Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The need for video is now more essential than ever)

This recent incident with George Floyd needs to change us all. How many of you have seen or heard of court cases where there was no evidence of anything wrong, but yet people were still found guilty? In the case of Mr. Floyd, without any video it would have been the word of bystanders against the word of the police offices making the arrest. If the officers involved would allow one of their colleagues to murder someone what makes you think they wouldn’t lie to a judge to help cover it up and save themselves? Just imagine how this case would go ‘without’ any video to back it up? Once you think about that, now try to imagine some of the many ‘other’ cases that had verdicts without any video. Are you getting the picture now? For those who know nothing about the case, here is an article:

There are a couple of things that would help greatly in determining fair justice that I would like to see implemented. First, in most cases trials are unbalanced. This is because they are not about equality, but rather about who has the best lawyer. A person who needs great representation may not have the funds needed to get a good lawyer, and that automatically puts them at a disadvantage at trial. It would be nice if all lawyers got paid the same for their services. Next, I would love to see independent councils oversee trials. I hate to see police officers and judges from the same authorization in court. In most cases, the judge already knows those officers and has already determined their character before the case starts. With an independent council overseeing everything it would feel like a much fairer atmosphere. Finally, the use of video is extremely important. People can say whatever they want, but video gives us the real story. Police need to use body cams, and people need to buy them as well. Everyone acts different once they know they are being filmed. I will look into getting one for me as well. As I said yesterday, what happened here should have no reflection on all police. There are great ones out there and we need to be aware of that. However, we do need protection from the ones that are not as good. Being a police person is a highly stressful job. Each day you don’t know if you will come home alive or not. I understand that perfectly. If an officer is highly stressed, then they need to be given a break, because their stress becomes our problem during a stop. We ‘all’ need video cams….Our very lives could depend on it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

The group Full Force, Dj Tom Joyner and Brett Jolly

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