspectors to monitor the nuclear program so that the amount does NOT exceed “military” levels. If this can be done, then that might make for a “major” breakthrough for both nations. Our relationship with countries like Iran has not been great, and for years they referred to us as the ”Big Devil.” If Iran can possibly mend ties with us, then maybe the rest of the Arab Muslim world can find it in their hearts to eventually follow suit. Can you imagine a world where ALL nations are at peace and interacting with each other? No one can change the atrocities of the past, and therefore to continually focus on those atrocities only adds “fuel to the fire.” Mankind’s “biggest enemy” has ALWAYS been “us.” We are “supposed” to be so civilized and above other life forms, and yet in so many situations we have proven to be just as “barbaric.” I pray that this deal can be done and we can eventually lift sanctions against Iran.  I also pray that we can mend fences with other nations such as North Korea, Syria and Russia (among others). As huge as this world is, it is small when you consider how close we all are to each other. Peace should be at the forefront of everyone’s policy, and in order to accomplish that then “talks” are needed. I applaud John Kerry in his attempts to make this happen and even if this effort should somehow fail, it is encouraging to at least see the attempt made. I sincerely hope you feel the same way. Maybe there “is” a light “at the end of the tunnel after all.” Stay tuned, world… and have a great day.

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Jolly



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Keeping a secret from her)

Subject: Letting her know

I got married last year without ever telling my wife that I have $30,000 in credit card debt. We have one joint account, but we also have separate checking accounts. Should I tell her about my debt? Or just keep paying the bill quietly and hope I can bring the balance down? I feel like a jerk for not being more up front about this.

By today’s standards I don’t think that thirty grand is a whole lot of money to owe, but I do understand where you are coming from on this. It is important to go into a marriage with honesty and faith in your spouse. At this point you have been married for a year and I am assuming that all is well for you both.  If this is true, then now is just as good a time as any to come clean about your financial history. If you are now making payments then you are at least on the road to redemption. If you confide in her she might even be able to help you in getting that debt down to a measly figure. The sole purpose of marriage is to live as one unit, and even though you are now working hard to make up for your past she at least deserves the right to know. The worst thing that could happen is that you try to keep everything secret from her and then something comes in the mail for her to discover. Normally, this is the time of year when all those bill collectors blow up your phone for outstanding balances so they can receive their commissions.  You all know what I’m talking about. That’s when your phone rings every 20 minutes from collectors who try to threaten you if you don’t pay the $5 penalty fee right NOW or face suspension. These people KNOW that no one is going to give them money this time of year so they purposely call just to aggravate and harass you. I tell them that the country is in a recession… good luck!  As for your outstanding balance, you can call and work out settlements with your credit card companies. Most of them will gladly take whatever you can give them to help bring the debt down, but you will need to be firm in what you can afford. If you tell your wife about it now, she might be instrumental in helping you bring your debt down. In each relationship there is usually one member who has some degree of financial manageability. Lord help you if the BOTH of you are financially challenged. Remember that when you got married she took an oath to stay with your “for richer, for poorer”). Throughout all of this, just try to be the BEST “broke behind” husband you can be to her, and try your best to make it work out. Here is the Phantom Poet to give you the “poor man’s” version of lyrically depravity:

I truly love my wife, and we took the next step

But I neglected to tell her I was 30 grand in debt

Now I’m trying to pay the bill, but I hate to put her in doubt

When married, being one unit is what love is all about

She didn’t really ask for the bills that I now incur

So I guess I’ll have no choice but to break it down to her

I said, “Baby I love you, but I have something I’ve got to say”

She said, “ baby, I already know, but I have my own secrets to share today

I know you are broke, but please don’t feel like the low man on the totem

Yeas ago I had an operation to remove my penis and scrotum

And since we are opening up, this is how love relates

I am also wanted for manslaughter in about six or seven states

Since we’re bringing stuff to the open, let’s get it all out the bag

Years before I met you I was a man…in drag

But I may have the answer for your economic destitution

You see I once stole money from a big financial institution

So if you keep my secret, I’ll keep yours, all right?

