Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The loss of Dick Gregory”)

Comedian Dick Gregory was a man who never ran from the truth. His comedy was daring, edgy, but so real. He could talk about the worst of circumstances and find a way to raise a joke out of it. Of course, there were times when he would be very serious about things as well. Recently, Dick Gregory passed away. If you would like to know more about his legacy, then check out the link below:

He was a champion for the rights of people and never held his tongue. If you get the chance, you should check out Youtube and hear his interviews on “what he says REALLY happened with the deaths of Michael Jackson and Prince.” This world needs more “Dick Gregory’s.” Even though the man has now gone hopefully someone can carry his legacy into the next generation. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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Al Sharpton and Dick Gregory (with Brett Jolly on bass to the far right… Picture taken from Sister II Sister magazine)

Al Sharpton and Dick Gregory


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Conspiracy theory or dementia talking?”)

Dick Gregory was a famous comedian/activist who knew a lot about the entertainment industry. He never held back his tongue about anything and often voiced his opinions. Now he is a lot older and seems to show signs of aging both physically and mentally, but when you hear him talk does he seem to make sense? You be the judge… Here is a clip I found on Youtube that explains what he said “really” happened to Michael Jackson (and Tupac). I don’t know how true this is, but for those who believe in conspiracy theories this might seem interesting. Please keep in mind that Dick Gregory hung with a lot of famous people (and that should include Michael Jackson). At times he seems to rant in this interview, but is he telling the truth? You can make your own determination. Here is Dick Gregory talking about Michael Jackson. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer:

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Yet ANOTHER police killing of an unarmed Black man”)

I hate it when “race” is injected into a story to make it “sell.” There is more than enough “injustice” in this world without escalating it by playing the “race” card. However, I just don’t know how to portray this “particular” incident without at least “touching” on it. For a while now, unarmed Black men have been getting killed by officers (or people acting in the role of officers) with the perpetrators getting off “scott free.” At some point people were semi joking that it is now “very legal” to go hunt down and shoot any unarmed Black male on the street for any reason. In this particular story, an officer pulled over a man for a “broken tail light.” The male, who was wanted for child support payments, ran from the officer for fear of being arrested. The officer shot and killed him from behind. Originally, the officer made up the story that he “feared for his life” after the man tried to wrestle him for his gun. This tactic seemed to work for other “similar” cases involving killing unarmed men. Unfortunately for this officer, a good citizen actually “videotaped” the encounter. For those who would like to witness the incident for yourself, the “graphic” video can be seen by clicking on this link:

Based on this video, the officer has now been charged with murder. However, what might have happened if there had been no video taken? I have a police officer friend of mine who told me what it is like to be a policeman . He said that if he wanted to, he could “literally pull anyone off the street” based on “his word against theirs.” That is an “awful lot of power” for one individual to have over someone. In the case of Michael Brown (A Black male gunned down in Ferguson), he was singled out as he was walking the street. The officer managed to shoot him “multiple times” claiming that the male offered resistance and tried to go after his gun. I think he was shot about 8 times (it is difficult for me to imagine him still resisting after the third, fourth or fifth time he was shot). However, the officer was eventually cleared and fully exonerated. Maybe in “this particular instance” the officer will be convicted in court. Please forgive me if I have lost some faith in the court systems to convict dishonest cops in these matters. As much as i detest what happened, I am more upset because I “already know” that this case will be “blown way out of proportion” because the officer was white and the victim was black. I expect there to be more protests, and should this officer somehow be acquitted of all charges (and yes, that is a still a VERY real possibility) there will be a LOT of ugliness as a result. “Wrong is wrong,” and to me the story just by itself is disheartening. Once people start adding that “R” word into the mix the end results might be “catastrophic.” People will probably differ on this story (and that’s fine), but the one thing I will say is that we “need more video.” Only after officers realize that their actions are being recorded then we might actually save some lives. In this story, even though the man “ran” that was still no reason to shoot and kill him. Please understand that I am by “no means” saying that all policemen are dishonest (because we know that’s not true), but this instance here cannot help but leave a “dark stain” on the police department. The person who shot the video should be labeled a hero, because without it, the officer might still be on the street and might kill others in the same manner thinking that he will always get away with it. Truth be told, this story is already ugly enough. I just hope that we can get “past” the issue of race so that any “potential violence” can be “averted.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer today.


