Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Does this make sense now?)

It is my understanding that Philadelphia police officers have been instructed to ‘stop making arrests’ for these crimes listed as ‘non-violent.’ Instead of arresting perpetrators of these crimes they are only to obtain arrest warrants for now. These are the crimes they list:

All narcotics offenses 2. Theft from person 3. Retail theft 4. Theft from auto 5. Burglary 6. Vandalism 7. All bench warrants 8. Stolen Auto 9. Economic crimes (Bad check fraud) 10. Prostitution

Considering the fact this virus thing is likely to increase crime significantly (many people are out of work and out of money now) I’m not sure if the timing for this is an ideal one. People are struggling with bills and some people have no help monetarily. A lot of these people may resort to crime. Philadelphia could easily become a city where everyone will have to fend for himself or herself given these new rules. Some of these I can agree with though. Narcotics is a victimless crime so that one is understandable. Bad checks is non violent. I am glad that they made that decision on prostitution also. However, burglary, theft from person, theft from auto and vandalism are key elements that I don’t quite understand. I guess it would depend on the circumstances surrounding these infractions. If someone breaks into your house to burglarize it, that should be considered a major threat. I think the same could be said for retail threat (a burglar doesn’t know if someone is inside guarding the store and that could lead to a violent confrontation). If I catch someone trying to steal my car I am very prone to inflict serious harm upon them. In my circumstance you shouldn’t refer to this as a non-violent crime by any means. I do understand that crime is likely to increase significantly soon. You can’t tell people to stop working without offering them some sort of economic relief help to buffer the loss of income. Right now the problem is “when.” If the government is issuing money in a stimulus package to those suffering when should it be expected? Some people need that money right now and cannot afford to wait 3 weeks (hypothetically). To ease the laws to certain crimes might wreak havoc on society. I already see that people are expecting this due the new high demand for guns. Here is the article showing this situation:

These are times that will test a lot of people. I would strongly suggest reviewing your house or place of residence to make sure it is secure with no vulnerable entrance spots for forced entry. Someone could be surveying your house or apartment right now to see where they can break in. If burglary is now listed as a non-violent crime then expect burglaries to happen more often. I expect police to be extremely busy during the upcoming weeks. You can wait for them to arrive if you want, but the best offense is a good defense. If you make it difficult for someone to break into your place then that can help. Be aware, be cautious and prepared for the worst. This doesn’t mean that the worst is going to happen, but you need to be ready for it just in case. A new era is forthcoming, and we all need to be prepared for it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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