And if you get upset, remember, I was a man, so I can fight

You stick with me, and I will surely pay off your bill

And you will keep my secret safe (like I know you will)

And we can continue to live as husband and wife, through the sorrow and laughter

And enjoy our lives together… “happily ever after”…


                                          “Baby, what’s that?” The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: He gave her an STD)

Subject: He gave her an STD
What’s the proper etiquette for telling someone that they gave you an STD? I’ve been dating this guy for six weeks and recently developed a burning sensation. I went to my doctor, who says it’s chlamydia. Obviously I cannot sleep with this guy again. He told me he wasn’t dating anyone else. Now that I know he was lying, I’m inclined to break up with him. Should I tell him about the STD or just break it off?
By ALL means “break it off”! Oh, by the way, I wasn’t referring to your relationship… I am referring to his “penis”…  Okay, for the record I really do NOT advocate violence on my Daily Thought (so please don’t take what I said seriously). Here is the issue you have to deal with. He lied to you, and even though he was wrong YOU should have taken your OWN precautions for dealing with him (especially if you have known him for only six weeks). All it takes is ONE wrong encounter to alter your life dramatically. This time you got a second chance, but next time you might not be as lucky. As for whether you should tell him or not, the answer to that is “ABSOLUTELY Yes”. He needs to at least know about it so that he can attempt to get cured (and hopefully avoid infecting the next unsuspecting woman he meets). Yes, it would be a very wise choice to break up with him. As far as I know, there is NO proper “etiquette” for telling someone they gave you an STD (I can’t help but to imagine someone saying, “Pardon, sir, but your worldly member is widely tainted and thoroughly contaminated to the point of infestation, thus infecting me with a social impropriety. I will now commence with your ultimate, eminent and vigorous beat down.”) The truth of the matter is that you should say, “You (bleep), you gave me a (bleep) STD, and now I’m going to SHOOT your (bleep). Now THAT sounds like the “proper” etiquette to me… Just be truthful and try to resist the urge to cut him during your conversation. Here is the Phantom Poet to help promote STD peace:
I didn’t think this could happen; it was something I just couldn’t see
This man I have known for the past 6 weeks just gave me an STD
He told me he wasn’t dating anyone else so how could I have been so naïve?
It makes me wonder what other little tidbits he has up his sleeve
Should I tell him about the problem or just tell him it’s through?
Should I beat him with a bat, or choke and shoot the bastard too?
He messed around with some scab, and he contacted Chlamydia
He told his doctor that he got it from some tramp named Lydia
The doctor screamed and said, “Now you’ve also messed up my life”
“Because that tramp named Lydia just happens to be my wife”
“Now not only do I have to treat you, but I also have to treat myself”
“Let me see if I can find some good medicines up here on my shelf
Instead of depending on medicine, maybe we should try a new tactic
When you or anyone tries to get with my wife, we should both wear a prophylactic
So if you want to always keep yourself in the very BEST of condition
Then remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a “round of ammunition”
A woman needs to take precautions and not be careless, you see
So that hopefully in a relationship she can avoid getting an STD
So when it comes to sexual activity, it is best to be sure
Before you bring home something that NO medicine can cure…

                                    “How about pixie dust?”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Choice for President)

With all the things that are happening with the Presidential election, what is your take on it? Who do you think is the best person to run the country and why do you think so?