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Activists Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and Brett Jolly


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Racist remarks by Clippers Owner)

I love basketball. When I was younger I used to wake up at 5:00 am just to go to the courts and play it. I would stay there all day and during the evening my mother would have to come over to finally bring me home. Now I check out the NBA basketball playoffs whenever I am able. Of course, the game has been recently tainted by a taped conversation from the Clippers owner Donald Sterling. He was talking to his girlfriend, whose last name is Stiviano, and telling her not to bring any Blacks to  his games and he was upset with her taking a picture with Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a African American former NBA star. If the voice in the tape is in fact Sterling’s (and the tape has not been altered in any way) then it “clearly” shows how racist the owner is. The networks are having a “field day” with this news and Sterling is being publicly “crucified” by many people (including his own team). There are several pieces to this puzzle that are perplexing, though, and I would love to explore them here. First, if this man has a wife (and it was reported that he does have one) then how is it that this woman has been “identified” as  his “girlfriend?” Also, if this man has such a bad dislike of Blacks, then how is it that this alleged “girlfriend” is part Mexican and Black? It has also been “alleged” that this girlfriend who taped his conversation is the defendant in a case by the Sterling family for extorting over a million dollars from them…. As  you can see, there is a lot more to this story than “meets the eye.” Here are some of the questions that I ask. “Why” did this woman decide to tape  him saying these things? What was her “motivation behind it?” Also, when she taped him, did she actually “know” that he was going to say racist remarks, or did she actually “set him up” just so to record him? It seems “quite convenient” that she “just managed” to have a secret tape recorder “handy and ready” at the right time. Finally, if she was his girlfriend, why did she release the tape to the media? Did they have an argument or disagreement or something even deeper? She had to have some type of animosity towards him to do something like that. No matter  what the circumstances are, if those words are verified to be Donald Sterling on tape then the NBA commissioner needs to strip him or his ownership of the team. In a league that is more than 75% African American it is extremely offensive to say something racist like that. I also find it dumb to display a hate for minorities “especially when you are dating one.” I also saw the picture of this woman. Sterling is “incredibly old.” This woman was very young and could “only” have been into him for his “money.” To me, that means she is a “gold digger.”  I don’t doubt the “authenticity” of the recording at all, but it is imperative that the investigation is “complete” before judging this case fully. If the woman did tape him, then to me that means that he was “truly set up.” That automatically tells me that if someone could go to this length to get him, then that also means that she could go the full stint to “conjure” evidence against him as well. To me, however, the fact that she even had the “inkling” of an idea that she could catch him making racist remarks on tape means that she must have already known about his racist views. We should keep in mind that she is not innocent by any means, because if she knew he was a racist, then why hang around with him (especially since she was part Black and Mexican) unless, of course, it was for his “money?” So at this point, I do believe that Mr. Sterling was “set up.” I am just not sure as to “what extent” he was set up… So what should happen here? Should the fans still attend the playoff games? “Absolutely,” because boycotting the playoffs won’t hurt Sterling, but it “will” hurt the players who worked so hard to get where they are. They “need” the support of their fans for motivation. However, it would be nice if those fans in attendance stage a “special” event to show condemnation for the owner while still showing support for the team. This has to be a “major” distraction for the players, and through fan support they just might be able to get their “focus” back. Discrimination is wrong under “any” category, but it is still “very” prevalent in society today. We cannot eliminate it entirely. Everyone has some kind or prejudice or stereotype, but if you are in a position of authority then you “cannot” let those feeling show. Mr. Sterling made a “major” mistake, and he was “incredibly  stupid” to trust in this “girlfriend” while he had a supporting and loyal wife at home. Now it looks as though he is going to have to pay for his mistakes, and  the sooner the better. Let’s hope that the players won’t have to pay for his actions as well. Everyone has the right to feel outraged, but by all means, make sure that you “hit the right targets.” The owner is only “one” man, and people need to be “fair” to the team itself. The “best” way to counter hatred…. is with “love…” Have a great day, everyone.

Al Sharpton, Dick Gregory and Brett Jolly in background


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Why is George Zimmerman talking?)

