Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: what men like to see women wear)

The other day I was talking to a young lady who had just started up a relationship with a nice young gentleman. They were in the very early stages of their relationship and things seemed great for the short amount of time that they had been together. However, she asked me “How do men normally like to see their women dressed?” She wanted to know if men preferred women to dress kind of “slut-ish” or should she be “elegant, casual or hardly dressed at all?” I told her that “each” man is different, so each man has different tastes. It could help to think about how you were dressed when you initially “met” this man, because obviously what you wore that day “worked.” However, now that you are past the initial stage of dating then the best way to find out what he likes is to get the info from “him.” His reactions to “what you wear” will give you some GREAT clues as to what he likes to see you in. If he is one of those men who cannot “verbally” tell you, then just go through a little “trial and error” period. A man doesn’t have to say anything. There are OTHER ways of knowing if he likes the outfit you have on (Please don’t make me go into detail on this… just trust me, you will know). If you have great legs then usually short skirts (or tight pants) would work. If you are top heavy then something that is “form fitting” up top (or something with a little cleavage to it) might also work. Remember, during those special holidays when you were presented with a little gift? Remember how you felt when receiving it all “packaged” up? Just unwrapping the paper gave you a thrill. Well, that is “exactly” how most men are when it comes to their women. The wrapping DOES make a difference. While reaching the “desired destination” is a great thing for them, they also like “the journey” towards that destination. The best way to keep your man is to simply “learn” your man. Often it can make a “world” of difference. This particular man has been in vacation, but please welcome back that Oscar winning rabbit, the Phantom Poet:

I just started a new relationship with my man and with each other we are totally obsessed
For the sake of keeping it fresh, how do most men like to see their women dressed?
Should we do makeup, low cleavage, or high heels for love?
Or should we just simply go with “All of the above?”
If a woman has a cute rear end, should she wear something tight to show her butt?
Or should she just let it “all” hang out, and dress to be his personal “slut?”
When it comes to pleasing your man, it is totally up to your call
You can wear all sorts of different clothes or wear “nothing at all”
Be careful how you do things, because attire is a sensitive subject
You “can’t” wear nothing at all when going out with him in public
It may be true that your man appreciates your really “cute ass”
But if you are going to showcase it in public, please do so “with class”
You can dress like a free spirit, and your man will appreciate your determination
But when it comes to your worldly goods, leave SOMETHING to the imagination
When you are out with your man, you don’t have to worry about being lonely
But what he cherishes about you should be for HIS eyes only
So continue to represent yourself well, and continue to impress
And allow your man to let the world know that he “loves” how you dress

“Welcome him back. Applause, please, for the Phantom Poet”…


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Oral sex and throat cancer)

I know this is a loaded question, but I just had to ask this. What is your take on the Michael Douglas situation? He claims that his throat cancer came from having oral sex. I would love to know your honest opinion on this.

My honest opinion is that if oral sex causes cancer, then there are a “lot” of men out there that shouldn’t have “very long” to live. I also know of many “more” women whose days are “truly” numbered. I honestly don’t know enough about the medical profession to even “make” a statement like that. However, if I assume this to be true, then why are we just hearing about this now? I would have thought that this kind of news would have been discovered and released to the public many years ago. So is this a somewhat “new” revelation or just something that has been kept hidden all this time? Given this new discovery, does that mean that all the prostitutes of the world are now living on “borrowed time?” What about all those men who brag so much about being able to satisfy a woman? What should “they” be feeling right about now? On the outside we can laugh at this (because when I first heard it I thought it was some kind of joke) but I heard recently that the spokesman for Michael Douglas (Allen Burry) is trying “clean up” his statement by saying that oral sex “CAN” cause throat cancer, but it was not necessarily oral sex that led to his diagnosis. I am sure that everyone feels “extremely” relieved to get a medical prognosis from someone who “isn’t remotely” in the medical field. Would this mean that his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones now posses the most “dangerous” female organ? Cancer is serious under any circumstances, and I am glad to hear that Michael Douglas is doing much better now. I would love to know the “actual” figures of throat cancer that have been caused by oral sex (the “confirmed” numbers). As rampant as oral sex is, I just haven’t heard of many people “dying” from it. I also have not heard many stories of people even “having” throat cancer. I apologize if I can’t give this issue the “seriousness” that it deserves, but until I hear more other stories of this nature then I am going to assume that this case was more of an “isolated” incident. Will this news stop people from engaging in oral sex now? I “highly” doubt it. I am not sure “what” possessed Michael Douglas to even make this statement, but if his spokesman is trying so diligently to “clarify” his words then obviously they must recognize some “flaws” in it. I wish a full and speedy recovery to Michael Douglas and hope that he can find exciting and new ways to now “satisfy” his wife. Even though I am smiling now I hope that everyone exercises “extreme caution” while enjoying your lives. I think I am going to end this while I “still” can, and let the Phantom Poet take over from here:

When Michael Douglas developed a form of throat cancer
When asked about the cause, he used oral sex as the answer
While enjoying the pleasures of life and exploring new thrills
He came up with the new revelation that “Sex kills”
His spokesman tried diligently to clarify this so he needed to speak
And he tried to pass off Douglas’ words as merely “tongue in cheek” (argh!)
His wife is a beautiful actress and with that there is surely no wonder
Who “wouldn’t” take a risk with her and explore the “land down under?”
When enjoying the pleasures of sex, we all must sometimes take care
Maybe Mr. Douglas should have more periodically “come up for air”
While many people are thinking that this statement amounts to a bunch of bull
We couldn’t understand his spokesman, because it sounded like he had a “mouth full”
I am sure there are other ways to satisfy a woman, and many men out there can relate
But if oral sex causes cancer in the mouth, then what can happen to your prostate?
I guess there are risks with just about everything, so you shouldn’t even complain
If you cannot stand the consequences of having sex, then you only need to “abstain”
There are many stories of bad fates and we have surely heard them throughout the lands
If you don’t want to take the risk of sex with someone else, then just take matters into your “own” hands

“Mmmmmffffff” … The Phantom Poet

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Subject: My husband wants me to be a slut
A few months ago, I attended my 25th high school reunion. I ended up having too much to drink and sleeping with one of the “popular guys” from my class. Feeling guilty, I confessed to my husband. But he was turned on, and our sex life has never been better. He even said he wouldn’t mind if I slept with other guys. I feel like a slut, but I’ve never enjoyed sex more. Am I normal?

No, but I bet you’re one Hell of a date! Thank goodness you didn’t attend the “Million man March”… It is considered normal to want sex. Most people do.  I just don’t think it is normal for your husband to want you to have sex with everyone else (most husbands don’t). While what you are doing may not be considered “morally” proper, if it fuels new life into your marriage then it could actually prove beneficial. You need to be cautious and careful, though, because this kind of activity can get out of hand quickly if you are not careful. The good thing you have going on IS the fact that you ARE married, you are honest with each other, and you both seem to “accept” this type of lifestyle. If you’re “married” and your husband likes this lifestyle, then technically you are not a “slut”. I believe the official term for you would be “free spirit”. I do have one question, though. Does your husband like this because it turns him on or because he likes to fool around with other women too? What you did at this point might have given him the “go ahead” to be intimate with other women and THAT might be the main reason why this makes him so happy. I am also surprised that he didn’t mention his desire for you to engage other men BEFORE you got married. Finally, you may want to get treatment for alcohol addiction or dependency. I am not saying that you are an alcoholic, but if you can get impaired enough to sleep with someone at a party then you could also do some serious damage to yourself one day. It only takes one mistake to change your life completely. Make sure you remember that your PRIMARY sex partner is your husband, so you shouldn’t want to bring anything home to him that can’t be cured. If you are going to have an open marriage, then at least make sure you take all the precautions needed to keep your marriage SAFE. For the record, I am “NOT” telling you to go out and have a promiscuous sex life. THAT is between “you and your husband.” I am, however, telling you to take precautions if this is your choice. The love you save may just be your own…  Here is the Phantom Poet to finish off our weekend:
I went to a reunion, and got severely intoxicated
Then got with a classmate, and things became sex related
To all his sexual needs I decided to cater
Now instead of Alma mater, it’s now called “Alma-mate-her”
I felt so bad, but I had to let my husband know
Yet when he found out he said, “Girl, way to go!”
I thought something like this would make him mad… I thought he would be gone
But instead he just smiled and said, “The thought of that just turns me on”.
He said, “If you want to have sex with more guys, you can do so with my blessing”
In fact, I wouldn’t mind being there when you both start undressing
So I told him I wanted to have flings with Jay-Z, Mitt Romney and even Kanye West
When I mentioned the Philadelphia Eagles team, he said, “Please be my guest”
In fact, one of the ways that player contracts negotiations remained intact
Was the owners had a “one night stand with me” clause instilled into the contract
It seems to turn my husband on when I tell him who, how, where and what
And for some reason he LOVES to hear that I’ve been such a dirty slut
My husband really loves me, and our marriage now is really neat
I just let him know that I’m about to get it on with some derelict up the street
I couldn’t believe that I would stoop to such levels… Nothing I do will amaze me
The bum shook his head and said, “I may be broke, but I damn sure ain’t crazy”
He got up and left, and instead of having sex with me, he fled
While running away he kept mumbling about some b#$%^ being crazy in the head
I am not afraid to confront other men, even though I am sure they will ask, “What is this?”
Maybe I should just hang a sign from my belt that says “Open for Business”
So if your husband is a freak, then try make your marriage last forever and a day
And make him proud to know that you’ve been a slut in every way
We ALL might do strange things for love, because life is the way it is
So I don’t mind my husband being my slut, as long as he doesn’t mind me being his…
“Baby, I am so happy… I just saw your picture on the men’s room wall”