For the sake of fairness I will try to examine this election from a “neutral” standpoint, even though I don’t quite see how that can be possible (for most people, including me, have already made up their minds). At this point, the people who are going to vote for Romney are likely to continue to do so and the same goes for those who already support Obama. For me, this election seems to be more about “criticizing opponents” rather than offering plans. Obama said that his opponent “shoots first and aims later” while just about everything I have heard from Romney has been overly “critical” of Obama. From Obama I would like to see how he can unite the country should he win, because the economy has still not prospered yet the way he wanted it to while he has been in office. However, Mitt Romney says he has a plan that will create 12 million jobs, but he still has yet to divulge the “details” of that plan. Romney represents the wealthy (95% of the country’s wealth is actually controlled by 5% of the population, and most of the wealthy “are” Republicans). It seems that most of these people have the positions and money available to hire, but it seems as though they are holding back on hiring (at least until after the elections are decided). For right now, that doesn’t favor Obama, because the lack of jobs currently reflects on his track record. Republicans are quick to point out that the economy has not yet prospered and they tend to stigmatize Obama with that responsibility. The actual fact is that Obama “inherited” this economy from George Bush, the former Republican President. While Obama has not brought the economy to the “promised land” yet he has at least managed to halt the “avalanche.” Make no mistake about it, we were “definitely” headed towards a “depression” just before Obama took office. Romney is a self made millionaire, and his formula for success should “not” be taken for granted or ignored. The question that I have is “If he can do this for himself, what guarantee do we have that he can (or will) do it for everyone else?” The wealthy are the ones who support Romney, so if he wins how can he possibly turn his back on those who are responsible? I don’t think he can, and I don’t think he will… Trust is an important factor for me when it comes to voting for President. The one thing that I can say in favor of Obama is that he has already proven that he will “give his all” for the greater benefit of Americans. That goes a long way with me, for I would rather have someone try and fail than not try at all… The past few weeks have been disastrous for Romney, and much of it has been his own doing. He has shown a propensity to “say the wrong things at the right time” and right now he is fast becoming his own worst enemy. The leaked video about his view of 47% of Americans as “victims” can’t possibly win him any brownie points with people who have “considered” switching from supporting Obama. His comments during the crisis in Libya have also made him appear less favorable (In my opinion, he should have waited and gotten advice from his people before making that kind of statement). Even when he was in London for the Olympics he managed to “disrespect” the London government by questioning the security of the games. To me, he has shown a propensity to “self-destruct” and that is NOT someone I want as President. I am not going to be one who tells you that Obama is flawless, because even he has admitted to his own failures (and I’m sure others will admit to his failings as well), but I also know that most Presidents need a “full” 8 years to make an impact and a real difference. George Bush most certainly got it. If Romney became President, I think it would be unfair to expect him to accomplish all his promises in only a 4 year term as well. To me, Obama needs the extra 4 years to see if he can finish what he started. He has “earned”‘ that right. Since he took office, Republicans have fought him “tooth and nail” over just about any policy he tried to implement. During the term of George Bush I “NEVER” heard them sound off so vehemently. Mitt Romney may get his opportunity to run the country as President one day, but I honestly just don’t feel that his time should be “now.” I’d like to see him “think before he speaks” more often and I’d like to hear what his plan is for the economy “without” hearing him blast the President for a change. If I can hear substance in what he “has to offer” then I will “gladly” give him consideration. Until that situation arises, for this election I have to put my faith and trust in President Barack Obama. I do, however, welcome any and all opposing points of view (and I sincerely mean that). Here is an election poem from the Phantom Poet”

Through the promises, the lies and the “sugarcoat”
On election day we all need to get out to vote
With videos, criticisms and election drama
We need to vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama
For this election, there is something new that we never before saw
It will be interesting to see the impact of this new Voter ID law
We need to consider the track record for considering the next 4 years
And we need to disregard the fact that both Obama and Ryan have “big ears”
We need to look beyond the who, the where and the what
And pay no attention to Biden’s hair or Romney’s gut
You need to get out to vote and the reason for this is because
You need to vote like your life depends on it (because in essence, it does)
So it is up to you to decide, so you need to exercise your choice
Because without voting, you in essence have “no voice”

And no, you cannot write in the Phantom Poet


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Holly Robinson Peete and Brett Jolly performing at a special wedding


