Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (A jamming time last night at my Wednesday Night music event)

Last night was so packed that there was standing room only. We decided to just have fun and play unplanned songs (and even run them into each other). The crowd loved it and we had a ball. We were celebrating Stan Brisbon’s birthday (He is our keyboard player) and my option was to have him sing all tunes, but Stan respectfully declined, so we just decided on the fly what to play. As usual we had so much fun. If you are ever in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area on a Wednesday you should come on out to the Crab Tavern, 201 North Macdade Blvd in Darby, Pennsylvania from 8:00 to 12 midnight.  You can see for yourself just how much of a great time we have. I am singing lead on everything. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Taken a knee in the NFL… What does this signify?)

My hometown NFL team, The Philadelphia Eagles, won the Super Bowl. As champions, the normal procedure would be for them to visit the White House and be congratulated by the President. However, President Trump recently “disinvited” them. The President made it seem as though he negated them because of respect to the flag. During this past season “none” of the Eagles players knelt for the Star Spangled Banner.  Evidently this past season has made a big issue of players kneeling during the anthem, and I was not exactly sure of the implications behind this. For those of you who would like to check out the article explaining this, here is the link:

I guess the big question here is “Should politics be incorporated into our sports and into the honoring of our flag? Many veterans died in honor of that flag, and that should never be forgotten. Would those veterans who died for the flag support police brutality against minorities? I sincerely doubt that. There are points to both sides, but let’s look at the basics of this. First, is kneeling actually “disrespecting” the flag? People kneel when they propose marriage. People kneel when they pray. Is the underlying concept of kneeling to disrespect the flag or to bring attention to police brutality while still honoring the flag? When you want to make your views known (which is your Constitutional right) it is best to do so during moments when people are watching. Trump says that kneeling is a direct insult to our nation. Is that true? From what I have seen and heard, several unarmed minorities have been getting killed by officers, and in most of those cases the officers have never been brought to justice. I can’t see killing an unarmed man, and I definitely cannot see anyone getting away with doing so. Minorities feel the need to express themselves and make their opinions known, so when they take a knee at the games it should be to make a statement. Our nation is not perfect. No one is. The one thing we have to make corrections is our collective voice. I don’t believe in disrespecting the flag, but I don’t think people should stay silent on this issue either. Understanding the concept behind this a little more should help us all (and yes, that also includes the President). Maybe through our own statements we can find a way to confront this issue head on. Thank you for reading my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly and Robin Roberts, from Good Morning America

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The “Me Too” Movement… Would it have been significant with the Bill Clinton- Monica Lewinsky situation?)

Obvious some type of anniversary has come up or something, because former president Bill Clinton was recently interviewed over his sexual activity with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern. Clinton was a man of power during that time. He was President of the United States during that time while Monica was an intern in her first year of college. When you consider all the scenarios that are happening today with abuse of the sexes should this event also be included? For those who are not clear of all the details here is the article on Clinton:

The one thing that is amazing about the “Me Too” movement is just how big it is becoming. A LOT of men are now being accused of sexual impropriety and the list stands the chance of becoming even bigger. From what I remember, many vilified Monica Lewinsky for her conduct, even though Clinton had the advantage in power and he “could have just said No.” Clinton went on to remain President of the United States and finished out his term. Lewinsky became the butt of many jokes. Considering the strength of the movement, I would love to know what public reaction would be today in regards to Ms. Lewinsky. Would there be more people in favor of her or would they still side with Clinton? Wrong is wrong, and if the President of the United States did wrong then should he be immune to charges? If we are to respect women then someone needs to step up for her and every other woman who has been sexually abused. I don’t think we have reached that stage yet but it may not be that far away.  Hopefully time will tell. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Olivia Newton John, Brett Jolly and music director Amy Skyy

Olivia Newton John and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought ( A musical segment taken from this past Friday in Atlantic City)

To be able to perform is such a blessing, and music is my passion. There is no feeling like performing in front of a crowd of people who are digging what you are doing. I had that feeling this past Friday at Kelsey’s in Atlantic City. The “Brett Jolly Experience” was scheduled to perform there and we had an amazing time. We will be there again this Friday (Kelseys is located at 1545 Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey). I hope you enjoy this clip. I am singing lead. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Roseanne Barr’s show cancelled due to insensitive tweet… Should it have been?)

