Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (The State of “US”

I know what you are thinking. You believe today’s Daily Thought has to do with conditions in the United States. While a lot of that can apply here, it isn’t necessarily what I am referring to. When I mentioned the state of “US” I am referring to “you and me.” You see, there is a lot of chaos going around right now, and it is having a traumatic effect on all of us. First off, this sickness has ruined everything (just about). No matter who or what you support, this pandemic was forecasted years ago. Even George Orwell hinted about this virus coming from Wuhan, China in 2020 (This was in a book he wrote in 1984 entitled “The Edge of Darkness”). Former President Obama told us that this was coming 5 years ago. Many others saw it coming, and yet we were still ‘unprepared’ for it. Some people said that this was a mild degree of flu. Some said that this was a political hoax. Some said that this would disappear totally on it’s own by April. Here we are in May trying to figure out how to reopen an economy while the fatality figures are still high, how to deal with historic unemployment numbers, how to deal with shortages of meats, killer hornets invading the country, ¬†stimulus checks that don’t come with any sense of regularity as needed and politicians fighting over their own parties instead of catering to the needs of the people. Whether you want to admit this or not, this is a “chaotic mess.” The more you listen to the news, the more you hear of newer theories that seem to contradict a former established theory. “Animals can’t get it (oh, by the way, animals actually “can” get it), it only kills those who are elderly with pre existing conditions (“urk.” Wrong answer there as well), and we can be cured with ultra violet rays and disinfectants (Please!). I don’t have the time nor the patience to figure out who is wrong and who is right. I am going to go by my own regiment. I plan on taking lots of vitamin C, Sea moss, walking a lot and doing everything I can to stay healthy. You can follow all the advice ¬†your “experts” are telling you if that works for you. At this point I have had enough of them all. The “State of US” is not very good right now, and all the “broadcasted positive words” won’t do much to change that. The good news is that everyone diagnosed with Covid isn’t guaranteed to receive a death sentence. I know of several people who allegedly caught the disease and became well 2 weeks later. On the other hand, several friends of mine allegedly caught it and died. Now do you see why there is so much confusion? I don’t need to watch the news each night to know there is a sickness out there. I don’t need to watch the news to hear all these different remedies that are supposed to help cure us. My plan is to lay low until this mess is over with, and I strongly suggest you do the same. I miss my sports, entertainment and other social events, but I love living. Whatever you do, please just be careful. The State if “US” includes YOU ‘AND’ ME, so I sincerely hope I don’t hear anything negative about you. When you think about it, we are all in this thing together… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Brett Jolly and Lynda Carter (The original Wonder Woman)

Linda Carter and Brett Jolly