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Death of a distant father)

Subject: Death of a distant father
I never married my son’s father. He never became a part of their lives until they were teenagers, and at that point only for a few years and then he moved away. Well, he has died, and my son at school is only a few hours away from where their dad lives. Should I tell my son on the phone or should I go to the school and tell him in person?
I am assuming that your son has gone away to college. No matter what little role his father played in his life, he was still his father. I don’t think the way you tell him is of much importance as long as you do tell him…  If he is heavily distraught, then he may ask you to come be there to be with him. A lot depends on how he felt about his father. You only need to ask your son, and I am sure he will have no problems expressing what he feels to you. It is so unfortunate for any father to be so distant from his children.  I could not imagine not being there for my kid’s graduations, birthdays and other special events. These are the kinds of memories that a father should dream of experiencing with his kids.  This type of story pains me because the love of your own child is so special. He should have been more involved in his son’s life. That is supposed to be what “fathers” do… As for this situation, any loss of life is tragic, but to lose sight of what your life could have meant to someone else is even more devastating. His father probably died not knowing much about the great son he had, and that is a truly disturbing thought. If you cannot value your own life, then at least value the lives you created. If your son is in college, then he is grown enough to handle this by phone. If he needs you to be there, then you can go visit. Maybe you can pick up the Phantom Poet on the way:
I never intended to become my son’s father’s wife
But now all of that is lost with the passing of his life
I really don’t want to confuse my son’s feelings with my own
So I don’t know whether to tell him in person, or do so by phone
I don’t know how my son will feel, or what he might actually do
So when I told him the news, his initial words were “Who?”
My son said, “I guess you don’t realize this, but it’s about time you should know.
To me, my daddy died a LONG time ago”
He missed all of my awards, and even missed my graduation
Now I wish him much luck in his “new” location
I didn’t know too much about him, he was as secret as he could be
I guess he never had any real intentions of being a good dad for me
If he had any love for me, he kept it secret, and that’s a shame
When I graduate, I’ll still send him an invitation. The results will still be the same
I don’t feel any sense of loss, I don’t feel anger, and I’m not sad
Because my mother was the best “father” that I ever had
When I wanted to play basketball, she took me to her special place
She would shoot three pointers on me from the corner, and yell out “face”
When it came to playing against her, my game couldn’t get any worse
My mom went and did a tomahawk dunk on me…in reverse…
I never knew she could jump so high… It seemed so unlikely
She was wearing me out, while never once smudging her Nikes
Her game was awesome, and her crossover was wicked
Now I’m an all star player, and for each game she will have a ticket
So don’t even mention my dad, because I see life for what it is
He probably left home because her ball game was better than his
So when it comes to Father’s Day, for me it is never much of a bother
I just honor the lady who raised me right, the one “deserving” to be called “father”
“Aw, Mom… Don’t go dunking in me while wearing heels”… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Imaginary Test Drive)

I’ve been dating the same woman for nearly a year, and she says it’s time for us to decide if we want to spend our lives together. I do love her, but I cannot fully commit unless I’m sure this will work out. What do you suggest?               




