Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Topic: Can women ask for “quickies?)

Mr. Jolly, I have a question that I would like to pose to you. I am in a relationship with a really nice guy but he has the type of job that will keep him on the go. The other day I was really needing him but I feel it is un-lady-like for a woman to ask a man for an intimate encounter. Needless to say, I did ask him and it was just what I needed. From a man’s perspective, is it proper for a woman to let her man know when she needs some extra TLC? Should a woman be able to ask for a “quickie?”

All men are different (just like all women are different) but for me I personally see NO reason at all why a woman can’t ask her man to make a quick “home delivery.” We ALL have needs and you can rest assured when he needs some from you he will have NO problems asking, begging or even implying.  I do understand that morally a woman who has to ask for sex just doesn’t feel right, but this is a whole new era we live in. Women are entitled to get their needs met just like men are. Because of the recession we are in everyone has to hustle just to make a good living. Sometimes that can mean working longer hours and more tired evenings for most couples. Couples should never advocate for “quickies” but “every once in a while” if that is all the time slot you have (and you both don’t mind) then I see nothing wrong with it at all. “Quickies” can accomplish a lot. They can help de-stress you. They can make you feel happier and they can even help you sleep better. Your man has a responsibility to make a living (and so do you if you are employed), but if you are ever in need then there is nothing wrong with asking him to make a “pit stop.” He might even appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to ask him. Of course, you should not have a totally “quickie filled” relationship. In all relationships there should be “some” degree of “substance.” However, in between those special moments it is perfectly “permissible” to “get one in.” Honesty will go a long way. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel. Here is that “man of many excuses” to deliver the last word on this subject, the Phantom Poet”

I had a really tough time at work and for me it was a very hard day
Now I want to relax because I’m feeling a certain type of way
I am feeling “backed up” and I am about to bang my head against the wall
I think I would like to call my man to see if we can arrange a “booty call”
I know he is busy tonight but I’d like to see if he can “spare a minute”
All I need is a little bit of extra time for him to “get in it”
He said that he misses me and has a lot to deal with today
But he said that this might work and he is only a couple of blocks away
He told me that he loves me and for 10 minutes we need to prepare
I made short work of him, got satisfied, and still have 4 minutes to spare
I felt bad that he couldn’t stay with me and I hated to see him have to go
But I feel rejuvenated and more relaxed, and that’s what I know
It was fantastic, marvelous and I thought it was really sweet
I sent him back on the road walking slowly and dragging his feet
Hey, a woman has got to have it, and there is nothing wrong with opening doors
Today I really needed some and got mine, so I only hope that you got yours
Yes, we  will still have our greater moments of loving, and this was just a booty call
But considering the fact that I was in need, I don’t feel bad about asking at all
So when it comes to busy schedules, sometimes things can get a little tricky
That’s when you realize that there is nothing wrong with getting a little “quickie”

“No need to turn off your car”… The Phantom Poet


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