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Husband wants me to be a slut)

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Details of date on her blog)

Subject: Details of me on her blog
After a couple of dates with a girl, I learned that she had a blog. I discovered that she had been writing detailed reviews of our dates – even commenting on my kissing techniques. I liked her a lot but felt betrayed. When I asked her about it, she claimed I had read what amounted to a private journal and that I was at fault. What do you think?
I guess dating has now gone to a new level where everything you do becomes public information online, including detailed information on how well you kiss. For the record, a diary is a “private” journal, and she has the right to detail anything about her life the same as other folks do in a diary. If you happen to be a part of her life at this time and she details it for her own “private” viewing, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if she has a blog that mentions intimate details about your love life with her (and it is for full “public” viewing), then that cannot be considered a “private” journal. When other people can read about your exploits with her it is paramount to reading a book about yourself. While it is by no means illegal it is easy to see how one can feel somewhat “violated”, especially if any of the details are derogatory in nature. If she labeled you a “bad kisser” then people could possibly look that up on the internet and it might even portray a very unflattering perspective of you. Since you discovered this at an early stage of dating her then you can still pull out of this situation before the both of you get serious and then you have a well-written novel on your hands (about how “inadequate” you are). As to whether or not this was a “private” journal, that would depend on where you read this blog. If you discovered it online (or anyplace where the public has access to it) then it most certainly is NOT private. Only you can determine if you want to deal with her “tell all” dating life. If you cannot, then just let her know and be prepared to “jump ship”. Nowadays it seems like all sorts of people have blogs (even though I am still not exactly sure of what the definition of a “blog” actually is). If you find this situation to be “out” of your comfort zone, then you don’t have to deal with it. In fact, you could even turn the tables on her with it. Just check out this verse from the Phantom Poet and be duly enlightened:
My date claims to be private, and yet she puts out this blog
And in it she talks about me, sometimes like a dog
When I asked her about it, she said it was private and this was my fault
If I had known she was going to do this, then I would have brought our dates to a halt
She said that this was her life and she can talk about it in any way she sees fit
And if I have a problem with that, then she told me to get over it
She said that she can put anything she wants to out there, and I didn’t need to know
I said, “That’s great, because when you and I had sex, I secretly made a video”
I got some really good angles of you, and how you really got my motor revvin’
So if you want to check it out, just watch your evening news… “Film at eleven”
I got ALL the intimate details, including that very flexible position we tried
If you want to see how clear it looks, then just check out the “billboard” outside
And those times when you said that you cherished the private things between us?
Well, our memories are now riding by as an advertisement… on the side of a  bus
And remember the time you wanted to get on top because you wanted to have control?
Well, I got that too, and it will be featured on a commercial during the Super Bowl
You should be very popular right about now, and should be recognized on sight
I just want to make sure that I at least spelled your name right
You did an excellent job, and the public is now demanding more
I guess that’s why all of these men are now lined up outside your door
So you felt the need to put out a blog, and I am sorry you decided to go there
Because with this video I made of you, your blog doesn’t even compare
So if you can put me out there, then I guess I can put you out there too
The only difference is that I’m now making lot of money off of you
So remember to “do unto others”… That’s the motto that I now conclude
Rather than “Screw unto others…and in the process… get screwed”…
And for those of you interested, I do have the bootleg copy… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Stress Relief)

Dear Brett.