Man, if you EVER tell a woman that you are still  “unsure” after being together for nearly a year your life could be in “serious” jeopardy. For the record, you are SUPPOSED to have all that stuff figured out BEFORE you reach your one year anniversary point (This doesn’t mean that you have to get married after only one year though, but it does mean that you should know whether or not she is at least marriage material). You should NEVER waste a woman’s time like that (Haven’t  you ever heard of “biological clocks” and “marrying while still in your prime”?). Once you say something like that to her you’ll see her pretty little face turn different colors, her eyes will roll back up into her head, smoke will erupt from out of her ears and she will speak with a voice lower than any other female OR male while she utters out the words “Hulk Smash”… and THEN after that she might get “REALLY” angry… Relationships are supposed to be built gradually, and you should learn more about each other as you grow and go along. There will always be potholes in the road occasionally, but it is how you handle those “potholes” that determine the true strength of your relationship (By the way, we have some really AWESOME sized potholes here in Philly…some big enough to house a family of “four”). You need to make an assessment of what you like and dislike about your relationship. She has every right to know what your intentions are, and a year is surely enough time for you to formulate at least some type of opinion. You should take what I call the “imaginary test drive”… You need to imagine what it would be like waking up to her each and every morning. You need to imagine what it would be like to come home to her each night. You need to imagine what it would be like growing old together with her. If she is indeed your friend as well as your lover then I am not sure of what else you possibly need to consider… Think things over carefully, and if it is not what you want then be man enough to let her go find someone more worthy for her… but if you realize that she is the one for you, then go “represent” and at least let her know that she IS the only one for you (She has the right to know how you feel about her)… and should you get married in Philadelphia, watch where you drive…. Here is a driving force from the Phantom  Poet:                                                                             




My lady and I, we have been dating for a year


and now she is saying “I want to get married, dear”


I don’t know if I am ready but she wants me to commit


I just don’t think I am ready for this here uh… “stuff”


If we are to be married, then I’d like to be sure


Hey, weddings cost money, and right now I is “poor”…


The thought of this makes me want to drink a tonic with rum


I just hope that this won’t stop her from still giving me “some”


She knows I love her, and I’d marry her in a hot minute


but right now I am having too much fun just trying to get in it


She wants to establish a marriage with her and me


but why buy the cow when you can get the “milk” for free?


but I love her, and she will always be my “Buttercup”


but now it seems that the price of milk has just “gone up”


“If you want some of this, well, then I’m about to get hyper


If you want to dance to the music, then you’d best pay the piper”


If I can’t get married, then I’ll at least get paid


So think heavily about that the next time you want to get laid”


It may be cheaper to keep her but it’s better to go get her


Otherwise in the end you will most certainly regret her


So if you have been dating for close to a year


then you’d better heed the advice that I’m handing out here


Don’t wait so long if you want to romance her


and make sure you say the right thing, when she needs to know the answer                   




                  “Now commit to THIS”…. The Phantom Poet


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Holly Robinson-Peete and Brett Jolly performing at an outdoor wedding



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Control”)

I picked up my daughter from school yesterday and she looked distraught. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that some students at her school made bad remarks about her and tried to ridicule her, and she asked me how she should handle it. It is a great feeling for a parent when his kids feel secure enough to bring their troubles to you (other than money issues, of course).  I listened to her, I asked her details and then I told her what she needed to know. “There are ignorant people on this planet, and while we cannot control their “ignorance” we should not let their “ignorance” control us.” There are people out there who like to push your buttons just because they know they “can.” While we may not like the things they say we need to recognize that everyone has a right to make a complete and total “ass” of himself.” I let her know that I used to go through ridicule from others when I attended school, and most of those people never amounted to anything after graduating and when I see them now they all admire me for the things I have accomplished in my life. I let her know that most people try to bring you down when they realize that they just can’t bring themselves “up.” I could see the change in her expression start to improve, and I could tell that what I was teaching her was settling in. The truth is that there are people out there who harbor negativity, and love to inflict it on others. When I was younger the insults bothered me, I won’t lie. However, I let those insults motivate me to become even more stronger and more dedicated, and just the other day I actually came across one of those bullies from school that I always had problems with. The first thing he did was reach out to shake my hand and tell me how proud he was to see me performing on television several times. Please keep in mind that back in the day we “never” got along and there was lots of bad blood between us. However, when he extended his hand out to me all those bad memories just seemed to “wash” away. For me it is not about where you “come from” but rather where you are “headed” that counts. The great thing about life is that most of us have the opportunities to change our ways and  make ourselves better on our journey. Some people manage to make complete turnarounds in life. As for my daughter, I told her that when people try to push your buttons and make you upset then you are giving them “exactly what they want.” They don’t deserve to have that much power over you, so why give it to them? Of course, there are some things in life that you cannot ignore, but as long as you have “control” then there should be “options.” My daughter should have a much better spirit today when she goes back into school, and you can rest assured I will follow up with her when she gets home. For those of you reading my Daily Thought today I hope you realize that “power” doesn’t always come from what you “do” but sometimes from what you “know.” I sincerely hope that you all exhibit enough power today to ensure that your day is an “awesome” one. Thank you, and be blessed.


