Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (Flavor Flav fired from the rap group “Public Enemy.” Do you care?)

For those of you who follow rap music, a well known established old school rap duo has broken up. The group “Public Enemy” has fired Flavor Flav, who was an integral part of their hit songs. Flav was not the main rap voice on the songs. In fact, he mostly added color to the lead vocals done by lead rapper Chuck D. Recently the group scheduled an event designed for Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders which utilized their slogan hit song “Fight the Power.” When Flavor Flav heard about this, he sent a “cease and desist” letter telling the campaign to take his likeness (including his signature trademarked Big Clock) off the promotion. Chuck D had planned to perform solo with Flav for the event. When Flav sent the message, Chuck D had had enough of his antics and decided to fire Flav. It was my understanding that Flav had actually been under suspension since 2016 anyway for missing photo shoots and other gig related events. Flav’s response was, ” I’m not your employee… I’m your partner…You can’t fire me… There is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav. Here is one of the articles if you want to check this out:

Public Enemy Fire Flavor Flav After Bernie Sanders Rally Spat

For the record, Chuck D can very much perform the songs without Flavor Flav. I know, because I actually did a show with him. He handled all aspects of it well and Flavor Flav wasn’t missed at all. In fact, Chuck D and I talked for a minute about Flavor Flav. Chuck said that during that time, Flav was doing his hit mini series entitled “Flavor of Love” and that things were going well for him off of that program. He then told me that he was truly happy for Flav. Chuck D is married and quite a distinguished gentleman to talk to. We took a picture together, and he asked me to wait a minute while he got his rap scowl facial expression together for the picture. He is not a thug like he is portrayed in his music. He is also very intellectual. I thought that was cool. Time will tell if this decision lasts. The public will make the decision if it wants to see Public Enemy without Flavor Flav or not. I know that if I was to see only one of them performing the songs, my preference would be to see Chuck D. Let’s see if Flav can stand on his own reputation and merit. ┬áThank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

Chuck D in concert performing “Fight the Power” without Flavor Flav with Brett Jolly on bass guitar