Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Reaching out to a friend)

Recently an old friend of mine posted on Facebook that he has stage 3 throat cancer. This guy was a singer/performer whose band I was a part of. I believe he had it while we were performing as a unit (and that was over a year ago). I say this because I know he went to the doctor during that time, so I would be very surprised if they didn’t discover it. My friend also drank and smoked a lot. He would drink often during the shows. If he went to the doctor during that time I am sure they told him to quit drinking. From what I remember he stopped drinking for one (1) show and then resumed his normal habit. I would not wish cancer on anyone. I am hoping that he will overcome this issue. I do wonder if his drinking and smoking caused his situation. I even told him about it one day and he just seemed to brush it off. He has since moved away to another part of the continent, but I can still chat with him via Facebook. I sent him a message stating that everyone has a date with destiny and no one lives forever. I also told him that some people get second chances while others do not. No matter how much time you have left in life, there is still hope.  I reminded him that I had a stroke years back and truthfully doctors told me that I might have to learn how to walk again as well as play my instrument. Miraculously after 3 days in the hospital I left one hundred percent recovered. That was a miracle blessing from God, and it altered my life significantly. It was my second chance at life. I developed a theory on this. Suppose you actually died today and you went up to meet God. If you told God that you were not finished in life and that there were still things you wanted to accomplish then God could have have granted you this wish and sent you back. However, in doing so God may have erased your memory of your conversation with him. If in fact that did happen, then today could very well be your ‘second chance’ at life. What you get out of it will depend heavily on what you invest into it. My friend is despondent over his situation, and that is understandable. However, if he gets a second chance will he change? I have…. We all need to heed the warnings of life, and as we grow we need to change. No matter what, we all will have the same fate. However, the quality of the life you have depends heavily on you. I hope you learn from the lessons of others (as well as your own) and your quality of life surpasses your own expectations. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Wayne Brady in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar