Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Quincy Jones disses quite a few people”)

An interesting article involving Quincy Jones. In this piece, he talks about how terrible the Beatles were as musicians, and he also mentions that Michael stole most of his music. He claims that Marlon Brando would have sex with anyone, including Marvin Gaye and Richard Pryor. He is not very flattering of the music industry,  and he even states that he once “dated” Ivanka Trump. Here is the article link:

Of course, it is well known that the musical industry was “far from angelic.” People have been cheated, disrespected, used and abused but a lot of those stories never got publicized that much. Some of the things that come to my mind are “Why does he wait until this time in his life to say these things? How perfect was he in this bad industry? Was he as accomplished a producer as the credits gave him?” When you look at the credits of the Michael Jackson collection, I never saw Quincy’s name as a writer. In fact, I saw some of the guys from the group Heatwave listed as songwriters. Michael once said that Quincy never did anything to help on his projects, which was one of the reasons Michael left him. I took a listen to Donna Summers song “State of Independence” and yes, the bass line for Billy Jean” is in there.” It is in a different key, but the line can be heard. Hall and Oates once said that Michael told them he stole the bass line from their song “I can’t go for that.” I can’t see that one. Those bass lines are not really that close. As for the Beatles, he was probably right about Ringo’s drumming abilities. Paul himself didn’t really like the way Ringo played. When they had a reunion of Paul and Ringo, Paul’s regular drummer also played, which meant that one drummer had to cover for the other. A big shock to me was Paul as a bass player. I did hear a mistake in bass notes in the song “Penny Lane” that was left on the track. There were a lot of fake things happening in music. Bill Withers once told me himself that he didn’t know anything of how to play a guitar, but his people brought in an expert to teach him a couple of chords to make it “look” like he was an accomplished player. On one of his album covers you can actually “see” him holding a guitar. I happen to know that Quincy himself was not angelic. There are people from his camp who told me that he screwed them. I find it interesting that now he wants to diss the industry that he helped build. Stay tuned on this one. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Bonnie Raitt in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar




Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“No, I am not that OTHER Brett Jolly”)

I received an email from a woman somewhere in Asia. Normally I think those kinds of emails are scams and I rarely read them, but something about this message peaked my interest. She mentioned her name and said that she was only one of the victims of that “other” Brett Jolly. For the record, I have discovered that there are about 5 or 6 “Brett Jolly’s” that I know of in this world, but there is one in particular that has simply caused an uproar. I think I managed to talk to him many years ago, but it appears that at one point this Brett Jolly claimed to find “the world’s biggest diamond, only for everyone to discover later on that it was all a “fake.” This hoax was pretty bad, but then this man seemingly went on to do more. He “allegedly” plotted the Green Planet Investment holdings and Privilege Wealth concepts to defraud about 8,000 people of their holiday savings. Here is an article about what he has done:–scams.aspx

For the record, I do NOT condone nor support the scamming or conning of anyone for evil purposes. I am really sorry that this happened and I am even “more sorry” that he managed to sully my name in the process. If he happens to read this post I hope he rights his wrongs and gives back the money he owes to everyone. I remember years ago someone was actually mad at me while thinking that I was the one behind all this negative news. I never realized exactly how bad things were with this man until this lady alerted me to his deeds. I am a musician in Philadelphia and I believe in helping people, not hindering them for my own selfish gain. First off, I hope that people will recognize the difference between us. Second, I hope that people will become “more aware” of any concept out there that wants your money. I like to check out ALL reviews (many of which can be found online) before investing any money into any thing. There are crooks all over the world, and many of them make a living out of what they do. Please don’t become a victim. Lastly, I hope that “this Brett Jolly is brought to justice.” He may (or may not) claim to be a victim to these scams, but even if he is also a victim he still needs to “make things right” with the people he fleeced. I don’t know his whole story (but I don’t need to know it either). Right is right and wrong is wrong. For those of you who thought I was someone else, I apologize for that misunderstanding. This lady’s story touched me, and I sincerely hope that she gets her investment back. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

A rather broad view of Chaka Khan in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Remembering Dennis Edwards of the Temptations”)

This past week Dennis Edwards, former lead singer for the Temptations, died from a stroke. He sang lead on “many” of their hit tunes, including “Poppa was rolling stone, psychedelic shack, Can’t get next to you, Cloud Nine, Runaway child running wild, and so many more. He eventually left the Temptations to form his own rendition of Temptation Review (In fact, they were called Dennis Edwards and the Temptations review) and they did very well. Most of the members of the group that achieved fame have now passed on. The original member who actually founded the group is still alive (Otis Williams). Here is a short video clip on Dennis (even though on some of these song parts they point out the wrong man):


