Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Life reflected through a picture)

Sometimes life is reflected through images. The value of that life depends on the image or perception of what we visualize. It may not reflect all the values that are pertinent, but it can give you a broader oversight of what is, and what once was. Death is final, no matter how you reflect back on it. It is the last piece of all that you encountered. Saying goodbye might not make a difference, but the dream is real while you are still in it…. A picture is just a picture, but the life that it represents is forever… We all have our dates with destiny. Our lives are shaped on what and who we encounter. Words can only shape up what you know, but there are times when mere words are never enough. Stare straight ahead, grasp your blank gaze and just bask in the moment that was, and will never be again. No logic, or justification, will ever rationalize the reason why. It was time, and if a picture can help you to reflect on how valuable a life was, then by all means treasure it to make your life have more value. We can’t bring back what no longer belongs to us, but the memories can fortify us for the rest of our lives. No more words, except for this:

“Love you, Gina….RIP”

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