I can honestly say that I have never watched the Roseanne Barr show. I have known of several things she has done in her career. My most memorable event of hers was when she totally desecrated the singing of the National Anthem and then spit of the ground. While I realized that she was only trying to be funny it also alerted me to the fact that she has a different mentality on life. A lot of us do. With that being said, Roseanne recently had a show that had great ratings. The show was doing very well until Roseanne posted a vulgar tweet about Valerie Jarret that seemed to have racial insensitivity. Once the tweet  was discovered her network cancelled the show. Barr blamed the tweet on Ambien and did mention that the tweet was in poor taste. She doesn’t defend what she said (and I am glad to hear that, because the tweet “was” in bad taste). So should the show have been canceled? All the other actors and producers are now “out of work” due to Barr’s outburst. Was this fair to them? I do believe that Barr should have been punished in some way. However, I would probably have given her the “option” of leaving the show intact and having “her salary donated to a Black organization.” In other words, she would have been doing the show for “free.” No one is perfect, and even though what she said was vile I would have loved to see what she could have come up with in order to make things right. People will make some really dumb statements and people will make mistakes. For me, it is not about where you come from, but where you are headed that counts. Roseanne has tons of money. She can still make amends to the Black Community if she chooses to do so. It may not get  her show back, but at least it might ease up the public negativity about her. I have heard that she is worth about 80 million dollars already. If she believes that what she said was wrong then she has the option to “prove it.” Of course, forgiveness is in the eyes of those who feel victimized. It is one thing to ask it. It is another to show it. Time will tell if Roseanne ever recovers from this situation. Until then, we all need to learn that our lives (and our views) matter in the public eye. “Think” before you say anything. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly and Lynda Carter (The original Wonder Woman)

Linda Carter and Brett Jolly

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Are women more scrutinized than men in the media?)

If a man is promiscuous is he viewed the same as a woman of the same nature? Is there a double standard when it comes to the sexes? What about a woman whose sexual history is scandalous? Does that mean that she “can’t” be a victim due to her activity? I came across an “interesting” interview video with Amanda Knox (who spent 4 years in a Italian prison) and was released. Here is the actual interview:

When a man “boasts” about treating women as inanimate sex objects “he can become President.” What about a woman who does the same thing? Women like Monica Lewinsky and Stormi Daniels have been vilified in the media simply because of sexual history. Does this mean that we should think they are incapable of telling the truth? Recently the “Me too” movement has resulted in some vindication for women who have become victim to male predators. Bill Cosby was recently found guilty of inappropriate sexual behavior and now Harvey Weinstein is facing charges. Powerful men have taken advantage of women for their own gratifications for a long time and essentially “gotten away with it.” Now that it the atmosphere seems to be changing what will this do for the image of women? Can they now be viewed as more than just sex objects for visual display? I have found that there are “very intelligent women out there who just PLAY THE ROLE of being inferior” just so they can be viewed more positively by the male species. Is it wrong for a woman to be superior mentally? What do you think? James Brown once had a song out entitled “This is a man’s world” but the subtitle simply stated “but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” Obviously the entire race could not exist without women. Should women be more valued than what they are? Our own perceptions are based upon what we have been taught. Everyone can be viewed equally if we stop supporting those negative views. Equality doesn’t have to only involve “men.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Musical segment taken from last week at my Wednesday night event)

Yes, at my Wednesday night event we have a “LOT” of fun. We play songs for some great local talent, and we also take requests. Sometimes we play requests for the very first time, and considering the fact that we do so without rehearsal they usually come out fairly well. People don’t care if there are any minor glitches. They just love the fact that we actually tried to play the songs “on the spot.” This is another fun tune that we tried last week, and I wanted to share with you today. If you are ever in Philadelphia on a Wednesday night I hope you can make it out to see us at the Crab Tavern (201 North Macdade Blvd in Darby, Pa from 8:00 to 12 midnight). I am singing lead and this is a great tune from Stevie Wonder. I hope you enjoy the clip, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.