I remember a couple of years back playing in Washington, DC with a group called the Ebonys.  Dennis Edwards and his Temptation review were billed on the same program as us. During sound check we did our thing while I could see Dennis listening intently in the audience. Not long after that, I saw Dennis in the hallway and he said that he had been looking specifically for me. He then told me that our group was great (and that we should have been playing for them) but he also let me know that I was a “phenomenal bass player” and he really admired the way I played. I responded by saying “Considering how many bass players you have come across in your career, that is the highest form of compliment I could possibly get.” I thanked him for that. That evening his group was performing to a track (No live band). I will always remember his words to me. There is a lot more to this man than just his career with the Temptations, so I hope you Google him when you get the chance. Every person has his date with destiny, but I am so glad that I got to meet and talk with him. Thank you so much for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles”)

To our surprise, Philadelphia’s football team earned the honor of being the “best in football” last night. In the “final and biggest game of the year” they beat the New England Patriots (the defending champs) 41 to 33. The game was “extremely hype” and not great for people who had bad hearts (smile). The great thing about the victory is the storyline that goes along with it. During the season this football team had some of it’s best players “injured.” Instead of falling apart they used the situation to rise up. Most notable was the injury at quarterback. Carson Wentz injured his knee during a game (he was playing at an MVP level). Once he was done, the backup quarterback (Nick Foles) was cast into the starting lineup. While things were a little shaky with him at first, Nick began raising the level of his game (while others were writing the Eagles off for lack of a good quarterback). Nick “lit the stadium up” last night.” He was hitting receivers all over the place. The Patriots are a very smart and well coached football team. They have been known to make adjustments and come back on everyone. For any football team to put up over 30 points means that their offense was “rolling.” The problem for them is that the Eagles got defensive stops “when it counted.” For all of the playoff games the Eagles were “underdog” pics to win any of them, and that is exactly what made this team so special. I am from Philadelphia and I actually was correct on all the game predictions. I even predicted that the Eagles would “blow out” the Minnesota Vikings (and that is exactly what happened). There is something to be said for “teamwork.” Congratulations are in order for the Philadelphia Eagles. Last night the people of Philadelphia went crazy in the streets (I know Philadelphia very well, and I am not surprised by this at all). The real question is “how many people got arrested last night?” I should find that out this morning. There were a lot of police cars out last night, so hopefully all celebrations were peaceful. Congrats again to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Super Bowl Champions of 2018.

Brett Jolly on vocals and bass synthesizer

Brett Bass synth

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Say what you want, but this man kills this song”)

This man may have all kinds of crazy stuff going on in his life, but that doesn’t take away from his ability to sing. This is one song where he literally pours his heart and soul into it, and it shows. There are not many great vocalists like this still being promoted, and while he “allegedly” engaged in some “deviant behavior” he still sings up a storm. If you have not heard this song before then you need to check it out just for his vocal presentation. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Instrumentally yours”)

Today I wanted to feature us performing an instrumental classic featuring darn near everybody in the band (with the excepting of me… I like to let everyone else get loose). The song is a classic and I hope you like it. It was requested so this is the very first time we have “ever” played this. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Does anyone really care if Stormy Daniels had an affair with President Trump?”)

Interestingly enough, this former porn queen comes (seemingly) from “out of nowhere” and is somehow declared to be a former mistress of Donald Trump. Stormy Daniels is someone who is keeping “conspicuously quiet” about any alleged affair with the President, but does this exonerate her? If you have not heard her story, here is the link:

When you examine her “reluctance to speak” it feels as though she is doing so out of some “contractual obligation.” It feels as though she knows (and wants to say) a LOT more but is stifled by some sort of legal agreement on this. She even denies “the denial” that has surfaced on paper with her signature (supposedly) on it. She “allegedly” said she can describe intimate parts of Trumps body. The real question here is “Does anyone really care?” Melania Trump (Trump’s wife) really appears to handle this well and I am giving her a “lot” of respect over this. However, her behavior still doesn’t tell the true story of what happened. We all know Donald Trump was a flirter, a womanizer and a playboy. If anyone ever doubted his loyalty in his marriages there are several bridges I would love to sell you. Was Daniels paid “hush money” to keep quiet about all this? I would not be surprised at all if this actually happened. Let’s please keep in mind that I don’t need to single Trump out. Other Presidents had engaged in extra marital affairs and they were equally as guilty, but because of Trump’s arrogance in a lot of things this only brings things more to light. I don’t think infidelity is an “impeachable” offense. I’m sure “lying about it under oath” is (as referenced by Bill Clinton’s adventures years ago). If Stormy Daniel’s main purpose is to “get paid off of this” then I’m sure she probably has already. If it were found to be true that she had an affair with Trump I would not raise an eyebrow over it. There are more important things to ponder. I just would like to know if it means anything to you. Would it change your views on him or substantiate them instead? Do you wonder if there is a “blue stained dress” somewhere? If she appears to be “borderline” with her desire to talk about this I sincerely hope for her safety. Sometimes things can happen in politics and get swept under the rug.  Let’s hope that she doesn’t eventually become “one of those things.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Anthony Hamilton, Bill Withers and his daughter in concert with Brett Jolly on bass