Subject: Stress relief





I was making myself sick and I even didn’t realize it. I was pumping myself full of poisons. Each night before going to bed, I was absorbing all the worst from the news. When my body was settling down for the night, my brain remained active, mulling over casualties in various parts of the world, flooding, unemployment, murders. Other nights I worried about bills, child care, family issues, and marital problems. My dreams were disjointed and violent. I was waking up miserable and still tired. 

So I changed. I began walking my dog at night and looking at the sky. While walking, I pondered some of the pleasant things that had happened to me during the day. I began to view things with an increasingly grateful heart: for example, I was grateful for a starry night, a cool, gentle breeze, my family, my dog, my job, the changing of the seasons, kids getting out of school. I just let my brain go. Then, as I turned into bed, my thoughts continued in the same vein. As I closed my eyes, I was grateful for the crisp sheets, for the roof over my head, for the chance to help someone during the day, for an unexpected phone call from a dear friend, for having a decent life. Needless to say, my dreams were much more soothing. I have been waking up in the morning in a positive frame of mind, feeling centered and recharged. I can be calm and even-tempered when I listen to others complain. I am not suggesting that everybody has to meditate or do yoga or that we should close our eyes to the events going on in our world. But since we know that stress is the basis of most of our diseases and ailments, when are we going to take better control of our lives by not stressing out?





This is a VERY important topic, because even though we all have responsibilities to deal with, it is how we handle those responsibilities that determine our healthy mental (and physical) state. My definition of stress is “That which we allow others to put upon us”. In other words, we can be inundated with many multiple tasks from others, but it is how we handle those tasks that determine our true stress levels. When I was in high school (oh, maybe about 2 years ago or so… Wow! That lightning bolt ALMOST hit me) I was so stressed out. I wanted so badly to play basketball but I tore my ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) in the pre-season and was out for the year (I was devastated). I had to wear a cast up the upper portion of my leg and the girl I really liked during that time found another date to take to the prom. I was heartbroken, depressed and downright miserable (and on crutches). During my senior year, I was a stressed out mess. Then came graduation time, and it wasn’t until then that I realized that my life wasn’t over, but only just beginning. Once the commencement was over I immediately erased everything about my senior year from my mind (including the girl) and decided that I was going to ease my way of thinking. My responsibilities didn’t lessen over the years, but the way I handled them helped me lessen the strain in my life. Today most people who know me will probably say that I am laid back in a lot of ways and easy (like Sunday morning… a Lionel Richie tune). Don’t get me wrong, there will always be times when the stress level rises extremely high and your reactions may not be helped, but if you can find a way to minimize the effects it can make your life much more pleasurable. I suggest that everyone take a look at their own existence and figure out ways to “de-stress” your life. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to do. First thing is to remember that those things we cannot control will more than likely happen anyway, so getting stressed over them won’t change the outcome. Second, the worst thing you can do is become stressed out over the POSSIBILITY that something is about to happen. If it hasn’t happened yet, then don’t make yourself sick worrying about the “possibility” of it. Third, remember that when the building is on fire and everyone is becoming hysterical, thinking rationally will give you an edge over everyone else and help you come up with a better plan for dealing with the circumstances at hand. Last, remember that there is always someone worse off than you (This makes sense, because as long as you are still alive, then you still have hope). Each day you wake up is a new start for you. Treat it as such… Here comes the Phantom Poet to shed some valuable “insight” on the subject:





We all need to find ways to deal with our stress


A lot of people have it, and some have excess


Please don’t feel bad, worried or crappy


I always say, “Don’t worry… Be Happy”


There are plenty of pleasant things to think about… That’s how life goes


Why don’t you try sitting down in a very dark room, and take off your clothes?


