Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (What type of men do most women want?)

This is a fairly straight forward question. Today’s topic is strictly for the women to address. Everyone is different, and everyone has unique characteristics. However, most women (seemingly) already know what type of man they would like to have a relationship with (or do they?). How about you? Would you prefer one with extreme confidence? What about arrogance? Would you like one with a calm demeanor?  Would you like one who is tall (or at least a certain height)? Would  you prefer a man who is muscular in appearance? If you could get a man  who is rich, would it make any difference if he was lacking in any of these other characteristics? Must he have great looks? Must he be in good shape? Should he be a good listener or a take charge type of guy? Would you want a man who knows how to finagle money? Must he drive a nice car? Would you want a man who has ‘all’ of the preciously mentioned characteristics? If you cannot find a decent man with all of these characteristics then what would you settle for? Please remember that no one is perfect, so if you search for perfection your chances of finding a suitable mate should be greatly diminished. Are you willing to accept not having a man at all if a suitable one seems to be unobtainable? I’ve heard some women say that good men are hard to find. Is that true or are they just difficult to recognize? For example, I heard years ago that someone had a seminar for women to meet up with a millionaire. A lot of women came out in attendance for this event. When they came through the door the janitor greeted them nicely and they walked right past him to their seats, practically ignoring him. Well, the speaker eventually informed them that the millionaire was disguised as the janitor, and all of them passed up on the opportunity to meet him. Do you think you would have done the same thing? When it comes to understanding people, we first need to understand ourselves. Maybe good people aren’t that difficult to come across. Maybe our perceptions need to be enhanced so that we can recognize one when the opportunity comes around. You can make your own determination as to how you think you are. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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