Okay, this if from the “I don’t get it” department of life. I just can’t understand “why” George Zimmerman wants to “talk now.” He just did an interview for some Spanish publication and he recently did an interview for Chris Cuomo of CNN. In the interviews, he stated that “God is the only one who can judge me.” Rest assured, God will surely judge him like HE judges ALL, but what Mr. Zimmerman doesn’t seem to comprehend is that even though God will be the one to judge him, his “trial and execution” may be carried out by others on “this” realm if he refuses to keep a “low profile.” Look, we all know that his trial for killing Trayvon Martin is over and he was acquitted by a jury of his peers in accordance to Florida’s “Stand your ground” law. He is truly blessed because that verdict could have easily gone against him. However, now is “not” the time to stir those fires back up again, for there are people out here who still have not healed from all this. Normally, when someone narrowly “dodges a bullet” the very LAST thing he should want to do is “continue to stay in the line of fire.” Well, by Zimmerman coming out and talking to the press, that is “exactly” what he is doing. He is slowly becoming the newest “OJ Simpson.” For those of you who don’t know, OJ Simpson was acquitted in the murders of his wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. This case was a “hugely” promoted and watched trial that made history. MANY people were upset when Mr. Simpson was found innocent and walked away a free man. Of course, the similarities in both these cases were that the victims and the killers were both of “different” races. I would have thought that George Zimmerman would have learned “something” from OJ’s situation. If OJ had just kept a low profile after his trial, then he would not be in the predicament he is in today. Currently Mr. Simpson is in jail for armed burglary, and it is quite possible that he could spend the rest of his life incarcerated there. “HE” narrowly dodged a bullet, but subsequently put himself “back” in the line of fire by committing an unlawful act. Now Zimmerman is following closely behind in his footsteps. Since his acquittal he has had problems of domestic abuse and speeding offenses. He told the Spanish publication that he is homeless, jobless and suffering from post traumatic disorder. He also said that he still receives death threats from people who guarantee that he will be killed. He said that these people don’t know him, but just know how he has been portrayed. Well, people didn’t know Saddam Hussein either, but instead knew how he was portrayed. If I am not mistaken, I think Hitler and others got the same perspective from most people. For the record I am NOT trying to say that George Zimmerman was guilty by “any” means, and I want to make that “perfectly clear.” He was “found” innocent by a jury of his peers, so by LAW he “IS” innocent. This is no longer about guilt or innocence, but rather a certain degree of intelligence. If you “know” that you are arguably the most “hated” man in America, then “why” would you want to walk around with a giant “bulls eye target” on your back? No matter what happened during the Trayvon Martin incident I don’t want to see yet another man killed, but the more this man “opens his mouth” the more he “incites” people to “anger.” Mr. Zimmerman, at this point most people don’t even WANT to get to know you. THAT should be “more” than enough incentive to just “lay low.” Stop speeding on the highways and stop beating up your girlfriends and at least “attempt” to live a normal life. In time, people may actually “forget” about you and then hopefully you can live a normal life again. Right now you are providing people with the ammunition they need to shoot at you (figuratively speaking, of course). It appears as though your biggest liability is that you can’t seem to “think BEFORE you act.” Just ask Mr. Simpson how that type of thinking “benefited him.” A young male is dead from a gunshot wound that was inflicted by you. All you have to do is stop “stirring the waters” and you just may have a chance of achieving peace. For the sake of Trayvon Martin, his family, yourself, the public and for God’s sake, please “leave well enough alone.” The public, if not the “world” just might thank you for it.

Reverend Al Sharpton, Comedian activist Dick Gregory and Brett Jolly


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: “White Supremest discovered to be 14% Black”)

Usually in the news you can find a lot of negativity, and today’s story starts out from a “very” negative origin. However, the end results were just “too” cute to pass up, and I felt duly compelled to post the findings of the outcome. For those of you who may not have heard the story yet, White Supremest Craig Cobb was on a mission to create an ALL pure White town, and he had planned on making in Leith, ND. It has been reported that currently there is only one Black resident living there. Cobb decided to accept the invitation to the Trisha Goddard show, where he had the chance to promote his “hateful” cause and where he was “also” subjected to “DNA testing.” When Goddard read the results, it brought smiles, giggles and laughter to the audience (as well as many television viewers, I’m sure). When Goddard announced the results, it appeared that Mr. Cobb’s DNA structure has him at 86% European and 14% Sub-Suharan African. At that point, Trisha Goddard (who is Black) tells Mr. Cobb “You got a little bro’ in you” and jokingly tried to “fist bump” him twice. Of course, Mr. Cobb is looking mightily “red in the face” for such a white person and refuses to fist bump her back. When I saw the interview (You can Google it online and check it out for yourself) I couldn’t help but smile. To discriminate against people you don’t even know for reasons that are personal in nature is wrong. To eventually find out that you yourself actually belong to that category you are prejudiced against is “priceless.” If in fact these test results hold up, Mr. Cobb would not even be a candidate for the very town he is trying to create. I posted this story today because with “hate” there is always a “cost.” Those who vehemently promote hate lose a little dignity, respect and decency in their endeavors. We all have prejudices, but we all should be able  to exhibit enough “control” to make sure that our demons don’t show themselves.  If these test results hold up, it will be interesting to see just how much Mr. Craig wants to follow through with his agenda, or whether or not he plans to “amend” his position. Right now, I can’t imagine “any” race wanting to accept him and he may end up as a man “without an ethnicity or accepted culture.” The best part yet is that he may be the main one responsible for his “own exile.” This was a great ending to a very bad story. Of course, for this particular individual, we MUST bring back our revered lyricist, the Phantom Poet:

You are a White Supremest, and when it comes to other races you are always on the attack
However, how does it make you feel when you find out that you yourself are 14% Black?
You promote racism and violence without thinking… You are always quick to pull the trigger
Yet in the end, you take a DNA test only to find that in reality you are just another N—–
You promote your cause to hate other races, because in separatism you are clearly a believer
Well, now the Neo- Nazis don’t want you….and “We” don’t want you either…
You have just been “exposed” on national television, and your concept has just been wrecked
Before you go off hating on all these other races, your dumb ass should have first “CHECKED”
You are a part of “US” now, and to make your degradation and embarrassment complete
I would like to invite you to take a walk with me to get food, from the Popeyes up the street
There is even a slight possibility that you just might be “kin to me”
However, right now you have literally proven to be your own “worst enemy”
Now you have made a fool of yourself, and you deserve the public backlash
But that’s what you get for going on TV and becoming such a jackass
This was a very funny story today, and I hope this gets to make big news
Because the moral of this story is “Never judge a man, until you have walked in his shoes”

“Was he seen at the Million Man March? I think we missed him” The Phantom Poet

Activist Al Sharpton and Dick Gregory with Brett Jolly in background



Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: The “N” word)

The world of pro sports and how it sometimes “imitates life….” Here in my hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, one of our professional football players was at an event and was “filmed” on video uttering a racial slur. The specific word he used was the “N—–” word and the video immediately went “viral.” The language he used was offensive, and he has since apologized to everyone (not just to “those who felt offended by it”). I believe he was slapped with a fine, but no suspension. Some people were fine with that, while others felt he should have been suspended a couple of games for his actions (if not more). I can honestly say that I am truly offended by the use of that word just like anyone else should be, but I “always” like to look “beyond” the surface when it comes to “any” wrong deed. First, I think we all have moments where we need to seek “forgiveness.” For instance, the other day I was headed home and was on a two lane street. I was in the right lane, and the sign posted said that “right lane MUST turn right.” Well, I didn’t turn right, and the police officer pulled me over for it. I realized that I had made a terrible mistake and that I wished I could have taken back my bad decision, but unfortunately I made the wrong choice. The officer checked my record and found it to be clean, so he let me go and did not issue a citation. “Technically” you could say that I was a “criminal who broke the law.” While that was true, the officer saw me as someone who made a “bad choice and a huge mistake.” He would have been perfectly “justified” to hit me with a hard ticket. I mention this incident because it is easy for us to be “unforgiving” when people “do or say” things that are considered “hurtful.” While this pro football player said something that was “inexcusable” my take on it was a little bit different. You see, ALL of us are human and we ALL make mistakes. If from this particular mistake Riley Cooper emerges out of it as a “better man” then I for one can surely “forgive him” for what he said. Being an African American man I know all too well the “history” behind that slur but as “harmful” as that word can be, the “attitude” behind those words can be even more dangerous. If you look carefully at the video, Mr. Cooper has a beer in his hands and appears to be in a certain “state of mind.” I am “NOT” trying to blame his actions on the beer, but I can easily see how a beer  can make someone lose a little “control.” They say that if we seek God then he will forgive us for our sins. Does that mean that if we are “unforgiving” then we are in essence “Ungodly?” I am convinced that there are still several people out there today that will want Mr. Cooper’s head on a platter. They will be relentless in their pursuit of “reprimands and sanctions” for this player who admitted and apologized for his wrongdoing. I say “enough is enough.” If he is sincere in changing his way of thinking then I can most certainly “forgive him.” As for the rest of us who just can’t get past this incident and want to seek “further penalties, I ask that you recall a certain “Biblical passive” that said “Let he who is without sin cast the very first stone.” “Hear that? It’s the sound of silence….” Have a blessed weekend, everyone.


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Al Sharpton, comedian-activist Dick Gregory and Brett Jolly