Brett Jolly and Holly Robinson-Peete


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (From Monday through Friday)

Mr. Jolly, Why is it that when a woman explains things to a man he creates his own definition of what she is saying? If I tell a man that I am already happily married or in a relationship then why does he STILL try to hit on me? When a woman tells a man that she is not interested in his money then why does he still go out of his way to flaunt it when trying to get to know her? Why is it that when a woman tries to explain things from her own perspective the man still thinks it is all about him? Brett, do men and woman speak two different languages? Why is it that men and women can never seem to be on the same page?

It is true that men will often see things differently than women (and sometimes the reverse is also true). Case in point: Some women can be more sensitive about little things like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. If a man misses any of these particular dates then he is often subject to “execution” (even if he treats her extremely special on all the “other” days of the year). Most women focus on the person “underneath the surface” while most men pay particular attention the outer “visual” image of a woman. When arguing, most women like to “vent” while most men are only interested in “resolving.” Even though both men and women may talk the same language, it doesn’t mean that they both have the same perception of that language. Here are some examples to ponder (Please do not take these literally. This is only for humor and entertainment purposes only!):

“When a man takes a woman out on the town, pays for all of it but makes “sure” that he shows the lady how much he is spending on her.”
    Her thoughts: “Superficial bastard, but with money I can make myself love him”
    His thoughts: “I should  have spent just enough to get me some for later on this evening”

“When a man finds out for the very first time that this woman has no less than a grand total of  nine kids”
     Her thoughts: ” I wonder if he will think that I’m an “easy” date?
     His thoughts:  “If I claim I have erectile dysfunction now then maybe I can escape without having to perform services rendered later this evening”

“When a woman says, “Not tonight honey, I have a headache”
     Her thoughts: It ain’t going to last no more than 5 seconds anyway, so why bother?
     His thoughts: I just hope she has some really strong jaws”

When a woman has a “nice personality”
     Her thoughts: “Looks shouldn’t really matter
     His thoughts: “She’s ugly as sh#$”

When a man says,” Baby, of course I love you”
     Her thoughts: “Yeah right, and the cow jumped over the moon too”
     His thoughts: “Now will you please shut the hell up?

When a woman wears a VERY revealing outfit but asks you to love her for her “mind”
     Her thoughts: “Let’s see if he can at least look me in the eye when talking”
     His thoughts: “She has eyes?”

When  a man shows up for a date dressed in jeans and a dirty t-shirt and driving an old 1975 station wagon with no air
     Her thoughts: ” During intermission I might be able to sneak out through the bathroom window”
     His thoughts: “I wonder if she doesn’t mind going dutch?”

When a man asks a woman “What’s wrong, baby?” and she says “Nothing”
     Her thoughts: “You damn well already know what’s wrong”
     His thoughts: “Whew, for a minute there I thought something was actually wrong”

Today I just wanted to be a little different, but we all know that when it comes to men and women, what we say is not always what we mean. Regardless, we cannot exist without each other and to all the women out there who are confused by the things your man does, rest assured you are by NO means alone (smile). For all the men who cannot understand why your woman feels the way she does, just accept responsibility for it, because in the end it is going to be “your fault” anyway. I hope I managed to put a smile on someone’s face today, and thank you for reading my Daily Thought. Please have a truly “jolly” day.


Vintage shot of Brett Jolly with Holly Robinson-Peete