After awhile you soon may start to feel yourself become even less stressed


ESPECIALLY if there is member of the opposite sex there with you… undressed


Don’t laugh! Sex is a GREAT way to help you feel more relieved


That’s why Marvin sang “sexual Healing” (Yeah, that’s what we all believed)


So if you feel over stressed, then have sex…that is what you should do


If you REALLY feel stressed out, then have sex for a day or two


In fact, just keep on going until you run out of “rounds”


Or until your weight becomes oh, about 98 pounds


Sex here, sex there, in the suburbs and in the ghetto


But whatever you do, don’t mess with those sheep in the meadow


Just keep on having sex until the feeling goes “numb”


But unless you want NEW stress, better wear a condom


Find the right sexual partner, but don’t rush, and don’t hurry


Having the right partner will help relieve all your worry


So when you are over stressed, stop pulling out all of your hairs


Just have sex, look relaxed and say to yourself, “Who really cares?”





Just wait until you hear my solution for ending war tensions… The Phantom Poet


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Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “Is he cheating?”)

Dear Brett,





Subject: Is he cheating?





I started dating his man who lives a distance from me. He comes to my place from time to time. Whenever I mention coming to his place and he always says, no, he says he prefers to come to my house as we have more privacy there. I think he’s lying and has something to hide at his house. When I call his “home” phone the answering machine always picks up. When I call his cell phone it rings many many times before he picks up. I believe he’s trying to get somewhere he can answer it in private. One time I called him the background noise was so loud it was hard to hear. I told him I can’t hear him and he said I’ll have you later. What didn’t he just move somewhere quieter or turn the TV down? Do you smell a cheater like I do?








Read between the lines to see the handwriting on this wall… This man smells like the “cheat complete, the expletive de-cheative, the Jihad of cheat-dad. He is “cheat-erific”. This man is either married or shacked up with someone and doesn’t want you to discover his “other” life. He comes to your place because he has something to hide at his home and doesn’t want to jeopardize his own living conditions. If you cannot even visit him at his house, then why should you be prohibited from at least coming by to say hello to his family? I’m willing to wager that he has not even given you his address. The sad part about this is that he KNOWS at some point this is going to end, but he is continuing to ride this out until you finally catch on to what he is doing. Women should ALWAYS beware of any man that can’t give you his home address. I can understand the privacy issues, but that doesn’t mean that you should not be able to at least set foot inside his door (even for a short visit). Also, if you can’t access him at his home, then you know something has to be wrong. One day you should call him on his cell and leave a message to him stating that you just “happen” to be in his neighborhood and that you are going to stop by for a second. You should also say that if he doesn’t answer back, then you would just come on through anyway, because you know he cannot hear his phone inside his house. I bet that after hearing THAT message you will get the world’s “quickest” call back from him stuttering and trying his best to give you a valid reason for you to NOT stop by. If he says that he isn’t home, then just tell him you will wait outside until he gets there. He will break the world land rushing record to get there then. I realize that it is a shame for women to have to even resort to these types of games, but if you want to know the truth, then sometimes you need to take the appropriate measures. This man here needs a breath mint because everything he says stinks. You can either continue to let him lead you on or you can end his charade NOW. Do yourself a favor, and get out of this situation before you really get hurt. Here is the Phantom Poet to guide you along the way:





I started dating a man who lives quite a distance away, you see


I wish I could go see him, but he only accepts coming to see me


When I try to contact him at home, I always seem to fail


No matter how hard I try, my efforts result to no avail


Yet every time he wants to come see me


He seems to have the UTMOST in availability


When he wants me, then his cell phone automatically gets “right”


In fact, his cell phone be working all day and night


But as soon as he gets back home, both phones just ring and ring


I think I am starting to feel a little suspicious about this thing


I don’t want to panic, and I don’t want to lose my composure


Maybe his phone will work a little better if I move a little closer


It could be a weak signal, or the reception or


It just might work best if I try it outside his front door


If I STILL have problems reaching him, then oh what the hell


My next resort would be to just press his doorbell


If that doesn’t work, then I don’t know where else to begin


I can ALWAYS try my hand at breaking his windows in


Since his car is out front, he should be in there, I surmise


When I find him, I plan to yell out, “Surprise!”


I will then apologize to him for breaking into his house


And at that point I’m sure he will introduce me to his spouse


I’ll explain everything to her, and even if she weeps


I’ll make sure to show her movie, dinners and hotel receipts


And I’ll let her know that her husband is a cheater, and tell her to relax


And let him know that next time he needs to do better at covering his tracks





Yet ANOTHER incredible masterpiece from the Phantom Poet


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